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  1. J

    Michael Landau (modified Arion Chorus) sound

    Anyone have a preset?
  2. J

    Using 3 powered cabs with the AX8?

    i've been using a pair of alto ts210 cabs with my ax8 and I love them for clean. I tried several big name boutiques and KSC K12 and in the end for jazz and for cleans, I prefer the altos. I don't want to get into a discussion about how I need to upgrade these speakers. For me, the power to...
  3. J

    Wish preamp/poweramp insert block

    I'd like to be able to insert something like reverb in between the preamp and poweramp to get closer to a fender amp vibe
  4. J

    Wish Better spring reverb

    When auditioning some of the dedicated spring reverb pedals such as Ventris or Flint, the reverb sounds more rich and "authentic" than the spring reverb on the Fractal. (Or maybe I just don't have the parameters set right?) I'm also using reverb at the end of the chain after the speaker so maybe...
  5. J

    How to get a wider stereo sound without delay or chorus?

    years ago, i used to use a twin amp setup with a boss RV2 or RV3 going into two amps and the sound was wide and glorious. I've tried to accomplish the same thing with the AX8 but setting the reverb's stereo width to 100% doesn't give the same effect. Any hints would be appreciated.
  6. J

    Bought a Kemper!

    So, lately I was feeling a bit uninspired with my AX8 and I really missed the MBritt Robben Ford Dumble sound from when I had a kemper about 2 years ago. So, I convinced myself that the kemper sounded better than axefx and bought one from a store in NYC. It was about $2k new with the...
  7. J

    [Solved] Getting more volume with Tube Pre and no cab?

    Configured a patch for tube pre and reverb to use for acoustic guitar and archtop but even with volumes maxed in the pre i'm not getting enough volume. Best way to handle this?
  8. J

    Wishlist: Soft start?

    Can the ax8 be modified for a soft start? If you ever have your monitors on when you turn the ax8 on you know what i'm talking about.
  9. J

    Can no longer connect over USB after latest windows update

    If I reboot, I can connect with as8-edit for a single edit session but as soon as I do *ANYTHING* on the ax8 such as switch an effect on or off, the unit disconnects and I can no longer connect to it. And another weird thing is that if I run ax8-edit, i'll hear the disconnect chime followed by...
  10. J

    Switching between ax8 and SY300?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this query. I am using an SY300 synth in front of the axefx. Due to the cabinet modeling, the synth doesn't sound good going through the ax8 so I have it setup so that for I run the synth through it's own FRFR(2) via the sub output on the SY300 and the...
  11. J

    how do I globally set output 2 to be +4

    it seems that I can only set it for 0.0 and +12
  12. J

    how to make fine adjustments of parameters on the unit

    I'm used to editing in ax8-edit but for some global/io parameters I find the adjustment knob too course. I tried a quick search in the manual but didn't find anything. What is the modifier to make fine adjustments to parameters on the unit?
  13. J

    Step by step FAQ for configuring Missiong SP2-R?

    Can't find a manual online. Does it require TRS connectors instead of standard 1/4" ? I can't get my ax8 to recognize it.
  14. J

    anyone found a good Tim Miller patch?

    He gets a nice sustain but without the snarl and growl of the typical overdriven tone.
  15. J

    Simulating guitar tone control?

    Is there an eq setting I can use to simulate rolling off the guitar tone control? One of my guitars doesn't have one and I usually take it down to 6 or 7 for fusiony leads. I've tried a low pass filter and that sort of works but doesn't really sound the same.
  16. J

    Just got a prototype Xitone cab...

    I just received a prototype xitone cab that weighs less than 30lbs and sounds !@#$ amazing. It completely blows away the alto cabs I was using before. Can't wait to get a pair of these! I can't divulge any of the details of construction at this point in time but I really love this. To me, it...
  17. J

    Is it possible to to assign different EQ to FOH and backline?

    I want a different eq for FOH than what I'm running in my backline.
  18. J

    Anyone use three cabs with their AXEFX / AX8?

    thinking about adding a 3rd cab for dispersion when playing at extremely loud volume. I know it'd be better to keep things symmetrical but I don't feel like lugging 4 cabs with me!
  19. J

    Slightly different inquiry about FRFR cabs

    It seems that most of the requests I read are from guys looking for the thump of big 4x12 cabs and are playing low tuned metal or classic rock stuff. I'm a jazz guitarist playing primarily Pat Metheny/Adam Rogers/Kurt Rosenwinkel as well as fusion stuff like Holdsworth/Scott Henderson and I...
  20. J

    AX8 LED FAQ?

