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  1. ProgressiveRocco

    80s ballad jam w/ Marco Fanton

    Hey guys! Going for something a little bit different this time, together with my good friend @Marco Fanton ! This is our instrumental rendition of "Almeno tu nell'universo" by Italian singer Mia Martini (20 September 1947 – 12 May 1995), always loved this song. Translating vocal melodies on the...
  2. Stel Andre

    Melodic Ballad Jam - Stel Andre

    Hey all, hope you guys are well! Here's a collab melodic jam i recorded earlier with my friend Alex Despotidis. Hope you guys like our ballad jam! Have a watch and let us know. Thank you very much!

    "Monday's Videos" - Ep.23 - Hymne a l'Amour" ;-)


    "Monday Videos" Ep. 21 - Wonderful Tonight ;-)

    A lovely ballad for the return of the "Monday Videos" ! 😉🎸
  5. Hyper Planet

    USA IIC++ - CabPack 7 - Spiritual Discovery Moments - YT Video

    Hi guys :) This is a little emotional guitar solo which I wrote for my daily chord progression session I really loved that and decided to share it with you immediately, I used METALLICA Mark IIC++ amp which is on the latest Quantum firmware in the Axe-Fx II and USA Trad SM57-SM57 02 IR from...
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