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  1. maxdown

    Where do you keep your wallet/phone/keys when gigging?

    Right beside the cucumber in tin foil
  2. maxdown

    RTFM - Read The FINE Manual!

    I couldn't be arsed reading all this thread .... what's it about again?
  3. maxdown

    Is it just me...

    So that's what the inside of a DSP programmer's head looks like?
  4. maxdown

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Well ... I was on the fence about which 'Cygnus' model to choose, FM3 or AxeFX3 and also bemoaning about needing to add a FC6 .... not now. Looks like a great truly portable product. Hope G66 get their mitts on some soon
  5. maxdown

    Do I need two versions of Fractal Bot?

    It's compatible
  6. maxdown

    Useless observation of the day

    .... and the dog wasn't 'late' at that time I presume?
  7. maxdown

    Useless observation of the day

    AxeFXII !Ares) startup time: 8.7 seconds Kemper Toaster startup time (firmware 8.5 and No onboard presets): 63 seconds
  8. maxdown

    A question about IEMs and FRFR cabs

    @hurtwoodec Well you're just doing what you've done with the bass cab previously really .... using a PEQ to compensate for the difference between cab and IEM. All cabs have their own flavour whether they call themselves FRFR or not. Your emphasis is on dialling in a good IEM tone as that's...
  9. maxdown

    Early Whitesnake tone?

    What are they doing to make this studio guitar tone? It's mid gained Marshall for sure but it's got some sort of phased/ringing sound to it as well. Or most any track on that album ....
  10. maxdown

    Useless observation of the day

    Did you ever realise that on a Les Paul the note pitches of the low E and G strings if plucked behind the nut are pretty much identical? (Bb ish on mine)
  11. maxdown

    Chet Atkins stuff on Axe-Fx 3 + Preset Inside

    So good. Really a pleasure to watch and listen to.
  12. maxdown

    Little help setting up Axe-Fx 3 and matrix power amp, 2x12 cab

    Hmmm .... your pic shows you're opting to use Bridged mode. You should be connecting the AxeFX output to Input Channel A on the Matrix in that case (and Output X to the cab as you already have done). Personally I prefer to set the Matrix input volumes up high (3 o'clock position) and control...
  13. maxdown

    Movie Review: Tenet

    Palindromically speaking I'm only up to having watched 'Boob' .... maybe Tenet is a leap too far and I should hold off a while?
  14. maxdown

    Any cab users with advice?

    Yep - I find that the tip for the Matrix GT1000 for one comes alive when you have the inputs turned up to 3/4 open (even though technically the power amp is actually always 100% 'open' and the vols on the front only attenuate the input signal) When using the FX return of a real amp do you...
  15. maxdown

    Celestion F12-X200

    The Black Goo variant has emerged .... you'll have to self isolate, quarantine all your other speakers for 3 weeks and play acoustic
  16. maxdown

    NEVER MIND - variax guitars-Strat type-Some questions please

    Don't start me on Line6 disappointments..... let's just say as an owner of a JTV Variax gathering dust in the corner I think a better and more reliable route would be to fit a hex pickup or under saddle type system to an existing guitar you already play and use a suitable outboard processor...
  17. maxdown

    My FM3 rig (+ presets)

    I think the lack of pedalboard is good (or at least heartening) .... I was sizing the FM3 and FC6 plus an exp pedal and rather dreading the potential inflexible hunk of real estate it was turning into. Why are all your labels and preset names in English?? I'm considering using Dutch as 'Ritme'...
  18. maxdown

    Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander

    Well nobody in the US I suspect. Am I right in saying this product only works in 230/240V electricity mains supply countries?
  19. maxdown

    If you’re looking for work as a guitar player…

    Bet there's lots of faster at cooking and serving guitar players than the one they hire
  20. maxdown

    How does everyone learn new songs?

