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    Easy demonstration of how sound in the air comes through guitar pickups

    I kinda stumbled onto this by accident and it blew my mind. There has been much discussion on how your guitar actually produces a different tone when you’ve got an amp or monitors producing sound that interacts with the guitar. It’s not just your perception: the sound itself is legitimately...
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    How much room is in a live, mic’d guitar signal?

    This question is inspired by the new FullRes IRs. The intent of that feature was playing at home, and obviously a large amount of room would sound bad live. Of course, the answer to the thread question is “not much,” but if it is more than zero, is a small amount of room a missing ingredient...
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    Wish Tap tempo setlist

    Background: I play guitar at church. I have my one kitchen sink preset. The one thing that changes is the tempo for all of songs (for delay). Current methods are tap tempo (which is hit and miss) or using the dial on the AF3 to set the tempo by number. It works but is not ideal, particularly...
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    Bug / Partially Solved: Tap Tempo based on when you release, not when you press

    Tap Tempo with the FC is based on when you release the switch, not when you press it (which is the part people are naturally trying to tap). This behavior is the same whether there is a hold function on the switch or not. Wish: Either an option or automatic behavior (when there is no hold...
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    Tempo on an external switch?

    In my church, we play with a click track and I know what tempo everything is. I often will just use the knob on the Axe FX III to manually set the tempo for delays. It would be nice to have a little knob on my pedalboard to set the tempo with, in the event that Axe FX 3 was offstage and not...
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    Holy crap... XFormer Match

    One of my main tones is a regular Marshall Plexi, that I've hand-tweaked all kinds of advanced parameters for. I'm doing thorough post-cygnus overhaul and on my old settings I had XFormer Match down a little, like 0.945. As I experimented, I realized it kept liking it more as I turned it down...
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    Practice amp recommendations?

    My old 15w Crate practice amp is finally giving up the ghost, and it is time to replace it. (You may be wondering why I use a POS practice amp. Worship practice is on Thursday and I leave my rig there until Sunday because I am lazy. Practice amp is used in between.) I will admit I have...
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    What all this talk of the Friedman BE and HBE reminds me of...

    At 4:00 in (although the whole thing is worth watching):
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    Audeze LCD-X and LCD-2 with AF3

    I just got the Audeze LCD-X. I’ve been using Sennheiser HD-580 for years and was looking for something clearer and closer to hearing the real thing. On the one hand, the LCD-X delivers what I wanted. It sounds much clearer and more detailed. On the other hand, these headphones are only capable...
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    Amps with great dynamics for live use?

    Let's talk about good live tones, the old fashioned "play an entire gig with one amp on the edge of breakup" kind. I'm talking about an amp that doesn't just clean up when you play soft, but the volume softens just the right amount with it. When you dig in, it doesn't just get dirtier but stays...
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    [Not a] Bug: Individual Cab levels

    Turning down the level on an individual cab in the cab block doesn't seem to do anything. I tried it on Cygnus and on 15.01 and it's there in both. At some point in the past, it used it work. I probably just didn't notice the change or figured it was something with the modeling.
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    Wish/Suggestion: FC-15

    It would be awesome to have a FC with a 3x5 layout.
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    Tremolo Tension: The Secret to a Great Strat

    It is known in the collective of internet guitar knowledge that a Stratocaster bridge can either be "floating" to allow tremolo use or "decked" for stability and arguably better tone (to those people with magic ears like Eric Johnson). The truth is far more nuanced as the tremolo system gives...
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    Zen Drive is a whole different beast from the Axe FX II days

    With FW 13, I've been messing around with Drive pedals. With the Axe FX II, I had meticulously gone through all of them and the Zen Drive was just another pedal. I'm not sure when it all changed, but it is a completely different beast nowadays with the voice control. Gain behaves very...
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    Wish Amp "Basic" Tab

    One of the biggest challenges with the Axe FX is the learning curve. For a normal guitar player who is used to normal amps, it is very overwhelming to step beyond the "Tone" tab on the Amp block. Most of the parameters are deep tweaking / amp modification stuff that most people don't need to...
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    Beginner's Quick Guide To Essential Amp Parameters (FW 12.03)

    The Axe FX III has a seemingly endless number of amp parameters available to tweak. This can be really cool, but it can also be very overwhelming, especially for someone who is new to the Axe FX and used to a real amp. Most parameters are just fine in their default setting, but some are...
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    Gain Enhancer Appreciation Thread

    I think the new Gain Enhancer in 9.01 is one of the coolest new features in a while. Experimenting with this, I've found it adds a real liveliness to the tone that you normally need a real amp for. It also adds to the sustain nicely. It's different from just adding reverb and I think this was...
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    Wish Control Switch MIDI executes internally within the Axe-Fx III

    The big limitation with the FC units is that each button can only do one thing at a time, making it not possible to do something like change Amp and Cab channels or engage/bypass multiple blocks with one button. With an external MIDI controller, however, this is a piece of cake: just assign...
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    Wish Linked Amp and Cabinet channels

    It would be nice to be able to set different cabinet models for each amp channel. The amp and cabinet blocks each have 4 channels, so it makes sense if changing Amp 1 from channel A to channel B can also change Cab 1 from channel A to channel B. Of course, this would be a setting, not an...
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    Volume randomly dropping and hum appearing in signal [NOT A BUG]

    Volume of guitar signal will drop to a fraction of normal volume. A loud low frequency hum becomes present in signal that was not there before. - Axe FX II - I am currently using Quantum 1.01, but this problem first started occurring with firmware I had updated 6-12 months ago. - Most of the...
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    Just downloaded cab packs 4-6... I feel like I'm in over my head.

    I just cracked open pack #4. It's got like 150 IRs. My Axe FX 2 only has 100 user slots. I bought 3 packs. Using the fractal bot means uploading one at a time. There has got to be a better way. Up until now, things have been pretty straight forward downloading updates and stuff, but this seems...
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    Wish: Tap Tempo Press and Release

    During my wait for an MFC-101 (I had ordered mine around Christmas), I was using my old Tonelab LE for a midi controller for my Axe FX II. For some reason, using the Tonelab LE as a midi controller, the tap tempo functioned like a momentary switch, where I would press the button down and then...
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    Delay Hold Clicking. Help?

    I have delay 2 set up as a very warm, spacious sounding delay for volume swells. Now that I finally have my MFC-101, I programmed a modifier to turn on the delay hold. It works great, except that whenever I switch the delay hold on, I sounds like a metronome is playing a little click in time...
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    Volume with all blocks bypassed is quieter than bypassing entire unit.

    I am new to the Axe FX 2. The patches I made are pretty straight forward: DRV - AMP - TREM - VOL PEDAL - DLY 1 - DLY 2 - REV. With every block bypassed, the signal is a good 10 dB quieter than if I just hit the bypass button on the front of the unit to bypass everything. I'm at a loss to...
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