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fas amps

  1. AnswerInfinity

    A song with Horizon Drive, an FAS amp and 7/4 attempting to still be "radio friendly."

    I'll have to do a vid on the sound I programmed for this one. Until then, here's the lyric video.
  2. A

    Your go-to high gain amp?

    Yesterday I was going through some amps on the AX8 and happened to find the FAS Modern III and it was amazing. The growl, the clarity, the tightness - just great. I used that in our band practice and even our singer noticed I had a new tone and everyone complimented it. So I believe that will...
  3. Georgy

    Is it just me, or are the FAS amps a bit better suited to FRFR..?

    Caught up with a friend yesterday, and essentially did the old A/B/C test by comparing a 100w valve power amp + 2x12 cab against a Matrix GT1500 + 2x12FRFR (custom made one) and a pair of Matrix CFR12s. He used his AX-ii, I used my AX8. Both were very complimentary in sound; different but...
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