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    Fractal Axe FX III with UA's Luna DAW

    Can I use the Fractal for inputs and outputs in UA's Luna? And still use the UA software plugins in Luna? I don't see how to select the USB inputs from the Fractal from a track in Luna. Can this be done?
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    Fractal Axe FX III with Universal Apollo Luna

    The instructions for re amping a guitar track in a DAW in the Fractal manual state to use the Fractal USB for input and output. However, I'm using Luna from Universal Audio and I don't see how to get Luna to see the Fractal for audio processing. Does anyone know how to do that? I think I could...
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    How IR Capture the Fryette Power Amp processing the Axe FX III output?

    I have the new Axe FX III. For the last year, I had the previous generation Axe FX III which I would record into my UA Apollo DAW after the Axe FX III went out into the Fryette Two/Fifty/Two Stereo Power Amp whose out went into a Two Notes Torpedo Capture load box to convert the output of the...
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    FM3 vs AXE-FX III-Main Differences?

    I own an Axe-FX III which I've extensively used to make several rock guitar albums and I recently bought an FM3. I'm going to be traveling most of the coming year and just updated the FM3 and transferred over all my custom presets and cabs from the Axe-FX III. What is the main qualitative...
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    IR Capture of Power Amp

    I've spent years developing custom presets in my Fractal devices. I've found that running the Fractal's output into a high end tube power amp and running the power amp into a load box to convert the signal to line out provides the special sauce to the Fractal Presets making them sound even...
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    Guitar Cab sim plug for Universal Audio Luna?

    I am a pro level guitarist and songwriter with a pro level home studio. I use the Fractal Axe FX III for recording all guitars of course! I like to put the cab in an insert in Luna using CabLab, however, in Luna, you have to have ARM enabled to avoid significant latency when recording. Which...
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    Has this been released? When is it available?

    I'd love to have this little guy for traveling. I can't tell from this site if it's been released yet or not. Has it? If yes, why is it never available for purchase? If not, when is it expected to come out?
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    Line 6 vs Helix Floor vs Fractal Axe FX III

    I've been a HUGE Fractal Axe FX III fan. That said, I've been surprised to keep hearing well known guitarists also recommend the Line 6 Helix Floor unit which supposedly has their flagship best modeling and effects. Am very curious to hearing from anyone here whose owned both. Which has the...
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    Where are presets saved?

    I'm moving, and realized that I did NOT export all of the presets from Axe-Edit on my laptop while it was connected to my Fractal Axe FX III. Does this matter? After I move, I will be using a NEW laptop with a NEW version of Axe-Edit III. My question is, are all the custom presets saved in my...
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    Cab Lab Plugin vs. CabLab standalone app

    I'm using Universal Audio Apollo x6 with Luna their new DAW. The problem I'm running into is that if there are ANY plugins enable during recording there is unavoidable latency with Luna. Even if I disable all plugins expect the CabLab plugin to provide speaker emulation for the Fractal on a...
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    How access Fractal User Cabs from within Cab Lab 3 Plugin

    See above...I would prefer NOT to have the fractal attached to the Mac I'm using to record with so I need all cab IRs that come stock with the Fractal I guess in a folder on the Mac from which to access with the Cab Lab 3 plugin. I'm able to load 3rd party cabs that I purchased, but the User...
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    Using Cab-Lab 3 Plug-In with Universal Audio Luna

    So....the plug in shows up but when I open it in inserts, I get an error message that it can not be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software..how do I get past this?
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    Yek's Guides-need guide for blocks other than Amp and Drive

    I've found Yek's Amp and Drive Guide's invaluable. I would like the same for the other effects pedals. I can't find one by him. Is there one by Yek or someone else? Also a speaker guide would be helpful. Any recommendations on guides, particularly one's that like Yek's tell you which artist...
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    Preset Suggestions for Fender Telecaster Acoustisonic

    What is the best recommendation for amp block etc on the grid to emulate an acoustic guitar amp?
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    Best Way On with Fractal Block to simulate an octive pedal?

