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  1. PBGas

    Friedman FRFR cab

    I have an ASC-10 and an ASM-10. I am very, very happy with mine. These are outstanding!
  2. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.00 Public Beta

    Will wait this one out. They will have whatever is the issue fixed in no time.
  3. PBGas

    Forum Maintenance 2019/06/07 - COMPLETED

    Thank you for the great work! Like the updated look!
  4. PBGas

    [Video] Perform Tab tutorial

    Thank you very much for this tutorial!!!
  5. PBGas

    EV-2 Availability

    That stinks having to wait so long. I bought two of them last year when my Axe came up on the wait list. Glad I got them when I did. Hope they are coming soon for you folks waiting.
  6. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.09 Public Beta

    What the?!!!!!!! My gosh.....I am scared to think of what else is in store. Simply incredible!
  7. PBGas

    As of May 2019, what are the current fave Axe-Fx III FRFR cabs?

    I am using a Friedman ASM-10 and an ASC-10. Love the sound from both of them!
  8. PBGas

    Atomic CLR Neo MK2 vs Friedman ASM-10?

    The problem with this is that one setup is the raw speaker with amp and the other is a mic'd cabinet tone. I mean, it sounds fantastic either way. The ASC-10 sounds a bit different then the ASM-10 due to the cabinet design. You are not doing anything wrong as I use the bass cut switch on the...
  9. PBGas

    FAS Amp Models Gallery - Axe-Fx III

    What a great read! So well done!
  10. PBGas

    When to shut off and how long to keep on

    I left my III on overnight once and panicked but then I remembered.... It sounds that great....you would think they are in there.
  11. PBGas

    Three EV-2 pedals loses mechanical calibration and my solution (HELP PLZ)

    Very strange, Tom! I'm trying to replicate this on both of my EV-2s but it is not doing this. I got both of mine through last summer. I wonder if they made a running change? Good on you for coming up with a solution! Well done!!!
  12. PBGas

    FC Internal Firmware 1.06

    Good Lord...it's firmware Monday! A great way to start the week! :)
  13. PBGas

    Wanting White Lion Patches

    Friedman BE C45. Start there. Cabs - try the Bogner Ubercab V30 121 Cap and go from there. Lot's of fun to create and enjoy!
  14. PBGas

    Rack panel with Axe-Fx 3?

    I have used BTPA for some things and Redco for others. Both have been great vendors to deal with! I recently ordered a new 12 punched panel as I am updating my setup a bit so I can run in stereo with my FRFRs. I do all of my own work so it is all parts that I order when needed.
  15. PBGas

    Fan Noise

    Which model # did you get?
  16. PBGas

    Atomic CLR Neo MK2 vs Friedman ASM-10?

    I have an ASM-10 and an ASC-10. They are fantastic. I'm using these regularly at my gigs for my own monitoring. Depending upon the gig, I bring one or the other. Running them in stereo is nothing short of outstanding!
  17. PBGas

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    Wowzers! Looks awesome! congrats Fractal!
  18. PBGas

    5 Minute Tones

  19. PBGas

    Thoughts on the FC-6

    For me, I just don't want to be carrying a larger board around. The 6 fits nicely on my Pedaltrain metro 24 along with my WL-50 and a couple of the fantastic EV-2s.
  20. PBGas

    Making the switch From Friedman BE-100 to Axe-Fx III

    I have a BE-50 that I have no intentions of selling. It is always nice to still have an amp around. In my case, I'm really fortunate and thankful to have both setups. There are days that the Axe III does what I want and what I want to hear, and there are days I just want to use my amp and...
  21. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.05

    Really thankful that this amp is now in the Axe III. I had the Limited Edition model last year and recently sold it. I may not miss it so much now!
  22. PBGas

    How many playing on Headrush 108’s?

    I had the FR108 and found it was ok. I had an issue with several of my clean patches at a higher volume when using it as my monitor. It would cause a flubbing sound. No problem with the clean patch running through my ASM-10 at all. I was hoping this one would work for me but it looks like...
  23. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    Can't wait to try this! I had a JP-2C limited edition last year and loved that amp!
  24. PBGas

    First Gigs With FC-6 Tonight and Tomorrow

    Great looking setup! Nicely done!
  25. PBGas

    Canadians - Axe-Fx III Price

    I paid the full price for mine as well last May. I can honestly say it was completely worth it! I am looking forward to using it with my live gigs more and more.
  26. PBGas

    FC-6 First Impressions

    Leon, Thank you so, so much for sharing the Mark IV preset. It is absolutely awesome!!!!!
  27. PBGas

    FC-6 First Impressions

    Thx Leon! Enjoy! Love my FC-6 as well! Thx for the vid!
  28. PBGas

    Friedman ASM/ASC and Casters

    I added these to my Friedman BE-212. I got them direct from Mesa. They are outstanding for a 212 cab. For an ASM, I would say no. For an ASC which is amp-like in stature, they would work nicely. You will need to add a 1/2" to 3/4" wood block on the inside of the cab to hold them properly...
  29. PBGas

    Left my Axe-Fx III on a little too long, oops.....

