AccuGroove and Quantum Lonestar



Some incredible clean tones are possible when the Fractal AxeFX is paired with a Latte and Espresso.
We were blown away by how gorgeous this combination sounds.

We were ABing it with my real Lonestar and Seth (guitar player in video) who is a boutique amp builder said to me "I'm not sure that if i couldn't see what I was playing through that I could tell if this was the amp or not." This hard core tube guy/amp builder is very close to going Fractal on us.

Add in the Deep Space reverb and bamm.

The high end seems to have improved with Quantum.
This Lonestar patch made it very apparent. Anybody else noticing this? The top end harmonics seem richer and purer with absolutely no harshness. At one point we had the highs turned way and the sweetness remained. It's crazy.

I can't wait to be able to actually play again so I can really experience what you guys are getting to.
Seriously, these clean tones are unreal. I don't know that I've heard any sounds on guitar that have made me feel how these have outside of what Jeff Beck does.
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