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  1. Adman103

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here!

    It’s really fun to play on- the dual FC thing with layout links is just crazy flexible. Right now, I’m running the 6 as a master preset switcher, with scenes and IAs on the 12, with a couple of hold functions on the 6 to bring up alternate layouts on the 12- but you could really configure it in...
  2. Adman103

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here!

    I just do this .
  3. Adman103

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here!

    Yea, it's kinda ridiculous now that it's all together, but I was trying to get all the stuff that I really wanted onto one board- I had a few overdrives that I really like that aren't modeled in the Axe, and I was tired of my stuff getting carried around loose so here I am.
  4. Adman103

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here!

    Well, here's my big board. There are still some things to clean up (wiring needs some clean up, specifically) but the bones are in place. It's pretty darn large and heavy, and it's really mostly for playing at home. I kept the sides on the FCs so that I could easily remove them (they're...
  5. Adman103

    Ken Andrews / Failure; shout-out to FAS

    Welcome to the forum! You're in for a great ride.
  6. Adman103

    Hey Donnie! It's nice to virtually meet you! I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and yea, I've...

    Hey Donnie! It's nice to virtually meet you! I live in the suburbs of Chicago, and yea, I've been playing at church for 7 or 8 years now- it's always good to meet other believers here! The AF3 is really ideal for this kind of playing- I've been really happy with it.
  7. Adman103

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here!

    That's all very, very cool. Amazing that you can control the lights and lasers and such... I'm running a 6 and 12 together, with the 6 as kind of a control for the 12, inspired by the Killer App setup detailed in the manual. The 6 uses Layout 1 and is set for song presets on the taps (I play...
  8. Adman103

    Noise from FASLINK II cable [solved]

    I just made a snake with an XLR cable for the FASLink II connection, a 1/4" cable for the instrument cable from my pedalboard so I could run a couple of my favorite drives, and a 9v DC cable, and I'm getting a pretty bad whine coming through that only disappears when I unplug the xlr cable- has...
  9. Adman103

    So... what is everyone using their Stand In Switches for?

    I'm currently using one as a tap tempo, and it works great. I'll probably add two more- one set momentary for the fx loop with a Digitech Freqout, and one set latching for the TC Electronic Mimiq. I currently run the Freqout and Mimiq set the same way on the FC-12, and it works great. I just...
  10. Adman103

    A little advice/help for connecting/using TC Electronics Mimiq

    Good, I'm glad to hear it's working for you! I love that darn pedal- I don't use it all the time, but it really adds something cool when it's the right moment. It's fun to assign an expression pedal to the level in the Out 3 block and fade the effect in- you can just feel the sound grow...
  11. Adman103

    A little advice/help for connecting/using TC Electronics Mimiq

    No sweat- let us know how it goes. Here's the way I set it up, although it's by no means the only way- the Mimiq is in loop 3.
  12. Adman103

    Since I'm new to rack gear...

    I stand corrected. Thanks, @unix-guy .
  13. Adman103

    Since I'm new to rack gear...

    Power line noise is a pedal and amp problem- not an Axe problem. The Axe is a computer, really, so it won’t be subject to crappy club power the same way a tube amp would be. The only reason you would need a power conditioner is if you need more plugs in your rack, or if you’re worried about...
  14. Adman103

    A little advice/help for connecting/using TC Electronics Mimiq

    BTW- welcome to the forum! You’ll love your Axe! Best piece of gear I’ve ever owned.
  15. Adman103

    A little advice/help for connecting/using TC Electronics Mimiq

    I use the mimiq with my Axe 3 in the fx loop- set it up with the #3 output going into the pedal in stereo, so you have both the L and R #3 outputs going into the Mimiq. Then the two outputs of the Mimiq back into the #3 inputs of the Axe Fx. This takes four patch cables total. In your patch...
  16. Adman103

    Axe-Fx III Manual Updated to 5.x

    Fantastic! Thank you.
  17. Adman103

    U2/Edge tones/presets/insight for Axe-Fx 3?

    Yea, I'm hoping that @edo does- I've been waiting for those to be updated for the III- some of my favorite tones, and I'd love to have them done right!
  18. Adman103

    Mesa Lonestar Clean

    Beautiful playing. Wow.
  19. Adman103

    To whoever suggested the AC20 model recently...

