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  1. Deadpool_25

    SOLD The Coolest FM3 / FC6 setup

    :) FM3 and FC6. FM3 is an early version with no headphone jack (so, you know…it’s vintage…). Both come with white carbon look skins and screen protectors from Gear by Ceba. The FM3 also has white/black knobs by @Ismaele If you want clear Mooer Mushroom Toppers for the switches (not pictured) I...
  2. Deadpool_25

    Maintaining stereo separation?

    My FM9 signal chain runs through parallel amp blocks with each amp hard panned. The amp blocks are set to mute on bypass. The amp blocks converge into a single reverb block and then go to output 1. Output 1 feeds two real amps’ FX loops/cabs. When I mute an amp I still get the reverb through...
  3. Deadpool_25

    PSA: Using a dual switch with the FM9

    BLUF: You can plug a 2-button switch (like a Mosky Dual) into a pedal jack vis TRS or TS and in either case one switch will work, the other will not. (Edit: Also, both tap and hold functions work on the working switch.) We already know a single pedal jack can’t support two switches but I was...
  4. Deadpool_25

    What would you use an external switch for?

    I have an FM3 and FC6. I mounted them to a pedalboard along with two expression pedals and two footswitches (a Mosky Dual). I never did get around to doing anything with those external switches though. Currently I don’t plan on using any external switches for the FM9 setup but I’m not sure. If...
  5. Deadpool_25

    Dual Amp Factory Presets (Made a List)

    Is there a list of presets with dual amps? (There is now...See post 9 below) I know some are listed on the Wiki, but it definitely takes some digging and I’m not sure if every dual amp preset makes note of the fact (@yek?).
  6. Deadpool_25

    Deadpool’s FM9 Review

    Ok. Initial review: Holy ****. I’m in love. I wired up and fired up the pictured rig. I’m running an XLR to TS cable from Output 1 L to the 6L6’s FX return and Output 1 R to the Stealth’s FX return. The I disabled cabinet modeling and left power amp modeling on. I haven’t even connected it to...
  7. Deadpool_25

    FM9 + FC6

    I already have an FC6 that I was using with my FM3. I’m trying to figure out how I might use it with the FM9 when it arrives. 15 switches seems like more than I need. How would you use the FC6 with the FM9?
  8. Deadpool_25

    FM9 CPU Utilization Question

    Just curious how the CPU usage differs between the two units. This is my very general, probably-not-accurate understanding. FM3 (2 cores) Amp and Delays (including all delay types? MTD, Plex, Etc?) Everything else (including cab?) FM9 (4 cores) Amps Reverbs Delays (all types?) Everything...
  9. Deadpool_25

    FM3 to FM9 Preset Check Please?

    Would one of you that has an FM9 please check this preset on it? The preset is unrealistic in that it has no amp, no cab, no reverbs, and no delays. It's just to answer a question born out of curiosity; I'm wondering how much CPU the meter reads (it's 85% on the FM3).
  10. Deadpool_25

    For the Adam Jones Fans

    I’m especially excited for the FM9 to build an AJ preset using my real amps FX loops (I have one of each model of the EVH 50w heads) Here’s what I’m thinking: Pre effects: Volume (expression pedal) Delay Delay Flanger Chorus Wah (expression pedal) split the chain into three lines: Line 1...
  11. Deadpool_25

    Tone match as alternative to 2nd amp block?

    I’m not saying the FM3 should or shouldn’t get a tone matching capability. I’m just wondering if tone matches might be a viable alternative to having a 2nd amp block. Do you think it might be possible to download a tone matched sound and run it in parallel on the FM3 grid, in effect allowing...
  12. Deadpool_25

    Mounting your FM3 and/or FM6 to a pedalboard

    I’m posting this because I’ve seen lots of questions about how to mount the FM3 to pedalboards. There are a lot of good ideas such as using screws, etc. This is just the way I do it. I’ve found it to be easy, relatively cheap, and quite strong. It allows you to keep the end caps on and allows...
  13. Deadpool_25

    How many expression pedals/switches with FM3 + FC6?

