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  1. Severed

    The Zoo

    One of my favorite scorp songs and solos to cover.
  2. Severed

    New Satriani and Vai stuff out this month!

    Joe's Sahara is pretty groovy man
  3. Severed

    I made a response to Rhett Shull's video

    Well his video worked, as here y'all are debating its merit lol....
  4. Severed

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.00 Beta 3

    Like I said in beta 1 thread, wish you were on the FM3 team lol... never ceases to amaze me how quickly you get it done Cliff.
  5. Severed

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.00 Beta 1

    I wish Cliff was working on FM3 :p
  6. Severed

    Help with a CLR repair

    I had bought 2 CLR's in 2013, a year later one of the power amp modules started emitting a high pitch squeal. Initial email responded to within an hour, RMA and sent the module in for repair. Same deal months went by, I inquired to crickets. Only after making a complaint post did I get a...
  7. Severed

    New! CronoEcho Delays for FM3

    This is great, thank you 😊
  8. Severed

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    Look at the release notes for the current FM9 beta, it's most likely all of that, but no one except beta testers know for sure.
  9. Severed

    Anxiously awaiting FM3 firmware 5.0 beta

    The problem with this approach (imho) is that the FM3 is not the FM9 and we have a small army of personalities who seem to have unlimited time, willing to help beta test to help out.
  10. Severed

    Boss SY-1000 Impressions/Thoughts?

  11. Severed

    FM9 Firmware Version 2.0 public beta

    Lots of thanks, anyone got some usage feedback yet?
  12. Severed

    FW Updates for the FM9?

    Yea I saw that email title and headed here... should have read it first lol.
  13. Severed

    FW Updates for the FM9?

    The ignore function works, although it gets silly when you see a thread with 50 posts and 40 of them are from ignored members lol.
  14. Severed

    AXE-FX IV - WISH List

    Android Axe Edit app for chrome books.
  15. Severed

    Sold my Fractal FM3

    Thus is covered in the EULA 3) IMPULSE RESPONSE EXPORT FOR COMMERCIAL USE Offering for sale any Impulse Response data (e.g. “Tone Match Export/Save/Dump”, “User Cab Export/Save/Dump”) created, converted or modified using Fractal Audio Systems hardware and/or software requires a commercial use...
  16. Severed

    Sold my Fractal FM3

    Some people need to relax.....
  17. Severed

    Any Cyber Monday suggestions?

    If you're just starting out, seems all the sales are entry level and used/trade in overstock that I could find. Worse than that though is sales seem to be the same price as last years full retail. Glad I'm only ever needing strings, picks, and batteries anymore.
  18. Severed

    X8 4CM

    I got rid of a JVM210h because of this problem. I was trying 4CM with an Axe-Fx II mK II, nothing solved the noise. Worked fine in all other applications, just not 4CM in either loop with that amp. Funny thing is, I grabbed a 2014 DSL100H and had no issues. Sold that a couple years later and...
  19. Severed

    Ever give up playing?

    I go through phases. I've come to the conclusion that for my personal satisfaction, moderation is key, and abstaining for periods of time "resets" my interest and motivation.
  20. Severed

    Ask your doc about your testosterone levels!

    I got tested 2 years ago for something else but it included a T level test once a month over 3 months. At 45 years old, I tested with levels of a 20 year old, consistently. I Attribute that to living a clean, healthy lifestyle with routine and schedule, no stress, no drama, daily exerting...
  21. Severed

    Nita Strauss and Fractal

    Seen her with Alice Cooper in 2018 at the Jubilee here in Calgary, was a muddy mess couldn't hear anything unfortunately, whomever was mixing the room blew it. My date enjoyed her solo though, she's definitely got the poses down :cool: This was in my feed recently, She has a little solo at...
  22. Severed

    Help on setting up and maintaining floyd rose guitar?

    Why look elsewhere? FloydRose has a website with all the info you need it's like asking about the Axe-FX and everyone telling you to look at the gear page etc lol
  23. Severed

    Help on setting up and maintaining floyd rose guitar?

    or... you could just go to Floyd Rose site. It's all there. https://floydrose.com/blogs/tech-talk
  24. Severed

    The music that got you going

    I got my 1st electric guitar for my 13th birthday in oct of '87. Here's a couple. Man I forgot about the whitesnake...
  25. Severed

    Updated: Now I am getting the Magic of FullRez IRs... Holy Cow, they are thrilling!

