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  1. Raab90

    New Song. Need feedback

    Hello, New song with my band. All guitars and bass were done using the Axe Fx. I want feedback regarding the mix and the song if possible. No idea what genre this really is so you may be better starting at the middle. Thank you.
  2. Raab90

    Releases from my band

    Hey guys. I made a new band sort of. It's just two sorry ass guys and I suck but here's what we do. It's all AXE FX III. Advice on mixing would be appreciated too bc I know it's giga poo. Wish you all a hamsterrific 2021
  3. Raab90

    Closed Polyphonic synth block

    That’s it. It would be a cool addition to make weird ambient sounds and just different things in general.
  4. Raab90

    Elemento - Desapego (New song using the Axe FX III)

    Hello, New song by my band. Despite the ENGL being turned on at the back, all guitars and the bass were done using the Axe Fx III. (I'm the guy with the mask) Enjoy!
  5. Raab90

    JTM45 bug?

    Hello, is the JTM45 supposed to default to EL34s?
  6. Raab90

    New song recorded using the AXE FX III

    Hello, My band ELEMENTO is releasing a demo, and we're also doing "live" versions of our songs during quarantine. Here's our second video "Huellas", sort of translated as "trails" All guitars and the bass were done exlcusively using the AXE FX III. Btw I'm the guy with the mask and SG. Also...
  7. Raab90

    AXE FX III possessed by el mismo diablo ayayay

    Okay so I've had my Axe for about two years now and I haven't had any problems so far, until these last few days where I noticed a few things after updating to fw 12.11. I'll try to be as thorough on my descriptions as possible: 1) Distorted audio playback while playing guitar over Reaper: So I...
  8. Raab90

    Wish Tone/Saturation switches per amp when applicable

    For example, instead of having 4-6 models for each combination of pull switches on Mesa mark amps, why not just put some toggles of those switches on those particular models? It’s already been implemented with the presence shift control on some modes. This way, amps like the ENGL Savage could be...
  9. Raab90

    Marshall amp question

    Hello, What would be the closest model to a 79’ JMP 2203? I’ve always loved those amps, and been wanting to recreate one. Thanks!
  10. Raab90

    Instrument input

    Hello, I have a Line 6 UX2 that I'm using as phantom power for a condenser mic. I want to then come out of the analog outs of the UX2, into either of the instrument inputs 1 of the AXE FX III, so I can process the mic signal and record it using the AXE FX as an audio interface. Is this...
  11. Raab90

    Dreampop tone - Crush (Cigarettes After Sex)

    Hello. Check out this song. At the intro, there seems to be guitar with heavy reverb and some sort of synth behind. I know this is possible with the AXE, but I don't know where to start regarding the synth, and I also some of you are experts at ambience and background synths. Any clues...
  12. Raab90

    Matrix GT1000FX noise

    Hello, I've had my matrix for about 2 years now, and I noticed a strange ringing sound. I assumed it was the fan, so I'm getting a new one. I'm intrested. Is there anyone else around here who's had the need of replacing the fan on their matrix due to malfunctioning/reaching the end of it's...
  13. Raab90

    Silverface Twin Reverb Normal Channel

    Hello, Given the fact that we have the Twin Reverb (Silverface) Vibrato channel, any chance we get the Normal channel? It's less gainy. Perfect for Jazz imo
  14. Raab90

    DV Mark Jazz 12

    Hello, Been hearing crazy rumours about this amp and how responsive and just overall great it is. Has anyone here tried it? Any jazz players' opinions?
  15. Raab90

    Am I the only one? (AXE's screen and Helix content)

    I actually like the green LCD screen. Always liked it ever since I dreamt about having an AXE in my POD X3 days. You know, how the graphs and numbers look like with the green light. Maybe it's because I'm an engineer, but I like small and efficient things. It's sexy. On a side note...
  16. Raab90


    Hi The wiki says that the USA RYTHM amp sim was modeled with Fat switch off and pulll-shift pulled. Does this means that the fat switch and pull shift in the model don't work as the real amp's Thanks.
  17. Raab90

    Help for bluegrass? kind of sound

    Hi, I just found this thing I did many years ago using podfarm 1 and a UX2. However, I recall never getting it to sound right no matter what amps, cab, compt, etc... combination I used I know the models within pod farm are light years behind the AXE's capabilities, but still, with proper mixing...
  18. Raab90

    JCM 800 question

    Hello. Is the JCM800 model based on the single input, or vertical/horizontal inputs? If the latter, is it the cascading inputs version, or the separate triodes one? Any idea what year is it? Thanks!
  19. Raab90

    CAB block frequency range?