    I drop the track into iTunes and import the resulting iTunes library file with Reaper and save it from there as a project and just play along with it until it sticks. I've used software (Audacity) to change tempo of solos the odd time ... and on really hard or not clear to hear stuff I'll really...
  21. maxdown

    I Lost my wife last night

    So sorry to hear this. My deepest condolences. The poem by Elizabeth Frye sometimes says it best when losing the closest person you have in life. Their pain and suffering is gone but their free spirit will live on with you and for you Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there. I do not...
  22. maxdown

    Just a pause to appreciate……..

    It's strange it's kind of become the norm that we can say things like it's been reliable 'for 3 years now' sounding like it's almost a surprise. I'm not accusing FAS of anything .... I've gear from them still working flawlessly thats nearly 10 years old. But a certain very well known giant...
  23. maxdown

    This will be odd.

    Fine bit of prose that suggests you possibly live alone and probably need to get out more .... or fight your battles in foreign fields where at least you can conscientiously persuade yourself you might have done your bit enough to make the next attack by comrades successful without risking PTSD...
  24. maxdown

    Got a newsletter from an amplifier manufacturer today... Clearly they haven't tried Cygnus! Lol!

    My couple of old retained amps are a bit like additional children .... there comes a point where they perhaps should be moving on but they need absolutely no excuse to be allowed to stay. (However ..... unlike my children during their early and mid teens , I could usually make an amp do what I...
  25. maxdown

    How many of you are running stereo to FOH?

    I do ... but my stuff will sum to mono ok. Most if not all places we normally play support stereo (though some I think pan centre .... the soundguy controls all from an iPad while wandering around so who knows what the hell he gets up to) - we hire stereo capable rigs when needed ... so I've got...
  26. maxdown

    Celestion F12-X200

    I'd be inclined to agree ... though as a very last test you could take the speaker out of the cabinet and try it 'naked' to rule out any strange resonance being generated by the cab ... however that would be taking things to extremes ..... it's highly likely to be a speaker issue. Will Celestion...
  27. maxdown

    NGD: Suhr Pete Thorn Signature

    I did but you weren't in and as I had to run to get the flight home I didn't feel right about leaving a nice guitar like that outside for you ... especially after hearing that neighbour of yours saying what he'd like to do to you. But you know what? It's all cool. I played it a bit more just now...
  28. maxdown

    USB Issue

    It's really worth thinking about putting your AxeFX in a rack and leave space to mount a front facing 1U punched panel and add some D connectors with tails for commonly used I/O cable connections which are normally located on the rear - USB, FASLINK, Various ins/outs. It protects against wear...
  29. maxdown

    Celestion F12-X200

    Have you tried driving the Zilla from the stereo out on the active Redsound? IE replace the passive Redsound with the Zilla.
  30. maxdown

    AC/DC goes amp modeling.

    Wearing shorts with your wang bar dangling all over the place at your age is worse than blasphemy :)
  31. maxdown

    Any Singers.... Or Wanna-Be Singers Here?

    No ... but you could always dress and walk on stage like that just to make sure you're warmed up ... unfortunately Mick Jagger already has done it but you'd still be cool if you do it as well ...
  32. maxdown

    MFC 101 MKlll and AxeFx ll xl+ Basic Setup

    As on MFC Manual Pg12 3.1.1 Enabling/Disabling Axe-‐Fx Mode Set Axe-FX Mode to Axe-Fx II Pg 13 3.2 Selecting a Port Use 'FASLINK' Pg 17 4.1 Bank Size Set to '5' Your lower 5 IA switches should now be Banked as presets 1-5 and Reveal will change them to be scenes 1-5 of the current...
  33. maxdown

    Need help with these two issues

    Sorry - I should have mentioned to go easy when taking the lid off because of the fan connector needing pulled when halfway off Are you able to test the main outputs (Output 1 left and right) to make sure they are working for stereo operation? Either send them to studio monitors or 2 channels...
  34. maxdown

    Need help with these two issues

    By half pulling the headphone jack out all you're doing is shorting the stereo left and right signals into one Maybe open the AxeFX up by taking the lid off and check the Input/Headphone board connections are properly seated - also you'll maybe have a better view of the headphone socket legs to...
  35. maxdown

    Rituals before you play live?