    Well, at least there is no doubt it is warmed up.
  30. PBGas

    How can the FC12 orders be greater than expected???

    I remember the ol' Kemper fiasco. I have nothing against that product at all and I think it is a great unit with a brilliant concept. I had a couple of them and both of them had issues...one after a few weeks and another after less than a year. The first unit took 4 months to repair. The...
  31. PBGas

    Playing through FRFR in the same room as a real amp

    This is sound and solid advice and quite frankly, it is no different when using a real amp. As pointed out, what you hear at home is nothing like how it blends in with the mix of playing live. At home by it self, you like to crank the bottom a bit and drop the mids.....live, I drop the bottom...
  32. PBGas

    Need some scene / channel help!

    Wow! I didn't know that there was an iPad app for this amazing machine! Have to try it!
  33. PBGas

    On the Passing of our Co-Worker Charlie Vessey

    Very sorry to hear this. Many condolences to family, friends and co-workers.
  34. PBGas

    Who's using a Line6 Power Cab+ with their Axe III?

    It was an ok unit. I had the cab+ since may of last year. I liked many of the features on it and the whole utility of the unit. I used it at a few gigs both indoors and outside during the summer season. I ended up trading it in for something else that I needed and got a Friedman ASM-10 which...
  35. PBGas

    Video - FC-12 - Quick Look | Default Layouts | EZ Switch Editing

    Just picked up mine this aft! This is great to see a couple of vids out there! Thx for taking the time!
  36. PBGas

    Ambient Patch & Tutorial

    Thx for this Leon! Your vids are always so informative and well presented! :) Question.....what is the purpose for running that delay in parallel? Is it more for a stereo image thing? I am not well versed in these things.
  37. PBGas

    FC Series Controllers Waitlist

    The great news is that it is on its way to you! Mine is due to show up today as well. Enjoy!
  38. PBGas

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Just got my confirmation! Super excited! Can't wait to start using this at my regular gigs! Putting mine on a Pedaltrain Jr. along with a Boss WL-50 tuner and EV2.
  39. PBGas

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Nicely done, T! Thx for sharing!
  40. PBGas

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Hopefully a few more will go out today!
  41. PBGas

    Will There Be Demo Video's B4 FC's Release?

    OMG.....Michael, you removed the protective strips.....now what! :eek:;) Thanks for making us all who are waiting drool a little bit more. :):):)
  42. PBGas

    FW 2.05 Overview

    Thank you so very much as always, Leon!
  43. PBGas

    FC Controllers Invite List

    Thx for the update Michael! Enjoy when it comes in!
  44. PBGas

    FC Controllers Invite List

    Looks like we are all getting closer and some are getting invites! Should be great! Are they shipping out only FC-12s at this time?
  45. PBGas

    Reviews on those that have received their FC's?

    One thing is for certain..... None of us has gotten an invite yet. I’m predicting this starts next week! Can’t wait to see who gets rolling first!
  46. PBGas

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Looks like these will start rolling out shortly. Looking forward to the fun!!!!
  47. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 2.05 Public Beta

    All the best for a speedy recovery!
  48. PBGas

    FC Controllers Invite List

    And Monday is done. Anyone got dibs on Tuesday? :D:)
  49. PBGas

    FC Controllers Invite List

    That was good for a chuckle! :)
  50. PBGas

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    True....I knew this. Those were probably pre-production units. Perhaps they were sent a production unit to test as well?
  51. PBGas

    FC Controllers Invite List

    Either way, it is going to be awesome when we start getting out FC’s! I have my board ready, along with a Boss WL-50 wireless and the EV2 expression pedal.
  52. PBGas

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    I’m betting that they shipped out units to many Beta testers and after a couple of weeks of having them without issues, they will probably start flowing them out next week after the New Years holiday. Makes good sense. It would be awful if they suddenly shipped them out, only to find out that...
  53. PBGas

