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    Wish MXR Phase 100

    Or is there already a way to get this?
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    How hard is it to “shoot an IR”?

    I love the sound of my cab and speaker. But to do a decent job of this do I need special mics? A treated room? Should I bother?
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    Can you do this?

    Maybe I missed it all these years (I've been using either presets or my own templates forever). Would like to be able to "insert blank column" just to be able to add a new type of block without having to move everything over manually.
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    FS Rac 12 (price drop)

    Great product for those still using Axe II. $195 shipped and pp'd. CONUS ONLY. Thanks for looking.
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    Hard rock song I wrote (Pete Thorn preset content)

    Just getting into recording so forgive me if amateurish. Also my singing is, well, bad, so thanks for gritting your teeth through it. (I try to bury it in effects). Hang in there at least for the first solo, which I think really demonstrates how great the III sounds! Main riff and Rhythm guitar...
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    How to collaborate with person who has 44.1khz?

    Just started getting into recording. Been recording in Logic at 48khz because of AxeFx limitation. (Not trying to open up that debate). Now I want to exchange tracks with my singer who only has GarageBand, which is limited to 44.1. What’s the best way to make this work? Thanks.
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    Amp/Cab guys--what speakers are you playing through?

    Wondering what type of speakers guys are using when playing through real amp/cab.
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    Help with reamping

    First time trying to reamp. I must be an idiot because I've read everything and watched all the videos and I just can't seem to understand. So I'm hooked up to my computer just with USB. Using Logic as DAW. I've gotten to the point where I've recorded (simultaneously) a wet and dry track. Now...
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    Anybody use plug-ins w AxeFx-III?

    Just getting into recording and I see all these tons of guitar plug-ins, a lot of them emulating classic amps and effects. Can’t imagine needing any of them given the Axe. Seems like for the money of a few of these you’re getting pretty close to the cost of an Axe. Anybody with the AxeFx-III who...
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    USB question

    Hey, I did read the manual but I want to confirm—when I plug USB directly from Axe to computer (MAC with GarageBand) and I have a preset with Out 1 and Out 2s, which one goes to the computer?
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    Phase 100?

    Which phaser for “Some Girls” sound?
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    Help me understand what's going on here with levels

    I'm kind of baffled, although I'm sure it's something simple. Any help would be appreciated as I'm getting ready for an important gig. I usually run Output 1 to amp and cab and Output 2 to FRFR. See the 5 blocks on the bottom of my chain and then see the levels. 1. No idea why the Return is...
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    Does anybody *not* like the Atomic CLR?

    Long time user of the CLR through several Axe devices and I've never bonded with FRFR. Wondering if it's the CLR I don't like, but it's supposed to be the best of the best right. Anybody use a CLR but like something else better?
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    Output Inc/Dec

    I'm sure this is somewhere but I spent a while looking and still not sure. Can I program switches to do Output 1 Vol Inc/Dec and/or Output 2 Vol Inc/Dec?
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    What do you guys usually do with Xformer Match?

    I find lowering it to around .774 sounds better across almost all amp types. Others have same experience?
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    Wish Honey Bee OD

    Would love to see any BJFE pedals, but the Honey Bee has become such an iconic OD and really adds something special.
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    Question: Can you do this?

    Didn't see it in the manual and sorry if asked before. Can I step on a particular preset from the main layout and have it automatically go to a another layout, such as the Effects layout?
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    Comparison of AX8 10.0rc to AXIII soundwise?

    OK, now that “some” of Ares has been ported to AX8, can anyone with both compare the two units in terms of basic sound?
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    “We’re Not Gonna Take It” solo pitch effect?

    Have to play this in a few days. Can anyone hit me up with a tip on playing the solo? Is that just an octave? Some other harmony? Easiest way to play it on the AX8? (I don’t usually mess around with pitch stuff).
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    Anybody using EV2 for Wah?

    What the title says.
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    One pedal for global volume--how to switch it to another function?

    I use a pedal for global volume. On occasion I'd like to switch over for another use, like controlling delay mix. What's the best way to do this? I don't use scenes by the way. Can I assign a switch that would toggle the pedal from global volume to another function? Thanks.
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    Question for those using Quilter 101/201 a power amp

    Sorry if this is a dumb question. When people talk about running through the FX loop of a quilter into a regular cab what exactly do you plug in where?
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    Best way to get additional switches for AX8?

    Just want to free up some switches on the unit itself. I don’t use scenes but would like to have access to additional effects. What’s the best available device to do this?
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    Amp Control Knob no longer working.