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    Can you take NOTES in Axe Edit?

    I'm going through Yek's amazing instructions and creating tones with settings for a specific guitar I want to be able to recall. Is there anyway to add, 'Notes', in each preset? Or does this have to be done in a separate app?
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    Best way to monitor Axe-Edit III

    Currently I'm using one of my older MacBook Pro computers to do so, total over kill, and I'd like to sell it. 1. Is Axe-Edit III Mac only? 2. What is the cheapest yet still easy to use and view, laptop, to have dedicated to editing Axe-Edit III?
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    Need Speaker recommendations for FX III with Fryette 2/50/2 Stereo Power Amp

    I'm a tone freakin, always chasing the unicorn of tone. I have the XiTones, great for a GRFR cab, and yet, leaves something missing from using a real tube amp. I had a long conversation with Brain, at The Guitar Sanctuary, in Texas last week. He explained that the tone we all love primarily...
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    Best power amp for a real cab with the Fractal Axe FX III

    I have gotten so used to the Fractal that I've now returned a Marshall 1959HW, Orange Custom Shop 50, EVH 5150 100watt, and a Victory VX100. So...I have the XiTones which are terrific, however, it's still missing that bloom, pop, wide high end of a real expensive tube amp. What is the best power...
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    What real amp is the FAS Modern based on?

    I am a writer, guitarist, and music producer. Big fan of the Fractal. I've spent weeks dialing in the new tones for my next album. One of my favorite tones is the FAS Modern amp block. I'd like to buy the real amp this was based on. Or amps. What amp or amps was the FAS Modern based on...
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    Can Frequencies be Custom Set in GEQ Graphic EQ block?

    can they be changed from what appears when the block is instantiated?
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    Using Cab Lab with ProTools

    I want to run a real tube amp through a Rivera attenuator which has a line out which is then but through a cab IR. I can do this now through the Fractal to my XiTone GRFR cabs and it's a BIG improvement over any actual amp sim. So...how do I do this from within ProTools? For example, can I send...
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    How save blocks on a grid to insert into another preset or scene

    Grid row 5 is for input 2 which is for my drum pedal. Sounds great! I want to be able to copy the blocks in this row and paste them into another preset or scene. How?
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    Help Needed Recording from USB Axe FX III USB Out to QuickTime on a MacBook`

    The first night I did this, it worked great. Now, when I record, I am also getting an unprocessed guitar along with the processed guitar tone going through the various blocks in the chain. No idea what happened or changed. On ONLY want the stereo signal from rows 2 and 4 in the grid. I do NOT...
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    USB out to MacBook Pro including clean signal I don't want

    I want to record a hard rock preset to QuickTime using the USB cable to my MacBook Pro. I did so last night and it worked great. This morning, the signal from the USB to QuickTime is now including an unprocessed guitar AND the guitar going through the chain in the preset. Why? I need to turn OFF...
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    FX III USB out to multiple inputs?

    I always have the FX III USB output connected to my laptop and Axe Edit as I'm constantly tweaking my presets. At the same time, I want to be able to send audio through the USB cable not to my MacBook, but to an iPhone through the lightening input on an iPhone 11 and record the audio output of...
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    Best amp block for Fender Stratocaster Acoustasonic guitar

    I just bought a Stratocaster Acoustasonic guitar. Sounds amazing! For the acoustic settings, which amp block and speakers are most recommended? I assume I'm trying to emulate the type of guitar amp made for an acoustic guitar with pickups built in to it. Here is a link to the Acoustasonic...
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    How Use Axe FX III for effects only with amp w/o and EFX Loop

    I have an Orange Custom Shop 50 amp head. Sounds fantastic. However, it does NOT have an EFX loop. So...how do I use the Axe Fx IIIs effects? Do I just go in the front input of the Axe and out the output? Do I need to just any settings for volume etc?
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    X-Load LB-2 Load Box when available?