    Is there a FAQ for LED behavior? For some reason, no matter what channel or bank i'm on the RED led on channel 1 is on and F3 is blinking green. I thought at one time, the LED next to the switch engaged when I selected a channel?
  21. J

    Problem with my AX8 or user error?

    ok, nevermind - user error
  22. J

    Will axefx iii synth block be polyphonic?

    will it be multiphonic? If so, i'm in!!!
  23. J

    freman clean/dirty presets

    I purchased this a few days ago and was going to install but I noticed that the cabinet numbers of his user cabs are not consecutive and since I already have a couple dozen user cabs in use by my own presets, I can't find a way to move mine that don't conflict with fremans. I don't see a...
  24. J

    Xotic Soul Driven overdrive emulation?

    Anyone figure out how to get this overdrive tone? Or any chance of modeling this one?
  25. J

    Can I go SPDIF into a motu AVB?

  26. J

    Anyone able to get simulate the Xotic Soul Driven pedal?

    I'm looking for a non-dumble type of overdrive like Allen Hinds stuff with a strat or Tim Miller's with humbuckers.
  27. J

    Any Michael Landau presets?

    like from
  28. J

    Anyone have a great AX8 holdsworth preset?

  29. J

    bass preamps?

    Looking for an ax8 bass preamp/amp to get a jaco/willis tone. any recommendations?
  30. J

    5.02 not as clean as 4.x?

    Is it my imagination? My clean fender tones don't seem to have the headroom that they used to have. My clean fender jazz amp now sounds slightly overdriven. Nothing else has changed. I am considering recording it, switching back and recording it again to see if i'm imagining things...
  31. J

    FYI Univibe is pretty damn good...

    I was disappointed at first but spent some time tweaking it and eventually decided I liked it better than my KR Megavibe and Classic Amplification Vibe Baby, 2 of the top 5 vibes currently made IMO.... So, I sold both my analog vibes...
  32. J

    foot controllers that use USB?

    Any program change devices which use USB instead of midi?
  33. J

    Another trick...High Pass / Low Pass

    I'm sure most of you veterans already know this. I have periodically experimented with the cutoff frequencies on overdriven tones...Mostly for getting the characteristic Allen Holdsworth violin tone. I'll typically set the high frequencies to cut off at on or just under 3k. However, the other...
  34. J

    can someone tell me why the overdrive doesn't work right in this preset?

    can't figure it out...
  35. J

    still trying to replicate el capistan / tape modulated delay

    I have a patch that sounds nice but in order to get the modulation high enough in the mix, I have to set the delay too high in the mix. Can I get the modulation mixed more wet than the delay? I want to be able to use this on AX8 so I hope the answer is not multiple delays...
  36. J

    Fusion Jam Ibanez S5521Q / Axefx II

    This is a mesa book zendrive into a mk ii C+ and Bogner 2x12 cab with celestion gold speakers.
  37. J

    Secret weapon (replacement for FRFR)

    So, recently I bought an Epifani UL112 bass speaker cab. It's a full range bass cab with a 43Hz - 16kHz frequency response. I bought it along with a GK MB500 amplifier to use for bass. On a whim, I plugged my Axefx into and it it's got a killer sound for guitar. I like it much better than some...
  38. J

    Global EQ

    How do I get to it? I find that at gig volumes, due to the fletcher Munson and possibly eq characteristics of my monitors, I get really loud, booming bass. So I'd like to have a global eq I can switch on for gigging or loud volumes without having to tweak individual patches.
  39. J

    synchronizing user cabs across axefx ii and ax8?

    is there a way to do this other than importing cabs 1 by 1?
  40. J

    Revelation about speaker cabs...

