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    Some slide tones, Joey Landreth & Ariel Posen inspired.

    Hello friends! These two guitarists mentioned above is two of my absolute favourites of all time, such monsters in their area! This is my take on of one the grooves Ariel plays live! Recorded with my FM3 ofcourse! Cheers Emil
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    Bug? When connected to computer it behaves oddly, automatic scrolling thru presets.

    Hi! My FM3 acts annoyingly weird, when I edit presets it can from nowhere just start scrolling thru presets, and when it stops it freezes. This is happening with a lot of different USB cables, computers, and firmware, now the latest, the 3.02 beta. Has anyone else had this problem? Cheers Emil
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    Tried some fuzz-tones ala Mayer!

    My take on his beautiful solo on "I guess I just feel like" I've always thought that the fuzz tones is the hardest to dial on the fractal or any other modeler, but with this one I got pretty happy! Cheers Emil
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    Line Level input

    Hi! Since Im very unsure about instrument level and line level and What damage it can cause im better of with safe than sorry... I have a Mesa Lonestar special, it has slave out wich i want to go in the Fx block of the axe wich then sends stereo signals to my frfr monitors so it become some...
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    KickTags, the only right thing!

    The struggle to see what you're stompin at is a common problem, i used to make my own tags for the sake that it isn't that hard. It's just a simple label. :) The second problem i got was, the lights in the MFC is quite bright (wich is good) but they tend to make the tags go dark instead! Sukh...
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    My wireless Axe Edit Remote.

    So this is what im going to use from now on in church... very simple and effective with touchscreen. :encouragement: Emil
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    Totally out fusionish solo, very dynamic tone tho...

    Hey guys! Recorded a solo yesterday, this tone is based on the elegant gypsy patch, i reaaaally dig that one, it respons so beutifully and clear.. however as you may know there's a competition going on... https://www.jamtrackcentral.com/jtcguitarsolocontest2015/entry/690/ Now... let's...
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    New guitar, new preset, Guthrie jam-tune?

    Whadddupp guys! Got some feeling for this one yesterday with a modified fuzz tweed preset :) i'm having a quite hard time to dial in clean tones, it always ends up with a little breakup or very low volume... i don't know really what to do...
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    Super groovy jamtrack from Exivious!

    i guess i'm a year late to post this, haha! but here's my attempt for this solo in Entrust! Big thanks to Tymon who sended me the track! http://youtu.be/Lg1CiTsoGK4 stockpreset Fas Lead 1 with some modifications! Cheers!
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    Tone Party, give your thoughts! Share your tips!

    Hi! Got my Axe Fx about a month ago so i'm new here and the Axe is a totally new thing for me. The digital world has been a very no no for me, then i met Tom Quayle and he showed me the Axe.. couldn't belive my ears. It became a yes yes! However i'd like to share some footage/recordings of...
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    Phantom Power wireless system

    Hi! I'm right now up to setup my Axe Fx Rig! (omg i love it so much). and right now I'm trying to install the wireless system (Line6 G30) i placed the wireless unit quite near the phantom power port and came across the idea if it would be possible to power the g30 with it? Has anybody...
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    Porcupine Tree Cover AXE!

    Hi boys and girls! Made this cover of Sound Of Muzak some time ago, all guitars thru the axe! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXJdkXgudVM&list=UUFxttRJr_U7NnJ-0sddb5eQ I never thought that i would go thru the axe with my acoustic guitar... but now i always do it! such a great unit. :)
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    strange hiss while playing!!

    Hi! I need some serious help, I think i have tried everything right now. My problem is that when im playing theres coming a sound, a hiss. and it acts like a noise gate beacuse it comes only when im playing and gets dead quiet when im holding the strings. but the only things i have in my chain...
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