    Hello! I have a makedo stereo FRFR setup made up of a pair of PA speakers after my Matrix GT1000FX. It is widely suggested to do some high and low freq cutting when going thru a FRFR setup because the AXE offers a broader bandwidth than the one useful for guitar applications, and the FRFR...
  20. Raab90

    Mark IIC+ short question

    Hi, does anyone have any idea on how to recreate the effect of the bass pullshift? I found I like it more with the deep switch off and bass pull shift on for some situations. Thanks!
  21. Raab90

    Mesa mark IV pull knobs

    Hello. Following the boogie hype the new IIC+ has introduced, I've come up with some questions regarding the mark IV's push-pull knobs. --------------------------About the Bright Pull...
  22. Raab90

    No sounds from the computer

    Hello, Recently i haven't been able to play along with tracks from my computer, listeting to both my guitar and the track through the monitors. I have the PC and AXE hooked up via USB. It used to work just fine before though, don't know what possibly went wrong here. Only thing I've...
  23. Raab90

    59' Bassman model based on High or Normal channel?

    Hello, well the title is quite self explanatory. I love the sound of old fenders, and want to know which channel was the mode based on. Thanks.
  24. Raab90

    Graphic EQ rack unit thoughts

    Hello, I was thinking of buying a stereo graphic eq for my rack tu put in between the AXE II and the Matrix GT1000FX. Usually i just use an amp+cab (or a dual amp+cab) setup with no mic sim and feed that straight to the PA into the FRFRs. To me this really gives the feeling of having the real...
  25. Raab90

    crackling noise when moving Output 1 knob

    Is it normal to hear a crackling noise thru the frontal headphones jack when i move the output 1 knob?
  26. Raab90

    Instrument in adjusting

    Hi, I've posted many times that the models in my axe in particular seem to have a lot less gain than their real life counter parts. I explained how I downloaded Clark Kent's Petrucci Rig and my recto patch sounded nothing like him. Just now I was trying the Seeds' resonator patch and again, his...
  27. Raab90

    Where is the Sat switch? Also, recto problems.

    Hey, I'm new to the highgain stuff. First of all, where is the Sat switch supposed to be located at? Can't find it in any of the models. I only see the Boost, Cut, Fat, Bright switches. Second, the rectos seem to have very low gain. I remeber using them a few firmwares ago and they had lots of...
  28. Raab90

    Silver Jubilee model.

    Hello! I've always fantasized bout the Marshall 2555 (the Silver Jubilee). I would listen to youtube demos of the amp and it just roared. So back then when I used my POD X3, one day I messed around with the 2555 model, and it sounded nothing like what I'd heard from youtube. Wasn't usable at...
  29. Raab90

    Thought on this please.

    Hi, I need your thoughts on this guys.
  30. Raab90

    Dead Furman

    So I finally got my guitars back from the shop, got some time to spend around my axe and my new customized guitar. Aaaaaand the Furman power conditioner is dead... Last time I used it, probably a month ago, it was working perfectly fine. I haven't touched it at all ever since. It also rests...
  31. Raab90

    Balanced outputs and "In the room" tone.

    Hello! I have 2 questions: 1) I've just tried hooking up my axe to a PA and 2 FRFR monitors thru the balanced outputs, but i get no sound at all :( However I can hear my guitar thru headphones plugged into the "Output 1" front panel jack. Is there something I need to set up in the axe fx in...
  32. Raab90

    About "Models nailing the real amps" and "adv settings threads"

    Hi! Just wanted to share this I've encountered some 100 Watt plexis that, unlike the one on the Axe, can get cranked with all controls at noon and almost no presence. This amps' presence knob is just like a higher treble knob, that adds no substantial grit. Owners of these particular plexis say...
  33. Raab90

    Firmware update corruption paranoia?

    How is it possible that the reinstallation of a particular firmware may yield different results each time it's done?? It's almost as if each time i re-flash the unit, it's gonna sound different! So how do i know when the re-flash was done correctly???! Or is it that i should keep re-flashing...
  34. Raab90

    "U2 - Beautiful Day" Hardcore Effects Challenge

    Hi! This is the post i've always wanted to do ever since i bought the axe and registered in the forums. For those of you who are familar with the The Edge, and this song in particular, you'd know what i mean when i talk about hardcore effects. For those of you don't have a clue, listen to...
  35. Raab90

    Formant Pitch Shifter / Detuner

    Hi! I was wondering if there was anyway to use the pitch shifter block as a Whammy DT. Also, is there anything I could do with the different blocks in the Axe, to get close to a Formant Pith Shifter as the one in the Kemper profiler? Ty!
  36. Raab90

    Updating Presets.

    Hi! Regarding the changes in the recto models, i've seen around in this forums that in order to update them, i need to deselect them, and reselect them within the amp block. What does this do? And how is it different from using the "Update all presets" function in the Utility system tab...
  37. Raab90

    Question regarding the Dynamics knob.

    This question might be a bit weird but, why was the dynamics knob taken out? How is it unnecesary now? (I did read that it was deemed unnecesary due the work done to the modelling) I used that knob a lot with the plexi models. It helped me turn them into super plexis. I mean, the modelling...
  38. Raab90

    Older manuals

    Hi! Not long ago i saw a legacy archives with old stuff on the website. I can't find it. I need the Owner's Manual associated to firmware v13. Thank you !!
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