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  1. ScotHessler

    Question - Can you run the Axe-FX III as a modeler and 4 cable method at the same time?

    How is the ABY connected? You really wouldn't need it with a patch set up to switch between the outputs.
  2. ScotHessler

    Question - Can you run the Axe-FX III as a modeler and 4 cable method at the same time?

    To clarify, Axe amp plus effects chain and 5150 with effects chain, both active at the same time? The answer is yes, just takes some split routing.
  3. ScotHessler

    Wish Boss hm2

    Are you running it through the front input? I've had no issues running pedals with a lot of output through inputs 3 & 4.
  4. ScotHessler

    Looking for a power amp

    Ahhh, my bad. I thought they were all coming from the same source. Odd that the US has them and you don't.
  5. ScotHessler

    Looking for a power amp

    The Matrix website says they have 2U GT1000's in stock.
  6. ScotHessler

    Attached a Preset, how does it sound for you?

    Step 1 would be what do you want it to sound like? Representative sound samples would help folks zone in on where you want to be.
  7. ScotHessler

    Stuck On Scene?

    Did scene 1 get accidentally copied over to scene 2, or are seeing the blocks change without the sound changing?
  8. ScotHessler


    Nice! Do want!! . . . (but I have too many already)
  9. ScotHessler

    Can you use a matrix gt1000fx with a 1x12?

    Just don't turn the volume up too far and you'll be fine. I've done it with various 1x12's. If you max the GT and its input, then yes, you will murder the speaker.
  10. ScotHessler

    Shipped guitar acclimation warning

    I don't worry about it if the box is the close to the same temperature as the living room, If it is noticeably warmer or colder I will let it sit for a bit, but I've never waited 24 hrs.
  11. ScotHessler

    Wish Impedance Curve Wish - Lower Minimum Possible Value of Low Res Freq

    I think it would be great to have more bass appropriate/compatible amps and features.
  12. ScotHessler

    Any cab users with advice?

    I can't seem to find a user's guide for the KSR PA-50, but my 1st thought is what is the resistive load setting doing? Is it acting as a loadbox?
  13. ScotHessler

    How does everyone learn new songs?

    I try to go by ear as much as I can, but I'm a very poor excuse for a musician, so I search for tabs when possible.
  14. ScotHessler

    New Iron Maiden: The Writing on the Wall

    This is not entirely what I'm expecting to hear when I cue up a new Iron Maiden song. I can't say it is bad, but it just didn't connect with me. I look forward to the album.
  15. ScotHessler

    SetList (Lack Of) Frustration

    Chris asks very important questions. And there are probably as many 'right' answers as there are people who answer them. I freely admit, I've never been in a situation where I needed a individual patch for every song I played. It seems like this would be very hard to come up with a single...
  16. ScotHessler

    HELP Please ?

    Yeah, if you're on 16.0 you're firmware version will be probably be older than the preset Matt attached. If you're wired up like the diagram you should be able to make a simple preset to check for signal with just input and out put blocks. After that it's down to things like are all the...
  17. ScotHessler

    HELP Please ?

    You are using something like this to switch between multiple amps, correct? How are you routing the signal back from multiple effects loops?
  18. ScotHessler

    Favorite IR(s)

    Leon's TV mixes, Valhalla's free Wolverine and some Dr. Bonker's ADA cab are getting the most play for me right now.
  19. ScotHessler

    Never got the love for the Divided by 13 amps. What am I missing?

    I've found my best results with the /13 using an external overdrive (always on) and using the volume knob of the guitar for controlling the gain level. It works really well for clean to hard rock, with some nice singing lead tones. certainly not a real metal type of sound, but very versatile...
  20. ScotHessler

    Wagakki Band

    J-Folk Prog? What the heck, I'm in. Sign me up.
  21. ScotHessler

    Best power amps for Axe fx 3

    Eh, I have a 2U GT1000 for when I want to use normal cabs, and it sounds great to me.
  22. ScotHessler

    Just bought KM-7 Hybrid

    The closest I can get is I have a KM7-FRS. Nice guitar, plays well, heavy as hell. I was kinda surprised by that...
  23. ScotHessler

    SPL or dBA Levels

    I try to keep it 85 dBA or below.
  24. ScotHessler

    Show your motorcycles!

