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  1. Richard

    FM3 Screen Protection

    Someone came up with a pretty amazing solution https://www.gearbyceba.com/axe-fx-usa/fractal-fm3-screen-guards-and-or-skins-usa
  2. Richard

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Nicely done!
  3. Richard

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Thanks man!
  4. Richard

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    You have to keep your heel on the pedal. It can’t be hanging off the back or else you’ll hit the switches but it’s worth it for me.
  5. Richard

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    I updated my board with with a Mission Engineering TT2 and a Fractal EV2
  6. Richard

    Found a great hard case for you guys running a Nux Bumble Bee M pedalboard for your FM3

    Here’s the link. https://www.newark.com/duratool/22-24120/weatherproof-case-polymer-black/dp/83X6728?ost=83X6728&ddkey=https:en-US/Element14_US/search Pardon my foam. I’m not the craftiest guy but it works and fits great! I know the Nux comes with a gig bag but I have 3 kids and I always try...
  7. Richard

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Nope. I have a mounting plate for the expression pedal that makes it flat. You just screw it on the bottom of the pedal instead of the feet and the base plate. As far as the FM3, I just put dual lock on the feet of the unit and that was all I needed. The hold was so strong, I could turn the...
  8. Richard

    FM3 Headphones via Y Cable in Output 2 vs. FM3 w/ Heaphones Output

    You could always buy an inexpensive headphone amp as well. Just a thought. I never use headphones so it doesn’t bother me at all.
  9. Richard

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Nice job! Looks great!
  10. Richard

    Are preset bundles coming in the future?

    Ah. I get it now. My apologies. I stand corrected.
  11. Richard

    Are preset bundles coming in the future?

    Preset Bundles are usually sold through 3rd Parties. Fractal came up with over 200 presets already. They’ve done their job as far as I’m concerned. 😆
  12. Richard

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Thank you so much for sharing that link! I found and ordered a case that is going to fit my FM3 pedal board perfectly!! The pedal board came with a soft case but I prefer hard cases for everything....because I’m not graceful. 😆
  13. Richard

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    I just measured and there was almost 5 inches between the FM3 and the side rail on the other side. It would be safer to say about 4 and 3/4’s inches. You could get more space by moving the FM3 closer to the other side but I wanted to be able to lift the board by the side rails so I wanted a...
  14. Richard

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Yeah. I can understand that too. For me, I want it simple, light and straight forward. There is nothing like carrying your entire rig on your shoulder and a double guitar case in your other hand and being able to play a show. It’s completely liberating. The power and simplicity of that is...
  15. Richard

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Thanks man! I took the slats off the top tier and installed them on the bottom so that the bottom tier was completely solid. I’ll see if I can find a tape measure and l’ll let you know.
  16. Richard

    FM3 removable attachment ideas

    Agreed. I just mounted my FM3 with Dual Lock. I simply put a piece on each of the feet and it held even when I held the pedal board completely upside down.
  17. Richard

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    My cables came in from Amazon so I was finally able to complete my board. Thanks to Leon Todd who thought this up in the first place.
  18. Richard

    AX8 users moving to FM3

    I used an AX-8 as my main rig for quite a while. I was primarily a live player with a progressive rock/power metal band. I loved it. The AX-8 required some clever thinking in order to get it to do everything I wanted it to do live but I loved the portability and the convenience. I just got my...
  19. Richard

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    here is a link the all of the info. I got the medium board. https://www.nuxefx.com/bumblebee.html
  20. Richard

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Everything is mocked up, just waiting for my dual lock to come in and a couple of new cables for the Mission. Thanks to Leon Todd for posting pictures of his set up. I’m basically copying his.
  21. Richard

    How is everyone mounting the FM3 onto their pedalboards?

    This the the method I am planning on using.
  22. Richard

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Waitlist at 4:58PM PST on 4/23/19. Received the invite today. I just put in my order. I never use headphones and if I decide to with the FM3, I’ll just buy a cheap headphone amp.
  23. Richard

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    What time zone?
  24. Richard

    Post Here if You've Received An FM3 Invite!

    Completely understandable. Thank you for the update. I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. Take care.
  25. Richard

    Am I the only one who has downsized my pedal board?

    I just recently bought a new JBL Eon 612 (which is a really great neutral sounding powered PA monitor) and I have been taking that and my AX8 to band practice. I used the monitor for myself and supplemented my volume by going through the PA and it was wonderful. Everyone could hear me and it...
  26. Richard

    Am I the only one who has downsized my pedal board?

