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  1. pdup

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.03

    And it's WEEK-END - thanks.
  2. pdup

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Matchbox D-30 (Matchless DC-30)

    Before I got the Axe I had a Matchless Phoenix (EL34 plus EF86 in ch.2). The Telefunken EF86 pentode had it's fame in the first Neumann U87 condenser mikes - the only pentode that had a very low noice-floor plus overwhelming dynamics. When I got my Phoenix it had a chinese EF86 - and I had some...
  3. pdup

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Hot Kitty (Bad Cat Hot Cat 30)

    The only amp I'm missing is my old Matchless Phoenix with a Telefunken E806F. No Stand-By between sets. You could boil an egg on top of it, but it never failed. Still havent been able to Axe it.
  4. pdup

    FracTool - ultimate multitool for FAS devices

    THANKS Al. Will def. give it a try.
  5. pdup

    Whoa!? Monitor differences.

    UAD Apollo and Opal's coming soon. And all my easy listening with lossless music will bring the hi-fi nerds on their knees.
  6. pdup

    Good by Forum.... :(

    Large Hadron Collider Quamtum generation into a parallel guitar universe.
  7. pdup

    Good by Forum.... :(

    Xenforo has very stable migration tools. No worries.
  8. pdup

    Come on Cliff... ;)

    Now my wife will never get her 10 carat diamond before next year. (Ohh, I forgot, I have my Axe).
  9. pdup

    What made you decide to go Axe FX?

    Exactly like my timeline. At least from 2013.
  10. pdup

    Whole Lotta Fun with Quantum Vox AC30TB and OH Justin York IRs

    Just sounds like the old, battered 1x12 mini-cab with splinters sticking out on every side that Jimmy used during the whole recording. I once had the picture on a drive. Some Celestion in a tiny cab. He used it for all the tracks on the II album.
  11. pdup

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Bofore I got the Axe I used a Matchless. Primarely with the "AC-30" like EF86 channel. Later switched the standard EF86 to a Telefunken EF-806s. I feel the same positive changes from 19 to Quantum. Clearer, more dynamic and "fluent" in a kind of way. And with a broader spectrum when dialing in...
  12. pdup

    My Friedman ASM-12 Review

    From a tech pov. the Friedmann uses a waveguide with the same radius as the woofer. You simply get a much smoother transition between both. In the most critical range of the guitar frequencies. Compared to other dedicated guitar frfr cabs that uses small treble horns or coax units where the...
  13. pdup

    Firmware forecast?

    Another bed-room players thread...
  14. pdup

    FW19.00 FAS Modern is sick!

    Thick and spanky at the same time.
  15. pdup

    No More EF86 Tube?

    That's one of the things I love the most in the Axe pre section. A completely quiet EF86 emulation. I have had several VOX and Matchless amps. And getting a tube that is completely noice-less is a lot of work. And the best Telefunken E806F (Used in the old Neumann mikes) is being scarse ... and...
  16. pdup

    Romeo Rose - Libel and Slander against FAS

    Woman are like him. They wear ear-pads and yell about the thingy that costs as much as a new wahsher/drier being of no value. But they can play the ukulele with one finger.
  17. pdup

    Romeo Rose - Libel and Slander against FAS

    I really like that none of the FAS team comment on this.
  18. pdup

    Romeo Rose - Libel and Slander against FAS

    Well, ask the funny guy "What is the difference between a Strat and a Tele". "Do they have the same amount of strings". That will make him silent.
  19. pdup

    1500 bucks, you say, Line6?

    Orianthi will get a Shelix.
  20. pdup

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 19.00 Public Beta #2

    Yezzzz +1.
  21. pdup

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.12 Released

    I still think that the Axe is a very cheap piece of investment considering what it gives in terms of versatility and sound. I know a lot of young guys without much money that would feel great bying a sec. hand mark I or II even if they had to stop being able to use future upgrades. From my POV...
  22. pdup

    NGD Custom Emerald Steampunk Carbon Fiber Electric

    Out of this world. Congrats.
  23. pdup

    Cab-Lab 3.0.1 Released

    "Cablab is not a 32bit program ... ????
  24. pdup

    Atomic Amps and Communication

    Tom King, I would like an answer to the question about the voltage issue please.
  25. pdup

    Atomic Amps and Communication

    What puzzles me is that nearly all wedges with a digital power-amp deals with everything between 100–240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz. Why on Earth does that company use something that dont ... ????
  26. pdup

    Web Site Redesign

    Totally bad-ass.
  27. pdup

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.07 Released

    Gets me very, very near My old Matchless DC30.
  28. pdup

    Is guitar dead in popular music ?

