1. Hyper Planet

    MESA Amp fans where you put EQ location in the amp block???

    With using Ares 2.0 I feel it's better to use EQ location on PRE it's more like real tube amp tone with it's fully details, just want to have the other people opinions? where you guys like to put it PRE or POST?
  2. York Audio

    IRs York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    If you haven't seen it yet, please check out my new website www.yorkaudio.co to see all new Cab Packs in .wav format. It's a completely new experience with ONLY hand selected IR's with meticulous attention to detail. Each mic has 5 unique shots from various sweet spots on the speaker. Dynamic...
  3. Hyper Planet

    MLSOUNDLAB Mesa Trad 4x12 - DREAM THEATER - Forsaken GTR solo section

    Hey guys here’s a video which is showing how this pack is sounding through lead tone, I used Dream Mix IR which is one of favorite IR through the pack and met the Mark IV amp sim after a long time on the Axe-Fx II how does it sound to your ears?
  4. Arsha.M.P

    Dear Cliff, USA Lead model needs your love and attention

    Dear Fractal Family I've been using Fractal AX8 for about two years. It's a great product and I love it. But what I love most about Fractal is the passion for improvement. So here's the thing. After two years of tweaking, I think there's something wrong with the modeling of Mesa Mark IV...
  5. Hyper Planet

    Our band ''Blasting The Wine'' - NEW SNIPPET ! + FAS & ML UPCOMING MESA CAB-PACK

    Hey guys :), check out our new snippet off of our new musical project which is called : Blasting The Wine, we used the Axe-Fx II and @MLSOUNDLAB Cab-Packs for recording all Instruments ALSO PLEASE LISTEN TO SOUND CLOUD LINK WHICH I PUT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS THREAD I'd be happy to have your...
  6. Hyper Planet

    John Petrucci riffage moments on upcoming FAS & ML MESA Cab-Pack

    Hey dudes here's a short video of my tone testing off of the new MESA Cab-Pack, I just used Recto Red Mdrn amp and two IR from the Cab-Pack and also I recorded it with an IPhone 7+ how does it sound to your ears ?
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