    The Treble knob. Lights up but won’t adjust on the fly. Other knobs work fine. Any suggestions?
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    Can someone post a delay block controlled by foot pedal?

    Want to see what parameters you control. Thanks.
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    The new Tweed EC

    Is bloody beautiful. I don't usually rave over every new fw release. Sometimes I can't even tell the difference. But 8.0 sounds noticeably better to me, and the EC tweed is knocking me out.
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    Two compressors?

    I know, I know--use your ears. But what does conventional wisdom say about using a compressor at the beginning and another compressor after the amp?
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    Changes saving when I don't want them to.

    This happens regularly but I've never bothered to post about it. Every now and then, with no explanation, I will activate a block (usually a Filter block), change presets, come back to the original preset, and the changed block state will have been saved. Not good, particularly live. Don't know...
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    Cheap(ish) audio interface with S/PDIF?

    What the title says. Any recommendations?
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    Min/Max vs. Start/End

    Trying to understand the difference between these parameters for using an expression pedal. I read the manual, but I'm still confused in practice. Can someone give me a practical example? Let's say I'm using a pedal to control Input Drive--I want the fully "off" position (heel down) of the pedal...
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    Other than Wah and Volume, what do you use your expression pedal(s) for?

    I'm assuming most people use them for wah and volume, but what other functions do most people use them for?
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    Modifier question

    Trying to use an LFO wave to control the formant. However the wave doesn't vary. i.e. it just sits in the middle. On the "Man in the Box" preset the same settings (apparently) the wave modulates through its range. I tried copying the formant from the MItB preset into my preset, but then it...
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    What are people using for external switches?

    What the caption says. Thanks.
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    After changing banks, how to default to footswitch display?

    After I select a preset from a new bank, it puts me in the "layout" display. How can I make it so I end up in the footswitch display? (Other than bending down and pressing exit). Thanks.
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    On TGP everybody's obsessed with fuzz, but I don't seem to see much discussion of it here. So what are people using for their fuzz tones? Any tips?
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    AX8 first gig initial impressions vs. Axe-FX

    Got the AX8 on Thursday. Spent some time setting it up and then gigged with it Saturday night. Some initial impressions. 1. I went with my usual setup of Matrix power amp and 1x12 cab with EV-12L. Was small bar so didn't go direct to FOH. 2. Sounds great--just like my Axe-fx II (duh). Switched...
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    Small AX8 issue

    Sorry if I missed this somewhere--when I route to Output 2 using FXL, and I turn the Output knob all the way down, I still get sound coming out. This doesn't happen on my Axe-Fx.
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    Way to confirm presence on wait list?

    Weird--I got on the first day wait list. I got a confirmation email. Now I can't find either the email I sent or received. Weird because I never delete anything from that aol email account. Somebody hacking me to move up the wait list? :)
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    Weird problem

    Never had this problem before. Just added a Pitch block to one of my presets. Added a switch for it on MFC. But when I press the switch the effect goes on for a split second and then turns right off. If I press FX Byp on the front panel it stays on as normal. I added another effect to the same...
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    Can't get Axe to load 18.10

    Never had a problem before. Tried two different Midi interfaces. Tries with Sysex Librarian and Fractal Bot. Seems to be a problem on Axe end with Axe not recognizing Midi traffic. Any ideas? (Using Mac with Yosemite).
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    Volume Pedal question

    I set up a volume block and a pedal to control it. The problem I have is when I switch presets it's defaulting to 0 volume and I have to move the pedal down and then up again to get max volume. So I tried changing the "start" parameter to 100% and that worked except now when I move the pedal to...
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    ODS Fw18.

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    Tucana clip

    Forgive the playing. Just posted for sound. Love this amp.
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    Been trying the new OH and Cab Pack 8 Marshalls and my favorite is . . .

    The Amp Factory 4x12 Marshall mix that I believe came free with the last few firmwares. I keep coming back to the TAF. Your mileage likely will vary.
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    What cabs are people using for Dumble style amps

    For some reason I can get nice D-style sounds through my real power amp and cab, but using cab sims through FRFR it sounds like crap. Any *specific* recommendations? (I've tried a variety of EV and G65 IRs but maybe I'm missing something). Having no similar problems with Marshall-style amps.
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    School me on Variac

    So VH sound is supposedly with Variac down? By how much? In anticipation of "use your ears" when I play with the Variac parameter it sounds more VH-ish to me with the parameter increased. What are others doing with it?
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    Any good basic bass patches?

    For classic rock/blues, not metal.
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    Scary Axe-Fx II behavior . This ever happen to anyone else?

