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  1. MrGuitarabuse

    Lord Of The Rings movie into a 3 hour metal song

    Pure lunacy!
  2. MrGuitarabuse

    When in doubt.... Japanese ladies :D

    So much passion and energy here, + true love for music
  3. MrGuitarabuse

    R.I.P Sidney Poitier

    Great actor passed... R.I.P https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001627/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_0
  4. MrGuitarabuse

    Fractal sighting in Tokyo - Happy New Year (click-bait warning)

    Sorry for the click-bait. The singer at Gigabar Tokyo uploaded this photo to her Facebook. Its obvioulsy not this year due to THE EVENT. But perhaps a few years ago with me playing with the house band in a Fractal T-shirt (not using my AXE-FX though here). On the good side, I probably lost 15KG...
  5. MrGuitarabuse

    Old LPs

    Since running overseas business with traveling involved doesnt go all that well during these times I am back "home" in Sweden. Having a few boxes stored at my friends house I went through those the other day. Some cassette tapes and photos, but also a few cool LPs. interview LP with Van Halen...
  6. MrGuitarabuse

    BAND-MAID... ROCKS!!!!!!!

    These fantastic Japanese ladies rocks!!! And... live in L.A here (in case you dont think these ladies are real) :D (sadly this is the case sometimes)
  7. MrGuitarabuse

    That "elusive" 80s tone....

    Yes, yes, yes... beating a dead horse I assume... Anyway, with now two weeks ahead of me of at home writing reports and stuff I also get plenty of time for tweaking and playing. With recent upgrade regarding compressor and @guitarnerdswe delay blocks I thought I have started hunting down 80s...
  8. MrGuitarabuse

    Jersey Girl Guitars... Bloody Nora

    A luthier escaped overcrowded Tokyo and set up in Hokkaido. Some wicked wood skills here http://jerseygirlhg.com/composition/wlts/index.html?no=3
  9. MrGuitarabuse

    USB Audio interface and microphone advise

    Greetings Fellows, In the times of lockdown or semi lockdown and impossible international travels I am looking for an USB audio interface and microphone for my gf. Basically so we can work together on some tunes. Dont need the best high end stuff but something decent in the middle of quality...
  10. MrGuitarabuse

    R.I.P Martin Birch

    A legend past https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/aug/10/martin-birch-producer-for-iron-maiden-black-sabbath-and-more-dies-aged-71
  11. MrGuitarabuse

    One wonder kid is good. Two is better...

    As Yngwie says... More is more :D
  12. MrGuitarabuse

    Les Paul with bolt on neck, Yay or Ney

    Greetings people. Since I am located in the Far East and big lover of Japanese made guitars, I am seeing a lot of older Japanese Les Paul kind of guitars wiht bolt on necks. Are there any down sides or issuse with this, rather than the classic Gibson kind of made Les Paul. I wouldnt think it...
  13. MrGuitarabuse

    GOOD NEWS! NGD First Les Paul (ish)

    Greetings guys, Found a MIJ 1983 Greco John Sykes Model on www.digimart.net a great site for finding guitars in Japan. Communication can be a challenge of course, but since my gf is Japanese and living in Tokyo, I outsourced that stuff to her ;). So I havent seen it "in the flesh" yet, but got...
  14. MrGuitarabuse

    Mini documentary - The forgotten Sydney of AC/DC

    I really enjoyed this one, check it out
  15. MrGuitarabuse

    Bloody Nora, there are some great basement rockstars these days ;)

    Share your great finds please.
  16. MrGuitarabuse

    R.I.P Bill Rieflin

    Not much good news these days... https://www.msn.com/en-us/music/celebrity/bill-rieflin-drummer-for-king-crimson-ministry-rem-dies-at-59/ar-BB11EGKd?fbclid=IwAR3WdelyiI88iR69-f8v7H19OcDxzm1L2Q2JUca_lg8fZNAAv_jzYQ8npx8
  17. MrGuitarabuse

    R.I.P Terry Jones - Monty Phyton

    Thanks for the laughs. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/terry-jones-dead-monty-python-founder-british-comedy-icon-was-77-963478
  18. MrGuitarabuse

    Carroll Shelby - "The Lost Interview"

    Greetings petrol heads. Thought I share this, hope you enjoy it. A true legend for sure
  19. MrGuitarabuse

    Over the top stunning inlay fretboard work

    Well, at least the most impressive I have seen
  20. MrGuitarabuse

    “Bark at the moon” bed room rock star...

