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  1. Kingfloyd

    Free preset of the week - MF Britt 800 (Based on Marshall JCM800)

    This is a very good one... excellent ! Thanks a lot.
  2. Kingfloyd

    Morgan AC20

    That sounds really good!
  3. Kingfloyd

    DG '75: Preset and video demo.

    Thanks again Burgs! Stellar...
  4. Kingfloyd

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.07

    Excellent ! Thank you.
  5. Kingfloyd

    1Oh3HSS - a HIPOWER-based jam preset. Vid/Demo/Download

    Wonderful ! I love your patches. Endless pleasures. Thanks!
  6. Kingfloyd

    Mars Shells (I & II) - En route to Gibson/Epiphone demos - Free Preset/Vid

    Did you play mainly with input trim to adapt the preset to single coils?
  7. Kingfloyd

    Mars Shells (I & II) - En route to Gibson/Epiphone demos - Free Preset/Vid

    It sounds so good.... and seems so easy under your fingers! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Kingfloyd

    AFIII Presets Richard Hallebeek jazz-rock presets pack

    Very happy with this purchase. The pack is very versatile and many presets are usable in different contexts. No tweaking needed using my LP. Overall excellent quality. One of the best packs I purchased. Thanks!
  9. Kingfloyd

    What go you think is wrong with my Axe-Fx 3?

    I had the same problem with this patch. Unable to switch to another one from axe edit. Working from the front panel solved the problem in my case (just by selecting the next preset).
  10. Kingfloyd

    Classes The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v3.0 AVAILABLE NOW!

    The class is extremely interesting and useful. I am not an expert but not a beginner either. And I am learning a lot of things I should have known much earlier. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks a lot !
  11. Kingfloyd

    [FIXED] Re-reading block definitions on Axe Edit

    Same situation on my system. Not a big issue obviously.
  12. Kingfloyd

    Momentary switch question

    Thanks. Issue solved! Works perfect!
  13. Kingfloyd

    Momentary switch question

    Thanks Rex. But this is my problem: where do I need to go to configure for momentary. On the EZ page there is no such choice.
  14. Kingfloyd

    Momentary switch question

    I received my FC-12 one week ago. I would like to set a Phaser momentary switch in the Perform lay-out. (Meaning that phaser will be on when the switch is depressed and by-passed as soon as I release the switch). I searched the Manual and the forum but was unable to find an answer on how to...
  15. Kingfloyd

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks. You use it with humbuckets or single coils?
  16. Kingfloyd


    I bought this preset and I am very happy with this purchase. The preset works really well, exactly as in the demo (except my poor playing...). For classic rock tunes and on my setup (frfr rcf 12 sma) I did not have to add any tweaking. Spot on immediately. Definitively worth the price.
  17. Kingfloyd

    New section for commercial presets?

    I like this idea.
  18. Kingfloyd


    Purchased it as well. Very good work. Sounds very good (xl+ frfr latest firmware)
  19. Kingfloyd

    FAS 2018!!!

    All the best to axe users and the best only.
  20. Kingfloyd

    FAS, Thanks for the free cab packs...

    Thanks a lot. It is xmas time the whole year...!
  21. Kingfloyd

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.03 Firmware Release

    Cannot wait to try it. But it is 15’ after midnight here in Belgium... :-)
  22. Kingfloyd

    Free Mesa Preset Pack

    I just trid these tonight. Whaou! Really good. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Kingfloyd

    700+ Naked Amps TonePack by AustinBuddy Available NOW!

    Bought the pack and extremely happy with it. Great job! It provides endless ideal starting points to easily dial presets. Really sounds amazing. Thanks a lot!
  24. Kingfloyd

    Preset number when powering up

    Yes I use an MFC101. (Axe fx II xl+ and MFC101). Usually I also have axe edit working during the session but I always shut down axe edit before powering off the axe.
  25. Kingfloyd

    Preset number when powering up

    i recently notice a change since I uploaded Q 8.2. I was used to see the last preset used in the former session to be called when powering up the axe (preset 36 for instance). Now the axe calls preset 0 at every powering up irrespective of the last preset I used. Not a big deal. I tried to...
  26. Kingfloyd

    Moke's 'Clean to Mean' Pack 1 - Demo Video Added!

    I bought the pack. Very good work. Thanks a lot!
  27. Kingfloyd

    After all this time

    Very nice pic and attitude. Where was it?
  28. Kingfloyd

    Horror gig - Axe stopped working mid-gig!

    Exactly: a nighthmare. You must have feel alone in front of thousands of people... could happen with any equipement though. That is why professional have backups even when playing conventional gear. Good luck for tonight.
  29. Kingfloyd

    Singtall Superpack of presets are ready!

