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  1. Smilzo

    Wish Multiband splitter

    I wish a Multiband splitter block that split each band into a row. I wish 6 band (same as row in the grid), but 4 could be wiser for FM3 portability. It should be trasparent and simple: the only parameters are crossover frequencies for each band. No need for level(s) or block bypass. It could...
  2. Jotun666

    Judas Priest - Firepower (vocal and instrumental cover)

    Hi, friends! Here you have the latest cover I´ve made with Siegfried Song, Judas Priest´s Firepower, featuring Wee on lead guitar. All guitar and bass sounds are through my Axe FX II, and I edited, mixed and mastered everything, besides playing rhythm guitar, bass and programming drums. I...
  3. Detch

    Deathcore mix, Angle Severe 1 + Ownhammer

    Yea, it's metal again :) Recently I finished mixing this track. For re-amp I used Angle Severe 1 model + Ownhammer HHC II 412 EDVH with V30 cab which is EVH 5150 III 4x12 cabinet DI files were good but had some low-end mud issue so I used two filters at the beginning of the chain: With...
  4. J

    Suggestions for headphones/FrFr/Studio monitor

    Hi all, I have checked some of the other posts, but they are pretty outdated now.So had to create a new one. I live in an apartment and can't get too loud. My budget is around $200. I was planning to go for athm50x headphones and it is going to be mainly used for recording and...
  5. ProgressiveRocco


  6. Detch

    Friedman HBE V1, in one of the heaviest tracks I mixed

    usually for this kind of stuff I use standards like 6160 or DasMetal, but for these guys I went for Friedman HBE v1, and oh boy how cool it turned out to be! It gave that required tight sharpness and djenty feel. very cool
  7. Jotun666

    Vikingore - Enraged (Viking Metal)

    Hi, folks, I just want to share a trailer of the work I made recording, mixing and mastering Vikingore´s Enraged, a Viking Metal band from Spain. All guitars and bass were recorded using Axe FX II. I hope you like it!
  8. pima1234

    recording newb question

    Okay, not new to recording, but coming back after a 10 year hiatus.... I used a Korg D1600 for many years (yup, old school, and somewhat lo-tech). With that, I knew that when I mixed down, everything was there. No more effects needed to be applied, because I mastered in Samplitude. With...
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