    The grass is greener effect. Every time Cliff innovates. Every time. Just wait till 18 comes and no one will even be talking about fullres anymore.
  26. Severed

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    I'm really hoping for an FM3 mkII Turbo, equal to the FM9 in total CPU, full res support, and 1.25Ghz processors! I mean I can dream right lol?
  27. Severed

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    It's like no one actually reads what Cliff says lol...
  28. Severed

    Poll: MK1 owners, 1024 User 2 cab slots or 32 FullRes cab slots?

    It's like your parent telling you, no desert because your full, but instead of listening you create poll to see what other kids think, assuming this will somehow make room for said desert. It's been stated several times from Cliff himself, the MK1 will not be getting a fullres bank. However...
  29. Severed

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs Redux

    I wonder if Cliff is amused or annoyed.
  30. Severed

    Fractal 4cm Club

    Oh I see, (I should have read the previous few posts lol...) in that case you might have success splitting In/Out 2 with panning, using Left for the 4CM and Right for your loop. Will probably require some "thoughtful" creating using Rows, Mixer Block and Scene Controllers if you want to use it...
  31. Severed

    Fractal 4cm Club

    you don't need an extra dedicated fx loop, just patch it in the input line. just put it in-between the out to your amp input from the Fm3. Guitar ---> FM3 In1 ---> out2 ---> Greer LS ---> amplifier input or if you want to process the Greer signal go into it from your guitar before the FM3...
  32. Severed

    Health Update

    sending positive energy your way! hope and wishes to a speedy recovery!
  33. Severed

    Let the price gouging begin….

    Sorry if a little off topic but... If you don't shop at Costco, you should. I went through what you are 6 years ago. Took a bit but I learned. I spend about $60 a week, and eat (IMHO) like a king. Takes exactly 20 mins freshly prepared daily. 20 min for meat on grill and 6-7 min steamed...
  34. Severed

    Can someone help explain this to me? Losing my mind again here.

    Here's a test. Take the playing / fingers / techniques out if the equation. Tune an open tuning, Strum an open chord and compare. If it's not sounding the same it's the guitar. That could be pickups, strings wood, hardware, etc.
  35. Severed

    Let the price gouging begin….

    I don't like it either, but my opinion plays no role on what's legal, and sadly, most people are greedy. Welcome to earth.
  36. Severed

    Poll: MK1 owners, 1024 User 2 cab slots or 32 FullRes cab slots?

    Cliff already replied on this. $2199.00 is the only way to get you there.
  37. Severed

    Let the price gouging begin….

    Its called scalping, The hype is real, and there's a ton of these types that don't even play, just get on wait lists and flip for profit. Like buying 8 concert tickets that are good seats for $100 each and reselling for $400 each Been going on a long time and it's only becoming more of a...
  38. Severed

    Metallica uses Axe Fx

    why is it so hard to simply talk about "are they using amps or Axe FX" ? no one cares what you think about Kirk or Lars when the topic is about what they are currently using for amps.
  39. Severed

    String Choice: Ernie Ball or D'addario?

    I was attracted to Dean Markley "Blue Steels" in the 90's mostly cause packaging and marketing. They are just average strings, regular breakage and not great at retaining tuning. I didn't know, and didn't care so I used them for nearly 20 years. Then I discovered the coated elixirs, used them...
  40. Severed

    4CM major hiss issue - what am I doing wrong.

    that sounds like a contact support question as that Hiss is not normal.
  41. Severed

    Metallica uses Axe Fx

    notice how no matter the topic, even Axe-FX and THE GUITAR PLAYERS....., if it's metallica there's always some disgruntled Lars fan who just has to chime in....... lol
  42. Severed


    Too bad it sounds like this isn't something where it's just compatible and one could just put in the IR and have it occupy 32 slots along side normal / Ultra rez IRs without a dedicated "bank"
  43. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.01

    This was added/changed in 4.0 GUIDE TO FM3 OUTPUT 2 UNITY GAIN & LINE LEVEL OPERATION Output 2 of the FM3 is now able to provide your choice of either unity gain or line level output. The following short guide will help you to make the required settings for either use case. UNITY GAIN To use...
  44. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.01

    Pretty sure his point was that on earlier FW it was not distorting, and then on 4.01 it was, so he changed the output to solve it and was just sharing that, stating he's "not sure the reason for this" meaning the reason for the change in the FW, not what causes distortion in general bud. edited...
  45. Severed

    Quality XLR to TS cable recommendations?