    MUST HAVE ONE ASAP! : ) Can't find any new or used online anywhere. Why? And when is fractal going to make more?
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    When use different Preset vs Different Scene in same overall Preset?

    What is Fractal intention between when one is going to use a different Preset vs a different Scene within that Preset? LMK you an example. I wrote an instrumental rocker. Part of it has a high gain modern rock tone then I switch to a hyper clean chorus tone. I've been doing this by having 1...
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    Scene Editing Question-different blocks on different scenes?

    Is there any way to have different blocks in different scenes in the same preset? It appears that there is not. The reason I ask, is that I'm using a reverb pedal, that comes goes through the Axe I/O 3. I add an Ouput block and input block and it's now in the chain in scene 1. I do NOT want it...
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    How use pedal effects, EFX Loop style, with the Axe FX III

    I have a reverb pedal I really like. Instead of putting it in front of the Axe Fx III input, can I do what can be done with a high end amp that has an effects loop? Does that make sense? If yes, how?
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    Need amp block for Orange Custom Shop 50

    I would have thought one would have been included with the Axe FX III, can't find it on the list on the wiki, am I missing it? If not, has anyone done a good tone capture of one?
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    Keeps Crashing

    I use Axe-Edit III every day. All of a sudden, today, it crashes, almost every time I load a new .syx file. The problem is not the file. 1. If I DL the latest version of Axe-Edit, and uninstall the old one, will it erase all my presets? 2. How do I do a back up?
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    Need Help Restoring Axe FX III from back up

    Ok, so today I bought the Austin Buddy, 'Brit Rock Royalty' tone pack. Couldn't help myself! 😂 1.As is recommended in the manual for it, I first backed up my Axe FX III, which had a lot of custom Presets I'd created myself and purchased that are very valuable to me. In the Fractal Bot I had to...
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    Need Help Creating Scenes

    I have a preset I've created that I like very much. I'm sure this is a stupid question, but I can't figure it out. How do I adjust the settings of blocks in scene #2, without them also adjusting the settings in scene #1?
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    Axe-Fx III vs The real deal tube amp

    So, yesterday, I spent a few hours A/B between a new Mesa Boogie Tripe Crown TC-100 amp head going through a Mesa Boogie 2x12 cabinet against the Axe-FX III going through two new XiTone GRFR active cabinets. https://xitonecabs.com/product/12-grfr-active-lightweight-wedge/ First, I've played...
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    Need Help using Axe III through EFX Loop of Mesa TC-100 (the problem is with the Axe III, not the amp)

    I want to use the Axe III through the EFX Loop of a new Mesa Boogie TC-100 head. 1. I'm getting normal guitar volume, etc., through the amp when when the EFX Loop is turned OFF using the Mesa Boogie TC-100 foot controller FX button to turn the EFX loop on the TC-100 on and off. 2. When I...
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    Appropriate for use of only the effects?

    I love my Fractal Axe FX III, particularly for recording, you can hear it here on a demo for my upcoming '80s style rock album. This was done entirely with the Fractal Axe FX III for all guitar tones. Now the fly in the ointment. Although I love recording with the Axe III, for practicing...
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    XiTone GRFR Active Cab Questions for other XiTone cab owners

    Just got two XiTone GRFR active cabs to use with my Fractal Axe FX III. I would greatly appreciate other owners responding to the following questions. I've emailed a lot with the XiTone owner, Mick, he seems like a good guy and over all, with only two days of testing, they are superior to my 4...
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    Humbuster 1/4" Out vs XLR Outs

    Is there any tonal difference? If one tonally preferred over the other? Or is this just to reduce the noise flow of the output?
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    Questions About New XiTone 12″ GRFR Active Lightweight Wedges (they forgot to send the manual)

    Just got them. Please only answer these questions if you own Xitone cabinets, no guesses! Thank you! 1. There was no manual included. I've contacted XiTone and supposedly they are going to send me one but have not yet. There is no manual PDF download on the site. 2. What are the recommended...
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    Help Needed to set up FC-6

