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    Re-install default Fm3 foot controller layout?

    How do I re-install/overlay the default FM3 foot controller with the 9 layouts? I see layouts for OMG9 and OMG15. I couldn't find a 'reset to defaults' option or a download available on fractal downloads page. I've sold the unit, and sure enough I go to give it a fairwell play and I somehow...
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    SOLD FM3 headphone version - $750

    FM3 with headphone. Used 100s of times dependable unit. the price is a bit lower than market because it has a sporadic issue with the screen going all white at startup. So it doesn’t boot up. When that occurs, I shut it down, start it up and everything is fine. If you’d feel more comfortable I...
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    Wrecker Express Normal scene is my new favorite factory preset

    I’m putting together some songs for a jam this weekend. Tonight I was working on Jesus Just Left Chicago. Once I had the solo down I started hunting for the best amp for that song. I wanted something where I could keep the guitar at 7 for the ‘clean’ sections and bring it up for the edgier...
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    Gain Enhancer for clean tones

    Does anyone use gain enhancer on clean tones? In terms of how it’s described it always made sense to apply to Gain Enhancer to dirty tones for sustain. And it’s been a big hit since it came out. I tried it on clean tones the other day, and was quite surprised how much I loved it. The feel...
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    Leon Todd, a.k.a 2112, has 2112 downloads on axechange

    Freaky I know, right?
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    I've got a guessing game for ya

    This preset is closest to the 80s metal tone in my head. I love it. If you don't that's fine. It's a bit compressed, no subtlety, no dynamics, fast response but still has some squish. I hear EVH, White Lion, even a bit of Nuno If you love it, the game is to guess what is the special sauce? I...
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    I just took a factory preset from 78% CPU to 45%

    It was labeled “Light FX” yet nearly every block was used in one row. I shunted everything for effects except Delay and Reverb, ran them in parallel, stereo outs. No change to reverb quality. 45%! Ive built many presets from scratch and they were all 53 to 65 CPU... clear out what you’re not...
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    Let’s talk tone: phase inverter, power amp, speaker breakup

    One of my favorite hard rock tones is Hot Blooded by Foreigner. It’s raw, mean, honky and nasty. ive only once managed to get this tone from a tube amp, I mean really nailed it. And that was with a reissue Plexi that had both a pre and post phase inverter master. part of my challenge was...
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    Mix/Levels question, what am I doing wrong?

    So I was tearing apart a Preset from Burgs tonight. I was tweaking the usual things when you get someone else's preset set up for expression pedals or other FM6/12 controllers etc Then I came to the Delay. He had his Mix at 100%, and level was quite low like -30dB. So I tried the level, and...
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    Freeze ups in 1.03?

    I just sold my FM3. It arrived and it is freezing up using any of the physical controls. It powers up fine, but he says it freezes after 2 to 3 front actions. This is 1.03 firmware Anyone else?
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    Anyone been getting Guitar Player for free?

    I haven’t paid for a renewal in years and they keep sending them to me, it was a gift from my now deceased mother in law, so I know I’m not being charged... thinking maybe they are just giving them away to keep the ad revenue flowing?
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    Headphones with FM3, dirt = great, cleans <> great

    So after some time messing with the FM 3, using headphones, I'm finding the dirty sounds are great, but the cleans not at all. The cleans are lifeless, they kinda go "plink' and die quickly. And they sound a bit warbly. Adding a compressor helps a fair amount. The sustain comes back. Still...
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    Are Cabs referenced by name, or position?

    Title says it all. I kinda feel like if I think about it thoroughly, I could figure it out … but ... So I have a preset with User1 being cab ABC. If I put a new cab in User1 slot, I'm thinking the preset doesn't automatically begin using the new cab. Unless the Manage cabs process updates...
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    What does an RJM Mastermind offer over the FC pedals...

    To justify such high prices? They seem to need a fair amount of setup and programming to work with an Axe 3. The only ‘advantage’ I see is the additional use of color. What am I missing?
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    For anyone who's using the Burg's Brownies preset ...

    I'm having looping type of feedback on most of the scenes, but not all... the Atomica scene has no issues … I got to chat with Burg's about it briefly, but I was wondering if anyone else encountered any issues? A comparison of the good scenes with the 'bad' scenes didn't lend any clues. Patch...
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    Who has tried every amp in the Axe III?

    I don’t know exactly where I am in this task... but I plan to try them all eventually
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    Which amps exist only in the Axe 3?

    I found the wiki mentions new amps but not which ones... I've been too busy playing to check! By the way, I didnt think it possible, but the Axe 3 does sound much improved over the Axe 2 on the latest firmware. The clean amps have more punch and a glassy top end. Mid gain tones seem more...
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    Well, with great sadness, I sold my II, in order to...