    Playing at home last night for about an hour and really enjoying myself. All of a sudden out of nowhere the unit emits a high-pitched screeching noise. The screen goes blank. I turned unit off an on and then everything comes back to normal. Have used the unit for countless hours without ever...
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    Delay switching presets when Axe-Edit connected?

    Is this normal? If I play with AE active, hooked up to my Axe with midi connection, then whenever I change presets, either using AE or using MFC or using the Axe itself, I get a delay. I've been thinking of playing live with my laptop hooked up running AE so I can edit on the fly if necessary...
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    CLR not working

    Used my active CLR at gig for first time Sat. night. Was also going direct to FOH. By the end of the night was having trouble hearing myself but attributed it to normal volume creep by whole band. Just set up my system again at home, and no sound coming out of CLR at all! Definitely the CLR, not...
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    Confirm for me that this will work

    Have a big gig tonight and I want to do the following, which I've never done before. I read the manual, but I just want to be sure. I want to run output 1 XLR into Active Atomic CLR, and then XLR from CLR to mixer/FOH. I'll have the CLR on stage behind me as a "back line" both for monitoring...
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    So what "modeling mode" are people liking?

    I'm stuck on "Smooth". Then "Authentic". For some reason, I'm liking "Ideal" the least.
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    Wish: "Blackline" Tool

    Would be very useful to be able to "compare" two presets and have the program export a list of the differences between them. I wouldn't think the programming would be difficult.
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    Stupid question: How do I turn knobs?

    I'm on a MacBook Air and not using a mouse. Can't seem to find the right gestures to turn the knobs.
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    Individual Presets?

    Downloaded new presets for v. 11 but all I see is .syx files for complete Banks. Can I get .syx files for individual presets?
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    How to get this lead sound?

    What are people doing (or does anyone have a preset) for getting a "Live at the Fillmore" Duane/Dickey classic Les Paul lead sound? Seems that all the Marshalls are giving me a (for lack of a better description) high end "crispiness" when I want smooth and fluid. I'm looking for...
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    Any tips on where to set LF Res using Matrix into Thiele cab with EV12L?

    A long shot, but any help would be appreciated.
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    Super Reverb

    Is awesome. I just took the stock "Double Verb" patch and threw in a Super in parallel and the clean sound with my Tele is just phenomenal. (I'm using amp/cab, with a Matrix power amp into a 1x12 Glaswerks Thiele cab with EV12L).
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    Basic Tone Match question

    The Tone Match manual seemed to focus on capturing from live amps. I'm capturing from recordings using USB. I'm confused about the following: when I play my "real" sound (i.e. my guitar into the Axe-Fx) should I leave the Cab on (as opposed to bypassed)? And if so, after I do the "match" should...
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    Worth upgrading?

    From a Carvin DCM600 to a Matrix GT800 or 1000? I'm running through a 1x12 w. EV12L.
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    GM50 v. GT800FX

    What are the pros and cons? (For use with a 1x12 cab with EV12L speaker).
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    Anybody using any completely stock patches live?

    Anybody use any stock patches live without any tweaking? (Other than levels).
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    Is there a way to download individual stock presets?

    As opposed to a whole bank?
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    Tried to use II at rehearsal for first time--didn't go well.

    Have a gig coming up on Saturday and was getting up the nerve to use the II for the first time, so I brought it to rehearsal last night. We rehearse at a studio in NYC where they lock the PA and you can't access it. I had to convince the guy there to let me plug in my Axe II into the PA. Told...
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    Soft carrying case for Axe II?

    Is there such a thing? What are people using?
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    OK, simple dumb question

    Still confused about this. I load 3.0 and new Preset Bank A. Do I still need to turn preset amp to another amp and back? Or are the new re-worked presets already at new default value? (Same question re: 3.02 and new Preset Banks A, B and C) Thanks.
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    My attempt at "Dumble" sound--Talk to Your Daughter

    Short clip. Not posted for playing. Not posted for timing. Not posted to show I can play like Robben Ford. Posted to see if people think I'm on the right track in trying to get a good "D" sound out of the II. Edited to add: OK, here's one with a little more drive, a little more presence and a...
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    Anyone have a good ODS-100 lead patch?

    With my Ultra I used to live on the HAD-ODS amp and got great singing lead tones. Passably Robbenish. With the II's ODS-100 lead amp model, the preset sounds terrible to my ears--muffled and throttled--and I can't seem to dial it in anywhere near my old patch. Anyone have any success with this...
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    Question for Guys who switch between single coils and hums during a gig

    What adjustments do you make?
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    Axe II through QSC K12--generally too dark and bassy. Anybody else?