    I've read the instructions several times. Can't figure this out. I've created a layout #3 entitled Effects 1. I want to be able to control the effects in this layout from the FC-6. I can't figure out how to select this layout from the pedal. Please advise. Thanks!
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    How convert .wav files to IR cab files for Fractal Axe FX III

    Ok, I've read the instructions, doesn't work. I have Axe-Edit III and Cab Lab 3. Neither will accept a .wav file. I've tried adding the .wav files (they are from two different companies that make cab packs for fractal) I've tried going to Tools>Manage Cabs and navigated to the .wav files, they...
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    How Create Separate Channels for one guitar input going to different amps

    This seems like it should be easy to do but I can't figure it out. I'm using two different amps. One is an Atomic FRFR cabinet and the other is a boutique guitar amp. I want to process the guitar signal separately for each and have for example the humbuster Left output go exclusively to the...
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    How have 2 amps in one scene L+R

    I want to have two amps+cabs in the same scene, one going to the L output and one going to the R output. Need instructions. Please advise on how to set this up.
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    Tone King Falcon Tone Matching or Amp Matching?

    Love the Axe Fx XL+! And for the first time in a decade I found an amp that I love as much...the Tone King Falcon. http://www.toneking.com/products/falcon/ Costs nearly as much as an Axe Fx! If someone has done a tone match preset, would appreciate it. If not, need help trying to match the...
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    Do Pro Users Record the Axe-Fx through a mic pre?

    What method do the top Pro users of the Fractal Axe-Fx use to record an album? 1. Do they run the balanced outs through a high end mic pre? 2. Does Fractal Audio make a recommendation? 3. Do they use record using the S/PDIF or USB outputs? I realize that different pro users who make albums...
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    S/PDIF vs USB vs TRS vs XLR-Best Sounding?

    The S/PDIF out seems harsh. I realize it does not go through any converters I assume on the Fractal and I know it does not when going into the Universal Apollo 8. Which if the above methods produces the best tone representation of the Axe? What does Fractal recommend? S/PDIFF is easy, and the...
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    Difference between a Tone Match and IR Capture?

    1. What in brief is the difference? 2. When do you use which? 3. Do you ever use both in the same preset? When? 4. I am trying to capture the amazing tone of my Parker Fly pieso going through a Roland amp. I have already tried tone matching, IR capture, and adjusting EQ in the Axe. 5. Do I...
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    Tone Matching Questions

    1. If there are two SM57 mics on an amp cab (there is an 8in speaker and 2 in tweeter), both going into a UA Apollo and out in mono to the Axe Fx, how do you mix the two? 2. Can you put two Tone Match Blocks in the same line of a preset? 3. I can't find the instructions on how to export a Tone...
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    Roland Cube IR Capture Help Needed ASAP

    End goal is to make the pieso in my Parker Fly sound similar to, as good as or better, than it does through my Roland Cube Street Ex amp. The pieso sounds fantastic going into the 2nd input on the Roland with the input set to 'mic'. The cabinet of the Roland is a big part of the tone. See photo...
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    Need to Hire Axe Fx Expert for Skype Training ASAP.

    Love the Axe Fx II, just upgraded to the +, and bought the MFC and expression pedal. I am a singer/songwriter and guitarist. I need immediate instruction from an expert level Axe Fx tutor to help me prepare the Axe presets for an upcoming album, help do a tone match, and get the MFC set up...
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    Need Help Understanding IR Mixes for FRFR

    Recently purchased 2 Atomic powered FRFR speakers for my Axe FX II. I need help getting good tone with the Atomics and a Parker with magnetic PUs and Pieso both being used at the same time. Please recommend Cab Packs that would be good for Atomic FRFR speakers. What does 'mix' mean? In...
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    Help Needed to emulate guitar into mic input on Roland Street Cube EX

