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  1. nicolasrivera

    I made a response to Rhett Shull's video

    I would say this, a touch interface with a good UI is just faster and more intuitive, this is a fact. In my experience right now Headrush units have the fastest and simplest of touch interfaces, after trying the QC for a week the UI has a long way to go, logical things where not implemented at...
  2. nicolasrivera

    I made a response to Rhett Shull's video

    Great video, i subscribed.
  3. nicolasrivera

    RIP Dumble

    His name will for ever be remembered amongst guitar players world wide. We where fortunate to be part of the making of a legend. RIP
  4. nicolasrivera

    The CNFB Method

    IF such updates can even be installed in old units.
  5. nicolasrivera

    Adobe Sucks

    I love photoshop, been using it almost every single day since 1998, I can virtually use it with my eyes closed.
  6. nicolasrivera

    Health Update

    Todd, I`ll have you in my round of prayers man.
  7. nicolasrivera

    NGD Suhr T with a Twist!

    oddly this set of Suhr pickups sound better than another same T set I have. Yes, the bridge is punchy and dynamic and the neck is fat, clear and articulate.
  8. nicolasrivera

    NGD Suhr T with a Twist!

    Thanks to the guys over at Ish Guitars for making this happen I was able to snatch this unusual Suhr T. It has a 1 piece swamp ash body with Indian rosewood FB and trem option plus a belly cut makes this Tele feel super versatile. The nitro lacquered body is aged beautifully. Loving this Suhr...
  9. nicolasrivera

    FM3 Firmware Version 4.01

    @rglr any new on an update?
  10. nicolasrivera

    What are Fractal's plans for the unused USB port?

    Hello Cliff, is this still in the pipe line?
  11. nicolasrivera

    New pedal for next FW...

    Man, this was too funny.
  12. nicolasrivera

    can axe 2 be converted to axe3?

    Yes, step 1, turn your Axe FX II in to cash by selling it. Step 2 buy the Axe Fx 3. Step 3, be amazed.
  13. nicolasrivera

    Joe Bonamassa Fractal or dis?

    Joe just knows whats the second best thing to his amp collection.
  14. nicolasrivera

    Facebook is down.

    Yes, its amazing, like unplugging from the Matrix.
  15. nicolasrivera

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    With Fractal you get used to the pro level of everything, from the sounds to the interfaces and the people behind this amazing brand. You can try other things, but nothing feels like a Fractal product.
  16. nicolasrivera

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs Redux

    I`ll tell you this guys, I could not capture drive pedal, tried with a Clone, Prince of Tone, a MESA, Morning Glory and always the same thing, a low frequency that was capture, unusable. Don't know what I was doing wrong but I was following the capture procedure.
  17. nicolasrivera

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs Redux

    Its continues to be an easy unit to use, hell ive still love the interface even better than the QC. HR got a lot of things right from day one. Yes, the QC has a killer better display, but both are solid metal built units that feel like they could survive many gigs, what the QC got perfectly...
  18. nicolasrivera

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs Redux

    The EQ block is cool as it looks like your topical DAW eq, but its limited and not as powerful as the Fractal ones. I keep missing a lot of details and logical knobs that are present is all Fractal FX blocks, the new thing feels so immature and not pro level. But it seems this is exactly what...
  19. nicolasrivera

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs Redux

    I have ended my 1 week test with "the new" thing and this is an issue, it gets even worth with 4 capture blocks and almost no one is talking about this at all. I have never experienced increased latency in a floor unit as you are close to maxing out the CPU. The new thing has a long way to go...
  20. nicolasrivera

    Metallica uses Axe Fx

    Im a huge fan too, hope he keeps on making killer songs.
  21. nicolasrivera

    Metallica uses Axe Fx

    I am test driving the QC for a week. The amp capture is good, but not perfect. The compression from the power tubes and the transformers it can't capture that at all, yet. Fx are ok, but there are just too few of them. SO far I don't care that much for the modeled amps, they sound decent but not...
  22. nicolasrivera


    How about room simulation in the Amp Block?
  23. nicolasrivera


  24. nicolasrivera

    FM9: wiki is up-to-date

    Thank you Yek!
  25. nicolasrivera

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Another question, the screen in the FM9, is it the same of what device, Axe III Mk2 or FM3?
  26. nicolasrivera

    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Does the FM9 have the same grid size as the Axe III?
  27. nicolasrivera

    Thornbucker pickups - odd high end?