    Love my Axe so I'm not hating. And yes, I know I can dial this out in any number of ways, just wanted to see if anyone else feels the same way, and if so how you dealt with it? I'm generally using HB's.
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    5 LP blind test, using Axe II

    Thought I'd link to this thread I started at TGP if that's OK. All clips were done with stock Friedman BE patch. (No changes other than turned the reverb and delay off). Nobody identified it as a modeler by the way. Which of my LPs sounds the best! (poll) - The Gear Page
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    Lead sound--stock Axe II Friedman BE preset

    Backing track was posted by "SmokeyJacks" on TGP. Just wanted to illustrate the lead sound--*bone stock* Friedman BE preset patch.
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    AXe II recording (Cortez)

    My first recording with EZ Drummer. Bass, rhythm guitar and lead guitar through the Axe II. Lead was stock ODS patch with a few tweaks (bright switch on, drive up).
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    One technical problem I'm having with new II

    When I'm on a preset for a bit and then I turn the Value knob sometimes I have to turn 2-4 times before it changes presets. Any ideas for fixes? Anybody else have this issue? Never had this with my Ultra.
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    Quick clean Axe2 clip

    Quick and dirty (shaky tempo), Axe2 clip with stock Deluxe patch: Axe2deluxe by bjjp2 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
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    To Fractal: Can we get short answer to Simple Question?

    Will units be offered to the waiting list only after *all* demand has dried up at the higher price through the website? Or will some be allocated to both contemporaneously. In other words, if you produce 5-10 a day and they all sell out on the website every day, do we not reach the waiting...
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    "Power Amp On No Thump"

    I must have missed this in one of the firmware updates, but I just noticed that in the Global menu you can have power amp sims off, on, or "on no thump." What does that mean? You use if when you have the "Thump" set to zero? Or with that setting you will get less Thump?
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    Do you need to "Update Presets" anymore?

    Do you have to do this with 11.0? Thanks.
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    Basic MFC-101 Question

    I've read the manual and the wiki and I must be brain dead because I can't figure out how to do this. How do I assign different presets to the bottom 5 switches? i.e. I want to step on switch 1 and have it go to Preset 50 on the Axe. Thanks.
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    Got a little scare . . .

    Just got my MFC, having fun, read that they recommend resetting system parameters on the Axe, did it and then, poof, my Axe screen goes blank. Checked the power cords, turned it on and off a few times, cursed the angry gods. Then realized that by resetting system parameters it cranked down the...
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    Anybody else do gigs without miking or going direct to FOH?

    (I also posted this on TGP) Seems like every post I read about live sound involves either miking or sending signals direct to FOH (through an Axe-fx, pod or the like) for a sound man to manipulate. My cover band has played all kinds of rooms and now regularly plays one that I'd call pretty...
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    Confused about which Mission pedal I want

    I have an MFC-101 on the way. I want one pedal primarily for Wah, the other pedal primarily for volume. Which Mission pedal models do I want? Spring-load or not spring load? Does the answer change if I want to use one of the pedals to control a second parameter, say the amount of drive or the...
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    Simple question

    Can I run one output to a power amp/guitar cab on stage with global cabs OFF, while running a second output to FOH, with global cabs ON? Thanks.
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    Marsha BE lead (over Hayman backing track)

    Just Marsha BE with a compressor. Over backing track by Hayman on LPF. http://soundclick.com/share?songid=9351694
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    The Overlooked Input Knob

    Where you set the "Input" knob makes a huge difference in the sound of a patch, comparable to adjusting a guitar volume. When downloading a patch, where should I assume the input knob is set? I've read the general consensus that it's when the red light flashes occasionally, but I find that very...
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    Any reason to get V 12ma over 8ma if just using as monitor?

    Considering the Verves to replace my QSC122i. I understand the 12ma has better bass extension, will fill a room better. But if I plan to run Output 1 to FOH and Out 2 to the Verve just as an onstage monitor, is there any reason I shouldn't just get the smaller, lighter 8ma? Just want to make...
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    Solo clip (Dumble patch)

    My nephew recorded a few songs for fun and asked me to put down some guitar solos. I went direct with Axe-Fx (Dumble patch) and my R8. Only spent a few minutes recording it, and I think it came out really nice. Let me know what you think. http://soundclick.com/share?songid=8540565
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    Weird problem

    May not be related to 9.0, but I never noticed it before. Sometimes when I enter "edit" on the amp block the sound completely changes, even though I haven't changed any settings. i.e. just hitting "edit" changes the sound! Anybody else have this?
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