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  1. Raggashaggas

    Fractal AX8 losing gain/saturation at cranked volumes

    I was performing with my AX8 last night, outdoor stage, running the amp sim into the venue's house PA, and running my own stage sound through a 2x12 through the FX loop, powered by a Seymour Duncan Powerstage.... To compensate for my keyboardist cranking his keys (he was in all the stage...
  2. A

    Axe FX II Mark2 high pitched noise from the unit [NOT A BUG]

    Hi. I just recently bought Axe-Fx 2 Mark 2 second hand. It was like new, still had the sticker on LCD. I've noticed after, that it's making high pitched squeel from the unit itself, not speakers. Even without all the leads plugged in. I've discovered that it is caused by cab/ tone matching...
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