    With the FM3 and FC6, you have 6 “pedal” inputs and 2 “switches” inputs. Can you use all of those at once? For example, 6 expression pedals and 2 dual switches? Can every jack be used for a dual switch? So could you get crazy and use 8 dual switches? I think you can do any of those. Just...
  14. Deadpool_25

    Closed Q-Tron Model

    I guess you can kinda build one with the filter block or the wah block, but it would be great to just have an envelope filter setting in the wah types. I’m trying to get my John Mayer on lol.
  15. Deadpool_25

    7cm with FM3?

    Is 7CM doable with two amps? It seems seems possible in terms of cabling. Can you keep the signal paths separate or will the preamp tones of both amps inevitably get mixed together? I also assume hum could be an issue. But I have a couple ways to combat that.
  16. Deadpool_25

    Fractal: The Next Generation?

    Sensei (Cliff). I'm not too proud to beg. Please consider building a floor-based modeler with full AxeFX power and functionality in a single form factor that is basically the size of the FM3+FC6. My heart gets all squishy just thinking about it. Respectfully, Deadpool_25 P.S. @Admin M@, go...
  17. Deadpool_25

    Input Output Presets?

    I’m guessing this has been asked before but I didn’t see anything on a super quick search. Is it possible to save i/o settings (or, generally, setup configurations) as presets or something? Sometimes my FM3 is on my desk going into my interface in stereo. Other times I want to run it with my...
  18. Deadpool_25

    Anyone running two FM3s?

    I love my FM3. The only thing I really wish for is that it could run two amps. Lately I've been kinda toying with the idea of getting another FM3 just for this purpose. Seems that would be very simple to setup in FM3 Edit. I guess it's a bit crazy, but that's never stopped me from...
  19. Deadpool_25

    Can you copy and paste a block from the FM3 front panel?

    I know you can easily from FM3 Edit. Just don't see it as an option on the front panel. I don't see it in the manual, though I didn't dig too deep.
  20. Deadpool_25

    Wish Three Track Looper

    Would love if the looper supported Three (or more) independent looper tracks Tracks synced (optionally unsynced) Tracks could be different lengths (multiples of the first track, I.E. .25x, .5x, 1x, 2x, etc.) Each track with independent Rec/Play and Stop controls, each able to be assigned to an...
  21. Deadpool_25

    SOLVED: FM3 as interface?

    Figured it out. See post #7. So I'm wanting to (occasionally) use the FM3 as an interface with my NDSP plugins. How do I set that up? I can see the signal getting into the plugin, but the sound isn't getting from the plugin back through the FM3 and into the monitors. FM3 is connected to the...
  22. Deadpool_25

    Artist Presets Packs: If I Could Just Have One

    Yeah, I know polls are stupid, but they can be fun at the same time, so... The Rules: 1. Vote up any artists you'd like to see preset packs for (you can vote for as many as you want) 2. Mention ONE known Fractal artist (Fractal Artist Page is a good start) 3. Quote another person's suggestion...
  23. Deadpool_25

    Closed Performance Screen Views and Global Assignments

    I know the performance screen is planned for the FM3 eventually. I’d like to add a wish that it had more pages (maybe 4 or 5?). Also that you could, optionally, have those controls assigned globally so they would work across all presets.
  24. Deadpool_25

    Simple Mode would be nice

    Note: this post is specifically about editing from the front panel—not talking about the editor. This has probably been brought up but... I was talking with a friend who just got an FM3. He is very experienced with modelers but this is his first Fractal. He said it sounds and feels great. He...
  25. Deadpool_25

    Closed Another amp block

    I can't remember why it doesn't allow two now, so maybe it's not even possible. The amp block doesn't use up much CPU so....maybe? Yes? No?
  26. Deadpool_25

    Deadpool’s FM3 Review

    I will try to post a couple of updates over the next week or two. 14 Apr 2020, Day 1 UPS dropped off the FM3 and FC6 around 1:00. Interestingly, and a bit annoyingly, the EV-2 wasn’t delivered even though Fractal shipped all three units the same day. Apparently a couple more days til that...
  27. Deadpool_25

    End Caps: On or Off?