    I have a Parker Fly. The Pieso sounds fantastic going into the mic/instrument 1/4 input on my Roland Street Cube EX with the switch set to MIC not Instrument. See specs below. How do I emulate this with the Axe II? SPECS BY ROLAND: Nominal Input Level (1 kHz) MIC/INSTRUMENT INPUT: -50/-10...
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    How to Use Two Guitars at Once with the Axe-Fx II XL+

    I play Parker guitars. They have two outputs. One from the regular magnetic pickups and one from the pieso pickup. How do I set up the Axe Fx II so I an plug both into the Axe at the same time and have each with the own amp/cab/effects/ etc and switch between hearing one or the other or both?
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    Best Power Conditioner & Rack Guitar Tuner w/Axe-FX & Friedman ASM 12?

    Need recommendation on rack tuner & power conditioner for powering the following: Axe-fx, (2) Friedman ASM12s, UA Apollo Twin, Macbook Pro, Little Labs preamp, rack tuner, Mackie Monitors, miscellaneous other gear. Will be use 90% in home studeo, in other studios, and rehearsal spaces...
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    Axe-FX Rack and Stand Recommendations

    1. Anyone know what stand for this Axe-Fx Adrian Belew is using in this video? https://youtu.be/sob1u0GbBWE 2. Need something for home studio use that is easy to put a laptop on top of the rack or Axe-Fx II. Don't want a traditional closed large heavy box...
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    Need Mixing Help! Axe-FX II with Parker Fly w/stereo out + midi

    I have an Axe FX II. Just bought a Parker Fly Mojo. It has a stereo out. AND I can install a midi out which I will do. And I am thinking about getting two Atomic cabs so I can play in stereo (anything smaller and less expensive recommended? Atomics are $1400 each... mostly home and studio...
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    Best 2 12" Combo Amp for Axe II for Live Stage Use

    I know this is not optimal. Other suggestions considered. I have a gig, I want to use the Axe II, and the PA is not an option. Suggestions?
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    How connect Axe II to Apollo Twin Optical In?

    Currently tried with a S/PDIF coaxial through a HOSA transformer box to an optical out. I'ts not passing through the clock data.
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    Axe II Mark II to Apollo Twin Optical Input...HOW?? Help Needed!!

    Previously I ran the Axe II s/pdif through a s/pdif coaxial cable into the Apollo Quads coaxial input. Worked fine. I didn't do anything in the Axe II for a word clock setting. The Apollo Twin has ONLY an optical input. I bought a HOSA converter, ODL-276A, to go from the Axe II's coaxial...
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    Best Set up for Singer/Songwriter for practicing guitar and vox at same time

    I am a singer/songwriter. I practiced with an amp before the Axe II arrived and I could hear myself sing. Now as I am using Sennheiser HD 650s out of the Axe II to practice I can't hear myself sing anymore. I was going to get some Atomics but they are very pricey. I realized today, maybe the...
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    Best Speakers to Play Axe II Through

    The atomics I am sure a great, but they are $1k each. Other suggestions? Playing through my Mackie HR824s is getting really old. How about through two Marshall Class 5 amps? Or some kind of PA? Need suggestions with budget of $1k total for 2 speakers. I want a guitar amp vibe.
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    Tech 21 Power Engine for use with Axe II

    I bought two of them to use in stereo...not impressed. They just sound rather dead and boring. Any other suggestions? Using Mackie HR824s, they are far more detailed and accurate, but not exactly as exciting as playing through a real amp. What are people using that doesn't cost $1k each like the...
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    AES vs S/PDIF vs USB vs XLR

    Ok...I went to Axe Fest. Great event. I talked to Cliff, the founder of Fractal. In brief, he said that AES is the pro version of S/PDIF and that is what he recommends using coming out of the Axe II for recording. Further, that he uses an RME Fireface UFX which has AES AND USB inputs. Further...
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    Apogee Quartet vs. UA Apollo Quad and best outs for recording

    I lost an entire week to trying to figure out why the headphone out of my new Apogee Quartet sounded so inferior to the headphone out on Axe II. I tried every imaginable configuration and worked with Apogee and Fractal. No one could figure it out. So I returned the Quartet and bought a UA Apollo...
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    Best Axe II output to use? S/PDIF, AES, XLR, USB?