    I absolutely love the AC20 model. It was a revelation for me- chimey, grindy goodness that's been my go to Voxish model. I'll have to try it with the EL34. Thanks for the tip!
  20. Adman103

    Splitting a signal after a wireless unit

    Hey, thank you so much everyone, this is all really helpful! I very much appreciate all the responses! The Out3 or 4/ to copy Input 1 would be really elegant, but I'm already using all my outs- 1 for the house, 2 for my cab when I use it, and I've got pedals in 3 and 4, but that buffer...
  21. Adman103

    Splitting a signal after a wireless unit

    I'm starting to think about putting together a pedalboard with my FC6, and I'd like to put my Polytune on the board, but I run a wireless unit at my rack, so my idea was to split the signal right after the wireless receiver in my rack using a Y cable, and run a cable back to the pedalboard, just...
  22. Adman103

    Can I make a custom cable for multiple FC's or use a wire loom?

    4 FC-12s! Wow! That would be amazing if you can get it to work. I've tossed around putting together a cable to power an additional FC (so I'd run a 6 and a 12), and to carry power and a signal to a tuner pedal (love me some Polytune), along with the normal 3 lead xlr signal the FCs require...
  23. Adman103

    Ain't No Grave - Easter 2019

    Cool! Sounds great! You guys have a heck of a stage setup.
  24. Adman103

    Wish Honey Bee OD

    There was a lot of buzz about this pedal a long time ago. I've never played one, but the demos sure sounded sweet- chewy, sticky tones with just a hint of sting.
  25. Adman103

    FC-12 + FC-6 - A Rig For Live Improv

    Thanks for sharing this! I've been really curious to see how people have been integrating the 6 and the 12- I've found the link layout rig that's discussed in the manual fascinating, and I really like how you use the 6 to get more control over the channels of the individual effects- it's a...
  26. Adman103

    Ken Andrews / Failure; shout-out to FAS

    I've got a Mimiq running in the loop cause I'm lucky enough to be able to always play in stereo, and it's crazy how much bigger the sound stage gets when you kick it in- not louder, just... w i d e. I try to not overdo it with the stereo stuff, but it's a great ingredient to throw into...
  27. Adman103

    FC-6 vs. FC-12

    Yea, I've really been impressed with how you can set up each preset with the per preset switches, which is part of why the 6 is totally a useable tool for me- otherwise I'd be saying that it's just too darn small and I'd need a 12. Good description of the capabilities of the per preset stuff, btw.
  28. Adman103

    FC-6 vs. FC-12

    I've been using the 6, and it's great. It's everything I need. I'm starting to realize that I like to have some special options always available to me, and that it's nice to have them not always attached to scenes, so a 12 would be nice for the extra buttons quickly available, so if you're...
  29. Adman103

    Noodly/tappy jam with the AC-20 fw5.02 amps

    Thanks for the tip!
  30. Adman103

    Noodly/tappy jam with the AC-20 fw5.02 amps

    Wow, really cool playing! I absolutely love that tapping part- I'm gonna have to go home and figure that out! Really clear and chimey. Thanks for posting!
  31. Adman103

    Set BPM/tempo to a tenth of a number (or at least a half)

    I'm a little annoyed every time I come across a track that has a .5 bpm to it, and Brian's presets for the P&W crowd are pretty darn good- I use a bunch of them myself, and that entire genre of playing is so delay driven, and it's almost always played along with some level of background...
  32. Adman103

    Problem Solved: Massively confused and need help

    It totally sounds like you have this setup correctly- there's got to be some other setting somewhere that's making this work strangely for you. Do you have your upper and lower limit on the Bank Inc/Dec set to something? If it were to be set to just 1 to 6, it might do what you're saying it's...
  33. Adman103

    Problem Solved: Massively confused and need help

    Your Hold function on the #6 switch should be set up as Bank Inc/Dec +1, and make sure that your bank size is set to 6. For info on the Bank Inc/Dec thing, check out the FC manual page 25, and bank size info is found on page 24- to set bank size, go to Setup/Foot Controllers/Config on the AF3...
  34. Adman103

    2290 delay - no repeats

    Happens to darn near all of us the first time we put that delay into a grid.
  35. Adman103

    Just ordered the FC6 - Who wanted the FC12 but got the FC6 and it sufficed?

    I was on the list for a 12, and I may still pick one up, but for now, I've been really pleasantly surprised with the FC-6. It's been able to handle what I need it to do really easily. The key for me is scenes, with a preset for each song. It's super flexible, so you could set it up a variety...
  36. Adman103

    FC6 - How long to learn/program?

    Yea, you'll be fine! Setup was really intuitive- I was up and running with custom layouts in about 15 minutes. You're an ace with the FCB, and this is just a whole different (much simpler) experience. I think you'll love it!
  37. Adman103

    New Jangle-pop / New wave / whatever-you-call-it song

    Great clean tones. Nice and chimey!
  38. Adman103

    Creative Layouts?

