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  1. Kdog

    Joe at Hendrix

    Joe stole the show. He killed it last night. The chemistry with who he was teamed up with was wild. That bass players arms are crazy long ! Here’s a clip of some machine gun.
  2. Kdog

    I'm a guitar player

    It's All I want to do. I would play all day if I could. When I first plugged my Axe Fx 3 in I knew I would be inspired to continue my guitar fix for years to come. First preset I went to 100 watt plexi....Magic. I added some chorus and got that cool Rhythm chunk tone from the 80's that I...
  3. Kdog

    Matt Schofield!

    Man, There is a thread in the lounge about "Building a dream Strat" Don't know much about making guitars But if I could it would have this kind of tone...Oh my! I saw this guy live when he was not really known. I love seeing nobody's become somebody's. So my question is . who have you guys...
  4. Kdog

    Question about outputs/ Humbuster.

    Hi, In the output section on the rear near the XLR's There is the Humbuster outputs. I've gotten a few of these cables from fractal over the years. Are these Outputs to be connected to an Amplifier only? What is an example of an Unbalanced Input? As the Manual says. Are atomic powered cabs Ok...
  5. Kdog

    FS FX8

    I've had this one since launch. Great shape FX8. Name a fair price. USA only. East Coast only.
  6. Kdog

    Advice on my Setup.

    Just ordered my AXE FX 3 and I have some Options for sound. Please let me know what the Ideal sound in your opinion is. 1. Axe FX straight into a Pair of Adam A7x's 2. Axe Fx straight into my Atomic cabs. 3. Axe Fx straight into my Matrix power Amp. Then out to a Pair of Matrix Fr10's... If...
  7. Kdog

    In Stock today?

    The website says March 18th. Do you think some invites will go out today? :)
  8. Kdog

    What technique does GG play here?

    Its right at the 3:57 mark.. Sounds like something completely different. An octave thing he's doing. I dunno
  9. Kdog

    On waitlist for a long time.

    Hey Guys. Heres the deal. I've been waitin for the Axe fx 3 for almost a year now. And just yesterday I checked my SPAM...Fractal stuff has never went to spam before but I thought I'd check it out. Sure enough The invitation was in spam. So now i'm back on the wait list and just wondering how...
  10. Kdog

    Set up questions

    Using AX8. Marshall 4x12 cab. Matrix power amp. GT1000. No front of house or anything. Just playing straight out of the cab. When I diasable the cab. I’m losing some body. Some tone. Should I combat this by turning up the output volumes ? What’s the best set up for what I have ?
  11. Kdog

    Tone help

    Hello, I've been using my AX8 for so long straight into the powered ATOMIC cabs. Looking to switch up. I've always loved the sound of the Matrix GT1000 fx into a cab with the AXE FX 2. I've since sold the AXE FX 2 because of the 3 coming out. But for now. I have the AX8 still. And want to Try it...
  12. Kdog

    Dotted 8th for idiots

    can anyone point me in the right direction on how to set up a dotted 8th sound. Similar to Paul Gilberts echo song.?
  13. Kdog

    Try it with small amps too!

    I hooked my FX8 up to my little TSA15H Ibanez amp and I just can't believe the tone. I'm using the Amp with the Distortion on. Then on the FX8 I am using the FAS Patch. Took out the first distortion and kept the 2nd one. Added a reverb and removed Multi Delay. Also put my Petrucci wah In...
  14. Kdog

    Delay in stereo

    Fellas, How would I take a Preset I like and make the Delay in stereo? Right now I'd like to hear to echo move from speaker to speaker. I'm using CLR Powered cabs. Thanks babes.
  15. Kdog

    Active CLR Cab.

    Hey Guys, I recently bought and active CLR cab because I want to use it for small playing gigs with the AXE fx ...and soon the AX8. I currently own the active Wedges which I love. My question is...since this is and active CAB is it best to turn of the CAB sims? Thanks!
  16. Kdog

    Not selling again.

