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cooper carter

  1. ccroyalsenders

    The 25 Greatest Riffs of the 2010s Decade!

    Here are my picks for the 25 most iconic riffs of the 2010s, played 100% direct through the Axe-Fx III!
  2. ccroyalsenders

    Every Mesa/Boogie Amp Type Demo

    Here's a different famous riff on every Mesa/Boogie amp type currently in the unit! As in the original video, these presets are from @austinbuddy's 1000+ Naked Amps Pack.
  3. ccroyalsenders

    EVERY Axe-Fx III Amp in 263 Famous Riffs (and gear giveaway contest!)

    Figured I'd play a different timeless guitar riff on each one of the 263 Axe-Fx III amp types.... EDIT: Contest ended, full riff list uploaded!
  4. ccroyalsenders

    Vendor The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v2.0 UPDATE NOW AVAILABLE

    THE COMPLETE AXE-FX III MASTER CLASS WITH COOPER CARTER https://classes.coopercarter.com/axe-fx-iii-master-class-with-cooper-carter In twelve hours of studio instruction, we go deep into the mind of the machine, recreating classic sounds, sculpting new tones, building presets, and learning how...
  5. ccroyalsenders

    Star Wars Imperial March Guitar Orchestra Stem Tracks

    I had some requests from the hardcore guitar/audio engineering/orchestra nerds, so.... These are the "sectional" stems: "brass" only, strings only, "winds" only. They'll give you a very in-depth look at how I arranged all 28 of orchestra parts. You'll hear the different EQs, delays, and effects...
  6. ccroyalsenders

    AC-20 with Ernie Ball Music Man Valentine

    Thought I'd share this video I did with the new Valentine. Recorded direct to USB. I'm using my favorite amp model, the AC-20 with the Class-A mix cab. All reverbs in the demo are FAS Reverb.
  7. ccroyalsenders

    Petrucci "Our New World" Astonishing Preset

    Had to dial in this tone and jam on this killer riff a bit. Enjoy. Audio Preset http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=4165 Scene 1 is rhythm. Scene 2 is lead--uses slightly tweaked amp (EQ) and drive (dr/lv) blocks.
  8. ccroyalsenders

    Quantum 2.01 EBMM Cutlass Demo -- Cooper Carter

    Wanted to share my latest guitar review, this time of the stellar new Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass, since it's 100% Axe-Fx II, as always.
  9. ccroyalsenders

    (AX8) Making of the Star Wars Theme (Guitar Orchestra) - Inside the Tracks

    As requested, here's a look inside the 50+ tracks of AX8 guitar behind the "Star Wars Theme (Guitar Orchestra)" I released a few weeks ago. There's a lot going on here, so hopefully these more stripped down mixes will be fun for everyone. Full video, for those who missed it...
  10. ccroyalsenders

    Star Wars Theme (Guitar Full Orchestra) - AX8 - Cooper Carter

    50 tracks. 31 orchestra parts. 12 shirts. 9 guitars. 1 AX8. One giant tribute to John Williams and the greatest saga of all time. May the Force Be With You.
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