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  1. Coil68

    Wish Context Sensitive Help - Hover Over Tool Tip

    Would be cool to see a hover over feature that explains what the various parameters do, especially the advanced ones and how they relate to the real device being modeled (On a VOX AC-30, this parameter.....etc.) Could be a short tip with a "Try this" kind of thing. Link to the wiki for...
  2. Coil68

    Preset Fades Out / Crackling

    I have an issue where during playing, the volume will almost completely drop out and the output becomes completely "crackled" and distorted. I've switched presets and also turned the unit on and off - and this fixes the problem. Its happened across various firmware revisions, system re-sets...
  3. Coil68

    Just A Dream - Improvised Cover - tone advice

    I really like what this guy has done with Nelly's Just A Dream. I've yet to try TM and thought I would try it on this. Any advice on which amp would be good to start with? Thanks! Just a dream (Guitar Cover) - YouTube
  4. Coil68

    AXE FX2 - The wait is over!

    Four months on the waiting list (not bad from what I've seen) - two weeks of contemplation (wife-check, job-check, ocd - check) and one week of ups tracking - right up until 9:30 pm Friday night (when I had almost given up, although UPS still said "out for delivery" - the latest I've ever gotten...
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