    650 V-Strom
  25. ScotHessler

    Searching Energyball real sound

    Isn't the Savage closer to the Fireball then the Powerball is?
  26. ScotHessler

    Does anyone build a fridge that doesn't suck?

    Yeah, just do this.
  27. ScotHessler

    Patch for octave down on low notes only?

    If you are sending all of your signal to the pitch block it will give the octave for all the notes in the signal. You could try a crossover block to filter out the higher HZ signal before it goes to the octaver.
  28. ScotHessler

    Axe-Fx III vs Helix

    To answer the OP. I have both, plus a IIXL+. I find it easier to get sounds I enjoy with the Fractal products. I can get sounds I like out of the Helix, but it takes more work and often complicated patch chains to get there. If I could only use one for the rest of my life I would pick...
  29. ScotHessler

    Stupid noob questions

    Have you added the appropriate output block in the preset? If you want to use output 3, you need an output 3 block. <question asked while typing...> Further, the output 1 knob will control output 1 and headphone out, that's just how the unit works.
  30. ScotHessler

    Where can I get these Floyd Rose "speedy loaders"?

    You can use normal strings.
  31. ScotHessler

    Line 6 vs Helix Floor vs Fractal Axe FX III

    Add me to the list of those who have a Helix and various Fractals that have an easier time getting good tones from the Fractal. Add to that, for me, the Fractal simply sounds and feels better when I have them both dialed in to a point where I don't think I can improve either.
  32. ScotHessler

    BAND-MAID... ROCKS!!!!!!!

    Big fan here. Sure the outfits are gimmicky, but they're fun and can clearly play.
  33. ScotHessler

    1 80s riff through 8 hot Marshally amp models

    Surprised to see I preferred the Splawn. I've never been able to make it work for me, but it seemed to fit the riff the best.
  34. ScotHessler

    Dunlop picks...

    I've never gelled with Tortex. I jump around between Ultex sharps and jazz 3's, Carbon Fiber jazz 3's, and this stainless steel pick I've had forever. If I'm in an odd mood I reach for Brossard's pointy bone picks.
  35. ScotHessler

    1 80s riff through 8 hot Marshally amp models

    #3. As stated above, many of them very close to identical.
  36. ScotHessler

    Inexpensive guitars

    I gigged for quite a while with a 200 series Laguna. The pickups were good, the neck was straight, a tuner change and it stayed in tune. I paid something like $200 for it and never had to worry about some drunk idiot wrecking it. I still like it.
  37. ScotHessler

    Jackson USA Select Warrior WR1

    I am very drawn to the Warriors and the Xiphoses (is that even right?) But I used to have a Kramer Focus 5000 (Saw Chris Degarmo playing one...) and that thing had such awful neck dive that I can't bring myself to pull the trigger on one since they seem so similar.
  38. ScotHessler

    Covid empties guitar stocks?

    Seriously, I was looking to get some quick adjustment dumbells, EVERYTHING is out of stock, I can't even imagine how buff everyone should be when we can all go about life as normal again...
  39. ScotHessler

    Most desired tones that you don't already have?

    For me, Blind Guardian's Dead Sound of Misery is loaded with want to have tones.
  40. ScotHessler

    Drive Pedal Heaven

    I have far too many overdrive/distortion pedals to use with real amps, but in the Axe I'm almost exclusively amp drive. I may use a filter beforehand every now and then for tone shaping, but rarely use the drive block.
  41. ScotHessler

    2 Headrush 1x8's or 1 Line 6 Powercab Plus 2x12?

    My primary monitors have been a pair of E8's for several years. I don't see how either of your suggestions would be a major improvement. That said, if you want to try some different, try something different.
  42. ScotHessler

    Big Country "Fields of fire" ...

