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  1. craiguitar

    Any word on upcoming FC firmware?

    Hi all, We must be due an update for the FC's soon, I'm still hanging waiting for the following updates: Fast 'Typematic' Bank Scrolling. 'BAK' function (toggle to/from previous preset) Ability to remove bank 000 (offset) I'm sure there are other important features that users have requested...
  2. craiguitar

    Noise Gate Threshold (attaching a modifier)

    Hi, On the II I had a preset which I had attached a modifier to the Noise Gate Threshold which I controlled via an expression pedal. This preset transferred over to the III okay, and the modifier works fine. Although on the III I'm struggling to see how to do it again, as there seems to be no...
  3. craiguitar

    Assigning the Metronome to a switch

    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to assign the Metronome to a switch? Thanks,
  4. craiguitar

    Boss FV500 calibration issue

    Hi, I’m struggling to calibrate my two Boss FV500s I went through the process as per the manual, but I can’t seem to get either pedal to go completely on i.e. to 100% on or off. It nearly gets there but not quite. I noticed that the pedals now have the opposite polarity (the pot on the side of...
  5. craiguitar

    Scene Increment/Decrement WRAP

    Hi, I've set a two button External Switch to Scene Increment & Decrement This is so I can sequentially toggle through sections of songs. However, once I increment up to Scene 8, it stops, instead of incrementing back to Scene 1 again. Same with Decrement, where it toggles down to Scene 1, but no...
  6. craiguitar

    Bank Up Down (HOLD = Quicker)

    Hi, How do I set Bank UP/Down buttons to scroll fast through the banks when I press and HOLD? This is what happened on the MFC. I get that the HOLD function has to be programmed here, (and I have set the banks to wrap at 25 x banks max. in my case). I need to be able to press and hold to scroll...
  7. craiguitar

    FC12 Display Bank Offset

    Hi, How do I change the FC 12 to start at Bank 1 (i.e. get rid of Bank 000)?
  8. craiguitar

    FC-12 Preset Toggle ('BAK' function)

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to set preset switches to toggle back to the previous preset (the same way as the 'BAK' function on the MFC did)?
  9. craiguitar

    Drivers issue?

    My Axe-Fx II XL just stopped working with my PC (Windows 10). I just couldn't get it working again despite several reboots etc. So I tried re-installing the drivers, but no luck. I get an error message (below) during the install. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  10. craiguitar

    Output 2 level question

    Hi all, I use output 1 to FOH and Output 2 to my amp and cab. The Output 2 block is before the cab block in my presets. Is it normal to need to crank the level of output 2 all the way up, just to get the level meter to 0db? I have both output 1 & 2 set to +4db on the global settings. This...
  11. craiguitar

    Wish: Axe-Edit custom amp block reset

    I know it's probably been requested before. I'd like axe Edit to have an option to custom re-set the amp block after firmware updates etc. Ideally there'd be a customisable list of parameter settings to retain (similar to that little non-Fractal bit of software that also does this). Also...
  12. craiguitar

    Wish: 'utility' button in Axe-Edit

    I'd like there to be a button in Axe-Edit that displays the utility menu on the front panel of the Axe-Fx. This is so I can view the VU meters without having to go over to the front panel and press Utility every single time. Do you think that would be something that could be implemented?
  13. craiguitar

    MFC Looper control mode / Tuner issue

    Hi, I just upgraded from an MFC MkI to a MkIII. Copied all my settings over, and all is well, except... When I go into Looper control mode, IA17 switches on the Tuner, even though I moved the tuner IA switch over to IA16. Should this happen, and is there a way to stop it? Many thanks,
  14. craiguitar

    TUNER External IA

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me is it possible to set an External switch to engage the Tuner, and still have the Tuner display appear on the MFC's screen? I'm sure this has been covered before, but searches failed to find anything, so apologies if it has....
  15. craiguitar

    Forum access

    I'm having trouble getting access to the forum from any device in my home. (I'm using my work stuff to get access here). I can access any other website from my PC's, tablet's, phones etc at home, but not the fractal forum. I'm in the UK and my router is Virgin Media. I spoke to Virgin about it...
  16. craiguitar

    External Switch settings

    Hi, I've attached a single external switch with a TRS Jack to the MFC, and programmed it to 'Scene Incr.' Which will toggle up through scenes. This works well. However, on occasion say when powering up the unit, the Axe-Fx will poll the switch and change scenes automatically. Not a major issue...
  17. craiguitar

    Bruce Gaitch Delay sound

    Bruce Gaitsch Delay sound Hi all, Looking to emulate the gentle delay sound Bruce Gaitsch uses on the Richard Marx track "Chains around my heart" Any ideas? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bE1EF2cbl0&t=1m39s
  18. craiguitar

    Tap Tempo / Tuner issue

    Using the latest firmware (V3.05 on the MFC Mk 1 and 15.02 on the AFXII Mk1) I have IA16 set for Tap Tempo, and if held down, to display the tuner. Recently (I'm not sure when) the Tap tempo doesn't blink even though it still does work, and the Tuner is engaged, the IA light comes on, but the...
  19. craiguitar

    Check out my 40th Birthday cake!

    For my Birthday yesterday I got this edible Music Man LIII. I don't want to cut it. I might even bust a few tasty licks.....
  20. craiguitar

    Axe-Edit / MFC bypass states

    Hi, In the latest AE release notes it says: "Please note that there is currently no messaging mechanism between the Axe-*‐Fx and Axe-*Edit when a block's bypass state is changed from the MFC" This is the case on nearly all my presets, but I do have a couple in which it does work, on all...
  21. craiguitar

    V11.03 Preset name vanishing?