    Well, I just got my another Axe Fx delivered Monday. After selling it a while back and switching to a Helix and eventually a Kemper. I realized Fractal was better sounding. And its not even close. I guess its the Dynamic and feel and the professional sound it carries. I'm also running it...
  17. Kdog

    purchased another axe fx 2

    Sold my last one. Missed it more than I thought. Anyways, this time I'm running into a set of Atomic CLR's both powered. My question is ...anything I need to adjust in the global settings or any setting for that matter. If this is the Route I choose to run?
  18. Kdog

    Wish Mesa Reverb

    Reverb tone equal to Mesa Boogie Lonestar.
  19. Kdog

    Preset 14 USA Lead

    Hey all, Just messing around with one of my favorite presets. Wondering what you guys prefer for a drive pedal with this preset. Looks like its the Esoteric for me. WBU?
  20. Kdog

    Cab simulation

    Hey Guys, I have a Matrix 1000fx with my Axe fx and its running into 1960 4x12 marshal cabinet. I was doing some tinkering around with the sound and to my ears cab simulation turned off doesn't sound as good as it is when its engaged. It sounds thicker engaged. Any ways ...anything I...
  21. Kdog

    MFC Probs...Operator error

    Hey Guys, I just updated my firmware but now it seems when I hit my presets it Goes to different Scenes. How do i fix this?
  22. Kdog

    Carrying case

    Can anyone link a good case for the footswitch. I use a duffle bag now. Would like more protection.
  23. Kdog

    Using POG 2 with axefx

    I have a pog 2 and wanted to using it with the axe fx xl ....I have a footswitch too. Is this ok to do?
  24. Kdog

    Outputs on the Matrix GT1000

    Hey guys , Quick Question. If I'm running into a cab the Manual says Output A is the one to use. My problem is I used output X for a short time. Not realizing this was NOT the one to use when running to a 2x12 cab. My Question is...did I do serious Harm to my Power AMP by doing this...
  25. Kdog

    Cables to connect axe fx

    What kind of cables are used to connect and Axe Fx to a power amp to a Cabinet.? I bought a Power amp but it has no Instrument cable connections.
  26. Kdog

    Axe Into Hughes and Kettner tubemiester

    Sounds great guys. Much better to run it this way. And the setup is extremely easy. I looked in the manual on how to run it with a Head and Cab...I was thinking...this is way to easy.. .But no...It sounds incredible. I don't have the cabs in the axe fx disabled either. Whats cool Is i get a...
  27. Kdog

    assigning presets to top 5 banks.

    How do I do this? I want my first 5 banks on my Foot switch to have my favorite top 5 presets stored. For Example. I want #1 to be EJ clean. 2. to be Round Lead. 3. to be Ballerina Slippers. 4. to be Mark Day. and 5 Studio Clean. I tried a search but can't seem to figure this out at...
  28. Kdog

    My night.

    PHEW. I'm glad this is over. Took my dumb ass 2 hours how to figure out how to update firmware on my MFC 101 mk 3.!!! Ran to the store to get cables....spent hour on the forums searching for tips. Even when I got the update to transfer I had to switch from SYS EX to FRAC Bot... Finally...
  29. Kdog

    Tone Options for Axe 2 xl

    Based on my situation what would you guys do? On running the axe. I have 3 cabinet choices. Badger 1x12 H&K 2x12 Mesa 1x12 open back. Or run through Amp Head? H and K tubmeister . Mesa Ta-30. Badger 30. Or Buy a power amp...(can't find a matrix anywhere) and run through one of...
  30. Kdog

    Axe Fx into Cab

    Sorry for this newb question guys. But can I plug the Axe Fx 2 directly into a cab? Just a cab. I have a 2x12 hughes & Kettner That I would love to plug directly into...And is there anything I should be aware of when doing this? Thanks Kyle
  31. Kdog

    Had one, sold one, want it back.

    Any one know how long it takes for the new Axe Fx XL and footswitch to become made available to me? I had one , but since I was a bedroom player I really had no need for this. Now that I have a Steady gig. I'd like to be able to get one to just Plug into the Mix. Use...
  32. Kdog

    Trouble Recording.

    Hey Guys, I belong to an Online Guitar Class with Paul Gilbert Through a Company Called Artistworks. Its an online based teaching site where you can send a Video of your general Guitar Playing to Paul Gilbert for his review. I've been unable to upload my sound with the Axe Fx. When I send...
  33. Kdog

    Becks Bolero? EJ's Version.