    So what are those end caps for? With an FC6 does it make sense to remove the end caps for a cleaner setup?
  28. Deadpool_25

    FM3 through real amp and cab

    So I’m only planning on using the FM3 with my real amp(s). Depending on the amp I would probably use 4CM but may just go straight into the FX loop. I’d think that could simplify tweaking a lot—no power section or cab block tweaks. Anyone used their FM3 as a preamp and effects into a real amp...
  29. Deadpool_25

    Anyone use the No-headphone-jack FM3 with headphones yet?

    Any need to know stuff? Did you need a headphone amp?
  30. Deadpool_25

    FM3 Tone Challenge #1: Adam Jones

    I believe Adam’s signal chain is basically MXR micro amp, volume, DD-3, Boss Flanger, EQ, wah, amp(s). He runs everything into the front. Nothing in the loops. Adam Jones uses up to three amps at once, a VH4 and a Super Bass are omnipresent. The third amp is typically another VH4 or a Dual...
  31. Deadpool_25

    Just read a post about AX8 II...real? [answer: no]

    “AX8 II Single (1) Keystone DSP at 1GHz 2 GB PC1600 DDR3 Memory Same available blocks as AX8 but ability to run more blocks at once (two amps, multiple high res effects, etc.) and a larger grid layout Headphone out USB audio interface Same number of I/O as AX8 Same or similar front panel...
  32. Deadpool_25

    What type of FX8 rig are you running?

    Just curious what kind of rigs most of you FX8 users are running in the stereo/mono sense and in the context of using one or more actual amplifiers. Feel free to comment why you use the setup you do.
  33. Deadpool_25

    Boosting Mids: I do not think that means what he thinks it means

    A post on another forum got me looking a little into how amp tone stacks work. From what this article says (seems legit, but I don't know for sure), amp tone controls in a Bassman-style circuit (which apparently is quite common) don't necessarily work all that intuitively. - Treble actually...
  34. Deadpool_25

    Is Tosin Abasi using an AX8 in this video?

    D'Addario posted an NYXL ad featuring Tosin playing his signature guitar through a Dual Rec (multi- watt maybe?) and it looks to me like he's playing through his looper and through an AX8. If it's the AX8, I'm curious if he's going to FX loop or is using the clean channel of the Mesa and is...
  35. Deadpool_25

    Maybe this forum could be "Fractal Product Reviews"?

    Seems like this forum is only for reviews of the Axe FX. There is no corresponding area to post reviews for the AX8 or FX8. Might be cool to have either a single place for reviews or a Review Section with sub forums for each product. Just a thought. :)
  36. Deadpool_25

    Wish Amp-based Drive Blocks

    Wouldn't need to be all the Axe FX amps, but maybe a few that represent a variety of tones would be nice. I'd love: 5150 Block HBE Plexi Vibroverb Maybe VH4 Blue and VH4 Red....
  37. Deadpool_25

    Cool Time With Plini, David Maxim Micic, and Nick Johnston

    A while ago I bought a ticket to the concert and noticed they were doing master class sessions at each venue. I'm still barely an early intermediate player, but I signed up figuring I could sit quietly in a corner and just soak it in. So I get there and it turns out I'm the only one who signed...
  38. Deadpool_25

    Okay who's using the FX8 with a Katana?

    Browsing around, I saw the Katana all over "what amp" threads. I hadn't even bothered to look and then someone said there was a 500(!) page thread on TGP about them. At that point curiosity got the better of me and I checked out a few YouTube videos. Seems pretty impressive overall and that's...
  39. Deadpool_25

    Can you override global volume pedal in a preset?