    As apparently you can't use the Axe II USB out in aggregate device mode with another I/O device, I am considering buying a device that can take the Axe II S/PDIF or AES digital out. I bought an Apogee Quartet and the headphone out does not sound as spectacular as the headphone out on the Axe II...
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    Problems monitoring Axe II through Duet or Quartet-loss of tone and detail

    The phones out of the Fractal Axe Fx II sounds awesome. Detailed, lot's of highs. There is a significant loss of detail and high end when I am monitoring with headphones through an Apogee Quartet or Duet. I have tried every output option on the Axe II. They all have this problem. 1. Is this a...
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    Recommended monitors or amps to practice with the Axe II

    I have the Axe II. Mind blowing. However, I miss playing through an amp. Playing through Sennheiser 650 headphones sounds great. Playing through my Mackie HR824s sounds accurate...but boring. What are other's doing? Using two amps? A PA? For writing and practicing? I write and sing, so head...
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    Current Amp and Effects List?

    Where can i get a current amp and effects list? I have the older one for amps. Is there one for effects? For example, if I want to use a Big Muff distortion, does the Axe II have it?
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    What computer interface works in aggregate device mode with the FX II using USB?

    I have a Duet, Apogee has confirmed what Tone Merchants (they sold me the Axe Fx) that the Duet and Quartet CAN NOT work with any other device than an apogee device in aggregate device mode. So, who out there is using USB in AND at the same time brining in an input from another device? If you...
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    Help needed-Intermittent digital distortion from Axe Fx II (new)

    The Axe-FxII, intermittently, through USB into Logic>iMac will start to have distortion. This is NOT overdriving the meters on the Axe-Fx or in Logic. If I turn on/off the A-F II, it goes away, but might come back. I am running the most current firmware. This always happened with the original...
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    Help! Settings to record Axe FX via USB and a vocal through the DUET in Logic!

    I have Logic X. It asks for an input/output device. I set that as the Duet. I will be brining in a mono lead vocal from a mic pre. I also want to simultaneously record stereo guitar from the Axe FX through the USB connection. Can this be done? If no, how do I use the USB and record other audio...
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    List of real names for amps modeled for Axe FX II amps/cabs

    It would be very helpful to have a list of what amps/cabs were used, for example, is USA Lead based on a Boogie? A Fender? Some names are obvious, other's are not. Same with the effects. Is there a list of what each amp was modeled after so I can know what I am looking for?:) Also, does...
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    Mic Pre(s) with the Axe Fx II? Recommended?

    I have an amazing sounding MA5 mic pre for a lunchbox (sounds like a 70s Neve). If I am recording guitar through through the Axe FX, should I use it? Where in the chain? Before the guitar input? Or after from the stereo outs? Can't use after if using the USB... Does anyone use a mic pre...
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    How simultaneously record dry and processed guitar into Logic on a Mac

    I am new to the Axe-Fx. I am doing an album with a producer. We want to record my guitar through the Axe-Fx with a clean unprocessed signal going to Logic as well as the processed signal onto another track. Then later, if needed we want to be able to reamp the dry/clean guitar. I need...
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    Presets for Ovation acoustic needed!

    Newbie here...just posted in other section, probably should have posted here first, sorry! Need presets to record Ovation acoustic. I want to add chorus and verb and make it as realistic a sounding acoustic as possible, as in what an acoustic guitar recorded with a mic and then adding chorus and...
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    Suggestions Needed for settings to record Ovation acoustic through Axe-FXII

    I am recording a singer/songwriter album. I just bought the Axe-Fx II....it's a monster!! : ) I need suggestions on settings for recording with an Ovation acoustic. Do I drop out the amp and cab? I want as close to a real acoustic guitar sound as possible adding in reverb and chorus. Also would...
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