    There was a thread on this a while back. If I recall correctly it's primarily a chorus.
  43. ScotHessler

    Wish ENGL Fireball

    I think its the Powerball that everyone says disappears.
  44. ScotHessler

    What is wrong with me and my locking tuners?

    Is it one string breaking consistently? It could be a burr where the string passes through the tuner.
  45. ScotHessler

    Closed Changing Amp Models without changing any of the parameters

    Brain catches up somewhat. What is different from global blocks? Quantity available?
  46. ScotHessler

    Closed Changing Amp Models without changing any of the parameters

    Oooooooh, I had never considered that. Count me in if that is possible someday.
  47. ScotHessler

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    Do we want to open up the can of worms that is a Road King? We'd only need what 1600 different models?
  48. ScotHessler

    Rammstein - "Du riechst so gut"

    Nice JSX. I gigged one for a while, but pulled those crazy chrome things off. Head got like, 20 lbs lighter. ;) Tone is ripping too.
  49. ScotHessler

    Question about the USA IIC++ model

    You posted the answer in your quote. It's the older model, renamed.
  50. ScotHessler

    Quarantined with the band

    That was my work computer wallpaper for the longest time. I still chuckle when I see it.
  51. ScotHessler

    Hyundai Reveals Secrets if its 'Prophecy' Concept EV

    A stick is probably fine for commuting. I'm certain I wouldn't want to take it to a track day though. I just don't see where you could get the finesse needed on the control inputs.
  52. ScotHessler

    Hyundai Reveals Secrets if its 'Prophecy' Concept EV

    With all the push for self driving I'm surprised they put any user controls in at all. As for me, I'll take a steering wheel, thank you.
  53. ScotHessler

    Preset & Cab Importing

    1st look in the cab block and see if the others are also missing IR's. 2nd look for controllers tied to expression pedals, many presets have those and if you don't have a pedal assigned to the right controller they often produce no sound.
  54. ScotHessler


    Dave Murray sig and Roland ready with Warmoth neck and Kinman Hendrix set.
  55. ScotHessler

    Who are your biggest musical influences?

    Sadly, I am not accomplished enough to have a style that could be influenced...
  56. ScotHessler

    Is something wrong with my Axe-Fx II or me?

    Your monitors should be fine for this part of learning curve. Take some of your favorite music, play it through your speakers. Does it sound like you think it should? If it does you're fine. I have no experience with the HS5's but never had trouble getting good sounds out of 5" speakers. A...
  57. ScotHessler

    Is something wrong with my Axe-Fx II or me?

    When it comes to recording I am a poor resource, I don't do much of it. With that said you shouldn't need anything between the Axe and your speakers if you're just playing. For purely anecdotal reference my bedroom signal chain is guitar--Axe--mixer--speakers (I've used JBL 305's, Equator D5's...
  58. ScotHessler

    Is something wrong with my Axe-Fx II or me?

    Hmmm. Well, I would start with we all hear things differently, and have different expectations. As a test take one of the 5150 variants, set bass/middle/treble all to 6, get your listening volume up above 85db, adjust gain to taste, don't set the master volume over say 6 for this test, and then...
  59. ScotHessler

    Is something wrong with my Axe-Fx II or me?

    In general the stock presets are built to work at/near gig volumes. If you're playing at a loud speaking volume they will seem pretty flat. Crank your listening volume up 95 decibels and they open up quite a bit. And yes, volume affects how we hear things. A preset that sounds spot on at 100...
  60. ScotHessler

    Is something wrong with my Axe-Fx II or me?

    OK, so the louder I play those clips, the better they sound. They don't sound particularly far off from a stock setting to my ears. For me the stock presets work best LOUD. I pretty much always tweak stock presets since I only use them at lower volumes noodling around at home.
  61. ScotHessler

    Is something wrong with my Axe-Fx II or me?