    Order the III !!! Unfortunately I am heading out of town for 10 days, though... major bummer I loved the II to death, it will be missed...I’m not expecting the III to sound much better, but looking forward to the additional flexibility, and of course, future improvements. I debated about the...
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    Rush - "A Farewell to Kings" tone

    I was giving this CD a listen the other day. Man I just love Alex's crunchy tones on Cinderella Man and Closer to the Heart... Do I recall he was using a solid state British amp? I'm actually thinking of venturing into tone matching for the first time... but if I didn't, where would you all...
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    Just uploaded my first patch - SRV, Hendrix, Mayer 'thang'

    This is actually Ares 1.00 Beta (I didn't see that as an option in the list of Firmware versions) Clean to slightly driven SRV/Mayer/Hendrix tones. Scene 1 is clean, Scene 2 I skipped the usual TS808 and used a BB Pre. Use Scene 2 for the lead in Little Wing I used an EQ to get the extra...
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    Phase issue with newly imported IRs

  22. M

    For those like me, that know nada about mics

    I thought I would share this info: https://ehomerecordingstudio.com/electric-guitar-microphones/ I'm loving the journey through FRFR, but it sure has a big learning curve, so I hope this may help others, particularly those going from tube amps to FRFR.
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    Where would you start for early Santana tones?

    Im talking first two albums... Samba Pa Ti, Hope You're Feelin' Better, Oye Como Va, etc... I believe he was using a modded Princeton? Or cranked Twin(s). I'm curious whether cranking that amp with no boosts or other tweaks will get me there? Cab wise, I think I want something vintage with a...
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    If I use an amp with no cab....

    What exactly.am I hearing? Is it the equivalent of going 'straight to the desk'? I heard the Beatles Revolution is just that. I tried that last night, and i know people will say it sounds like crap, but i love it! Its raw, visceral. When you add the IR back in the signal chain, it neuters the...
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    SOLD Line6 HX Stomp

    Like new, low hours. All original packaging. $520 shipped. Traveling now but can ship Friday.
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    So I bought a Helix Stomp to compare with my Axe-Fx II

    Curious if anyone else has both, and has experienced this. On the Stomp, I almost always have to add a compressor to every patch. Never in the Axe... the Axe natural compression always feels right with no need for tweaking. Anyone notice this? Why is this, do you think? Im not alone, I think...
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    Was there ever a consideration of different OS's for different types of players?

    For example, a metal focused install, a country/clean/jazz install, a boutique pedal focused install, a classic rock install? I realize that in a particular genre, all amps become slight variations of one another... but... if I were a metal guy, as one example, there may be little use for a...
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    Long-time Axe-Fx user, first time FRFR user, some thoughts

    Bought a Line6 Powercab . Quickly dialed in a pretty awesome clean tone, Also dialed in a very nice Dumble tone with the Ojai model. The feel is much more fluid, and everything seems easier to play than through the loop of my Landry, out to a 2x12 cab. But I've really been struggling with a...
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    So the Axe III discussion got me to finally upgrade my II...

    It had been 2 years since I updated.... Is it just me or is the latest version much quieter? (Well somewhere between version 5 and the latest 9...). The patches all seem slightly less gain too (I know the patches require some tweaking typically, these are just general observations) I actually...
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    Recipe for Brian May tones

    I know he used AC30s with a Deacy device. Whats the best route to that tone?
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    How would you build an 80s style chorusy clean sound?

    i heard Ethan Brosh demoing the ISP Theta Pro, and he as getting the coolest 80s thin, plinky, direct to the board chorused sound.... Where you start amp and effects wise?
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    Getting Santana's Soul Sacrifice tone

    anyone attempt this tone yet? From what I've read, the recipe is cranked Twins, serious volume, and very efficient speakers. I haven't gotten too far into designing this tone, but with the gain and volume cranked on the Twin model, it doesn't have that juicy kerrang, that bright crunch that...
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    Getting the best reverb sound

    so I love reverb... I use it on every patch to create a sense of space.... The typical Fender reverb is too splashy, though, even on like 3. My favorite model so far is ambient.... It's very subtle, sits in the back and doesn't overpower the tone. Anyone have any other strategies for a subtle...
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    Need help with connection to Axe Edit

    I'm using the MI Audio USB interface from the MIDI In/Out to my laptop USB port. It's not recognizing the connection. This used to work fine on my Standard... Latest drivers installed, what else?
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    What amp model for Godsmack tones?

    Which amp model would you use for their tones? I have a feeling I might get Recto recommendations ... if so, I'm having trouble getting that tone, and could use some pointers...
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    Bogner model too dark

    I don't know how many discussions I've read about Bogner XTCs being too dark. I've owned a few, and I would run them with the entire tonestack maxed, and I thought, "Wow, this sounds like a really great JCM800". But it always felt foreign to me ... Then I read this (from Cliff, in the Wiki)...
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    Is Fractal going to the NY Amp Show this year?

    I really want to try out the Axe II V10
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