    The Thornbuckers are great pickups, they are in the PAF territory. I have 2 sets, one I bought and one that came in one of my Suhr. When I got the set I install them in a Strat style guitar, in my C24 PRS, in a Les Paul and in a Telecaster made with pine wood. The pickups sounded different in...
  28. nicolasrivera

    An interview and master class: Pat Metheny

    Take the time to watch this, probably the best interview of Pat Metheny mix with a life of music master class.
  29. nicolasrivera

    Almost 2 months with no FW update...

    Something big is coming soon! My guess.
  30. nicolasrivera

    Jay's two new free IRs

    And yet, no matter how many things are done with current IRs, nothing can replicate at this point the real feel and acoustic experiment of playing a real amp and cab in a room.
  31. nicolasrivera

    Tim Pierce Talks Overdrives

  32. nicolasrivera

    Wish I/O Routing Matrix

    +1 this is needed ASAP
  33. nicolasrivera

    Unboxing most powerful floor modeler in the UNIVERSE

    Its one of the coolest things I've seen since 2019
  34. nicolasrivera

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 5 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta #2

    I vote to get all tapers as close to the real amps as posible.
  35. nicolasrivera

    NGD: PRS SE P20E Tonare Parlor

    Congrats Yek, i want to get one of this, PRS SE acoustic are amazing, I recently had to let go of my 2003 Angelus and a Strat as a trade deal, now is a great opportunity (excuse) to get a SE Parlor.
  36. nicolasrivera

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    What does this mocking of yours has anything to do with the beta release??
  37. nicolasrivera

    Ares vs Cygnus - if it was perfect - how can it be better now?

    Its like a steak, you grill the perfect one one day, next Sunday you grill a new one thats even better.
  38. nicolasrivera

    Cygnus 50W Plexi VS Real 50W Plexi

    Green is clip B
  39. nicolasrivera

    Cygnus 50W Plexi VS Real 50W Plexi

    The fundamental distortion is identical, one clip is crispier and the other has more low mids, but essentially the same tone.
  40. nicolasrivera

    Cygnus 50W Plexi VS Real 50W Plexi

    first clip still louder.
  41. nicolasrivera

    To Pull This Off at Age 69 Is Incredible

    This brings chills down my spine and tears in my eyes, this music is in my blood thanks to my mother good bless her. I have no memory of any time in my childhood where she didn't had music playing at home.
  42. nicolasrivera

    Cygnus Beta - first impressions

    Congrats Cliff, this sounds ridiculous real!
  43. nicolasrivera

    "Frapture" Mode in Cygnus?

    Where is this post you are quoting?
  44. nicolasrivera

    You Guys/Gals Are in for Another Treat

    Peter Steele?, he died.
  45. nicolasrivera

    Kemper people are freaking out

    Im going to quote a Kemper user, he nail it: !It’s incredible how people can’t stand that a modern piece of gear kick the table and put the Kemper in check...come on guys ! it’s the better thing that can happen so Kemper move their butt and release some new stuff...!
  46. nicolasrivera

    Brady, Brady, Brady

    You should see my wife, she was jumping and screaming.
  47. nicolasrivera

    Firmware funday Sunday?

    its Sunday dude, get rest.
  48. nicolasrivera

    Wish Profile pedals

    Amps too and a touchscreen!
  49. nicolasrivera

    Fancy displays on products - Yay or Nay?

    I bought the Gigboard exclusively to try the big touchscreen, turn out its a super fun unit, the looper alone has helped me store my ideas on the fly far better than anything else besides my phone. The touchscreen has made me realise that i love to interact with this kind of units this way...
  50. nicolasrivera

    Quick and dirty Frippy 16 second loop

    Any sound demo for us not yet AXF III users... 🤞
  51. nicolasrivera

    ARES for AX8

    I've seen a continuos spike in Ax8 owners, new people getting into the Fractal world thanks to second hand AX8 and the lack of FM3 units. The AX8 still is a very very important piece of gear for Fractal even discontinued.
  52. nicolasrivera

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.00 Public Beta

    Its Friday!!!....no wait...what?
  53. nicolasrivera

    New Solodallas Shaffer Replica now in a pedal

    Absolutely!!!! Tower and pedal!;)
  54. nicolasrivera

    Wish Gilmour PULSE amp model

    Thank you for the photos!!!
  55. nicolasrivera

    I think the answer is NO, but......