    I cheaped out and bought three 25 foot Hosa cables off Amazon (GTR225) for $20 each last summer when I got my FM3, my thought process was I could simply return them if they didn't work out. Reviews seemed good. I'm also using an 2018 EVH 5150iii 6L6 50 watt in 4CM. Used them for a couple...
  46. Severed

    Fatigue with the "I am hitting the CPU limits" on the FM3 talk???

    You all do know that, while yea, there is a slight gap when switching presets, this does not mean one cannot switch presets fluidly while performing, and must only use scenes and stay in a single preset right?
  47. Severed

    Where is the Quad Cortex???

    For me it's almost like they took the approach of a current day video game release. Take your pre-order money to get it release ready with initial content, hope you sell enough to fund the end game development, while having early adopters live beta test for you. Only thing missing is the...
  48. Severed

    4CM with Tube Amp, Is +4 db safe?

    I use +4 with an EVH 5150III 50 watt in 4CM have always considered amp loops to be in the pro audio category, but I may be wrong /shrug
  49. Severed

    Different Scene/Preset from the looper?

    Put the looper Block last before out Block.
  50. Severed

    What am I doing wrong?

    Using a laptop? Usb Webcam? Headset with mic? Sounds like a laptop mic feedback
  51. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    There is always a next version internal beta. This is Fractal.
  52. Severed

    One thing is still missing with the FM 3 and can not be provided by any firmware update

    Never ceases to amaze the customization many go through to achieve their goals. Hope it works out the way you want it.
  53. Severed

    Dusty Hill, R.I.P

    The last couple years have been brutal for legendary musicians meeting the reaper. I think my biggest disappointment is that no one current is filling those shoes either. RIP
  54. Severed

    How to know the percentage of the Output Levels on front?

    I don't need, I definitely would like.
  55. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    Here is Nasty at it's finest, and this is but one tiny example of what creation is about.
  56. Severed

    How to know the percentage of the Output Levels on front?

    I do this on my FM3 as well. Running 4CM I have the levels set exactly and I want that exactly when I move from rehearsal room to stage, or every rehearsal after using the FM3 at home with modeling for silent practice. I really love this ability, but Yes it's a couple button presses and would...
  57. Severed

    How does everyone learn new songs?

    First thing I do is goto YouTube to find a video of the band that wrote the song performing it live. Then I watch how they do it. Then I learn it that way. Been doing it this way for at least a decade. It's funny too cause then you see someone giving a lesson video, it's all wrong and way...
  58. Severed

    If you’re looking for work as a guitar player…

    I'd totally get hired lol..
  59. Severed

    New Iron Maiden: The Writing on the Wall

    Glad to see they are still doing it, personally didn't like the song, however there's an album also so here's hoping for something that gets my head banging.
  60. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

  61. Severed

    Taylor Academy 10e

    The whole reason Taylor did this line was to get new players a very affordable and very playable acoustic to start out on, and so that local shops would stock them. Pretty high chance your local store will have a few. That's said, I tried a few when they first came out, comparing to 400, 600...
  62. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    It's ok, you'll learn. When it comes to being creative and/or original, being open minded is a great place to start, and realizing there is a place where nasty fits very well.
  63. Severed

    Leave it on all day?

    Another thing to keep in mind, most of these cautionary practices are from the 1950's electronics...
  64. Severed

    Leave it on all day?

    Since this got resurrected I'll post my pic again when I updated to 4 beta...
  65. Severed

    How many of you are running stereo to FOH?

    If the venue has the ability, it's always better to go stereo imho.
  66. Severed

    FM3 Factory Presets version 4.0 "Cygnus"

    There are those that say this with every update. No big deal. The great thing about FAS's "way" is that you can make a backup and always have the option of using that version. With that said, what many end up doing is staying with an older version as they gig or record, while as time permits...
  67. Severed

    FM3 Scene Switching Lag

    The point was simply the argument that the audience are basically sheep doesn't fly anymore. And that's right, if I paid money to see a performance, and you're a hack and can't switch in time, it's gonna show, the gear isn't going to save you, and it's not enjoyable. I'm not talking about...
  68. Severed

    FM3 Scene Switching Lag

    Hate to be the devils advocate, but "the audience doesn't care" argument is a fallacy. In this day and age, I'm in the audience as is a great number of other musicians and I care. If I'm seeing a band and the guitar dial in is not great, I'm not enjoying it period. If you miss changes timing...
  69. Severed

    Cab Lab Lite with FM3

    I thought cab lab isn't compatible with FM3? Been a while so not 100%, I still use it with my Axe-Fx II.
  70. Severed

    True Story

    Earplugs are mandatory when playing in a room with an acoustic drum kit for me. I got heckled and razzed for it my entire life, but at 46, my last hearing test was a perfect score.
  71. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    been using windows since MS-DOS days lol... I've used FAS software on XP, 7, 8, 10, never an issue. Except for my win 7 laptop, I've built every PC myself to ensure hardware compatibility through component upgrades. Fixing friends PC's over the years, always the same thing. They installed...
  72. Severed

    Would you like an FM3 edit mobile app?