    If I connect one of my EV-2s to Pedal 1 and set that be a global Volume pedal, can I override that by setting pedal 1 to be something else (expression) in a given preset?
  40. Deadpool_25

    Wish L/R ground isolation for stereo rigs

    If possible, would love to have L/R ground-isolated outputs to eliminate ground loops when using 4CM. Perhaps switchable if there are any drawbacks to such isolation when a ground loop doesn't exist in the first place.
  41. Deadpool_25

    How many expression pedals are you using?

    I'm in the process of building a new pedal board around my FX8. I am going back and forth between using 2 or 3 EV-2s. Was thinking I'd use one as a passive volume pedal and then have 2 for wah/expression, but 3 pedals kinda feels like overkill. Thoughts?
  42. Deadpool_25

    Anyone tried 2 drive blocks in parallel?

    i was watching videos on the Strymon Sunset and the Chase Bliss Brother. Both are two-sided drives and you can run either side firs or you can run them parallel. Kinda funny because the reviewers mentioned how interesting that was. It kind of is to me as well because I hadn't considered in the...
  43. Deadpool_25

    Running drives in parallel

    Watching Strymon Sunset videos has me thinking about this. Anyone try/use that method?
  44. Deadpool_25

    Custom Cab for Invective

    So I ordered a Peavey Invective to pair with my FX8. Actually it'll run stereo with my Mesa TC-50. But there was a problem. I use the TC-50 with a vertical 2x12 and love it that way. I was going to put the Invective on my horizontal 2x12 but decided I wouldn't like the look of the Mesa and...
  45. Deadpool_25

    Bypassing a Strymon pedal via its EXP jack

    Diesnt really work. The EXP jack on a Strymon can do a few things but bypassing the pedal isn't one of them. Kinda sucks because I have a crush on the El Cap and the Dig and would like to use both, but they aren't MIDI capable. Of course, I could add a mini effects gizmo or similar but would...
  46. Deadpool_25

    FX8 in stereo amp setup question

    Assume you have an FX8 running pre only to two amps. Let's say you put an OD and then Phaser on the grid. How do you have the OD only affect one amp, and the phaser affect both amps? I feel like this *should* be super simple but my rig isn't hooked up and I'm in the planning/rebuilding stages.
  47. Deadpool_25

    Why is the Invective Cab Stereo Capable?

    The Invective 212 cab has a V30 and a Creamback G12H-75. Both are 8 ohms. The cab is cabaple of 16ohm mono operation, or 8ohm stereo Operation. The head has 2 1/4 outs, capable of 16/8/4 ohm modes. My question is why did them make the cabinet capable of stereo? What's the point? I can't see...
  48. Deadpool_25

    AX8 vs FX8 in a tube amp rig. Pros and Cons? (Answered)

    Hi Fractal Fam, I'm in the process of planning/building an FX8-based pedal board with a few additional pedals. See the discussion here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fx8-pedalboard-build-thoughts.129196/ (I had ben considering a AX8+FX8 board but decided against that right now) I've...
  49. Deadpool_25

    FX8 pedalboard build. Thoughts?

    Since I'm back to using tube amps, I decided (for now) to do the FX8 with some other pedals. The FX8 will handle all pre FX and maybe a few post. The additional pedals (with the exception of the Drop) will all come post amp (and post FX8) and are are: - Drop - Timeline - BigSky - Hamstead...
  50. Deadpool_25

    Is anyone else excited about the EV-2?

    Because it's on the site now.. (Waitlist)
  51. Deadpool_25

    Wish Can you create a drive block based on an Axe FX amp?

    If it's possible, create a few drive blocks out of select amp blocks (preamp only of course) that exist already in the Axe FX. For example, create a PVH 6505 Drive, maybe a Recto Drive. I'm not asking for a ton of them, but maybe a few drive tones that aren't well represented by existing drive...
  52. Deadpool_25

    Do you supplement with external pedals?