    From my POV guitar playing has become like if you go to the gym, deattach your brain and work for speed and what have you to get that fast picking that will get many likes on YouTube. And all the endorsers are just the same. Using backing-tracks to convince the lesser player that "this just...
  29. pdup

    Guthrie Govan Sig Charvel

    I'm not on the "chocolate/baked" bandwagon. You get a hard skin of wood with a innard of molested fiber. It maybe sounds like your aged, 20 year old neck. But I don't think it will ever sound better - just worse - or as the day you bought it. I like natural, unaltered but aged wood I can grow up...
  30. pdup

    Cab Pack 10 1x12 Blues Jr FW18.03

    The Blues Jr. is one unforgiving amp. If you want to show it's splendour you have to control your pick-attack - and it responds with a wealth of colours. Nice done Barh.
  31. pdup

    Axe-Edit 3.1.8 Won't Run - Reported as not a 32-bit App in WinXP

    My new AE runs perfect on my XP. You must have picked the wrong version. Pick the XP version. It's for both 32 and 64 bit.
  32. pdup

    Screw You, UPS

    I'm frustrated hearing this. Especially because I'm about to invest in a Tyler guitar from the US. Then I may have to invest in a heavy-duty pro-case which will double the freight-charge. UPS and FedEx always gave me trouble, USPS none, but loooong time.
  33. pdup

    Axe-Fx II XL+ price on g66.eu

    The European Central Bank’s (ECB) bond-buying program, launched short time ago, is making U.S. Treasurys look attractive. But both are nearly broke to extinction, so it's just a matter of time until the game changes. Euro's Freefall Toward U.S. Dollar Parity Continues - Forbes
  34. pdup

    Let's take a simple poll : Does G3 (V18) has that extra AMP mojo over G2 (V17)

    I have never used a single factory preset. When I got my TC G-system back in the paleathonic age (200 years BC) I was about to get my money back after running through the presets. It's always about starting from a clean slate. Nothing is easier than firing up, go through fac. presets where near...
  35. pdup

    Firmware v18.03 - Lines of Code

    I rest my case. Did you by any chance think that anyone could or would answer the question... And even if you could debug into so many lines - your students would have to sit for two years before understanding even the tiniest bit of code. I would rather learn them about barebone computing...
  36. pdup

    Firmware v18.03 - Lines of Code

    It's been decades ago since debugging of code could tell the competitors one little fart about how to look into the whole of a great piece of gear.
  37. pdup

    Firmware v18.03 - Lines of Code

    How many lines is a rather dumb question related to the inline functions in C++. C++ FQA Lite: Inline functions
  38. pdup

    Firmware v18.03 - Lines of Code

    There is ecactly 8.030.001 lines whereas the last is the gem-turd END.
  39. pdup

    Firmware v18.03 - Lines of Code

    I dont think Cliff would mind if I post this link that will give you an overview over, what you definately must know even before trying to debug the firmware. http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ADSP_TS201S.pdf
  40. pdup

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.03 and Presets

    Yay yay yay - thanks. A sleepless week-end ahead.
  41. pdup

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    19 coming up quick. Cant wait.
  42. pdup

    Sweetwater TC Electronic G System

    It's still a good sounding board right out of the box. If you have not experienced the Axe. Used mine for four years with my Matchless and 4CM. Never going back again. Often wanted a less heavy unit (not many german tanks in my neighbourhood to run over it) and a working PC interface instead of...
  43. pdup

    She strikes again!! With Dragon Force.

    Dragon Force was notorious for faking speed on their vids. But again, she nails it.
  44. pdup

    She strikes again!! With Dragon Force.

    Yes, she's fab. Just weird they speeded the vid up. Anyone can see that.
  45. pdup

    Announcing the Axe-Fx II XL Plus

    The Axe just makes any dick longer. Ask my wife and you will be short of the next firm-ware.
  46. pdup

    Announcing the Axe-Fx II XL Plus

    Eat your heart out. Got the first one from G77 this morning. Had some BIOS fault but workin on it untill the display unfreezes...
  47. pdup

    Announcing the Axe-Fx II XL Plus

    The Plus has much smaller knobs because all the back connections are moved to the front. The LCD display is now sitting on the back. Much more convenient if you play in a backing band.
  48. pdup

    New 18.00 Public Beta

    If you run out of logarithmics you use whatever is at hand. (Murphys law in amp-making).
  49. pdup

    Weight Axe-FX II, Axe-FX II Mark II and Axe-FX XL

    It's because the inner canister for the secret sauce is bigger in the XL.
  50. pdup

    2001 Strat into XL ( Dumble Pre) FW 18 Beta .

    You are guanteed busy intonating on FB.... ;-)
  51. pdup

    Pickup COLOR Change (Fender Single Coil)

  52. pdup

    Cab Pack 8 Now Available!