    Sucessful download of the presets... Very happy with this investment. All sound good and some match perfectly my personal taste. Many close to perfect without any tweaking needed... Thanks! Not clear what the included irs should be used for. I 'll be watching for updates and additions to the list.
  30. Kingfloyd

    Singtall Superpack of presets are ready!

    Bought the superpack and got your mail yesterday. Was unable to download immediately. Just tried now: I got a 404 error in Dropbox. No access to the files...Could you resend the link? Thanks.
  31. Kingfloyd

    Singtall Superpack of presets are ready!

    Blackmore Deep Purple Machine Head era
  32. Kingfloyd

    Fractal Audio DRIVE Models: Yek's PDF Guide (latest version: April 2021)

    Fantastic! Thanks Yek and Simviz for this excellent work!
  33. Kingfloyd

    Axe-Edit 3.14.0 Released

    Excellent ! That was fast...
  34. Kingfloyd

    Merry Xmas Everyone !

    Joyeux Noel a tous. Et une tres bonne annee!
  35. Kingfloyd

    New FAS Video w. Larry Mitchell + Free Presets!

    Thanks for the Xmas gift! Really impressive.
  36. Kingfloyd

    Fremen Quantum 2.0 presets

    Sorry to hear that you are not feeling better. Take good care of you.
  37. Kingfloyd

    Moke's Custom Presets - Free Preset Giveaway for 'Axe-Fx II' and 'AX8' (The contest is over)

    That is even better! Let me go back to your catalogue and I will come back with my preferred option. I will pm it to you. (I am not at home. I ll do that during the we) Thanks again.
  38. Kingfloyd

    Moke's Custom Presets - Free Preset Giveaway for 'Axe-Fx II' and 'AX8' (The contest is over)

    I recently bought several of your presets... I am really really impressed! Blown away in fact. They are just perfect. Thanks
  39. Kingfloyd

    Just got a shipping notification for my new RAC12!

    Installed RAC12 today. No connection with axefx. Contacted FXUNITS support. Solution detected in 20' (on Sunday,..) : defective cable. Changed cable and ... Perfect! It works really well for me. Make the FX experience even better. Tweaking is much easier (for me at least). Very happy with this...
  40. Kingfloyd

    Just got a shipping notification for my new RAC12!

    I received a message yesterday : mine should be delivered tomorrow. Perfect timing with a long week end ahead. I expect the RAC to make the gap between Axe fx and "real" amps even smaller.
  41. Kingfloyd

    Axe-Fx II Quantum Rev 3.00 Public Beta

    Downloaded Q.3 two hours ago. Not so minor in my opinion. Very very impressed. I cannot imgine how this could be better.Thanks Cliff and the team!:)
  42. Kingfloyd

    Bass - Middle - Treble on the fly

    Yesterday I has been able to place an actual order for one unit. Delivery time expected to be in the range of two months. Fully consistent with the answer I got a few days ago.:):)
  43. Kingfloyd

    Axe-Edit 3.6.1 Released

    Even more fun... Thanks!:)
  44. Kingfloyd

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.04 Firmware Release

    just on time. I was downloading version 3... So fast I don't have time to download all the versions... :-) Thanks FAS!:grinning:
  45. Kingfloyd

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.02 Firmware Release

    Incredible! As usual....
  46. Kingfloyd

    Bass - Middle - Treble on the fly

    I don't know when you made your request. I send a message two days ago to get my name on the waiting list and they just answered this morning that they are in the process of finding a way to handle pre-orders. So my unit is not on its way ... But apparently they are still in business and intent...
  47. Kingfloyd

    Bass - Middle - Treble on the fly

    This RAC 12 looks very attractive and would make the axe experience even better.... I have an Axe Fx II MARK II. Could you confirm based on your experience than running the RAC 12 at the same time as the MFC 101 does not create any latency or compatibility problems? No problem when using Axe...
  48. Kingfloyd

    Axe-Edit 3.6.0 for Quantum 2.01 Released

    Same message everyday: Thanks FAS and the team!
  49. Kingfloyd

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Firmware Release

    Exact same experience here. Error first time. Success on the second attempt. No other problem. Outstanding FW.
  50. Kingfloyd

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Firmware Release

    Excellent! Merci Chef!
  51. Kingfloyd

    Fremen Quantum 2.0 presets

    Inside the "05 All presets" folder, under "N" you will find the "new presets".
  52. Kingfloyd

    Quantum 2.00 & Axe Edit Crashing ?