    I just grab a pint about 15 mins before start time - drink half, tune guitars and play. If any other local groups or members from groups turn up in the audience our singer will point them out to the rest of the crowd know and say 'Ladies and Gents I'd just like to make you aware that <name(s)>...
  36. maxdown

    Wish Search feature for similar IRs

    The question that's sold 10's of thousands of third party IRs which go on to gather digital dust :) I think it's a tough task as besides the permutations of mic, mic position, speaker and cab used in the IRs you're filtering through there's still such a plethora of additional tweaks you can do...
  37. maxdown

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.05

    With a glass slide made from a 1959 coke bottle marked as made in Mexico .... However don't forget that Mexican coke is imported to and bottlied in the US, so the holy grail ones are those that made it back to Mexico and then besides the amount of border crossings it's also the amount of times...
  38. maxdown

    Anyone else dig the bona fide Marshall amp models more than.....

    Hundreds of damn amp types to play with and 95% of the time I keep going to an ancient Marshall!
  39. maxdown

    True Story

    Let's cut to the chase ... we all know this is working up to being advised to get a baseball bat then wade into that complete bastard's house and take him out at the knees while the vocalist takes a mic stand to his Helix
  40. maxdown

    (FM3=>FRFR) + (Tube Power AMP=>Cabinet)

    Sorry and no offence if I'm wrong but this sounds like a bit of trolling my friend ...... I'm gone
  41. maxdown

    (FM3=>FRFR) + (Tube Power AMP=>Cabinet)

    What do you mean by 'at the same time'? Simultaneously send signal to both FRFR and Tube amp/cab? Both playing at the same time? or A/B switch between them? (only one plays at a time) You mention using Channels so it suggests it's A/B switching between them(?) Do you need to switch during...
  42. maxdown

    I wished I had an axfx3 25 years ago.

    25 years ago I would have heard the hiss .... now I'll just have to take your word it's there :)
  43. maxdown

    Two guitars for a live setup?

    Typical singer ..... tell him/her to actually front the band and do some talking to fill the gap. Personally I bring a second guitar only in case of string breaks as I'm so petted on my main guitar I'm happy to play it for everything. But if your guitar change needs to be like a Formula 1 pit...
  44. maxdown

    Is it time to take the screen protectors off?? and should I experiment with more amps...

    Yes .... it's time for the Frac crack and sac. Any whimpering will void the warranty.
  45. maxdown

    Cave Man Say Farewell

    Ahh man ... sorry to hear it.
  46. maxdown

    Complete reseting FX II

    Yes - those Bank files are correct file size. What happens in Axe-Edit when you right click on an empty block in the grid? Do you get any options to add a block type (Amp, Cab, Chorus etc.)? Well anyway taking easiest route of trial and error what I would try next would be: Go to fractalaudio...
  47. maxdown

    when i go green ... i play better

    I went green ... with envy :) I was inspired to try and do something similar but got chased by a wasp and stood in cow shit
  48. maxdown

    Complete reseting FX II

    Try uploading the Banks one at a time. You downloaded a compressed zip file - so make sure it's expanded/extracted and then inside that folder you'll see 'AllFiles' and also 3 separate BankA, BankB and BankC files - so try uploading the individual Bank files one at a time using FractalBot. You...
  49. maxdown

    Tips for IEM and what you hear vs FOH send???

    Sounds like a personal preference thing and shouldn't be hard to test it out for yourself. You're using Out 1 for everything so use your in-ears from the headphone socket on the AxeFX to see what it sounds like with the enhancer engaged while the Xitone is still running the mono (turn it's...
  50. maxdown

    Glitchy Audio recordings?