    My Ozzy favourite is our @bishop5150 of course who cover everything Ozzy. But this guy came into my Youtube flow, perhaps because I am playing this tune now all the time with Bishops fantastic preset. Great skills and fantastic chops on this guy and using Axe-Fx as well And.. and... wait...
  21. MrGuitarabuse

    1978 early Van Halen Live video clip

    Enjoy. 25mins of awesomeness extravaganza!
  22. MrGuitarabuse

    What is your "strangest" guitar?

    Saw this video on YouTube and I thought it would be fun to explore this community. I don't have any strange guitars all very normal stuff, but if I wanted a "strange" guitar this looks very cool and Art Deco styled. Buzz Feiten Bo Diddley Tribute...
  23. MrGuitarabuse

    6.0 Taiwan Earthquake caught on Cat Cam

    Yesterdays Earthquake in Taiwan caught on cat cam, and while they seems to wonder "what the heck is going on" there aren't any panicking the YouTube video title suggest. More like, "what is going on and who dare to disturb my sleep"
  24. MrGuitarabuse

    Boaz One - One Modular Guitar. 50 Combinations.

    Greetings Folks, What are you thoughts on this project/product? YAY or NEY? Will it catch on? When it comes to guitars I am kinda old fashioned, but I am all for new innovations and wish them good luck.
  25. MrGuitarabuse

    R.I.P Rutger Hauer

    Rest well you movie bad guy of all times https://variety.com/2019/film/news/rutger-hauer-dead-dies-blade-runner-co-star-1203278050/
  26. MrGuitarabuse

    WTB FC-6 Wanted (already got one)

    Long shot but what the heck.... As the dust settles and waitlists catching up, anyone got a FC-6 for sale willing to ship to Hong Kong? Edit: All sorted
  27. MrGuitarabuse

    National treasure Tim Pierce does it again

    I rest my case
  28. MrGuitarabuse

    [fixed] Axe Change wrong www on fractal site

    Greetings, Had some spare time at an airport today and wanted to check what new presets was uploaded to Axe Change. On www.fractalaudio.com its pointing to something goofy https://web.archive.orghttp//axechange.fractalaudio.com/ @Admin M@ maybe
  29. MrGuitarabuse

    Leaving guitar stuff unattended at my girlfriends place...

    and my guitar stand quickly turned into umbrella hanger. What "misuse" happened to your gear in similar situations I am curious? :D apart from the obvious cat relax place on top of your AXE-FX soft case :D
  30. MrGuitarabuse

    FC 12, yours for only 9,999

  31. MrGuitarabuse

    R.I.P Niki Lauda F1 legend

  32. MrGuitarabuse

    If you cant find your book here, you are in the....

    Perhaps old in the world of internet, but in China/Hong Kong lots of these signs that are massively funny (according to me anyway)
  33. MrGuitarabuse

    The World has amazing talents, and they are not always where you expect

    Every year or so, I am helping my good Swedish friend, owner and founder of a travel agency Kinalotsen with managing “return trips” for adopting parents to China. Perhaps like 10 + years ago the parents came here and adopted a child. Many families want to come back to visit the town and...
  34. MrGuitarabuse

    How Tim Pierce lost Tom Cruise

    As a professional business consultant and enterprise owner I can totally relate. I am the same. I do straight forward communication about what I do and my capabilities (and what I cant do or does not have time to do) Sometimes people ask me if they should take a contract or not. My advise is...
  35. MrGuitarabuse

    Taj Mahal & Keb' Mo' - Diving Duck Blues

    Was roaming around the Tube for cool rock/blues songs for a coming jam evening with some friends of mine. Found this one and just had to share it... Old guys rock!!
  36. MrGuitarabuse

    Yoyoka drummer - she is at it again, Queen cover

    Bloody hell
  37. MrGuitarabuse

    Road trip!! Me and my Axe-Fx III... and Happy Chinese New year

    Greetings all, As FAS for sure know and many of you others too that are dealing with business in and to and from China, its that time of the year. Chinese New year. Everything comes to a grinding halt. Oficially for 10 or so days. In reality... totally dead for a month. So... Did my final QCs...
  38. MrGuitarabuse