    Heh. I do this too. I got some laughs once when a speaker at our church saw "Blessed Ass" on my pedalboard cause we were playing Blessed Assurance. They were pretty laid back about it.
  39. Adman103

    Creative Layouts?

    I have an FC-6. I often only need to worry about 4 or 5 songs per set- most of my playing out is at church- so I have set up Layout 1 with the presets for the five songs that we'll play as hold functions for switches 1 through 5, and the tap functions as scenes for all six switches. The sixth...
  40. Adman103

    My 4.01 Highlights

    Love the Jurassic World reference, and thank you for the patch- I can really use that, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it's all set up.
  41. Adman103

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.00 Beta

    Bright switches usually engage a smallish cap across the volume control to preserve high end at lower volumes- I'm totally guessing here, but maybe those amps are hardwired in with the cap in place? So while there may not be a switch on the amp, it's the equivalent of having the switch on all...
  42. Adman103

    Anyone using both the FC-6 and FC-12?

    Actually, now that I look at it, I think I was wrong- it looks like you can import and export layouts, not entire profiles for an FC. A bit more cumbersome. I don't have my Axe in front of me right now- I wonder if you can export multiple layouts at once. I'll have to try that and report back...
  43. Adman103

    Anyone using both the FC-6 and FC-12?

    I was worried about exactly what you described, however, it seems like the ability to save a configuration in the new Axe-Edit just requires loading up whatever configuration you pre-program, which makes sense to me. Did you get the FC-6 for smaller stages?
  44. Adman103

    fc12 vs mfc101 image?

    Stout is a good word for it. I currently have a 6, and it's a very solid build. And for the record, mine survived a flood- my basement flooded a few days after I got it, so it went off to Fractal to see if anything could be done, and sure enough, the unit was fine! No issues at all, so great...
  45. Adman103

    Anyone using both the FC-6 and FC-12?

    Yea, I goofed and posted this in the main forum, reported it, and the mods moved it. Thanks mods! Yea, the separate power supply is a hassle, but I could totally deal with it. I've tossed around the idea of pulling out the soldering iron and wiring up a 7 pin xlr cable- 3 leads being the 3...
  46. Adman103

    Anyone using both the FC-6 and FC-12?

    Either to just get more buttons, or as part of a link layout setup? I'm really tempted to grab a 12, and it'd be really interesting to hear how people are setting up dual board rigs. With the link layouts option described in the manual, it seems like the possibilities would be endless to how...
  47. Adman103

    Favorite amps to use pedals with ?

    Can I recommend the DrZ Route 66 as a great pedal platform amp for Marshallesque tones? Any pedal that's a little brighter will do really well- pushing the Route 66 with a good boost doesn't come off as a pedal at all- it sounds like a hot, chewy, angry cauldron of awesome.
  48. Adman103

    Fractal Audio DRIVE models: Jam Ray (based on Vemuram Jan Ray)

    Reading through all the drive model improvements and checking out the new drives that we're getting here makes me really grateful that I'm not constantly tempted to try out each new pedal that comes to market. Even through the Axe isn't a cheap piece of gear, I'm sure it's saved me a ton of money.
  49. Adman103

    Ran my Axe III in stereo last night for the first time

    I send stereo, our other guitarist uses an amp, so he goes mono. I usually play lead, so I really just use the stereo thing for delays, and a little bit of reverb/shimmer when needed. I try not to go overboard with it.
  50. Adman103

    Switching Amp or Channel and Cab w/o Using Scene (FC-12)

    You could use the Control Switch feature for that as long as the thing you're turning on and off (the Phaser in your example) is assigned to a Modifier in the preset, which you have six of per preset. It allows you to let the Control Switch to be on or off across scenes and presets, or you can...
  51. Adman103

    WISH: Ability to custom define each channel name

    Particularly when you're dealing with a handful of presets, remembering what you have in different channels can really be a challenge, and having the ability to assign an FC displayable programmable name would really, really help! Do you want to kick in a tubescreamer? Or a Rat, or the sparkle...
  52. Adman103

    Any way to save FC-6 & FC-12 setups separately?

    I'm hoping for the same thing- the ability to use FC1 for the FC-6, FC2 for the FC-12, and FC3 and FC4 for a link layout monster rig with both boards working together would be absolutely great, so you could take either the 6, 12 or both to a gig depending on needs.
  53. Adman103

    Best Axe-Fx III recording ever

    Those fuzz tones were actually pretty cool- super synthy.
  54. Adman103

    Anyone Switching between FC6 and FC12

    I’ve been curious about using both boards too, and seeing some of that in action would be really helpful! I’ll probably be picking up a 12 soon to go along with my 6.
  55. Adman103

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here!