    Is that a simple amp/cab preset? Weird ... sounds like sequencer in there. Doesn't really sound like the farts and scrunches a sample bitrate mismatch would produce which would be one of the more common issues ..... Maybe try a simple measure first - change the USB cable to something shorter...
  51. maxdown


    As a kid I used to pretend my grandmother drove her car faster than light, she never saw anything coming until it was behind her. You don't know how lucky you are to have me.
  52. maxdown

    My observation of before & after installing Firmware 4 (Cygnus)

    If it sounds better then of course use it .... why would you not? The alternative would be to go through every parameter on every block and recreate it exactly on a new 'Cygnus' preset slot which seems like a lot of trouble for no reason. Just copy it as it is to a new slot and rename it...
  53. maxdown

    Happy Father's Day fellas!

    While I love getting my Father's Day cards from my girls I've a lifelong batchelor friend who's been getting an unsigned one every year for over 10 years now ..... no idea who sends it 😈
  54. maxdown

    FM3 and temperature at summer gigs

    Maybe even bringing some cardboard big enough to build a bit of a sun shade over the unit/pedalboard might help. Paint one side black to make it look less like a cornflakes packet :)
  55. maxdown

    My oppinion after a year

    To me this is an important point you've raised. A while back I semi-jokingly said I'd given up on watching comparison videos of all the new modelling products being produced (such as those from QC, Line6 ... whatever) and just had decided I'd stick with deciding which products to buy from 1 or...
  56. maxdown

    No good sound Axe FX II XL+ and Godin A6 ultra

    From your description it doesn't sound like it's anything to do with the AxeFX .... you say you can hear the piezo output so the Fractal's instrument input is apparently working. Sounds more like you have an issue with the humbucker circuit or preamp in the Godin to me. Have you any other amp...
  57. maxdown

    Adam A7X vs. Electro-Voice PXM-12MP vs. RedSound M10

    All speakers/cabs and headphones have their own character - you have little option but to tune your tone to them. Lots of posts about it throughout the forum - not sure anyone can bring something new to the table at this stage. If you are putting the emphasis on low volume home...
  58. maxdown

    The Gosh Darn Fractal Amp Models......

    Oh oh you're on the slippery slope now .... first it's lose the effects and savour the pure amp tone, then before you know it you'll be wearing a hat indoors and only 30 year or older nitrocellulose coated guitar bodies and vintage tuning pegs will be good enough ;)
  59. maxdown

    Help... Real amp cutting in and out

    I think I read somewhere some older Buddas were prone to having issues with the tube sockets? Given it takes some operating time to manifest the issue It certainly sounds like a cracked solder or something at a heat generating point ..... but unless there's something obvious to see it's...
  60. maxdown

    SOLVED. HELP. Just loaded new patches for CYGNUS on my FM3. It crashed. Can't get past Startup

    Assume you have all cables except power disconnected while trying re-booting with/without button combination holding method?
  61. maxdown

    Rory Gallagher tones with FM3

    All this talk of Rory led me down a rabbit hole of memories ..... although too young to be aware of Taste while they were probably gigging a lot around here locally it made me think of a few musician ex-showband local legends with the 'Rory' stories I ended up watching playing in later bands and...
  62. maxdown

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    Are you feeling ok? That's the one you sound best with .... why would you sell it?? :p
  63. maxdown

    Vote: strip the finish off the entire BACK of the Les Paul; not just the neck?

    As will your general crotch area when playing it ...... but then again maybe thats a good thing??
  64. maxdown

    It's 2021 and the FC-12 display still looks like garbage

    There's bound to be a way of using a couple of (height/tilt adjustable for focus and view angle) made to measure, retrofit, magnifying substrate strips overlaying the windows. I call it the @ZenRigs Man challenge ..... c'mon you know you can do it ..... I'll only take 5% commission for the idea...
  65. maxdown

    Setup and Dial in help needed. Will pay for expert

    Wise words Equally wise words But if a real meet up can't happen then I'd advise just try approaching one of the well known video makers you see posting here - especially the ones who also gig live .... there's a couple of Aussies I feel would be good candidates for paying for online...
  66. maxdown

    What am I doing wrong? AFX3 sounds awful when played loud

    I think the most telling vid I watched recently was Leon Todd setting up his presets for playing live through his FR stage monitor (CLR). The first point I noted being that he doesn't have a whole lot of live presets for his gig - he could do it with one preset and channels/scenes ... so maybe...
  67. maxdown

    FRFR cabinet material

    Yeah .... a Fractal Audio cabinet with magic mushrooms growing from it .... send the prototype to @Burgs it'll be an interesting change from him munching raw chillies
  68. maxdown

    How to protect FM3+FC6 rear connections on a pedalboard?

