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    Global block question

    Hi Just received my FC-12...yay :) My existing presets are set up with external-1 and 2 for controller inputs (mostly wah and volume blocks). Now I want change the souces to FC pedal 1+2. Im using global blocks, but it seems that the source in the modifier is not changed globally, which means...
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    Wish Channels-In-Use indicator

    When copying channels from other presets, it would be nice to be able to see which channels are already in use across all scenes in preset you want to paste into. This would give you a nice overview over available channels without going thru all scenes in a preset, block by block. Very easy to...
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    Wish More presets

    After getting the Austin Buddy pack I really could use more than 512 presets. I know that most people don't use more than 10 presets for their gigs, but it sure would be nice to have a bigger library at hand without the need for a computer :)
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    Wish Formant Pitch Shift refresh

    Just a little bump for the old formant pitch shift wish like on the kemper :) https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/formant-shift.85289/#post-1034253
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    Wish Additional AE-window

    Just an idea... It would be nice to be able to open a reference preset, from either your axe or your computer, in a new window in read-only mode. From this new window you could then copy blocks, channels, value settings...or whatever..into your active preset. With the new channels, this would...
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    Headphones only mode?

    Hi Is there any way to mute the rear outputs for my studio monitors and still be able to get audio to my headphones without cutting power to or turning down my monitors?....or did i miss something? It would be a really nice feature when switching to headphones-mode for late night sessions or...
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    Anybody knows if the III will support other freq than 48kHz? Planning to let the III replace my UR824. Cheers :)
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    New section for commercial presets?

    Just an idea.... The Preset Exchange is now so full of commercial presets and IR packs. Maybe an idea to give all the sellers a new section for this, just to clean up a bit in here? :) Cheers
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    Please help me remember...

    Hi guys. I tried to find out when i bought my axe-fx ii std, but seems I have lost all my paperwork and emails from back then. I remember the first FW upgrade I did was 6.something. Anybody remember when that was released? Cheers :) -- EDIT -- I'm an idiot. Just noticed I can see when I...
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    high cpu usage for some amps in some presets

    Hi there After upgrading to latest FW some of the amps causes extreme cpu load...but only in some of my presets. In one preset "Marshall JCM800 5 scenes" (thx to fremen)...i have 95% cpu usage with brit800, 800mod, brit super, CA OD-2, cameron ccv 1a and several others. 97% !! when switching to...
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    midi question

    Hi Guys I have a mfc-101 mark I connected to my axe using the expansion port. If I switch a preset from the mcf...will program change be sent from the axe-midi out/thru port as well or do i have to connect the mfc with a midi cable instead of the network cable to make it work? The reason is...
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    Marcus Miller presets?

    Anybody got some nice funky Marcus Miller'ish bass patches lying around? :)
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    Emulated fretless preset for bass?

    Anybody got such a preset lying around? I only got my good old jazzbass but need a fretless sound :) cheers
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    So, V15...???

    Sorry...couldn't resist ;) ....yes...it's a joke
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    Pitch block for Still Hurts - Sfogli?

    Hi Im trying to make a pitch block for the two small harmonic parts in "Still Hurts" by Marco Sfogli. I can get pretty close using the intelligent harmony...but something is off. Using the intelligent harmonics is a first timer for me...so im not even sure its possible to get it correct...
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    Amp's limit?

    Just curious....how many amp models can actually be stored in the firmware?....guess there must be a hard limit :)
  17. D

    axe manage?

    Just curious....its been a while since AE without axe manage was released. Any new info about development progress? Cheers :)
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    3.0.2 with fw12

    Hi all Is it safe to use AE 3.0.2 with the new FW12?....Im know that the new parameters arent available, but its ok for me.... just dont wanna mess somthing up :)
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    Wish Auto-Snapshot

    Would be nice if AE could make an auto-snapshot put in a seperate /backup folder every xx minutes. I had been tweaking a nice preset for around an hour. Connection was interrupted and my preset was gone. Tried to make a snapshot before i reconnected my axe...which actually worked. But it...
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    Wish Presets-start-at-button parameter for use together with bank-size

    Hi there It would be great to have a "presets-start-at-button XX" parameter along the bank-size parameter so you can freely move your "preset-strip/block" around. That would, for example, make it possible to make first row (1-5) IA switches...next row (6-10) Preset switches and 11-17 IA...
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    custom preset/IA button layout?

    Hi Just a quick question regarding button assignment. Using the bank size parameter i can adjust how many buttons are assigned to presets and IA's. Increasing the bank size will transform my buttons from 1 and upwards to preset buttons. It would be nice to have a "bank-size-start-from-button"...
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    Axe-fx II gear cost

    Anybody got an idea how much it would cost to actually buy every amp and every cab included in axe-fx II ??? One thing is for sure...if i had all thoose amps for real my electricity bill would be out of this world ;)
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    First official pic (April Fools)

  24. D

    Custom amp names

    Hi Dont know if this has been suggested before. Would be nice to be able to rename the amps. cheers
  25. D

    Vai with Axe

    Steve Vai live in copenhagen yesterday...with 2 x Axe-II....3hr concert :mrgreen I believe one of them is a backup ;) Sry for the poor iphone image quality. Cheers
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    wouldn't it be nice to....

    ...have an official sticky Fractal Audio statement here about the current state of axe-edit vs. fw 7.00 cheers
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    7.00 and simple volume block setup with axe-edit

    Hi all New axe-ii owner here...and first post :) As a new axe'ist i wanna go practice with my band asap....but i need to setup volume control blocks for my expression pedal after the cab block in my presets (using factory presets until i have some more tweak-hours to spend). For me it seems...
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