    ...and you don't have to carry it from gig to gig.
  53. pdup

    Rotary in 18.00 beta

    The original Leslie consists of a rotary horn for the upper frequencies and a lower drum for - the lows. I wonder if anyone has doodled with a parallel driven effect. I'll give it a try. With different passbands for each and maybe some time-unalignments.
  54. pdup

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.00 Public Beta

    Uhmnn, right on that. When plecking strings I have perceived a lot of differenses between my last, forever Bandmaster and 4x10 and the Axe. Dynamics etc. Especially the "ringing out". Now much closer.
  55. pdup

    Joe Walch

    There has been so many videos from Daryl's Home - actually from Tod Rundgreens mansion. The one with Joe Walch stands out in my opinion.
  56. pdup

    Just love her..

    She's using the Axe, not a lounge....
  57. pdup

    Just love her..

    I'm NOT endorsing jamtrack, they just have a key to find good mucicians.
  58. pdup

    Just love her..

  59. pdup

    Just love her..

  60. pdup

    FW 18: ODS Clean and HRM

    Most of the tapping-gymnastics would get crippled trying to reach this feel-like, great playing. I just want more.
  61. pdup

    G3 modeling thread

    I'm holding my dick in my hand for the next two weeks at least..
  62. pdup

    MFC-Edit Version 3.0 Released!

    I see why Fractal chose you as a software "partner". It relies on quick customer care. I run XP because it works and my many odd applications just dont work in Windows 7. But you just fixed things in 20 minutes, even if you could have thought (nahh, the Dude is running a late Java version -...
  63. pdup

    MFC-Edit Version 3.0 Released!

    Thank you Gary - installs perfectly with XP and Java 7.
  64. pdup

    MFC-Edit Version 3.0 Released!

    I tried to install the new version on my Windows XP. It forces me to install Java 8 and exits. Java 8 is not fully compatible with XP. The former MFC-edit installed without problems.
  65. pdup

    MFC-Edit Version 3.0 Released!

    Thanks for the very fast response - really appreciate it.
  66. pdup

    Which cabs would you want in the next Cab Packs? [PART 2]

    My old Fender Dual Showman had a cab with a Red coated Alnico JBL D-130 in the ring ported configuration. I think that SRV used it for the formidably growl and "speed". But I really dont know how many is left. http://www.mosriteforum.com/mosrite/Cab05.jpg
  67. pdup

    MFC-Edit Version 3.0 Released!

    I have emailed you Gary. I simply cant upgrade when I open my MFC-Edit (Ver. 2.0). It's bought via Fractal so I hope that my email adress is valid.
  68. pdup

    AXE FX is a great economy of money (question inside).

    Let alone the cost of two full time roadies constantly bringing one after one from the 1.000 feet store-room and preparing them for a quick review.
  69. pdup

    Cab Pack 9 Teaser: The "Boaner"?

    Thanks Clark. Departed years ago from two 1x12 vented and one 4x12 Boners before I got the Axe. The string "crush" and ability to still hold the fundamental is for sure here.
  70. pdup

    Oh oh! We're gonna need "grill cloth" options in those IRs!

    I used these for not ripping tha hair out of the first row.. Weber Beam Blocker -- high frequency diffuser
  71. pdup

    3 years since I got my axe-fx II. maintenance?

    Funny, my Axe II has vent-holes on both sides of the cabinet.
  72. pdup

    A summary of the new upcoming FW18/G3 firmware recordings

    Thanks Voes. Great to dig into later today...
  73. pdup

    G3 modeling thread

    Thanks Chris ...
  74. pdup

    Admin_M has 18 avatar!!!

  75. pdup

    G3 modeling thread

  76. pdup

    Do you realize how spoiled we all are with the Axe? I just did.