    I go direct to FOH and have a MATRIX GT1600FX and a custom built Xitone 2X12 that I have been using for stage volume. My last show I didn't bring anything except the AX8 and went direct and just got some feed from the stage monitors and I loved it even more because I felt like I could hear...
  27. Richard

    Am I the only one who has downsized my pedal board?

    I was wondering how many of you out there have actually ditched your bigger pedal boards and just downsized to just your AX8? I use to have a bunch of stuff in a large pedal board. I ran an H9, an expression pedal, and an older wireless and I got so sick of even hauling that around. I was able...
  28. Richard

    My new AX8 case from G66 (and MFC 101)

    My case advertises off brand tools. LOL!
  29. Richard

    $30 hard case for AX-8

    I could have fit my Mission Expression Pedal if I had pushed the AX-8 all the way over to the side but I didn't want it rattling around in there. I would have had to make a barrier to fit between the Mission and the AX-8 and I didn't feel like doing that. Plus, with foam positioned where it is...
  30. Richard

    High frequency cut for IR's

    Nevermind. It had to do with my patch I created. Every other factory present I played sounded utterly amazing when I played them through the JBL. It was my stupidity. LOL!
  31. Richard

    High frequency cut for IR's

    Thanks for the advice guys. I'm going to dive deeper into the EQ curve with the JBL tonight. I had it set to the monitor eq curve and it's possible that the highs are really emphasized in that setting.
  32. Richard

    High frequency cut for IR's

    Hey guys, Quick question. I just got my JBL EON 612 and so far so good. I am realizing that my patches sound really shrill though. I cut the highs on the cab edit page. But it seems like I am only happy with it once I get it down to around 2500-2000. Am I missing something? Is there another...
  33. Richard

    Newbie here...question

    I always run to FOH with the AX8 and run a poweramp and an FRFR can behind me but last show I played, I just ran to FOH house, left the poweramp and cab at home and used the monitor feed and I have to say I was really happy with how it felt on stage. It felt like everything was clearer because I...
  34. Richard

    Any tips for organizing the footswitches?

    Scenes are where it's at. I actually just use one preset for my band's entire live set. I have a universal scene order in my head. 4. Always my solo tone 3. My dirty rhythm tone 2. Various oddball clean or effected rhythm preset 1. Always my clean I usually don't use the top buttons for live...
  35. Richard

    Built in Cabs (IR's) .. which are your favorites?

    This the same one I use too. I really like the creamback and greenback IR's as well but the 4X12 Pertrucci V30 Mix is the only one that I have found so far that has a nice chunky sound without being too bassy or to trebly either. Percussive rhythm, open chords, and single note lines all sound...
  36. Richard

    Using a drive block as a clean amp

    I do the same thing except I bypass the amp and cab models all together. I run a simple graphic eq and tone down the lows and bring up some highs. Works like a charm, for leads, I simply add a boost and a compressor infront of the dirty amp with some delay and it sounds great. I also increase...
  37. Richard

    Saw Larry Mitchell

    The first time I saw Larry live was probably 5 years ago here in Washington state at a club called Louie G's. He was running The AxeFx II direct at the time and his tones was one of the best I had ever heard. It was incredible.
  38. Richard

    $30 hard case for AX-8

    Hey guys, hbucker posted a picture of a Rigid brand organized case that he found at Home Depot that basically fit the AX-8 perfectly and it's only $30! I went and bought one and put some adhesive backed foam rubber in it that I had lying around and it fit the AX-8 perfectly! I even have room...
  39. Richard

    Good Case for AX8 ??

    Thank you for posting this. I went out and got one as well and added some adhesive foam rubber I had lying around. It's really nice and snug and bullet proof! I'm super happy! $30! You can't beat it! And I still have room for cables! Again thank you!
  40. Richard

    JBL Eon 612 powered monitor incoming

    Nice! Considering that I am going from a custom Xitone 2X12 cab (I actually have 2 but I usually only used one) and a Matrix GT1600FX power amp, this is going to be a HUGE difference in weight and portability! I am very excited. I am keeping the other gear because it is nice to have options but...
  41. Richard

    JBL Eon 612 powered monitor incoming

    Nice! I'm glad to hear someone else is using Eons! I decided on using only one monitor and on stage so that's why I decided on the 12....I'm lazy. LOL!
  42. Richard

    JBL Eon 612 powered monitor incoming

    Hey guys, Wanted to let you all know that I decided to order a JBL Eon 612. I haven't seen many players on this forum with one so I'll let you know what I think when I get it and put it through it's paces.
  43. Richard

