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  1. Chronograph

    A New Tune (Prog Rock/Metal)

    Hello there, Here's a new tune. The guitars and bass recorded through my beloved Axe FX III. Enjoy.
  2. Chronograph

    Lepsky Brown Bear Guitar Test

    Hey there, Got a new axe lately, a Lepsky Brown Bear. It's a masterbuild by Eugeny Lepsky, a Siberia-based luthier. Yes, right in the middle of nowhere:) Here's a test tune. All guitar tracks are written with the Brown Bear, bass' a Warwick Streamer. FW 15.01. No synths whatsoever:cool: Enjoy.
  3. Chronograph

    Technical Complexities

    No, I am not complaining:) It's the name of a new tune I've been working on lately. It's been the most technically challenging piece I've ever dared, hence the name. Initially I had though of naming it like a "Need for Speed" or "Adrenaline Rush" or something similarily banal, but decided...
  4. Chronograph

    A New Tune (Prog Rock Content)

    Hey there, Trust everybody is well and in good health. Thanks to the coronavirus, I was put out of office for three months, and had a time to write a new tune. It's not heavy guitar-driven thing. It's leaning towards progressive rock rather than metal. Still, wish you liked it. All the...
  5. Chronograph

    Mood Swings

    Hey there, A new short tune. This is the first time I recorded an acoustic guitar (Taylor 816) through an actual mike (Neumann 147) and through the Axe FX II. Tweaked a new present for this very sound. You can hear it in the first part of the tune. The second part is as usual, rough and...
  6. Chronograph

    Vertigo (Prog-ish Content)

    Hey there, Here's a new tune. Too many keys/synths, I know. As usual, all the guitars and bass came from Axe FX II original. Enjoy.
  7. Chronograph

    Axe-FX II as channel strip in DAW

    Hi guys, Just wanted to share an interesting life hack with you. I use Logic 9 as the main DAW, over 200 plugins, crashing all the time, digital artefacts etc etc. After another crash of Logic today, I asked myself - why not using Axe FX as an outboard gear, not only for the guitars but also...
  8. Chronograph

    New Prog Rock-ish Tune

    A new tune completed. A little bit more on the prog rock-ish leaning curve. Enjoy!
  9. Chronograph

    Fokin Pickups Test

    Hey there, Here's a short tune to test a pair of Fokin pickups. Ilya Fokin (no pun intended, it's the last name, pronounced F-O-H-K-I-N) is a Moscow-based pickup luthier. An Alnico 5 Hot Breeze humbucker in the bridge, Alnico 5 Saboteur in the neck. No synths. All the guitar parts have been...
  10. Chronograph

    New Quantum 1.01 tune. Progressive.

    Hey there, Here's a new tune I just completed. All guitars and bass are Q 1.01. Purists beware: a whole bunch of synths present! Enjoy!
  11. Chronograph

    Organized Rhythmic Patterns

    Hey there, A new tune. Lots of guitars and synths. FAS III on the riffs, Das Metall and 1987 X Jump on the leads, a whole bunch of low-gain amps on the cleans. Enjoy. Cheers, Chrono
  12. Chronograph

    Prog Rock/Metal - FW 17.03

    Cheers, A piece of a simple tune to do a FW 17.03 test. Enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/chronograph/through-the-clouds
  13. Chronograph

    FW 16.04 Metal Sound Test

    Re-wrote a recent test tune with FW 16.04. Enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/chronograph/pw-hornet-soundtest-v2-mp3
  14. Chronograph

    Herbie CH3 Rhythm Patch (ProgMetal Content)

    Hi there, Here's a short excerpt from the new tune I am working on. Having spent long hours in the search of a holy grail for high gain rhythm tracks, I've chosen Herbie CH3 now. IMO sounds truly prog-metall-ish:) Enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/chronograph/shattered-excerpt
  15. Chronograph

    Chaos Management (New tune, ProgMetal content)

    Hi there, A new tune completed. Axe FX II all the way, of course. Enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/chronograph/chaos-management
  16. Chronograph

    Earthbound (Progressive Metal Content)

    Hey Folks, Just completed a new tune. Proggy, as usual. Enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/chronograph/earthbound
  17. Chronograph

    Chimera (New Tune)

    Hi there, A new tune completed. Enjoy listening https://soundcloud.com/chronograph/chimera
  18. Chronograph

    A new tune, a bit faster this time

    Hey everyone, Here's a new tune, a little bit faster than usual. All guitars and bass through Axe II. Still on FW 7.0. Enjoy. https://soundcloud.com/chronograph/persistence
  19. Chronograph

