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mark 2c+

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    Accurate low-end in Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+, Mark V, JP-2C

    The low-end tightness of the Mesa Boogie Mark series is particularly tough to model/capture. This thread is about how to get the low-end right in the Axe Fx 3. Let's start with ML Sound Lab's attempt in 2018 to model the Mark V. In the following clip, a real Mark V with tight bottom-end is...
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    Axe-Fx III Impressions with Matrix GT1000FX

    I received a Matrix GT1000FX power amp to use with my AF3 (cab block bypassed) and Mesa Boogie 4x12 cab. All of the amp models I tried have incredible punch and clarity! I had been using the DV Mark Multiamp, and it's a really good lightweight unit with good mid-range that sits well in the mix...
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