    I experienced the same problem three or four times. Different presets each time. I had to power cycle the axe each time to bring it back to life. It happened only when I used the up/down arrows to select next preset. It did not happen since I select presets using the mouse only and picking a...
  53. Kingfloyd

    Fremen Quantum 2.0 presets

    Contribution has been sent. Thanks in advance. Is there an easy way to know which presets have been designed for single coils v/ humbuckers? Is the input trim knob the best way to adapt presets to guitar style (adapting a singe coil preset to use it with humbuckers for instance or the contrary)?
  54. Kingfloyd

    Fremen Quantum 2.0 presets

    I tested some of your previous presets. They were superb. I am glad you decided to update and even complete your work. I will have the payment made tomorrow and keep the week end as free as possible to explore your banks...
  55. Kingfloyd

    Some thoughts on preset programming

    Will your updated presets be available for Mark ll or only for xl generation? Your presets are really impressive. You bring the whole thing to an amazing level... Thanks.
  56. Kingfloyd

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.04 Firmware Release

    Merci Monsieur Cliff! My axe fx II is definitively the best investment I ever made... Too bad FAS is not selling cars also
  57. Kingfloyd

    AxeFXSend : A tiny tool for auditioning IRs or presets

    Merci mon ami! Very nice tool.8)
  58. Kingfloyd

    Lee Ritenour Portrait album sound

    Thanks to all. That helps. I would have never considered using two compressors ... Nor mixing two signals. I will try these solutions.
  59. Kingfloyd

    Lee Ritenour Portrait album sound

    I would like to reproduce (...approach ...) the sound Lee Ritenour has on his Album "portrait", more specifically on Asa track (punchy chorused clean). Any idea where I should start (amp, cabs, main settings, ... ?). I'am not really successfull at tweaking good cleans. :roll Thanks.:)
  60. Kingfloyd

    I need help. Going nuts. Share your ideas.

    Would you share your settings for such healthy midrnge boost ? Thanks a lot. I m interested in seing how to get this mid boost without get the sound "thinner".
  61. Kingfloyd

    ZZ Top-esque patch

    Excellent ! Thanks for the patch. Works perfect indeed. No need for any tweaking.
  62. Kingfloyd

    Internal Controllers Overview - Video

    Thanks Simeon. This is extremely interesting and opens doors I did not suspect. Thanks also for sharing these presets. That is a great gift. I hope someday you will also produce some tutorial on scene controllers as suggested in the beginning of this video.
  63. Kingfloyd

    Safe To Use Power Conditioner As A "Master" Power Switch?

    This,is the way I power on/off my rig without any problem for more than 18 months.
  64. Kingfloyd

    Charvel So-Cal to Vibro King and Eternity Drive

    Great tone! I like your style. The equipment is superb but I am sure 80% of the tone quality are your fingers...
  65. Kingfloyd

    Axe FX : JAZZ FUSION Free Package

    Very impressive. Thanks for sharing.
  66. Kingfloyd

    FW 12.02 Released

    Thanks Fas. Awesome.
  67. Kingfloyd

    Strat John Mayer-esque tones, different gain stages

    Very interesting presets. Work perfectwith my Strat. They will stay in my bank. I especially like the "breakup" one. Thanks for sharing.
  68. Kingfloyd

    Axe-Edit 3.0.3 now available

    Thanks to the whole team. Every time something is changed, I tell myself that now that.s it : perfect ! And I am proved wrong in the following days or weeks... This product is the best purchase I have ever made.
  69. Kingfloyd

    My Nice Rackcase from Stage Craft Cabinets arrived

    Very nice indeed. Very neat
  70. Kingfloyd

    Axe-Edit 3.0.2 Released!

    You guys never sleep ??? Incredible. Xmas time every two weeks! Thanks.
  71. Kingfloyd

    Michael Dolce The Voice patches ready for download

    Message sent. thanks Michael.
  72. Kingfloyd

    Fractal-Bot 1.2 is released!

    Thanks Fractal ! With you, it is Xmas every week ... Unbelievable.
  73. Kingfloyd

    Fremen presets - V 10.02

    Merci pour ce partage Thibault ! Ces presets sont d'une qualité incroyable et m'ouvrent des portes que j'ignorais, un peu comme les "preset building" de Clarky il ya quelques mois. (Of course, I sent a small donation via Paypal, as otherwise I would feel uncomfortable considering the quality of...
  74. Kingfloyd

    My Axe FX II looks dead ...

    Your diagnostic was right. I received an answer from Sussi at G66 explaining that the power supply is defective and needs replacement. That is easy to do and there is no need to return the Axe to Germany. This is an opportunity to underline how good the (European in this case) Fractal after...
  75. Kingfloyd

    My Axe FX II looks dead ...