    Amps That Deserve Some More Love

    Amazing as always, Leon!
  54. PBGas

    FC Controllers Invite List

    YUP....same here. Ugh!!!! My suspicion is that they "shipped" out some units to some prominent testers or some pros, not any of us on the that list. In any case, it doesn't bother me at all. Eventually we will all get one and be really happy with it. Looking forward to it whenever it...
  55. PBGas

    Coming from Helix to Axe-Fx III

    The Axe III is the one modelling unit that has completely satisfied me for using live and recording. It is really an amazing sounding unit and so powerful. I've had a Kemper when they first came out and while nice, I did not like the unit all that much. I had a Helix a couple of years back...
  56. PBGas

    FC Controllers Invite List

    I have 2 of them confirmed... Sat. May 5 @ 10:13AM EST (This was before the main list and I was instructed to add FC-6 to the subject line for the waitlist and thus, I did get a response and confirmation back) I guess there are others before this? Thurs. May 17 @ 10:41AM EST
  57. PBGas

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    This is great news!
  58. PBGas

    All I want for Christmas is my FC12

    Every time that Fractal email comes in my inbox, I'm thinking.....YES! it's happening....only to see everything else on sale. Oh well....good things come to those that wait. But man....it's been a long, long wait.
  59. PBGas

    The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - Available NOW!

    Wow! There is a ton of content! Well done!
  60. PBGas

    What is everyone doing for live setup?

    Right now I am running my BE-50 and UA OX for live along with my pedalboard. My monitoring is via my BE-212 or my ASM-10 depending upon how much space we have and the venue. When my FC becomes available, I'll be running my Axe III, FC-6 and Friedman ASM-10 for my monitor.
  61. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III Problem....

    Always use a backup. Anything and everything will fail. I will work 100 times and then on the 101st time, poof!
  62. PBGas

    FAT Switch is totally different than Axe-Fx ll

    Eh.....I just realized I should probably read the manual at some point soon. :) I guess I just haven't found it hard to use at all. Such a great piece of gear!
  63. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III on my clinic at Music Show in Milan

    Well done as always, Marco!
  64. PBGas

    Poll: Where do you use your Axe-Fx III mostly?

    Tough question....without the FC, I only use it at home. When the FC arrives soon, well.....it's on!!! Can't wait to use this beast live!!! So impressed with it all around, especially the updates and customer service.
  65. PBGas

    Welcome: FC Controllers!

    Can't wait! Thank you for the great news!
  66. PBGas

    Timing on availability of exact specs/photos of FC-6/12

    It's going to be great to see how happy we all are when the FC's finally arrive! Could be next week, could be late fall, could even be into next year.....one thing is for certain, they will get to us at some point. Looking forward to it whenever it happens! :)
  67. PBGas

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    What an amazing setup! Love your guitars as well. Some beautiful instruments there!
  68. PBGas

    Unless my calculations are incorrect

    I saw the Fractal email pop up in my mailbox and I thought...."YES....FC time!".....but no....it was only some cab pack stuff.
  69. PBGas

    Another "just got it !"...

    If anything, this will be a heck of a lot easier for me to cart around to each gig. I'm really looking forward to it once my FC arrives.
  70. PBGas

    The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - Available NOW!

    I don't know....it just seems like you may be continually chasing your tail with this one, Cooper. Since it is such a new product, perhaps releasing one video at a time would be more beneficial and adding it to your library would be a better setup? Perhaps start with some basic standard setup...
  71. PBGas

    Leap of Faith

    We are all in same boat here with the FC. I am dying to use mine live and just take a simple setup with me. Love my amps but I love what the Axe III has with everything in one box. Just so much power under the hood and the tone is incredible! It will happen at some point.
  72. PBGas

    Don't take the Axe-Fx III for granted! (Tried Line6 Helix)

    I was not at all a Fractal fan for many years. It wasn't because the product was not solid, it was due to all of the waiting list nonsense. They did things right this time and when I saw what was going into the Axe III, I had to try it. I am a long time tube amp user since I was a kid. I...
  73. PBGas

    What does "FC" stand for in the FC6 and FC12 controller name?

    Hopefully somewhere across the ocean in a factory is a "Full Container" with foot switches on the way! ;):)
  74. PBGas

    What's your FC pedal waitlist signup date/time?

    I bet you will be pleasantly surprised. Look at how well they did with the waitlist for the Axe III. Fractal did a great job with meeting the demands. I remember reading in previous years back when people would be on the waiting lists for very long time periods.
  75. PBGas

    What's your FC pedal waitlist signup date/time?

