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  1. pdup

    Joe Walch

    There has been so many videos from Daryl's Home - actually from Tod Rundgreens mansion. The one with Joe Walch stands out in my opinion.
  2. pdup

    Just love her..

  3. pdup


    Last november I broke my knee-cap and had to be inside my appartment for two months unable to do really nothing. But had my guitar and the Axe. And sat on a chair infront pressing the MFC with my fingers. Worked fine. This Christmas everything is perfect. Up and running, stomping, carrying...
  4. pdup

    Nuf Said

    Check the Hall Home vid's. Great stuff from my POV.
  5. pdup

    Just gassing for a Tyler

  6. pdup

    I just lost my Axe

    I'm just the ordinary Joe, turning everything on and quietly grabbing my guitar and pouring all the finest tones from my deliscious monitors way back in a room that's apart from our bedroom. But than the shit hit the fan/preset-24/the-eruption-full-shred-goes-beyond-eleven-six-double-stack...
  7. pdup

    Your favourite "out-of-the-box" preset.

    83 Squire Strat with SD Surf PU's. Having raged through lots of downloaded presets I still can't leave the "Prometheus". And with FW 13 it just floats and give that tactile feel playing that can get me up a whole night. I know that musical taste - and especially a hang to "airy" sounds is...
  8. pdup

    Now hear this

    Andee Effinger. Courtroom Drama | Sheer Velocity
  9. pdup

    Speaker cable for DIY.

    I make all my own cables on the table with the soldering iron. Also Speakercon's from the Matrix GT1000 to various passive boxes. Just want to know if there are other fellows that have any experience with the "best" cable. From my POV the cable used in most "road-ready" cables are just your...
  10. pdup

    Scandinavian Axe Vikings

    Well, just wanted to know how many Scandinavians who love, treaure and abandon sex with their wifes being up late untill morning tweaking the perfect tone, dialing-in the Axe and stomping some pedals - are members in here... I'm Peter from Copenhagen, a former Fender Blackface Twin/Super...
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