harmonic tremolo

  1. C

    I made a record with an Axe Fx 3 and want to geek out about the sounds

    Hey Everyone! I'm posting a novel here so TLDR: I used an Axe FX III for the first time to make a record and it sounds way sick and want to geek out about sounds and gear with you all. I'd love to hear any feedback positive or negative on these tones! Here's the YouTube playlist: For the...
  2. Techboy57


    I had a bit of fun putting this together this morning. Not the real thing but I'm digging it, hope you guys do too. Happy Holidays, Techboy 57, aka Perry. p.s. Axe Change preset #7522
  3. Burgs


    This video delves into the FW 2.03 Tremolo/Panner. I've coupled it with a Prince Tone 5F2 and thrown in some reverbs and a little delay for fun. All of the sound examples here (8) are Scenes from just the one preset which can be downloaded from...
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