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    GR-55 Guitar Modeling + Axe FX Amp Modeling & Effects = Perfect Combination?

    So instead of paying the $400 premium price for the AXE FX I decided to use that money to buy a Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth. One of the cool features of it is the ability to model guitar sounds off the GK-3 pickup (audio modeling not midi). I played around with it and was surprised by the amount...
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    Poll: Do you plan to wait in the waiting list or pay the premium?

    Do you plan to wait in the waiting list or pay the premium? Please vote.
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    The "Official" unofficial Axe Fx II US Purchase Availability Thread

    Let's please try to keep this on topic. It is clear not everyone is into the bit of luck game that is trying to be an early adopter of the Axe Fx II. This thread is aimed at those that are into it and to help improve their chances. I will try to keep this first post up to date with the latest...
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    6/16 - Refreshathon (availability update)

    Refreshathon (availability update) For what its worth I have a script monitoring the website regularly. History so far: 6/14 - For sale ~2:15PM EST, sold out in 90 second, unknown qty. FAS said units would be added daily. 6/15 - None for sale. No new updates from FAS. 6/16 - For sale ~2:06PM...
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    Would it be too much to ask to include working accessories?

    I've bought an Ultra and MFC in the last two weeks totally $2819.79. Would it be too much to ask to have Fractal start including working accessories with it? Its a pain to have to go through a trial and error process to find the necessary accessories to work with the products. I bought a Midi...
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    What have I done wrong? Midi Setup help needed - Please!

    I am using a Macbook Pro with OSX, Axe Fx Ultra, Motu Fastlane Midi Interface, 2 Live Wire Midi Cables I have the A out on the fastlane connected to the Midi in on the Axe fx, I have the A in on the fastlane connected to the Midi out on the Axe Fx. I have the Midi thru button pushed in (is that...
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    Feedback Needed: Atomic Passive Cab + Rockton Velocity 300

    Anyone running this combo? What is your feedback? I'm not keen on having a tube power amp and thought this might be a good SS combo with an AXE FX.
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    MFC-101 & Software

    I looked at the manual for the MFC-101. Im a midi noob so sorry for the question but is there going to be software to manage all this?
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    Moving Patches

    I'm trying to purchase a Axe FX Ultra and in the meantime researching how to use them. One thing I can't determine is how easy is it to move patches around. Like if I want to put things in a setlist order. Can I just drag them around or does it involves saving them and then reloading them to a...
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    I tried to purchase an Axe Fx Ultra tonight but I get this when I try to purchase it "The Axe-Fx Ultra Effects Processor is not currently available. Please contact us for availability of this item." When will they be available again? Thanks.
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    Atomic Passive Cabs - How many watt amp?

    I would like to pair a solid-state amp with an Atomic Passive Cab. How many watts should I run through one of these? What seems to be the most popular SS amp for this application? Thanks.
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