    Think of your Axe FX as a guitar amp, input-output. done.
  56. nicolasrivera

    My Trusty Assistant Passed On Today

    Sorry to hear this Mike.
  57. nicolasrivera

    Spectrasonics does Good

    Great, thanks Matt.
  58. nicolasrivera

    If you were to buy a Taylor acoustic

    814 has an amazing tone, we use it in our studio all the time. a 414 also sounds amazing, specially if you can get one at about $1,100
  59. nicolasrivera

    DSP heat sensor?

    This pretty much is a standard in all hungry processing devices as fas as i know.
  60. nicolasrivera

    Covid-19 Pandemic Discussion

    It is of terrible bad taste IMO... you will have a lot of "friends" out there with that name.
  61. nicolasrivera

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Figures got it from another article but cant seem to find it. If this behavior of the virus keeps up, we are doomed X2
  62. nicolasrivera

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Killer photo Cliff.
  63. nicolasrivera

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

  64. nicolasrivera

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    10% to 12% of recovered cases in Wuhan have tested positive again.
  65. nicolasrivera

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Here in Honduras, all major cities are in total lock down since 2 days ago. Lucky me half a block from our home we have a mini supermarket that is still opening for a few hours and i have been able to get supplies for at leas a month. We are following all disinfection procedures for clothes and...
  66. nicolasrivera

    Rhetorical Question About the Avengers

    Unfortunately the man that could accurately answer that has passed away.
  67. nicolasrivera

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Coronavirus toll per month is about 1,550 death worldwide so multiply that by 12 and sum a 50% extra and still it does not come near seasonal flu numbers, yet.
  68. nicolasrivera

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    I´ve read that new results show that the virus can survive on surfaces for about 2 to 3 days on glass, metal, plastic, paper and fabrics in temperatures of about 37C/98.6F. Also the 1 meter distance is now up to 4.5 meters of spread.
  69. nicolasrivera

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

  70. nicolasrivera

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Lying to the public is what governments do best, in times like this a lie is crucial to keep order, at least thats what i would do if i was in that position. My concerns is by what number should i multiply the cases in order to get a rough estimate of the truth.
  71. nicolasrivera

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    With just 2 cases currently confirmed we are currently out of clinical alcohol, Lysol, hand gels and masks. People went crazy at our local Pricemart like if it was the end of the world. I´m trying to keep my panic anxiety controlled for the sake of my family. Schools have been closed nation...
  72. nicolasrivera

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    What kind of supplies have you guys have stacked up?
  73. nicolasrivera

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Here in Honduras we have 2 confirmed cases as announced today by our health minister.
  74. nicolasrivera

    NGD: PRS Paul's "Dirty" top Artist in Jade.

    This is my second Core PRS since my fist one (C24) back in 2008. Recently a very close friend that i call brother bought an amazing Paul's guitar with a beautiful quilt top and since then i said to my self, i need to get one. Thanks to the guys at Willcutt Guitars i was able to purchase this one...
  75. nicolasrivera

    Some photos of when I was on tour with The Dead

    Thank for sharing man, all i have to say is WOW!
  76. nicolasrivera

    New BluGuitar Amp X - Holy $#!%

    That tube in the vox was a fake, i mean i had a chance to take one apart for cleaning and took that 12ax7 out, the unit's sound never cut off.
  77. nicolasrivera

    Axe-Fx III vs AX8 - simple test

    Seems like you need to cut the fizz down in the AX8 clip.
  78. nicolasrivera

    Friedman HBE 100 Deluxe vs Suhr PT100 vs Mesa JP2C+ = Choose and why

    So, you are looking are 50+ watts right? Friedman and Suhr PT100 are more related in tone than MESA, the LP2C+ is a true monster tone machine, i love it and thanks to its 3 channel, 2 EQ + MIDI it would be my choice.
  79. nicolasrivera

    2020 AxeFxTutorials update

    My parter at our studio had similar issues, i know your struggle. Now that you know where the issue is, you will get better. Happy 2020.
  80. nicolasrivera

    Would you dislike a 4U Axe-Fx 4?

    4U? nah, make it 6U for ultimate ultimation.
  81. nicolasrivera


    Redwirez, for me, hit a homerun with this new platform and module base thing. cant wait for more modules to hit the store. (EQs and Reverbs)
  82. nicolasrivera

    Axe-Edit III 1.04.00

    Thank you Michael, Merry Xmas!
  83. nicolasrivera

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta

    Thank you and Merry Xmas!
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