    I used to leave about 2 or 3 cm of string when cutting new strings at the E, B and G string tuners. So when Mr Frontman started to become Mr Sidewaysman he got his jabs. The G string is the perfect one - it's got the strength, it's usually nearest to the top of the headstock and goes through...
  69. maxdown

    Anyone put a Dimarzio Super Distortion in a Les Paul?

    No ... he always stands on Phil's right :) Well there's some conflicting reports ..... the Signature Gibson sell to the public advertises the Super Distortion in the bridge .... and an interview with Viv had him saying it was in the neck ....... it's 'somewhere'!
  70. maxdown

    Anyone put a Dimarzio Super Distortion in a Les Paul?

    and if you look to his right you'll see Viv Campbell playing his signature LP with a Super Distortion (bridge pickup) and Super 3 (neck)
  71. maxdown

    Recording vs live presets

    I've always found that live vs home/DAW are 2 different things. I think separate presets the best way to go. Save using the Global EQ for minor tweaks to suit the room if you can't fully fix it via FOH EQ. How do you monitor yourself live? Are there other backline amps and a drummer playing...
  72. maxdown

    So much pleasure

    What about the chocolates though? I suppose you've eaten them all ... selfish git! ;) Enjoy your AF3
  73. maxdown

    Returning my Axe FX? Or am I?

    Nothing is ever going to be perfect so everything deserves some time spent with it. My wife's mantra, and she doesn't even play an instrument .... amazing isn't it?
  74. maxdown

    Different sound radiations with a real cab compared to a tube amp

    The Cygnus update on the FM3 will be a good thing I'm sure ... I'm hanging off buying the FM3 until it's well bedded in so defo looking forward to hearing about it.
  75. maxdown

    Axe Fx III vs. Neural Quad vs. HX.Stomp vs. Kemper

    I've given up making decisions based on sound comparisons ... life's too short. I've instead chosen my manufacturers for digital-ware (Fractal and Kemper) I'll trust and buy their products and the rest can bugger off and stop annoying me :)
  76. maxdown

    Different sound radiations with a real cab compared to a tube amp

    It's just a simple refreshingly basic showcase of the unadulterated differences between a constant processor source, a constant cab source and varying between a hi quality SS power amp and a flat response tube amp ... which I think has at least some relevance to the topic ... exploring the...
  77. maxdown

    Different sound radiations with a real cab compared to a tube amp

    This is an old video now in terms of AxeFX model used and I know Steve Fryette is obviously pimping his own flatter response tube power amp designed for use with modellers but the resonance/impedance difference in SS and tube amps can be (just about) heard in the demo here. You could always...
  78. maxdown

    Thinking of upgrading…need advice

    Sounds like you've probably already talked yourself into getting the III (and FC6 probably) - but it's slightly disturbing that you're seemingly doing so believing it will still not be 'enough'? I've no doubt each successive product upgrade offers something 'more' than it's predecessor but if...
  79. maxdown

    New old guy

    What are you using to listen to the AxeFX at the moment?
  80. maxdown

    Ever give up playing?

    Sods Law means you'd dump your gear and then in a couple of years want to start playing again. Sometimes it's a fine line between hobby and obsession and the guitar collecting is more important than the actual playing ... but different strokes for different folks. I went through a phase of...
  81. maxdown

    MF10 from G66/Redsound vs Atomic CLR - UNBIASED REVIEW!

    Yes the wise thing to do would be tweak EQ, but in a hurry that volume knob is just too enticing. It takes a bit of time to dig into the output EQ ..... and in some of the gigs we play you wouldn't want to turn your back on the audience for too long :)
  82. maxdown

    MF10 from G66/Redsound vs Atomic CLR - UNBIASED REVIEW!