    DIY guitar from 1200 colored pencils

    Pretty cool
  39. MrGuitarabuse

    My new discovered love... Tim Pierce

    Cant believe how this guy just under my radar for zillions of years. Discovered him some time ago when he did a thing with Jay Graydon (massive old love there). Started to check him out and all his stuff is great and he also seems like a "share a pint" kind of guy This pod/video cast is old...
  40. MrGuitarabuse

    The 2018 (not so obvious) Christmas song thread

    Whats your favorite not too obvious Christmas song? One in my top five list would be Jona Lewie - Stop the cavalry HO HO HO
  41. MrGuitarabuse

    Paul Gilbert is god (as if we didn't know that already)

    Came across this on the interweb FANTASTIC I am an 80s rock guy, but at that time never "bonded" with PG, but these days, he is the best ever... EVER... did I say EVER.. kind of guy and teacher. Any of you guys signed up for his online classes? good? bad? feedback, thanks. I just want to...
  42. MrGuitarabuse

    R.I.P Roy Hargrove

    I have no words.. Saw him several times. My girlfriends friend was his liaison in Japan. Had chance of an after-party meet and greet few months ago but I didn't make it https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/03/obituaries/roy-hargrove-dead-jazz-trumpeter.html
  43. MrGuitarabuse

    Calling all Ibanez people, just replace or "upgrade"

    Greetings! I am having several Ibanez JEMs and they are all now 10+ years or more so I need change pots and switches to new ones as they have started to squeak and scratch when moved/turned. Should I just replace as per original parts or "upgrade" to different (better) switches and pots...
  44. MrGuitarabuse

    Thought I should take the old fatty a$$ cat for a walk...

    ... no such luck. More lazy (perhaps scared too) than Garfield he glued himself to his favorite sofa totally stuck
  45. MrGuitarabuse

    Recommend me a clip-on tuner

    Which one are you using (for electric) ? The good the bad? Thanks
  46. MrGuitarabuse

    Hollow Point intonation system for Floyd Rose - Any experience?

    Intonation on my Floyd Rose guitars is always a slight pain in the behind. Found this though that seems promising. Any users here with experience with this system? Working well on Ibanez JEM kind of guitars too? (website says it does, but who knows...) http://www.blackcherryusa.com/ Thanks!
  47. MrGuitarabuse

    Wish I started playing at a younger age...

    ... dang, I feel even older today after watching this
  48. MrGuitarabuse

    Calling youtube recorders

    Yes, yes, I know summer is coming and weather getting great, but for the love of all thats holy, please no videos in shorts... Thank you ;) :D :D
  49. MrGuitarabuse

    Recording gig, audio and video device suggestions

    Hello all Been thinking of getting a device to record gigs, both audio and video. Zoom Q8 got great reviews in terms of audio but not so great on the footage quality. Any suggestions from you good people here? Experience of the Q8 or other products? Thanks.
  50. MrGuitarabuse

    From bees to aliens - Interview with Steve Vai (some axe content)

    Fun read http://backstage-secrets.com/blog/from-bees-to-aliens-(part-i).html http://backstage-secrets.com/blog/from-bees-to-aliens-(part-ii).html http://backstage-secrets.com/blog/from-bees-to-aliens-(part-iii).html
  51. MrGuitarabuse

    Your favorite headphone amp solution?

    Good day or Good evening wherever you are, I am in the market for a headphone amp to use on travels to kill boring evenings in hotel rooms etc. Want something small and simple with a few options/effects. Other requirements Aux in for backing track playing Battery operated (USB or 9v power...
  52. MrGuitarabuse

    Larry Mitchell, the nicest guy

    Well, unfortunately I haven't had the pleasure to meet Larry, but always came across as a great guy here on the forum. But thought I would share this from Phillip McKnight´s channel and his weekly Q&A where Larry got mentioned as top nicest guy. And for you people that already met Larry, I am...
  53. MrGuitarabuse

    R.I.P Geoff Nicholls

    Well, apparently the Grim Reaper continues keeping way too busy... http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/geoff-nicholls-black-sabbath-keyboardist-dead-at-68-w463564 Even though not officially a member until later, but surely added magic to Black Sabbaths Heaven and hell and onwards Rest in Peace
  54. MrGuitarabuse

    Bakerman... This one is for you

    I have been part of this community for some time. Not really a huge poster but trying to learn and the stuff I have learnt I am trying to share when I have the chance. Over the years I have found the "elusive" Bakerman participating in various threads. And no matter the issue or problem the...
  55. MrGuitarabuse

    NSD (New Spoon Day)

    How you guys like my new coffee spoon? ;)
  56. MrGuitarabuse

    Any AX-ers in Stockholm??