    I have owned five 1. gen. Bandmaster Reverb tops, two of them with fantastic sound after heavy restauration and costly RCA Black Plate 6L6 tubes. Had to sell them all due to finances - but especially the sound from one of them in tandem with a cab. with very old Jensen 10" kept ringing in my...
  77. pdup

    G3 modeling thread

    Phill is a sheer genious in taking nearly every component out of all the old tube-amps and converting them each into a digitized piece of a computirized knob. From my POV too many. G3 will maybe blend a lot of those into a lesser crowd, making it simpler to dial in the tone you want. And with a...
  78. pdup

    G3 modeling thread

    Yes, Mutt could work a good sounding no. 1 track out of the raw no. 2.
  79. pdup

    Star Wars Episode VII Teaser Trailer

    Starring Miley Cyrus. Lucas we miss you.
  80. pdup

    How to get this effect in the Axe?

    Great tune, playing, vocals and especially mix.
  81. pdup

    AccuGroove Cabinets with Acoustic guitar and Axe FX II

    Thanks Coop. Every 2-way frfr system has a nasty way of wrecking havoc in the most crucial frequency of the guitar - where they have to divide down and up. And you can especially hear it (positively) in a 3-way system. I have tried and tried using large diapraghm drivers (2") and setting the...
  82. pdup

    Axe FXII CPU Chart - firmware 17.03

    Thanks for the work Trance - and those who gave positive comments. It's a great "ruler" when laying out new presets.
  83. pdup

    The evil super reverb amp - Super666+1.73

    This post just bring me right back to my AB763 Super with all the swetness, attack, grunt and right in your face tone with my Strats. Thanks Paco.
  84. pdup

    Chinese guitar knock-offs... opinions?

    I mostly focus on playability and tone over time. I have had so many Fenders or Gibsons costing a small fortune that simply went haywire wood-wise. For the last ten years I have only bought old Japanese squirs or Orville Gibsons with at least 20+ on the back. When I get them and they are...
  85. pdup

    My first moment with the Axe XL

    After buying my Axe I used four month learning it using a Matrix 1000 and two meager hi-fi loudspeakers. It worked just fine. Now I have two Yamaha DSR112 wedges. Look them up. They have a very large horn that really blends in with the woofer in the critical guitar frequency range. Top-notch...
  86. pdup

    What's new for 2015?

    For me personally it has always been the ditch between being a play- or a gear-freak. Giving 50% + to playing and the rest gassing. The worlds best players got ahead with less and wanted more along with fame.
  87. pdup

    Your New Years Resolution?

    Yarh, I saw it as an rather ignorant and misplaced post...
  88. pdup

    It's been (mostly) fun...

    Kharma reigns. Whatever you get on with will be more beneficial to others whatever it is I really enjoyed and learned a lot from your videoes - always with a detailed learning curve opposite to reading letters from a manual. A Happy New Year to you Chris.
  89. pdup

    Your New Years Resolution?

    More sex and less Axe - but I know it's daydreaming.
  90. pdup

    Preamp Tube Types

    Try switching from a Russian EF86 to a Telefunken E806F in a VOX or Matchless. This is not a question of sheer transconductance...
  91. pdup

    *fw17.03* RACER X - Motor Man cover [w/ patch]

    What a treat to see and hear. Gilbert would clap his hands. Mucho Kudo's.
  92. pdup

    My favorite amp models [Yek]

    Yek, you just "sell-of" 90% of the Axe buyers with this XL only thingy. I'm really disappointed.
  93. pdup

    Amazing what wire can do

    It's over the Cliff to think that you can EQ you out of one or several reactive or capacitive time-based quirks that wreck havoc in the time-domain.
  94. pdup

    Amazing what wire can do

    Exotic cables do most good when impedance matching is wrong.
  95. pdup


    Last november I broke my knee-cap and had to be inside my appartment for two months unable to do really nothing. But had my guitar and the Axe. And sat on a chair infront pressing the MFC with my fingers. Worked fine. This Christmas everything is perfect. Up and running, stomping, carrying...
  96. pdup

    Is it time for Fractal to upgrade the DSP chips in the Axe FX II/Xl

    Imagine a guy that invents a piece of hardware - and some initial software. "Oh, this works, but I am able to refine nearly everything for years to come for the benefit of my quest and my customers". More than the 90% worshipped him and his work. Some were never satisfied but went on and on...
  97. pdup

    Andy Sneap is requesting Kemper to do Tone Matching

    You allways have to respect no. 2 in a market. They do what they can and have to work seven miles behind.
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