    I have stored in my email the following confirmations: May 5 @ 10:30 AM......was told to send in at that time when I inquired and put FC-6 in the subject line.I also have May 17 @ 10:15am based on the waitlist announcement (in case my other one was missed). No doubt they will have plenty to...
  76. PBGas

    Mac OS Mojave and Axe Edit......does it work yet?

    As a rule, I won't update for about 3-5 months. You just never know. Let them get the bugs out of it first.
  77. PBGas

    Does the III reproduce the full bottom end of a tube amp?

    I run mine through a Friedman ASM-10 and it is fantastic! I had the Line 6 Powercabs but they are nothing like the ASM stuff. Just a fuller tone from the Friedman FRFR.
  78. PBGas

    Got my email from Fractal !!!

    Yup....thought it was FC time but sadly, no.
  79. PBGas

    Switching between monitors and guitar cabinets

    I am not at all a fan of using the Axe III without the IRs. They just sound fabulous through a great FRFR monitor and direct. I literally just got the new ASM-10 from Friedman delivered to me on Friday and it is amazing with the Axe III. I've never been happier with a modelling setup.
  80. PBGas

    Recto Rev G vs Axe-III

    Amazing sounding, Leon! Thx for sharing!
  81. PBGas

    Def Leppard Makes the Switch to the Axe-Fx III

    Makes total sense for any touring pro to use a modelling setup. Let weight to carry, consistent tone night after night, easier setup and teardown. Just happens to be the the Axe III is the best sounding of the bunch IMHO. No regrets at all on getting one! Really looking forward to using...
  82. PBGas

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    We shall call this "the wall of awesomeness" Outstanding and well done!
  83. PBGas

    The first faulty Axe-Fx III?

    If the III was around back then, think of all the money many of us would have saved! LOL!
  84. PBGas

    Timing on availability of exact specs/photos of FC-6/12

    Pink or is it some type of light reflection from the background.....?
  85. PBGas

    Just got it!

    Always great to hear stuff from Rocco! :)
  86. PBGas

    Steve Lukather session with Multi Delay (Chorus mode)

    Tin can + String + Marco = Killer Tone!
  87. PBGas

    Has anyone attempted to tone match from an .MP3 or .WAV song?

    This took me 3 seconds to look up. Was this what you were looking for?
  88. PBGas

    The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - Available NOW!

    Yup. correct. I'm wondering if he is waiting until the FC's are available before he releases his vids?
  89. PBGas

    Any Axe-Fx III users with a Whammy DT?

    There is a post on it somewhere here with a comparison, I believe. I have a Digitech drop pedal and I compared it with the drop feature on the Axe III. Needless to say, I don't need the drop pedal anymore.
  90. PBGas

    A Universe of Petrucci

    What a great event that must have been!
  91. PBGas

    Kinda Cruel...But So Worth It!

    I do this with my boys at home as well when I am in the basement studio playing....so funny! Hillarious preset!
  92. PBGas

    Synyster Gates - Glowing endorsement of the Axe-Fx III

    I’d say his travelling weight took a nice dive in cost as well. Makes no sense to haul around a crate of amps when you can get everything you need in one box and with great consistency. Nicely done!
  93. PBGas

    What Is Your Favorite Cab IR?

    This is a great thread to try out some other users fav’s! Will definitely try some of them out! My preference right now is the Uberkab and the Bog both with the 121 mics.
  94. PBGas

    FC12 timeline?

    Thank You for the update! At least we know now for certain. The work is appreciated and it will be a great product when it is ready and done! Looking forward to it!
  95. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III and Shelf help for studio desk

    Great setup! I use a desk like that at work in my office. Question....how does the AxeIII sound through the ASM-12?
  96. PBGas

    Selling the amps?

    As much as I like my Axe III, I still use my BE-50 regularly and love it. There is no replacing it for me. I’m keeping it around as I still enjoy plugging into an amp.
  97. PBGas

    Can We Hear Some FC Beta Tester Experiences?

    YES! That is for sure. And that time is a very frustrating wait, especially with a pile of gigs lined up through this summer. But...patience is a virtue. Can’t wait to use my Axe III for gigging!
  98. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III first live gig

    Brutal playing in those conditions. Glad you survived! We had to play on Saturday and the heat was oppressing. Lots of gatorade and water as well. I haven't use my AxeIII yet live until I get my FC-6. I used my BE-50, UA OX, small pedalboard and Line6 powercab +. All was great through...
  99. PBGas

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    They actually dropped mine off at one of the nearest drop off centre that hosts UPS and I was able to pick it up the same day. Easy peasie as I wasn't home to receive it.
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