    Opened for Otep last night... Axe-Fx II / AX8s in use

    I second that. I'm the guitarist in the band and the AX8 made getting a tone live so much easier. This was my first show with the AX8 (I used an Ultra up until now). I went FRFR when I got the AX8 with a Matrix GT1600FX and a custom built XiTone 2X12. The real confirmation that things sounded...
  44. Richard

    AX8 - Best way to augment and save CPU? (Delay vs Reverb)

    I'm not sure. You can program the H9 to change presets for EACH SCENE! The changes are REALLY QUICK! I don't notice a dropout at all. It is incredible to use with the AX8!
  45. Richard

    AX8 - Best way to augment and save CPU? (Delay vs Reverb)

    Get an Eventide H9. It is BY FAR the best way to take some pressure off the CPU and add some INSANELY versatility into your scenes. I bought one and have it in my AX8's loop and it is AMAZING!
  46. Richard

    Went FRFR and sold both 4X12's. Not regretting a damn thing!

    When I got my AX8, I also picked up 2 XiTone 2X12's and upgraded to a Matrix GT1600FX. I was running an AxeFx Ultra into a Matrix GT1000FX into a Mesa Boogie 4X12 (I had 2 but usually only ran one for most shows) for my previous rig. The new amp and cab modeling is so stunning in a FRFR rig. I...
  47. Richard

    High gain players - what's your amp of choice?

    As a high gain player, I look for an amp that can make the jump from rhythm tone to lead without only a volume block to increase my volume and some delay. So far, I like channel 4 of the Diezel VH4 Blue, and the Mesa Mark IIc+ with with Cliff's recommended settings as a starting point.
  48. Richard

    AX8 Owners who upgraded from Axe Fx (Poll)

    I upgraded from an Ultra and I sold the Ultra to swing the AX8. As a father of 3 with a mortgage and a stay at home wife (bless her heart) I don't have the luxury of holding on to gear that isn't going to be used.
  49. Richard

    Hey Larry, Thanks for talking about how well the AX8 and the H9 work with each other on this...

    Hey Larry, Thanks for talking about how well the AX8 and the H9 work with each other on this forum. I bought mine based on your opinion and I absolutely love using them together! I hope all is well!
  50. Richard

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    I finally got my H9 and integrated it into my setup. The AX8 and H9 are a match made in heaven. So easy to setup and program! I can have a different preset in the H9 for each scene! So much versatility!
  51. Richard

    Audio gap when switching presets

    I am doing almost the exact same thing except I'm bypassing the amp and cab and just running a graphic eq to shape my cleans a little. I run nothing but super cleans anyway so it works for me. In order for this type of switching to be literally seemless, you have to run the exact same amp and...
  52. Richard

    How do you guys organize your presets?

    I am running scenes within presets so I only have a couple right now. I just started putting them in preset slot 1 & 2. Neither of those presets were presets that I was going to miss.
  53. Richard

    How to set up ultra clean and super heavy tones with virtually no lag

    The amp and cab have to stay exactly the same in all of the scenes even when they are bypassed for this to work.
  54. Richard

    How to set up ultra clean and super heavy tones with virtually no lag

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this has been discussed before. I know the lag issue when even switching between scenes has been and some work around have helped but I'm not sure if anyone has tried this one. I play in a progressive rock/ power metal band and the transitions between clean and dirty...
  55. Richard

    Solo boosting volume

    I use a volume block at the very end of my chain. Works like a charm.
  56. Richard

    On the truck for delivery!

    Congrats man! I think you will enjoy the AX8 immensely! I played through an AxeFx Ultra for 6-7 years before that exclusively. The effects are incredible! I thought the amp models in the Ultra sounded amazing as well until I tried the AX8. The amp models sound stunning. I couldn't afford to sink...
  57. Richard

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    My wireless will most likely be replaced with a Shure GLXD16 in the next few days. I power it through a Matrix GT1600FX and 2 custom XiTone 2X12 cabs. The tone is insane!
  58. Richard

    Would you really ditch your tube amp for an FRFR monitor?

    A friend of mine uses one for his AxeFx II and he likes it a lot.
  59. Richard

    Carrying case?

    I picked up a Gator Cases Gig Box and it fit the AX8 great. It's isn't compact by any means but I plan on mounting 2 expression pedals and a wireless on the board as well anyway. Unfortunately, I had to return it because the back latches weren't lined up right but they are bringing in another...
  60. Richard

    Best practices when setting up for a gig

    My recommendation is to always have your own amplification. You never know what you're going to get with a small venue like that, if the PA is so small that they don't have a sound man, chances are that they won't have any decent monitors either.
  61. Richard

    Preferred choice for full range amps

    I am running 2 custom XiTone 2X12 cabs pushed by a Matrix GT1600FX and I love it! They sound huge and clear! I use to run a Mesa 4X12 and I always felt like I was battling the eq curve of the cab and now I can get any tone I want with the cab sims. They don't sound shrill at all.
  62. Richard

    Axe FX + Pwrmp

    Cool man! I look forward to hearing what you come up with.
  63. Richard

    Any Standard/Ultra Owners in the Seattle Area?