    Gentlemen, Back in good ole hometown for 4 weeks holiday. Any AX-ers in town perhaps? Would be fun to meet up have a bit of chat and stuff with some fellow musicians in town. PM if sounds like fun
  57. MrGuitarabuse

    Come on Cliff... ;)

    Dumble Overdrive Special Amplifier with Separate Dumbleator Effect Loop | eBay Total madness :D
  58. MrGuitarabuse

    Suggestions for a USB Guitar interface (with software bundle preferably)

    Hey Folks, As my work from time to time takes me on business trips, I started to think that I should bring a guitar to brighten up my boring hotel stays. That said, I would need a usb guitar interface and some kind of software (for amps and effects etc). Many years ago I had a Line6 guitar...
  59. MrGuitarabuse

    So now I know where Kemper got their design from...

    Being utterly bored in hotel rooms while you guys rocking away on Q1 firmware.... surfing around vintage music sites and found this TADA! A 1950s Kemper. These are Dynacord Amps from the 50s (maybe 60s). Well, someone at Kemper was looking back in time for the design inspiration it seems...
  60. MrGuitarabuse

    AXE-FX Gen I tones still rocks - of course in hands of Fremen...

    Perhaps this already all over the interweb with everybody... but I had an Ultra before, it rocked... Love my AXE II, but damn those Gen I boxes tones still are very good. There is nothing obsolete with either Standard or Ultra. and if you didn't know it already. Fremen rules preset...
  61. MrGuitarabuse

    Amp2 Y-state random problems

    Not sure if this is related to AXE-FX or the MFC but here goes Win7/64 AXE; FW18.01 MFC: FW3.07 EDIT: FW3.1.6 On my MFC I have ALT preset = off, so when I press the preset button once again, it returns to original state (load the defaults effects for the preset). When pressing preset button...
  62. MrGuitarabuse

    Midi problem

    Hoy! Sometimes when I read post about good folks here posting "I haven't changed anything and now its not working..", I often smile abit and think "must have done something"... well, well.. I always recorded direct AXE to REAPER with USB just for fun, nothing advanced. It was always plug and...
  63. MrGuitarabuse

    Guitar buffer?

    Hey, I started thinking of running like a "snake" from my AXE-FX II to my MFC with guitar cable, XLR and power cord for 9volt power brick. The guitar cable I thought should run from AXE input to a patch bay in my Pedaltrain2 and I just plug in my guitar cable (from guitar) into the patch at...
  64. MrGuitarabuse

    Scene change with Boss FS6

    As title say, would it be possible to do scene changes (up and down) with the Boss FS6 directly connected to AXE-FX II without any other foot controller. if so, how (dumb it down please) thanks
  65. MrGuitarabuse

    Pedal board finally finished with KICKTAGS! TADA!

    Been owning my MFC since ULTRA days, never set it up on a pedal board. Finally got around to get myself a PedalTrain-2 for my MFC and 2 EB Jr Tried all kinds of expression pedals, BOSS, EB Jr, Mission. Found out that I liked EB the best but since its not optimal for expression pedal usage I...
  66. MrGuitarabuse

    Darth Vader coming to America

    I cant help myself but laughing like an idiot to this dialogue mash-up from Star Wars and Coming to America. James Earl Jones in action seems to be a bunch of them but this one stuck to me
  67. MrGuitarabuse


    Originally I was thinking of following user PATZAGs excellent ethercon mod for MFC http://forum.fractalaudio.com/mfc-discussion/40223-ethercon-mfc-101-missing-link.html But the arrival of the FASLINK made me think of how to implement these instead. I opened up the MFC since I wanted a solution...
  68. MrGuitarabuse

    Meanwhile on a farm in northern Sweden

    While waiting on the FW that don't dare speak its name...
  69. MrGuitarabuse

    Goofy "habits"

    Why is it that when Im sitting noodling on my guitar (not plugged in) I still without thinking cranking up the volume knob... what goofy "habits" do you have?
  70. MrGuitarabuse