    Hi, Anybody else have a problem where the preset name vanishes? This happens on my preset 001. The name still partially appears on the MFC screen. I re-save and its OK again, but then it re-occurs. No other presets are affected, only the first one. The preset otherwise works OK so I was...
  22. craiguitar

    V11b preset clipping

    I know the issue of clipping is a well trodden path, and is covered in many threads. Still, I thought I'd mention this. After updating to V11b (Which I am very happy with by the way!) my loudest presets, which I use for solo's etc, are now clipping quite a bit from output 1. They previously were...
  23. craiguitar

    Problem with v2.17 toggling between scenes

    I uploaded V2.17 last night, but found that the IA switch I had set up to toggle between Scenes 1 & 2 no longer worked. Checked all my settings again and all seemed correct. So I rolled back to 2.16 again and it all works as it should. Is this an issue with 2.17? I'd be interested to know if...
  24. craiguitar

    URGENT CAB IR HELP!!!!!!!!

    I was messing around with some sample IR's and I don't know what I did but I have accidentally overwritten my own Cab IR (the one I use on ALL my presets) !!!!! So I figure, well no problem, I'll just restore my Cab IR from the last backup I did. I found the file on my PC, and using the bot I...
  25. craiguitar

    V10 Wah block

    Has anyone else encountered the wah block adding distortion on clean presets? Just something I've started battling with post V10 update....
  26. craiguitar

    A Scenes control question

    Having only one spare IA available to me on my MFC, I figured I'd set it to open Scene 2, so it would offer me the solution to open up a few more options in any given preset. However I've found that once I hit the Scene 2 IA, there's no way to quickly get back to scene 1. I mistakenly thought...
  27. craiguitar

    Will this make Tone Matching easier?

    So, I'm aiming to try and tone match a few Luke tones, this may be a big help, being able to isolate the original guitar parts from specific songs... https://jammit.com/artist/steve-lukather Any thoughts on how effective this will be?
  28. craiguitar

    What happened to BAK ?? PLEASE tell me it hasn't gone

    Since updating, my favourite function (Backtrack) seems to not work properly anymore. If I click a preset, instead of going back to the previous preset, it says ALT, then brings up preset no.1 from bank 1. I assume this is some sort of setting issue, but I've been through the menus, and can't...
  29. craiguitar

    Matrix GM50

    So.....What do Matrix have up their sleeve with the GM50, and who is it aimed at? Just thought I'd kick this off.
  30. craiguitar

    Trouble / Problem with Editing presets (Standard), possible software issue?

    Hi, I dont know if anyone can shed any light on this one, but here goes: It's an Axe-Fx standard belonging to a friend, V.11 working fine, except when you access LAYOUT, then the cursor scrolls across to the far-right and all the effects blocks go blank (turn into shunts). The sound mutes...
  31. craiguitar

    Delay Block + Expression pedal volume drop issue

    Hi all, Can anyone help me with this one: Here is the scenario: 1. A delay block set in parallel, permanently enabled. mix set to 100%, bypass mode set to MUTE FX IN 2. An expression pedal set using a modifier to control the mix, 0-100% (so the amount of delay in the preset can by...
  32. craiguitar

    Ultra Blinking panel LED's

    Has anyone else noticed when they are playing, ALL the non-lit led's on the front panel occasionally blinking, albeit very dimly? I have noticed this on occasion, this included both the clip Led's (even though the unit wasn't remotely close to clipping) and the all of the not in use output...
  33. craiguitar

    Which Amp sim for legato?

    Hi all, Has anyone tried replicating a Rivera Knucklehead amp (Lead channel) with the Axe? If so which amp sim did you choose? My friend is trying to replicate his fave high gain sounds from the Rivera on his Axe Standard. At the moment he is using the CAE Lead. I use that one a lot, and I know...
  34. craiguitar

    Global effects bypass IA

    Hi, If I would like to set a single IA switch/CC to act as a bypass for a range of effects (such as delays, reverbs etc) in any given preset, I figure there are a couple of ways to achieve this. Anyone have any suggestions on the best/easiest way to do it? Thanks,
  35. craiguitar

    Additional Tuner mute options

    I'd like to be able to set the tuner mute to mute output 1, but not output 2. Seems like a strange request, but I use output 2 on the Axe-Fx to go to a seperate rack tuner. I sometimes like use that in addition to the MFC's display, but when I hit the tuner button on the MFC101 it defeats both...
  36. craiguitar

    Bounce Back

    The ability (or option) to bounce back to previous preset by pressing the same preset button twice. This would then act as a toggle between those 2 presets. This should be able to occur regardless of which bank the first preset was in. Here is the scenario: So you are in BANK 1 and click...
  37. craiguitar

    8.09 Standard auto re-boot

    This is worrying. Since updating my Standard to 8.09, every once in a while my unit re-boots itself during patch changes. Previously this only happened when using the value wheel whilst messing about at home, so I thought, well thats not such a big deal, as I change patches during live shows...
  38. craiguitar

    Noob Spillover question

    I'm still new to the Axe, and having spent some time messing around with all the factory presets, have finally started programming my own. I've done a search of this forum, and also the wiki, regarding Delay & Reverb spillover 'within' a preset. There are no clear answers. What I need to get is...
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