    OK, so I figured out I was doing something completely wrong in my amp building with axefx. I had picked out a cabinet that sounded good for my clean: 021 — 2x12 DOUBLE VERB R121 I had been using this cabinet for almost every amp with the exeption of the 011 — 1x12 BLUDO MIX which I was using...
  41. J

    Can the axefx / ax8 get this sound? (Fulltone TTE content)

    This is a demo I did with the fulltone TTE a while back. I'd love to be able to get this sound on the axe or ax8
  42. J

    getting unwanted distortion with 2.03 or 2.04

    I'm not seeing the red LED on but the sound on many of my presets act as if something is overloaded. Anyone else seeing this issue?
  43. J

    what solution for quick adjustments of amp settings?

    Without having to go through the edit menus and layouts? What hardware is out there that would allow me to add on gain,master, treble, mid & bass?
  44. J

    Still looking for MK II Mutron filter like this:

    looking for a mutron envelope filter for the mk ii, anyone successful at this?
  45. J

    My AX8 is showing the incorrect firmware rev

    when I first got it, it was showing 1.0b. I just updated to the latest firmware posted here and it's still showing 1.0b anyone?
  46. J

    shortcut for adding a cable between blocks?

    is there a way to select multiple blocks and with one click connect them all?
  47. J

    Looking for super clean high wattage speaker IRs

    JBL K-120, K-130, EV12L Anyone selling any packs like that?
  48. J

    Help porting these Allan Holdsworth presets (axe II) to ax8?

    thanks in advance. Anyone offering a pay-convert service?
  49. J

    how do I translate multidelay band delay to ax8?

    I have a number of presets which use multiple multidelays.
  50. J

    axefx amp model translations?

    Some are obvious but others not so much. Is there a table that lists what each amp is modeled after?
  51. J

    Holdsworth clean and dirty sounds for AX8?

    Most of the presets use multiple multi-delays. Anyone got good holdsworth clean and leads for ax8?
  52. J

    External device to add real-time treble, mid, bass, volume control?

    Just wondering? I bought an AX8 so I'll probably be using it most of the time for live situations but there are a few cases where I want to use multiple multidelays and multiple amps/cabs so occasionally, I might want to use my axe ii.
  53. J

    switching presets with a single click?

    dumb question, on the ax8, is there any way to either put a 2nd amp into a scene or to be able to switch to a different preset with one button click? Right now to switch from bank1-preset 1 to bank1-preset 2 I have to hit F1 and then FS 2
  54. J

    Can't connect Fractal-Bot to AX8

    Connecting to AX8 via USB, and selecting my AX8 device and AX8 Midi, the checkmarks never appear for the midi in/out so I'm never able to even select my firmware file. I was able to connect to the ax8 with ax8-edit with no issues. Running windows 8.1, no issues with the axefx ii mk ii and the...
  55. J

    what are you guys doing for a case?

    Love the ax8 so far!
  56. J

    Getting some sort of pumping sound with quantum 2.0

    I'm not sure yet whether this is user error or some sort of artifact but I'm getting what sort of sounds like either noise gate open/close or compressor open/close on certain presets. This was happening yesterday with the ODS-100_HRM amplifier but I've had it happen on other amplifiers or not...
  57. J

    how do you guys handle moving presets between ax8 & axefx II ?

    how do you guys handle moving presets between ax8 & axefx II ?
  58. J

    Anyone know what patch(es) Tim Miller is using?

    Very holdsworth-esque but cleaner. He's using an axefx II
  59. J

    Spring Reverbs?

    Has there ever been a discussion on improving the spring reverb? When I had the axefx 1, there wasn't anything better in pedal format but now the beltron and FV-1 chipsets sound pretty good. Pedals like the Boing (beltron) and the Topanga (FV-1) sound really good. It'd be cool if the axefx ii...
  60. J

    More thoughts on my experience with Kemper and Axefx II

    Axefx and Kemper thoughts So here are some more thoughts on the axefx II vs the kemper... The axefx has some beautiful clean tones. The fender cleans are gorgeous. The spring reverbs - while not the best I've ever heard - are definitely a plus. I really like the Kemper fender cleans -...
  61. J

    Can the synth block do the GR-300 sounds?

    Looking to emulate some pat metheny stuff ala this type of GR-300 playing (from my friend Mike Pavone)
  62. J

    Former Kemper user, just bought axefx II

    Love the kemper but the effects are horrible. So , I just bought an Axefx II. Primarily interested in clean fender tones but I also use dumbly and holdsworthian overdrives. I haven't gotten my axefx yet but I have a few questions. 1) Will the built-in speaker impulses be good enough to get...
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