    Fremens new presets V 10.12

    Didn't see any post about it but all ours Fremen has posted an update on his AXE Blog Fremen's guitar blog Check it out and don't forget to donate a few bucks.. promise you, its well worth it ;) direct link to presets here http://pages.intnet.mu/fremen/Patches/Fremen_V10.12.rar
  71. MrGuitarabuse

    MFC 2.18 firmware

    Perhaps I am late to the party, but just discovered this... im still on 2.16 http://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/firmware-presets/mfc-101/mfc101_218.zip
  72. MrGuitarabuse

    Issue with TUNER and External Switch

    I moved my Tuner button from IA17 (where it works perfectly) to my External Switch 2. Works there too BUT it doesn't show on my MFC. It mutes output and shows up on the AXE with no problem. I had this working before in previous firmware but must forgot some parameter somewhere. Any ideas?
  73. MrGuitarabuse

    Mr Guitarabuse´s time machine (part 1)

    Hi folks, 2 months ago I was back in Sweden for a short trip (living in China since 8 years). I visited my mother and since she is moving to a smaller place she asked (demanded) me to check some of my boxes that I had at her place for years and years. Mostly it was rubbish of course, but I...
  74. MrGuitarabuse

    splitter instead of out1 and out2

    Hi folks, I was thinking about getting a splitter to use to feed FOH and my monitors (FRFR) instead of out1 and out2. Reason for this is to go balanced XLR all the way instead of using out2 (unbalanced). A solution like this one: Behringer: ULTRALINK PRO MX882 fits nicely in my rack and have...
  75. MrGuitarabuse

    Pedal porn extravaganza

    Rig Rundown - Red Hot Chili Peppers' Josh Klinghoffer Lots of pedal madness here, but also I must say, one of the best rig rundowns I´ve seen. Great guitar tech guy here
  76. MrGuitarabuse

    Finally a Les Paul owner ;)

    After guitars and guitars with whammy bars and stuff for an old metal head like me, I finally got a Les Paul. My good friend that works for Gibson/Epiphone here in China was trying out new wood for their guitars, so they made a sample in their custom shop from some new wood from Indonesia. Didnt...
  77. MrGuitarabuse

    Help on my live setup

    After last weekends gig I was very happy with the FOH result, even I didnt have my own monitor so hearing myself on stage was abit difficult from time to time. So from now on I was thinking like this. Feed FOH with output 1 right channel and left channel to my own FRFR JBL speaker as monitor on...
  78. MrGuitarabuse

    Always on the run - Lenny Kravitz, TM first attempt

    here goes, first one. Im sure I can fine tune it but ears too tired now. Hope someone likes it. Always on the run-intro by MrGuitarabuse on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free BTW, how the hell do I make those nice soundcloud players here in the forum that everybody...
  79. MrGuitarabuse

    MFC with BOSS FS-6 (controller tuner..) question

    A quick question. I just bought a Boss FS-6 foot switch. set it up to control tuner + global boost. Works like a charm... but ... when pressing the tuner switch on the FS-6 it mutes perfectly according to my settings but I get no tuner visable on the MFC. so my question is, am I doing...
  80. MrGuitarabuse

    Great fun youtube channel

    Sometimes my internet surfing ship gets blown off course. I had a Paul Gilbert day and surfing through youtube for his stuff and ended up at a channel some guy named chris edge Chrisedge's Channel - YouTube On his channel there were loads of music and guitar vids from different venues, and with...
  81. MrGuitarabuse

    Happy New Dragon Year

    Wish you all a happy new Chinese new year, as we now leave the rabbit year and entering the dragon year. happy new prosperous year to all of you 新年快樂 恭喜發財
  82. MrGuitarabuse

    Post number 251

    I just had to post this thread, simply because I just noticed I had 250 posts on this forum. Now, 250 in chinese is a "bad" word. That whats you call someone stupid (二百五). So posting this skipping me fast to 251. Other number that Chinese people avoid is the number 4 because its sounds similar...
  83. MrGuitarabuse

    External switch function and build question

    WARNING! The following questions are asked by a very passionate but extremely none tech skilled person. I am using my MFC with 1-4 presets 5-15 IA switches for effects 16-17 Boost / Tuner I wonder if I can use external switches to “behave” same as the IA onboard the MFC (5-15)? Like if I have...
  84. MrGuitarabuse

    I need a break...