    I live in Puyallup. I might be able to meet up with you for a few hours. Let me look at my schedule.
  64. Richard

    Axe FX + Pwrmp

    My advice is narrow it down to a handful (5-10) impulses of a standard 4X12 (ie mesa or marshall depending on your taste) and just go with your favorite from those. Your right, the option are exhaustive. The best strategy is to just go with one that sounds okay and start tweaking tones with that...
  65. Richard

    Axe FX + Pwrmp

    It really kind of depends. My opinion is to run direct. Running direct allows you to get a tone that you will be able to replicate easier in the future. If you run the Ultra direct you might want to look into downloading some IR's. I just think mic'ing a cab is a pain in the ass. You would get...
  66. Richard

    Axe FX + Pwrmp

    I have a mesa 2:90 that I run with my Ultra and I run the power amp sims on with no thump. At 90 watts per side, I'm not going to get a ton of power tube distortion at the volumes I'm running at so I felt like that was the best compromise. I have read that some guys run the sim completely off...
  67. Richard

    Rack Sizes??

    Check this out. I have bought 3 different racks from them and never had any issues. I currently have a 6 space shockmount from them and I think it's great. R6UE-14 Rack Case
  68. Richard

    Ultra did it again

    Awesome man! Congratulations! I opened for him a few weeks ago with my band. I didn't get a chance to talk to Schenker himself but I got the same reaction from the other people there. The Ultra has that effect on people.
  69. Richard

    Using the Axe with a tube power amp

    I use a Mesa 2:90 and I love it. I run it with the power amp sims on with no thump and I think it sounds absolutely amazing. You may not have to run the power amp sims on because you're going to be able to get more power tube clipping with the 2:Fifty at lower volumes but I would have to push...
  70. Richard

    The peavey classic 50 50 poweramp works really well with the axe!

    Nice! I run my Ultra through a 2:90 with the modern voicing on and power amp sims on the Utra on with no thump and I love it. At 90 watts, I'm not even getting close to make those tubes work hard so the no thump works great for me. I think as long as you tweak with the power amp you play through...
  71. Richard

    Running Cab/Poweramp Sim through a Tube Amp?

    I run my Ultra through a Mesa 2:90. Since I'm not going to get anywhere near powertube breakup even at gig volume, I run the power amp sims on with no thump. I don't have the cab sims on though.
  72. Richard

    Power Amp Off in Global Settings

    It's funny. I run my Ultra into a Mesa 2:90 tube power amp and I still run my power amp sims on with no thump. I just think it sounds better that way.
  73. Richard

    We want Firmware 12

    Personally, I LOVE the fact that I'm not having to update my Ultra every other month anymore. I can set my tones and not have to revisit them over and over to make sure they sound the same after I update. I know what I'm getting and what to expect with the Ultra. I'm sure that the II sounds...
  74. Richard

    Kustom KPC12MP...dirt cheap

    THANK YOU for posting this! I am all over these. I have been looking for a home practicing solution and these would be a perfect introduction for me to start experimenting with running FRFR.
  75. Richard

    Ultra-Boogie Two Ninety

    I run my presence at between 9 and 12 o'clock but I run my outputs on the axe at about 12 o'clock and control the volume with the 2:90. I don't turn on any of the deep, bold, or half settings. I also run the Ultra with power amp settings on with no thump.
  76. Richard

    MESA 2:90 vs VHT 2/50/2

    I have a 2:90 and I love it. It imparts a natural sweetness that just makes everything sound awesome. If you want a neutral amp, go with a solid state power amp. My opinion is that if you are using a tube power amp, your using it for a reason. Everyone is going to have their own opinion as to...
  77. Richard

    need input for second cab choice (stereo rig)

    Oh! Okay. Then it sounds good to me.
  78. Richard

    need input for second cab choice (stereo rig)

    I would think that you would want to go with another 2X12 of some sort. I would worry about the 4X12 on one side since they sound so different than a 2X12.
  79. Richard

    Axe FX through power section of Mesa DR Head

    As long as you are willing to tweak your presets while hooked up to the DR, you should be fine. I have ran my Ultra through the power section of a Bugera in a pinch and it sounded fine. As far as the difference between stereo and mono, it's always nice to be able to run stereo but as long as...
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