    How loud are you playing?
  62. ScotHessler

    Covid-19 Playlist

  63. ScotHessler

    Implemented One-Click Cabinet Auditioning

    Anything loaded into the axe user slots works as scenario 1. For me anyway.
  64. ScotHessler

    These Charvels need more attention

    I have avoided that very guitar whenever I've seen it, just so I don't end up bringing it home...
  65. ScotHessler

    Forgive me for such a novice question...

    Caveating every answer with a bunch of "please don't be offended" is no way to run a railroad, especially when so many questions asked on the forum contain little more information than "hey somethings not working, why is that?" If every question asked came with 3 or 4paragraphs describing...
  66. ScotHessler

    Can anyone tell me how to get the chug of this Iced Earth tone from The Dark Saga?

    The internets say Larry amps and Marshall cabs for the most part.
  67. ScotHessler

    Any Tips using the pitch block

    I've always used a filter/EQ after the pitch block when down/uptuning for this very reason. I've yet to get 100% the same as the unpitched tone, but it definitely helps.
  68. ScotHessler

    DIY Fret Leveling & crowning

    OK, so anyone sell a good leveling beam that isn't $100? I would make my own if I had a good surface grinder at work...
  69. ScotHessler

    Raven West Guitars?

    I have 2, a Tele copy and a Firebird copy. The Tele is pretty good, the Firebird not so great.
  70. ScotHessler

    question on looper

    Is the looper your 1st block?
  71. ScotHessler

    Friedman HBE 100 Deluxe vs Suhr PT100 vs Mesa JP2C+ = Choose and why

    The HBE probably covers a wider area of recorded work, but I would choose the JP2C+, simply because I prefer the Mesa flavor. I'm not sure you could go wrong picking any one of them.
  72. ScotHessler

    New to scenes and have a question regards to state of on/off of effect.

    Pretty sure you want "scene revert" set to on. From the front panel: Setup:Midi/Remote
  73. ScotHessler

    Advice on Wah and Pitch blocks

    Do you know all the various ways to set up an expression pedal? You may just have it set up in a way that it is not responding the way you expect it to, but is responding in the way it is set up.
  74. ScotHessler

    3rd party cab packs for studio monitors in a bedroom.

    IR's are a very deep well to jump in to. 3rd party IR's are certainly the option for folks who have very clear ideas of what they need from a sound. I will certainly second if you don't have a specific sound in your head that you need to create play around with the stock IR's and see if they...
  75. ScotHessler

    Porcupine Tree - "Open car" cover

    That is really well done. Good job!
  76. ScotHessler

    Which Axe should I Buy??

    With any new equipment you have to learn some things, so embrace it. Read the manual several times, it's very logical. The Axe III would be the easiest to learn simply because it sounds so good to begin with. You really don't need to dig into the deeper editing to get good sounds.
  77. ScotHessler

    Urgent for a gig tonight.

    I read as similar, but also sitting in some sort of standby state waiting for another switch press or whatever before changing state.
  78. ScotHessler

    Help | Balancing scenes and general total beginner usage help

    Before you go any further. Read the manual. It will help you.
  79. ScotHessler

    Urgent for a gig tonight.

    Yeah, the FC doesn't do that. Maybe a Mastermind or one the other high end midi controllers do.
  80. ScotHessler

    Urgent for a gig tonight.

    When you say this, do you mean "when I select a preset it loads a scene"? If so, that is exactly how it should function when you select a preset. IF you're just using bank up/down with preset load set to 'none' you should be able to page as much as you like and never switch preset. I just...
  81. ScotHessler

    GM unveils a radically new Corvette

    I can't afford the maintenance on a chick who needs me to drive a Ferrari. I'll buy the Corvette and beat the hell out of it at the track. I'll be dead when it comes to worry about the resale value anyway...
  82. ScotHessler

    I was featured on the local news for the dumbest thing imaginable.