    Last night I was dreaming about Mr Z and amp geek tweaking... tone stack, bright cap etc... I need to get out more I think...:shock
  85. MrGuitarabuse

    Heads Up!! FW 4.00

    Thought i just give you heads up from another thread that Cliff states "New Tape Delay stuff and improved Looper (along with improved power amp modeling) in upcoming Ver 4.00 firmware" From this thread...
  86. MrGuitarabuse


    Happy holidays guys
  87. MrGuitarabuse

    Moving from Guitar Cab to FRFR

    Hiya, Im thinking of going into FRFR from my current guitar cab setup. I most likely to borrow some stuff first to test it out if I like it. Im very happy with my guitar cabs but want to investigate what FRFR can do. How much do I have to change/tweak my current presets when going from...
  88. MrGuitarabuse

    Best, weirdest, silliest, meanest excuses to play your AXE-FX during Xmas holiday

    Hey guys and HO-HO-HO! Yea, xmas is acoming and that usually means lots of family, relatives, dinners, presents, Shiny happy people to quote an old song. I thought of starting a little relaxed holiday thread here, just for some fun and laughs. So whats your best (silly, weird, etc)...
  89. MrGuitarabuse

    StSanders shreds

    Hey Guys! Maybe lots of you already watched this guy in action. He had a number of videos up on Youtube but they got pulled off there for some reason. He has now set up his own website with all his shredding videos that I find extremly funny. My personal favorite is Slash Shreds StSanders
  90. MrGuitarabuse

    Jump or not to jump... That is the question

    Hello Guys, Im a very happy ultra user for well over a year. Its a beast, it takes time to go through all the features, but it pays off. Now I have reached the point that even my good "Im-a-vintage-Mesa-user-buddy" tried it out at our local bar one night and just gave me a very short review -...
  91. MrGuitarabuse

    External switch - whats your solution?

    Hey all, Im finally (after many months) start to get the hang of the MFC101 and its full potential. This makes me want to expand the features with external switch/es. Havent found much on the forum so far, seems Mission is working on something promising right now. I just would like to check...
  92. MrGuitarabuse

    Squeak Squeak-ing expression pedal

    Hey guys... My Ernie Ball Jr pedal, working flawless, but lately has started to create a "squeaking" noice when i press/move it up&down. Any good suggestion of remedy for this? grease? (not the movie) some oil? (not midnight oil) or what?? thanks and may your pedals always be squeak...
  93. MrGuitarabuse

    Ears or no ears... that is the question

    Got my ULTRA in a rack and I getting abit (to say the least) annoyed with the rack ears. Basically feel that they are in the way... Of course this can be argued back and forth, but I just want to hear your guys opinions on if by "hacking" off the rack ears the value of the unit will also be way...
  94. MrGuitarabuse

    Have Mercy...

    Mr Robboman did an excellent "AXE-FX frustration Blues" a while ago called "I sold my Ultra" Link: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/recordings/37544-i-sold-my-ultra-um-thats-song-title-guys.html Well, since I dont have recording skills or singing skills maybe some fellow forum buddy wanna take...
  95. MrGuitarabuse

    New Amps... maybe?

    After buying the AXE-FX my bathroom litterature has basically only been the AXE-FX Manual, and this morning coming to the AMP section I start to wonder if there are some new amps coming our way in a later (soon?) firmware. All the amps are named "blues", "tweed", "blackface" etc and when there...
  96. MrGuitarabuse

    Solo boost with 2 (or more) effects to one IA switch??

    Dear all MFC friends I wonder if its possible to allocate 2 (or more) effects to one IA switch? Eg, i want to have a "solo boost" which means add some volume+delay(+drive) I found threads on volume boost with filter block here so i basically know how that is done, but not sure how to sort...
  97. MrGuitarabuse

    Midi cable lenght

    Short and newbie question here... Can a very long midi cable between AXE-FX and the MFC can have any negative effect in terms of performance, communicaiton, power, connection etc?? (Im thinking 7-pin for also powering the MFC) thanks /Urban
  98. MrGuitarabuse

    Recording software questions

    I am looking into buying software for my AXE-FX Ultra but not sure what would be right for me. Last time I recorded with some people the stuff was Tascam 8track and big reel tapes... U get the idea... So here is my setup so far AXE Ultra Focusrite Sapphire 6 USB Windows vista 64bit (sp2)...
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