    So it seems like the FX8 can do about anything. If you supplement, what do you use and why? I'm somewhat considering some kind of octave pedal (Sub n Up, POG, etc) because that seems to be a relatively weak point in the unit. Next, I'm thinking maybe a Big Sky. Not because I think it can...
  53. Deadpool_25

    5150/6505 Drive? Strymon stuff?

    Anyone know if theres a drive in the FX8 that can approximate the 5150/6505 higher gain tone? Edit: Instead of making a new thread I'm editing this one to add... Also, I see people asking for Big Sky and Timeline sounds. With all the options, I'd think the FX8 (and other Fractal gear) could...
  54. Deadpool_25

    Humbuster cables. Quick question

    can you just put a TS adapter plug on a TRS cable? I ordered 2 already and will order 2 more but for a quick fix until they arrive?
  55. Deadpool_25

    7CM for stereo?

    Anyone running 4CM to two separate amps (7CM) to run in stereo? Seems so obvious but...
  56. Deadpool_25

    Wish External Loops

    I'm guessing this has been mentioned but a quick scroll through 7 pages didn't show anything, so... L6 has these on its flagship modeler and I'd LOVE to see about 4 of them on whatever the next iteration of the FX8 (and other Fractal products) is. If you could hook up a few of your favorite...
  57. Deadpool_25

    Internal Wet/Dry Using the Grid?

    One benefit of wet/dry is being able to use very wet effects while still retaining the clarity of a dry path, right? Can't you basically do that with a single amp and cab (sim or real using 4CM) using the Axe's grid? Just separate dry and wet paths to the output, correct?
  58. Deadpool_25

    W/D/W rig with Mesa TC-50, AFX2XL+, Matrix?

    So the TC-50 has a 1/4" line out. Would it be possible to run the TC-50's line out to the AFX then the Matrix and cabs? That would give me the stereo portion of the setup. This make any sense? Edit: forgot to say I'm using a pair of Mesa 2x12 cabs and may add a third to do this.
  59. Deadpool_25

    NAD: Mesa Mark Five:25

    After watching a couple of YouTube videos repeatedly, I was having some serious GAS for a Mesa Mark Five:25. I was lusting after something ultra versatile, great sounding, and fairly simple. As much as I love the Axe FX, there's something more visceral feeling to me about a tube amp. There...
  60. Deadpool_25

    Help me deal with this GAS problem: MK V:25

    I've been watching the Timmons Demo and the Petrucci Proto Demo too much so I'm kinda GASing for a Mesa Mark V:25. Do we basically have models of the 25's modes since they are kind of from other Meaa amps? Clean: USA Pre Clean (?) Fat: Texas Star Clean (?) Crunch: (?) JP IIC+: USA IIC+ (duh)...
  61. Deadpool_25

    Tips for running stereo cabs?

    Hi, I just picked up a second Recto 2x12 cab. I'll be powering them with a GT1000FX. I think the wiring should be simple and I know I can pan effects left and right (though I haven't done it yet), but if I run a dual amp preset how will I get one amp left and the other right? Any other tips...
  62. Deadpool_25

    Props to the sound guys at The Marquee Theater, AZ

    I saw Killswitch Engage last weekend. Not only did they sound great, so did the opening bands. Toothgrinder opened. They used at least one Axe FX and sounded quite good, though I though leads could've used a bit of a volume boost. 36 Crazyfists was next and they sounded very good too. Memphis...
  63. Deadpool_25

    EVH Wolfgang Special thoughts?