    How would one tone match this beautiful Cover by EJ? I need a naked guitar track? Right?
  34. Kdog


    Mark Day's HBE....Incredible...Blows me away. I can't believe the tones i'm getting with my charvel and this settings. My brain has officially melted.
  35. Kdog

    Great guitar Escape

    Just got back last week. What a Blast. Paul was incredible. So was Andy.....Mimi Was off the charts great. And Tony SPinner was a great guy who knows a million songs.
  36. Kdog

    THD hot plate with Mesa Lonestar

    I'm trying to figure out how to install this thing. Don't want to mess anything up on my Lonestar. I see the speaker jacks in the back , but it won't allow me to remove itself . THe Male end is wired right to the speaker. So is there a special connector cable to buy? I need some...
  37. Kdog

    BIG tone

    Dude rocks out on a monster sized Flying V guitar. - YouTube
  38. Kdog

    Any Fast finger fans?

  39. Kdog

    Mac to Upload = NO sound

    Sorry if this has been asked.. Couldn't search it out. I have an iMac I just bought. Sounds incredible w/ axe fx for recording and sending Video exchanged in to Paul Gilbert. When I play the videos back on my PC they are fine. I have video and sound but when I upload them to his site...
  40. Kdog

    anyone else learn Bonomassa's "GO TO " lick

    Its in solo of the week. For a couple of months now i've been trying to figure out Joe's grouping with that fast pentatonic run he stole for EJ. LOL ... Then that solo of the week guy just steps up and Nails it. Like it was yesterday's news. Glad he played it real slow at the end so my...
  41. Kdog

    Ballerina slippers.

    Stumbled across this preset last night. As soon as I started noodle-ing around with this I was like.....Thats Steve Vai!!! Ballerina 12/ 24 Found the Tab on the internet. Has anyone else played this Setting with Steve's song? ALso..When We do get firmware 10.....will that wipe this...
  42. Kdog

    Powering Down.

    When you guys power down. You turn your Axe off first? Or your Monitors?
  43. Kdog

    Suhr Guitars

    I've heard great things about this company. I own a lot of guitars but none of them are Suhr. Can you Suhr owners shed some light on the playability of these fine guitars? I really want a vintage modern. Who is the best Suhr Dealer to buy from? I live in MD Thanks Kyle
  44. Kdog

    Will spare no expense.

    Well, there may be some limit. Don't get me wrong, I am OK with my current Alesis Speakers. They are powered and sound good. But they are lacking a certain clarity that i seek. I have my TA-30 , Fender Hot ROd, and Marshal DSL sold. Gonna keep my Lonestar. So price is not a factor. I...
  45. Kdog

    All of a sudden I love my treble pickup in my Tele and strat.

    Treble pickup is not really playable to my ears w/ my Amps ( Lonestar and TA-30) Now I am really enjoying My guitars tone with the Top Boost setting # 6 and #230 ( smokin ) (through studio monitors) Its been 2 week since I've had the Axe Fx and two weeks since I've powered up my...
  46. Kdog

    Tones wanted to download

    Andy Timmons / Deliver us Vai/ Gravity Storm Im trying like heck to work this out with tone match but am having tech. difficulty. Anyone have these on version 9.02?
  47. Kdog

    Just got it. Couple quick questions.

    Sounds amazing. Worth every Penny. RUnning through 2 powered monitors and can't get off #6 preset! I love this thing....It makes me PLAY better!! How do I check the firmware on this thing? I have my Axe connected to my PC via a 2.0 USB....Should I download axe edit? I would love to sample my...
  48. Kdog

    What Monitors are you guys Using W/ your AXE FX

    just curious if ( for a basement guitar player) the ones I bought will suffice? They are call M1 Active MK2s . Will I be happy w/ this. ? My Axe Comes tomorrow. I also bought an Alesis Power Filter.
  49. Kdog


    Hey All, I'm getting ready to jump on Board with Axe fx 2. Need to know WHERE TO BUY one... I live in MD . And how this thing works with MESA AMPs. I have a Lonestar combo and a TAtlantic lunchbox head with Small cabinet. Should I Buy another form of speaker instead of using my AMPS? If...
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