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  1. ElectricPhase

    Finally, a real gig with the FM3!

    I've been waiting to post a mini-review of the FM3 until I actually had a chance to let it roar.... Venue was about 10,000 sq ft. Decent sound system. Seating was about 2/3 full, with a handful on the dance floor. Honestly, that translates to "mostly empty". Best guitar tones I've ever had...
  2. ElectricPhase

    Switching between standalone FM3 and FM3+FC6 problem

    I have two distinct use cases for my FM3: 1. Standalone FM3 (easy transport/setup for jamming, rehearsals, etc.) and 2. FM3+FC6+expression pedals (full rig for gigs). This modularity should be one of the FM3's biggest strengths, but in practice I'm running into a roadblock with preset switching...
  3. ElectricPhase

    MLM inaccessible from Perform layout

    Not a big deal for those who are familiar with the FC switching system, but the default Perform layout has the center switch 'hold' set to change views. I found nothing in the Peform layout set to the MLM....so unless you assign a switch, you're stuck there. Easiest fix is to assign the 'tap'...
  4. ElectricPhase

    Tap Tempo: what am I doing wrong?

    In the manual, it says that the tap tempo switch "serves the same function as the Tempo button on the Front Panel" and "The LED ring flashes the current tempo". On my switch set to "Utility-Tap Tempo", the tempo doesn't change when tapping and the LED ring does not flash. The front panel button...
  5. ElectricPhase

    BUG: Custom Label editing in layout

    To reproduce from layout edit: - change Mini-Display Label to Custom - press EDIT LABEL - change something - press STORE At this point you get you get a confirm dialog unrelated to editing the label. If you choose NO, it doesn't do any harm. The one that I chose YES to wiped out all of the...
  6. ElectricPhase

    AX8 labels?

    Now that I've settled into a layout for gigging with my AX8, I'd like to pick up a nice labeling system to replace my current sharpied bits of tape. It seems that all three of the label producers that I was aware of are either temporarily or permanently gone. Are there any currently active?
  7. ElectricPhase

    Implemented Add Input 2-4 Source with SPDIF/AES option

    Add the ability to assign the Input Source for Input 2-4 to SPDIF/AES so that we can use Input 1's secret sauce and simultaneously use a different input as a digital effects return.
  8. ElectricPhase

    NGD - ESP LTD Skolknick!

    I just want to give a shout out to whoever traded in their ESP LTD Skolnick Sig to Guitar Center! Why this saintly personage decided the guitar wasn't good enough for 'em is a real mystery. I haven't bought an electric in more than a decade, but I've been looking for a Les Paul and doing the...
  9. ElectricPhase

    Help me brainstorm a pedalboard

    Usually I play through either my AX8 or my Axe-FX II, both of which I love to pieces. Lately, though, I've been thinking about putting together a pedalboard for a very specific purpose. I want a small, light board (much smaller than the AX8) to be able to go anywhere any plug into any backline...
  10. ElectricPhase

    Bug or ?: MFC-101 2.15 tuner display characters scrambled

    My MFC-101 is new enough that I hadn't used the tuner button yet. I just updated to Axe-FX II 9.01 and MFC-101 2.15. When I step on the tuner IA switch, the screen appears to be scrambled. Instead of the left and right arrows, I get the Greek letters sigma and pi. Instead of the "square...
  11. ElectricPhase

    Thanks Cliff!

    If I can remember that far back, I think my Axe-FX Standard shipped with firmware 3.08. I was (and with firmware 11, still am) happy with that box. A few months ago it finally dawned on me that from now on, all the goodies were going to the Axe-FX II. The old Axe-FX is so good that I really...
  12. ElectricPhase

    Quick RCF NX12-SMA answer needed...

    I'm about to pull the trigger on an RCF NX 12-SMA. The seller is giving me a choice between the official RCF bag and a bag from Undercover (http://www.undercovernyc.com). I would be very grateful for a brief review, from anyone who has an NX series RCF and got either of these bags...
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