    Nicely done Sukh ... more fireside than broadside. I've had pretty good results using modelling with conventional cabs but I've yet to find a FR backline solution that sits easy with me, especially in smaller stage gigs - so maybe the MF10s are worth a try. I've tried a couple of 12 inch...
  83. maxdown

    Any anti modelers have religious conversion?

    I'm not 'converted' but then again I don't want to be! I like my old amps just as much as I like my Fractal stuff. It's all ..... well .... just stuff that works. I don't subscribe to the 'my new thing is so good I got rid of everything else' point of view at all. Most of us own more than one...
  84. maxdown

    Jackson USA PC-1 Project

    Ah ok .... you sold your camera to fund it? ;)
  85. maxdown

    Living on one preset - is it wrong?

    Smart move .... all those unused presets could go up in value with the current semiconductor shortage
  86. maxdown

    Thinking of going back to Presets instead of Scenes, ms delay difference with switching?

    As long as it's shorter than the time it would give people to make a lame excuse to escape leave the room it's all good. More cowbell and let's have another encore of All Right Now.
  87. maxdown

    Seymour Duncan PS170 vs Fryette Powersation

    Looking forward to that review. That piece of kit had me gassing since it was first announced and Steve Fryette demo'd the prototype .... then I waited for the production model to appear .... and waited .... and waited ......
  88. maxdown

    Ultra preset names cannot be edited

    My first suspicion would be that the internal battery in the Ultra might be on the way out and needs replaced
  89. maxdown

    Coming soon...

    Sorry ... but it's got to be cue Henry time again This tone has eluded me for years
  90. maxdown

    Coming soon...

    So Axeman .... enjoying your new Quad Cortex?
  91. maxdown

    Estimate of total price of simulated hardware in the FM3?

    Congratulations - sold to you sir Please transfer USD$488337.00 to Fractal Audio Systems by 17:00 tuesday otherwise our repo men will kick your front door in and take posession of your AxeFX
  92. maxdown

    A 120,000W amplifier for $2,200,000

    At last .... something with headroom to use with those 128 4x12 cabs you've accumulated over the years
  93. maxdown

    Amp and block wish list - wrong answers only

    The first amp I owned was a Rickenbacker ..... a solid state 2x12100W (I think) combo. It was all I could afford after buying my first electric guitar. If it gets modelled I'm not sure how they will reproduce the electric shocks it gives you when touching mics. A true classic destined for...
  94. maxdown

    FM3 with Kemper Kabinet??

    Mary Shelley got a bestseller in the 19th century thinking like that. Would it become a modfiler? There is a powered Kabinet but does the KK not need a KPA to supply imprints to do the biz?
  95. maxdown

    pickup emulation technology?

    Line6 have something along those lines in their variax guitar editing software. Restricted to their own idea of pickup models though. I have a Line6 JTV 59 (LP shape) and it's not very good ... the best sounds from it are via it's real pickups. I'm never going near anything by Line6 again
  96. maxdown

    AXE lll same problems?

    Also remember Public Beta releases means a higher chance of bugs, much more so than a few that might have slipped through into full releases. So if you load a beta then perhaps it's best to 'expect' bugs but at the same time you're helping out by finding and reporting them. Sticking with the...
  97. maxdown

    **UPDATE** Help new laptop win10 wont connect

    Anything happening in your 'HP Support Assistant' app saying there's available updates etc? The app should be present by default on all HP win 10 machines.
  98. maxdown

    OMG Idiot

  99. maxdown

    [Solved] Do I even need an Axe-FX?

    Hard call is right. I've already got an AxeFX2 in a rack and all the trimmings it uses (MFC101 controller, Matrix Power amp, expression pedals etc) it's still enough to keep me satisfied and suppress (most of) the desire for an AxeFX3 tempting as it is. But I'm seriously considering getting the...
  100. maxdown

    Poltergeist Pig preset

    Oh .... that's not my work ..... I just found it on YT
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