    Anyone messing around with an FC-6 and FC-12 together? I’m really curious about the layout link possibilities, and I’d love to see how people are setting up boards for this- they’d have to be huge. I’ve thought about maybe setting up a small board with a 6 and one expression pedal, and then a...
  56. Adman103

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta

    I recognize that circuit. He’d need to model a Pu diode, which means having to “borrow” some from the Libyans...
  57. Adman103

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta

    Amazing. Thanks Leon!
  58. Adman103

    Drive Block Status

    It's incredible how that one clip has made such waves through the online guitar community. It's such an epically stupid video...
  59. Adman103

    Left my Axe-Fx III on a little too long, oops.....

    We leave computers on for those kind of time periods without worry- I'm no expert, but my hunch is your Axe is fine...
  60. Adman103

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here!

    That seems really usable. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.
  61. Adman103

    My first Axe III song

    Cool. It's atmospheric and interesting, and I'm curious to see how you work in the heartbeat sound- I like it! Nice job, and enjoy the AF3. I've always found guitar to be a really healthy way to help pull myself back from that place where I just don't have perspective.
  62. Adman103

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Yea. I just got the darn thing on Thursday, flood came on Monday. It's excellent, by the way- amazing little foot pedal. It's getting sent back to Fractal to see if there's anything that can be done.
  63. Adman103

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Yea, we have a ton of our stuff organized into bins, and our main sewer line had just been rodded out, but for some reason our catch valve got stuck open, so all the snowmelt ended up coming up into our basement, where my shop/mancave is, which had the whole pedalboard sitting out. Water sucks...
  64. Adman103

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    I’m so bummed. My basement flooded yesterday, and I came home from work to find my FC-6 sitting in a couple inches of water. Off to Fractal it goes to see if it’s salvageable. Shame on me for leaving my pedalboard on the floor.
  65. Adman103

    On the Passing of our Co-Worker Charlie Vessey

    I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of someone who was so obviously loved by his family and his Fractal family.
  66. Adman103

    Axe-Fx III FW 3.0 Reverb samples - these verbs sound killer

    I'm using the AC-30 patch that's up on your site this weekend @Brian Wahl - as I'm dialing in the last couple things, I noticed that an updated version was just posted! It sounds fantastic, and I hope that you come out with some more P&W presets- if it's a song that we play, that's pretty much...
  67. Adman103

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Wow, this went off the rails quickly. Are we still talking about foot controllers? My 6 is out for delivery, and I can’t wait! Really happy to have one for rehearsal tonight...
  68. Adman103

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    That’s great to hear- I was originally intending to get the 12, but the email came for one of the surplus 6s, so I jumped on it, but I’d love to be able to grab a 12 when they’re available, and to be able to switch back and forth or combine them without too much hassle would be the cat’s meow.
  69. Adman103

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Me too! I can't wait- I will still likely pick up a 12 a little further down the road, but I'm glad to have a 6 incoming! Our church is opening up a new building this weekend, so we have our grand opening services, and the fcb wasn't cutting the mustard.
  70. Adman103

    Vicarious GAS

    Holy smokes, I want one of those St. Vincents with the dark necks. Beautiful guitars. There are a few amps I'd nab if I had the cash- the AC-20, or a Tucana- but I've had absolutely zero desire to pick up any more pedals. I'm done with that business.
  71. Adman103

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    yea... I mean, it's fine, when it comes, it comes, but that one minute change from yesterday to today- it might be a longer wait than I was originally thinking.
  72. Adman103

    FC Controllers Invite List

    Looks like there's new firmware to match.
  73. Adman103

    FC Controllers Invite List

    There was a pretty big jump there from the early times to the later times- I was somewhere around 10:53 a.m. Eastern, but I'm sure those invites will show up soon! Right?... Right...?
  74. Adman103

    FC Controllers Invite List

    Happy for you! but February 2nd? Do you mean May 17th?
  75. Adman103

    FC Controllers Invite List

    Seriously? Excellent!
  76. Adman103

    Which Drive Pedal Is A Clon Copy?