    I gotta do something about this GAS! I almost bought a Mesa Mark V:25 off a friend but then realized...I have a freaking AXE FX! Lol. So I'm thinking it's new guitar time. I have a couple Les Pauls and a few Strats. I have an Ibanez S570 and an RG7421. I'm thinking I'd like a rock/metal...
  64. Deadpool_25

    Custom Strat Neck Advice Needed

    I put together a Strat from parts a while ago. The body came from MJT and is 1-piece alder, tobacco burst with light wear. I got the neck from Musikraft. It's quite narrow at 1-5/8" and is thin C. It's a sweet neck but too small for me. I want to build this into a superstrat, maybe HSS, but...
  65. Deadpool_25

    Phoenix/Arizona Fractal Shows

    I love live music and especially so when it's someone playing through a Fractal unit. If you're playing live in Phoenix and use a Fractal unit, or if you know of an upcoming show, post it up! Maybe just post any show that's guitar-driven? Idk. I'll start: Show: Scale the Summit, Intronaut...
  66. Deadpool_25

    Amp Block Speaker Settings for Real Cabs

    I'm using a Mesa 2x12 Rectifier Cabinet and I love it. After reading some threads about the speaker settings in the amp block, I'd really like to try the actual parameters from my cab, at least as an "accurate" starting point (maybe I'd love it even more than I already do). I'd assume that...
  67. Deadpool_25

    Wish: Noob Tab

    I suppose this is a bit frivolous (and likely has been brought up and shot down before?) but... I'd like to have a tab that displays the controls as laid out on the real amp the sim is based on. For example, I understand that a sim for an amp that doesn't have a MV will have the sim's MV set...
  68. Deadpool_25

    The final setup: Fractal, Matrix, Mesa

    Getting the Matrix amp to go along with my II XL+ was a no-brainer. I'm exceptionally happy with it. I went back and forth a bit between using a more traditional cab, an FRFR solution, or some Matrix NL12s. I started out with a pair of Yamaha HS7s. They sound great but lack that amp in the...
  69. Deadpool_25

    Axe + Power amp + cabs + laptop + FRFR...

    Gear List: Axe FX 2 XL+ Matrix GT1000FX Matrix NL12 cabs (2) Yamaha HS7 powered FRFR speakers (2) MacBook Air What I want to do is play: - Guitar in stereo through the NL12s - Backing tracks/music in stereo through the HS7s It seems like I should be able to run the Backing tracks from the...
  70. Deadpool_25

    Recommendations like Cloudkicker?

    Been listening to Cloudkicker again lately. I like almost all of his material, but especially the heavier, riff/rhythm based stuff. I'm looking for more like that, that has less prominent lead guitar going on. Don't get me wrong. I love the lead stuff too and listen to a lot of Scale the Summit...
  71. Deadpool_25

    Who's playing through Mesa cabs?

    Anyone playing through a Mesa cab? Especially at home or in a small (not mic'd) situation? Especially wondering how a 1x12 recto cab would be. Maybe even a pair to go stereo using a Matrix GT1000FX or similar.
  72. Deadpool_25

    Getting the amp/cab itch. Matrix?

    I've been thinking about getting an amp and cab and looking at the GT1000FX and (2)NL12 combo on Matrix's website. Seems like folks have had some good results? I like everything from jazz to metal so versatility is important. Only play at home but like to crank it up a bit sometimes. I have...
  73. Deadpool_25

    What TRS cables?

    I'm looking for some cables to connect my chrome Mission EP-1s (2) to my MFC-101 III. I want 90° on both ends, quality construction, and clean looks. Any suggestions?
  74. Deadpool_25

    Axe FX II. Not just for Pros.

    TL; DR: Axe FX is awesome for pros and it's good for even lower intermediate players too. Let's just get this out of the way. I pretty much suck at guitar. I can noodle through a few scales. I can play a few chords. I went to a guitar teacher a couple years ago and he asked me to play a few...
  75. Deadpool_25

    Hello. Just pulled the trigger.

    I went ahead and ordered my AFX 2 XL+. I'm very excited. I also got on the waitlist for the MFC and EV-1. I am just an at home player, admittedly just in the learning stages (which I know lasts forever but you know what I mean--I'm intermediate at best). I have been into audio and...
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