    Fretless bass, nylon classical and drop F# heaviness

    Hi there, Been experimenting with a fretless bass, nylon classical guitar and some F# heavy stuff. I have to say that not only does the Axe FX II cope easily with high gain sounds, it also is quite suitable for jazzy and classical stuff. The song is unfinished. Still working on it...
  20. Chronograph

    On The Wings Of Insomnia - New Tune (v.7.0)

    Hi there, Here's a new tune. Still on v 7.0 as I can't move with songs as fast as FA does with firmwire :) Many synths layers but the guitars are still there. Enjoy. On The Wings Of Insomnia by Chronograph on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free The...
  21. Chronograph

    A Palette Of 6.01 High Gain Sounds

    Hi there, Here's a short sound clip The Black Swan Test by Chronograph on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free I was testing the new Black Swan guitar New The Black Swan Day - Sevenstring.org with various 6.01 amps. The rhythm are 6160 and 5150 III, the...
  22. Chronograph

    v6.0 FW metal clip (6160, Energyball, SV Bass)

    Hi there, Here's a short clip with the new v6.0 firmware. Rhythms parts written with 6160, solos with Enegryball, bass SV. Enjoy. Carbon Oni Test by Chronograph on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  23. Chronograph

    Prog rock tune. Inspired by a positive mood.

    Hi there, Here's the new tune. Quite unusual to me as there's a less metal and more art- and prog- rock oriented thing. All guitars and fretless bass through my new Axe II. Enjoy. Magnolia by Chronograph on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  24. Chronograph

    A humble attempt to metallize a Bach-esque tune

    Hi there, Here's a short tune inspired by the great classical stuff. Just a humble attempt to put a Bach-esque chord progression into the veins of metal arrangement. Enjoy. Caprice GFlat by Chronograph on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  25. Chronograph

    New Tune Completed. Prog Metal Content

    Hi everyone, New tune completed. Prog metal -esque. As usual, all sounds go through the Ultra. Indemnity by Chronograph on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Enjoy.
  26. Chronograph

    Indemnity - Intro for a new Prog Metal piece

    Hi there, Here's the intro for a new song. Guitars - 5150/RW Indemnity v1.0 by Chronograph on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  27. Chronograph

    Of A Dream Long Forgotten - Full Version

    Hi there, Here's the full version of the piece recently uploaded, including the intro and a new ending. Enjoy. Comments are welcome. Of A Dream Long Forgotten2.9T by Chronograph on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  28. Chronograph

    A weird mixture of prog metal and a bit of gothic

    netmusicians.org - the guitar gear mp3 database Hi there, Song completed. Not really a guitar-driven piece but still there are some. Hi-gains are 5150, the solo parts based on Andromeda's patch (FAS Lead), cleans are Brownface. Just realized I desperately need vocal parts. As my voice...
  29. Chronograph

    Four Minutes of Genocide

    Here we go. The four minutes of Genocide. The brutaliest piece I've done so far. Enjoy. Comments are welcome. netmusicians.org - the guitar gear mp3 database
  30. Chronograph

    Going Brutal II

    Hi there, Been trying to create a very brutal sound to emphasize the tight and aggressive structure of the song. Here is a short clip. 5150, German 57. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8688658/Genocide%20v1.4.mp3
  31. Chronograph

    Going Brutal (8-string)

    Hi there, Been trying to create a really brutal and aggressive sound for the new tune. Here is a short clip. Comments are welcome. netmusicians.org - the guitar gear mp3 database
  32. Chronograph

    Song completed. Progressive yet heavy

    Hi there, Just finalized the song I've been working on for a long time. Oni Macassar Ebony 8-string for the riffs, Frank Hartung Chronograph Custom and Oni Amboyna Burl Top for the solos, Warwick Streamer 5-string bass, SD2.0 (Metal Foundry), Korg M3 keys. Das Metall, Recto 2...
  33. Chronograph

    Building up Petrucci-style solo sound - short sound sample

    Hi there, Been trying to make a sound for the solo parts in the vein of Petrucci style. Okay, I didn't want to clone his sound from the beginning to the end but rather catch that amazing airy open liquid vibe attached to it. Guitar played - my new Oni Amboyna Burl Top 8-string, stock Oni...
  34. Chronograph

    Antithesis - s2.0, Oni 8-string, Hartung 6-string, Warwick, Diezel+RW Uberkab R121

    Hi there, Another fragment of the piece I am working on. Still unfinished. Oni Macassar Ebony 8-string for the rhythm, Frank Hartung Chronograph Custom for the solo parts, Warwick Streamer bass. Metal Foundry drums, Korg M3 synth. The rhythm patches are Diezel amp and RW Uberkab R121...
  35. Chronograph

