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    Flatlands Live!

    I have been Transcribing the guitar part for the following version of Flatlands, if anyone is interested I will share the file when I'm done. It is a guitar Pro 7 file, let me know if you would like a copy Ill be done with it very soon. Here is the video of the version. Markmusicman
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    Comfortably Numb Solo

    I did this one using the Fender Princeton amp as usual, I love that amp! I hope they do not block this one as well! Thanks for listening.
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    Hotel California solo cover!

    Here is a version I did of Hotel California solo, All the solos I have posted on this forum I have done using the Princeton Reverb amp! I love that amp! I also have a certain cab IR I have been using for years and it's my favorite, If you like the tone I might just give it up. Thanks for...
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    Pink Floyd Cover!

    Here is a cover I did using the Axe FX, I just love this unit more than anything! Thanks for listening!! Markmusicman
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    Axe FX Sounds Good Every Year!

    I did this recording 4 years ago with my Axe FX and it sounded great then! But I know we are all trying to always find a better tone!!
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    Green Grass & High Tides solo.

    Here is my version of the Green Grass & High Tides solo using the Princeton Reverb amp, you have to love this guitar solo if you are as old as me.
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    High Hopes Cover Solo

    Here is another solo using the Princeton Reverb amp, I really love this amp and I'm also using the Ownhammer V30 Chinese. I hope you enjoy it.
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    Free Bird solo

    Here is another solo I did using the Princeton Reverb amp!! I love this amp so much, I use it for all my solos! I hope you enjoy this solo also.
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