    I think this is absolutely brilliant and applaud your brand of savvy and smartass!
  83. ScotHessler

    Sons of Apollo 2nd album

    I got the 1st album as a lark, and thought "Wow, for an old dude Soto sure still has the pipes".
  84. ScotHessler

    Uleash the archers

    They are quite good indeed.
  85. ScotHessler

    How to do this???

    I don't know. I haven't used the control switch functions. I think the answer is no, but would have to look through the manual.
  86. ScotHessler

    How to do this???

    Do you have a layout that is setup for scenes? If you don't, then layout links will not help you. My layout 1 is 10 presets + bank up/down. My layout 2 is scenes + some other stuff. I have all the preset switches in layout1 linked to layout 2, so when I select a preset it switches to the...
  87. ScotHessler

    Question on recalling Global Library blocks on different channels

    I think the misunderstanding is the ENTIRE block is saved as the named block, not just channel it is on when added to the library? I haven't had an issue with the block not loading correctly if I'm not on the channel it was on when initially saved.
  88. ScotHessler

    [Fixed in 8.00b!] Weird Tone Match change from 7.0 -> 7.01-02b

    I tried both the preset and IR's in 7.01 and 7.02b. Other than being very low level wise, they seemed ok. If I recall correctly the 7.02 TM had a little more bass, but that was about it.
  89. ScotHessler

    [Fixed in 8.00b!] Weird Tone Match change from 7.0 -> 7.01-02b

    I tried it out, and my biggest issue was the exported TM's are very quiet. Once I got the level up high enough they sounded very similar. Not exactly same, but close enough.
  90. ScotHessler

    Terminal Block For Fast PUP Swaps?

    It will be fine,
  91. ScotHessler

    What were your first amp modelers?

    1st was a GSP 21 Legend, then in no particular order; GR-20 Pod XT live Pod HD500 RP1000 GT10 GP10 Axe FXII Axe FXII XL+ Axe FXIII
  92. ScotHessler

    GM unveils a radically new Corvette

    You can pick up a fair amount room by doing some seat foam surgery. It all depends on what model, but I went from pretty snug with my thighs nearly touching the steering wheel to comfortable by carving up some foam. I'm 6'0" and this was in an NA. You can pick up even more with the right racing...
  93. ScotHessler

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    So for giggles I lined up the FC's against some previous rigs I hauled around. Crappy picture is crappy, and I couldn't get up high enough to eliminate the strong perspective. The ruler at the top of the pic is 4'.
  94. ScotHessler

    GM unveils a radically new Corvette

    I'll disagree here. The 124 is more pleasing to my eye. The 3/4 rear view of the ND is perhaps the most awful thing to ever happen in automotive design. Ok, that's exaggerating a bit, but it sure isn't pretty. I would rather have the Mazda drivetrain in the 124 though.
  95. ScotHessler

    GM unveils a radically new Corvette

    Maybe. At this point in time any real sporting car will have more capability than you'll ever need on the street. As blasphemous as it may be, I much prefer my Miata for track time. Sure the Corvette is faster, but the Miata is just more fun.
  96. ScotHessler

    GM unveils a radically new Corvette

    I'm really hoping the release of the C8 will allow me to rescue some poor lonely discounted C7 Grand Sport from the unwanted section of the dealer lot. If not, I can wait a while for all the bugs to get ironed out, the styling just doesn't make me want to be part of the Beta test group. Maybe...
  97. ScotHessler

    What amp, if did not have the Axe Fx III?

    I could get along just fine with my Recto Roadster, but if I were buying something new a Carol Ann would be very interesting.
  98. ScotHessler

    I'm surprised people don't share their saved Blocks more

    I would gladly share something I thought was interesting. I have created exactly nothing that I thought was interesting or novel...
  99. ScotHessler

    12 High Gain Amps, 1 Riff (In a Mix)

    Uber and SLO really didn't seem to fit. I would rate Skullcrusher or FAS modern as tops by a whisker.
  100. ScotHessler

    Audacity question

    The online manual has a couple suggestions; file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Audacity/help/manual/man/tutorial_vocal_removal_and_isolation.html I haven't tried any of them.
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