    Then why are you even commenting in this thread? Uhmm yea, android apps and chrome books. Welcome to 2019 "dude." For $200 I can get a 15" FHD touchscreen with a flip keyboard, the latest Bluetooth protocol, the latest wifi protocol, and run any any Android app, ..... which is what this topic...
  73. Severed

    Would you like an FM3 edit mobile app?

    yes, on the device itself.... If you kneel down on the floor and then you are not in the position you are playing so you no longer hear it the same, also much easier to have something at standing height so can quickly adjust while holding a note. another option is to play a loop and walk the...
  74. Severed

    True Story

    Depends on the genre though, which no one ever really addresses in these discussions. Pop rock is all about the beat and the vocal. 8 string drop Z metal is not. Sorry about my "genre terms" I'm old and no longer care to keep up.
  75. Severed

    Would you like an FM3 edit mobile app?

    Would definitely be nice to get edit on a chromebook, made by FAS.
  76. Severed

    NAMM 2022?

  77. Severed

    True Story

    My solution to this is turn myself down. Point my monitoring choice at my head, and worry only about me. Tell him if he wants to hear you he will need to turn down.
  78. Severed

    Help convince me not to sell my FM3!

    Probably went to TGP 🤪
  79. Severed

    using fm3 for effects only

    I had a tc electronic g-major 2 prior to buying the Axe-Fx II in 2013. The above claim of it changing your life is 100% accurate. I grabbed an FM3 a year ago. It's even more refined now. Cheers
  80. Severed

    Wish Global Blocks

    Thank you thank you thank you 😊
  81. Severed

    FM3 Factory Presets version 4.0 "Cygnus"

    FYI, you can edit and re-save any of these, they are just presets.
  82. Severed

    FM3 Factory Presets version 4.0 "Cygnus"

    Even FAS needs to take days off, usually weekends
  83. Severed

    Wireless System from Guitar to FM3

    Line6 relay g50
  84. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    yea I just played around with it, it's wonky wonky
  85. Severed

    New FM3 user. I made a video!

    Dude, groovy very groovy :P
  86. Severed

    Quick firmware 4.00 Cygnus test with Limelight

    I don't think you can post sound files, but regardless, the current way everyone does this is to post it on SoundCloud or YouTube, then post the link.
  87. Severed

    Wish Global Blocks

    +99 any response would be welcome
  88. Severed

    FM3 Factory Presets version 4.0 "Cygnus"

    hes got scene #6 in the Brit 800 preset 010 as well, so maybe he did this whole preset?
  89. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    glad it's working for ya man :)
  90. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    In my past experience, just the FW.
  91. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    So far I've made it to preset 027, the 5153 comparing scene 4, Blue 50W to my 2018 5153 6L6 50 watt.... uhhm yea, thanks for doing the work for me. I don't need to tweak a thing in the amp block who did this preset? through a pair of original non-neo CLR active wedges at gig volumes.... holy...
  92. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    Always do a reinstall if it doesn't sound right, as in my experience it solves it, and with the Axe FX II, I had to do this on 3 FW's over the years, and one time I had to reinstall the FW 3 times. No idea why, but it happens rarely.
  93. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    Can you make this post a sticky please. I mean the 1st half. It will save a lot of BS in the future imho
  94. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 5

    Reload 3.02 and check yourself?
  95. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.02

    As 3.02 is probably going bye bye today, just thought I'd share this picture as some had questioned the reliability, mines been on for 2 months, I connected and disconnected USB to PC and Laptop daily, created over 100 presets, some were 4CM, some were with modeling. Not a single issue
  96. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 5

    the Corresponding FM3-Edit has been posted, just FYI https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fm3-edit-1-05-00-public-beta-1.173863/
  97. Severed

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 5

    One thing I've noticed on my FM3 journey so far, when Cliff is posting in the thread, it's safe to assume things have been fixed, and a RTC is next. Thanks for all you guys do!
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