    Maybe give this a shot!
  77. Adman103

    Best/Cheap Midi Foot Controller for the III

    Well, 16 screws later, it's got the stock chip. I have no idea why CCs aren't working on this. Huh.
  78. Adman103

    Best/Cheap Midi Foot Controller for the III

    Seriously, thank you for the help! I really appreciate being able to get some advice from more experienced users here! Ok, I've been messing with this for awhile now. PC commands are working, CCs aren't. I'm not sure if it's my FCB, or if I have a setting somewhere that's goofy. I picked...
  79. Adman103

    Best/Cheap Midi Foot Controller for the III

    My mistake- I have 34 selected in the Setup>Midi/Remote>Other>Scene Select value, which is where it should be set, I think... Thanks for the reply! I've checked my settings, and that's how it's all set up, and I went into 6, 7, 8, and 9 and disabled the PC, and still nothing when I press...
  80. Adman103

    Best/Cheap Midi Foot Controller for the III

    This thread has been really helpful- thank you to everyone who's contributed the step by step how to's on programming the FCB. I'm working with mine right now- I've followed @decreebass 's directions for setting up scene selections, and they make sense, but for some reason, the buttons I've...
  81. Adman103

    AC-20 glass

    Sounds really cool. The more of the AC20 I hear, the more I like it.
  82. Adman103

    Just bought some Suhr Thornbuckers for my Warmoth super strat

    I’ve got Thornbuckers (plus in the bridge) in my Tweedy SG. I love them! Harmonically rich, really dynamic, and a totally usable and clear neck position. They sound good split too. I wired them in with a Jimmy Page wiring harness, and it’s just a crazy versatile set up. I think you’ll love...
  83. Adman103

    Coming soon...

    coming "soon"
  84. Adman103

    The Axe and Guitar Volume Controls

    To be honest with you, I've always found my AxeII and now the III to do really well with cleaning up with the volume knob. I agree, turn the gain down a little- on real amps, high volumes can give the impressions of more gain than there actually is, and when you go to something like the Axe...
  85. Adman103

    XM45 C0V3R - "The Snowman"

    I'm not a metal fan, I have no idea how to play any of that, I have no idea what I'm talking about with this genre, but I gotta say, I enjoyed the heck outta this! I can't wait to get home and hear this through my big stereo- sounds massive!
  86. Adman103

    Fremen Axe-Fx III "amp packs"

    Can't wait to get a few minutes to give these a try!
  87. Adman103

    MTD Swells

    That's really cool. Nice playing too- sparse enough to show off the effect, and musically interesting. Like the scalloped Strat.
  88. Adman103

    Axe-Fx III - Echo-Plexo

    Wow, just beautiful... around the 3:20 mark reminds me so much of parts of Maggot Brain... a little fuzz mixed in with the echos would nail the Eddie Hazel thing. Thanks for posting this!
  89. Adman103

    Implemented GEQ In The Drive Block

    A GEQ in the drive block would be really useful- being able to boost or cut certain frequency ranges in a pedal would be an amazing next step in being able to "make" drive pedals that sit in a certain place in a mix. This is a cool idea.
  90. Adman103

    Matching a Klon Centaur

    Sounds really, really close. I'd never hear the difference in a mix. Nice work, and thanks for sharing the settings! I agree that a GEQ on the drive block would be a great idea. Back in the day, I sold my Klon to help pay for my Axe Fx Standard.
  91. Adman103

    Coming soon...

  92. Adman103

    The Axe III is awesome!

    It's crazy how fast something like a diagnosis can put life priorities into sharp focus. I'm so glad to hear the treatments are going well- we'll keep your wife and you in our prayers.
  93. Adman103

    AC/DC "Long Way To the Top"

    Here's an old trick from Cliff in the old AFII days- it uses a couple of compressors to simulate the Angus Young wireless unit- maybe worth putting in front of the JTM-45? It's worth reading the old thread where it's all laid out- it's interesting stuff...
  94. Adman103

    A Dead & Co-inspired Deluxe Reverb Setup

    Sounds really good- that low end is really tight. I've used Tyler's IRs quite a bit- they always sound crisp and clear to me.
  95. Adman103

    Which IR do you like with the DC30?

    Try this: http://www.fractalaudio.com/downloads/artist/James-Santiago-Axe-Fx-Collection-Set-1.zip Here's the original announcement thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/announcing-the-james-santiago-collection-series-1-axe-fx-ii-cabs-presets.59194/
  96. Adman103

    Which IR do you like with the DC30?

    I'll join in on saying that the EF-86 channel is where it's at with the DC-30. It's one of the amps that I've been dying to see modeled. It's such a tease having the 12ax7 channel modeled, but not the EF-86... all the crushed-glassy goodness is on the EF-86 channel.
  97. Adman103

    In Honor of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s death anniversary......

    Thanks for the reply! They sound great.
  98. Adman103

    In Honor of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s death anniversary......

    Sounds fantastic! Love that neck pup tone- throaty and beefy. Do you mind me asking what pickups do you have installed on that guitar?
  99. Adman103

    Classic Marshall tone (+ patch)

    Spittin' fire! Sounds great- really juicy. The little bit of Foo in there was fantastic.
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