    8-string short clip

    Hi there, Here is a little extract from the tune I am working on. Well, actually, there's going to be two songs united in one, the first part being slow and sad, and the second one more heavier. Guitar used is the Oni 8-string, tuned down to Drop E. Enjoy...
  36. Chronograph

    ..Of Dreams Long Forgotten

    Hi there, As I am in a sad mood, started working on a new song, sad and simple. Here is the intro. Not really guitar-driven piece though. Enjoy. http://www.netmusicians.org/index.php?s ... value=8959
  37. Chronograph

    Low E 8-string experiment

    Hi there, Just testing my new 8-string Oni. Energyball ampsim, stock cabs. Enjoy listening. http://www.netmusicians.org/index.php?s ... value=8881
  38. Chronograph

    Prog metal in the vein of Dream Theater - song completed

    Okay, I did it. Here is the complete tune. Well, not really DT-ish anymore. When working on the second part of the song, I realized it was influenced by Tosin Abasi's tunes :D Anyway, here is the result http://www.netmusicians.org/index.php?s ... value=8647 Blackmachine B2 on the rhythm...
  39. Chronograph

    A little bit of prog in the vein of Dream Theater

    Hi there, Here is a fragment of the piece I am working on. Still unfinished. Blackmachine B2 played on the high gain rhythm and clean parts, Suhr Modern and PRS Modern Eagle on the solos. All guitars and bass through the Ultra. No serious mixing or mastering done yet. Comments are...
  40. Chronograph

    A little bit of prog - full song finished

    Hi there :D Finally I got it done - the song I've been working on for several months is now finished. http://www.netmusicians.org/index.php?s ... value=8016 I know, the mixing is bad. Had to mix in the headphones as my 2-year daughter is not a big metal head :P Guitars and bass through...
  41. Chronograph

    A touch of progressive

    Hi there, Here is a fragment of the song I am working on. All guitars and bass through Ultra. Rhythm guitars quad tracked. Guitar is Blackmachine B6 with BKP Cold Sweat. Comments are welcome. http://www.netmusicians.org/index.php?s ... value=7847
  42. Chronograph

    Das Metall+RW

    Hi there, Here is a little fragment of a new piece I am currently working on. High-gains are based on the Das Metall ampsim, RW Recto V30 impulses. It's a rough recording, no mixing or editing done yet. Comments are welcome. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8688658/The%20C ... 20v1.2.mp3
  43. Chronograph

    Rough demo (Euro+Das Metall)

    Hi there, Here is a rough demo with Euro and Das Metall patches. Based on the Enditol's and Markus' patches, tweaked to my likings. Guitar played - PRS Modern Eagle II with Bare Knuckle Warpig in the bridge. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8688658/The%20C ... 20v1.1.mp3 Sorry for poor...
  44. Chronograph

    Old song, new reAxe-FXing (Diezel+Soldano)

    Hi there :) Here is a new version of the song I uploaded a month ago. Hi gain rhythm guitars reamped (to be exactly, reAxe-FXed :lol: ) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8688658/Trinity ... 0v1.13.mp3 Your comments are welcome. Looks like it still lacks something..
  45. Chronograph

    Orange/5105 - an attempt at Prog Rock/Metal (new version)

    Hi there, I was just experimenting with a prog rock/metal piece. Enjoy listening. Well.. if you have enough patience to listen to a 7-minute clip :roll: http://www.netmusicians.org/index.php?s ... value=7196 All guitars and bass are from Ultra. Hi gains are Orange and 5105. Some tracks...
  46. Chronograph

    USA Lead 1

    Hi there. http://www.netmusicians.org/index.php?s ... value=5761 A rough home-made demo. Used Petrucci Rhythm (USA Lead 1) on high gain rhythm, self-made settings for bass. Comments are welcome.
  47. Chronograph

    Illusion Control v1.10

    Hi there :D http://www.netmusicians.org/?section=id&value=5620 Here's a new tune. The story behind the record - initially recorded through a Mesa Stiletto miked by a Neumann U47. Didn't like the results. Re-recorded through the Ultra. Comments are welcome.
  48. Chronograph

    The Birth of Icarus

    Hi there :D Another song done. Should be good for 7 strings high gain fans. Enjoy. Comments are welcome. http://www.netmusicians.org/?section=id&value=5017
  49. Chronograph

    First full-scale tune

    Hi there, Here is my first full-scale tune. Recorded through Ultra directly to Logic 9. Comments are welcome. http://www.netmusicians.org/?section=us ... hronograph
  50. Chronograph

    First sound sample. A bit metall-ish

    Hi there :D Got the Ultra a couple of months ago from the European distributor, G66. This is my first attempt to upload a tune. Recorded directly to the portastudio. No EQing, no post-editing. My playing is awful, I know :lol: Just trying to build my sound. Here is the link...
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