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sim cab

  1. J

    Power amp challenges

    Hi everyone, I have an axeFx 2 with a mesa 2:50 power amp running into a Orange ppc412 cabinet. At low volumes, I get the best sound I could ever hope for but as soon as I turn it up in band setting the sound seems too smooth and doesn't have enough bite / cut. I also find that it sounds...
  2. Stevelow74

    Ax8 with a real amp 4cm using ir????

    hi all! I'm on the waiting list for the Ax8, I got a question on the 4 cm method: I have a pt100se and a suhr reactive load, I 've been going in my Mac using wall of sound plugin. What I would like to do is to use the Ax8 for cab sim and fx, so I don't overload my mac.... Is this possible? I...
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