    My AXE FX II does not power up anymore. I played at home for about 30’ and everything was fine. I left it for about 2’ to take notes of what I was doing and when I came back the screen was black and the Axe silent. I tried to power off/on several times with no effect. I tried another power...
  76. Kingfloyd

    Good Live Classic Hard Rock Tone

    I dialed quite successfully several presets based on clean and crunch sounds. However I find myself unable to dial a really good Hard Rock Tone (think of Smoke on the Water as an example) to play live (I play a telecaster through the Axe => two RCF NX12 SMA). My Hard Rock Presets do not "jump...
  77. Kingfloyd

    Scenes and Parallel lines

    Never considered it from that angle... Simple and easy. Thanks.
  78. Kingfloyd

    Scenes and Parallel lines

    I understand how to use scenes on a single line of the grid, switching blocks on and off when changing scenes. But I would like to use two lines of the grid (say 1 and 2) and select one or the other just changing scene. For instance, scene 1 would call line 1 (drive/amp/cab) and scene 2...
  79. Kingfloyd

    unable to Upgrade: need for a little help from my friends...

    THANK YOU all ! I successfully upgraded to 9 this afternoon. Finally the winning combination has been : "Hold the Recall Button" + "Elektron C6" Would have never made it without your help. Thanks for this Christmas present !
  80. Kingfloyd

    unable to Upgrade: need for a little help from my friends...

    Now I tried a new cable, set buffer to 90 milliseconds, changed usb port, and tried both speeds 128 and 256, reboot each time. The progress bar on the axe screen now moves more quickly and is at 85% of its course when the fatal "Transfer Error" message appears. Would it be possible that the...
  81. Kingfloyd

    unable to Upgrade: need for a little help from my friends...

    Actually I tried both Usb ports on the pc (and even removed the mouse). The cable is a brand new one I bought to replace the one I used earlier. (I may try the older one just in case ...). The cable could explain such strange behaviour ? To be complete, the progress bar on the pc screen (midi...
  82. Kingfloyd

    unable to Upgrade: need for a little help from my friends...

    I successfully upgraded firmware until Version 7. I however never succeeded going to 8. For months I always got the "transfer error" message at the end of the process with the Axe going back to 7. As I suspected that the problem was linked to Axe Edit, I decided to wait for the new editor to be...
  83. Kingfloyd

    Updating to 8.0

    As I mentioned on this thread on Sep 14, I decided to wait a bit before upgrading to 8.01.a. I decided to try the move today. I uninstalled all the Fractal components and downloaded fresh softwares : driver, Axe Edit 1.0.317 (latest one according to FAS web site) and the 8.01.a firmware. I also...
  84. Kingfloyd

    Updating to 8.0

    Me too... I would like to know why this "not enough resource" flashes at the end of the transfer.
  85. Kingfloyd

    Unable to backup and sync on AXE II

    Not sure it is a Mac problem. I am using pc windows and have the same problem. Have been unable to sync presets since upgrade to 7.00.
  86. Kingfloyd

    Updating to 8.0

    I tried to update to 8.0 one hour ago. After about 20 minutes I got the flashing "not enough resources" message at the very end of the transfer. I am reluctant to start a second try as I have no idea on what the problem is. As I read your posts, it seems that guys having successfully updated...
  87. Kingfloyd

    / 13 = Wow

    Oups... Delay mix set too high... :-))
  88. Kingfloyd

    / 13 = Wow

    Never tried the Divided /13 until I saw your post. As I was intrigued, I dialed in settings as suggested by Simeon and Scott. Bingo ! There is some magic innthe way this amp reacts to attack and guitar volume. Now one of my favourite. Simply addictive. Thanks!
  89. Kingfloyd

    / 13 = Wow

    I,never tried the Divided /13 until I saw your post. As I was intrigued, I dialed in settings as suggested by Simeon and Scott. Bingo ! There is some magic in the way this amp reacts to attack and guitar volume. Now one of my favourite. Simply addictive! Thanks.
  90. Kingfloyd

    / 13 = Wow

    I never tried the Divided /13 until I saw your post. As I was intrigued, I dialed in settings as suggested by Simeon and Scott. Bingo ! There is something magic in this amp and the way it reacts to attack and guitar volume... Addictive. Now one of my favourite. Thanks.
  91. Kingfloyd

    To low input..

    I have the exacr same issue with my box. Impossible to reach the red irrespective of the guitar I plugged in (Ibanez, Les Paul, Strat or Tele). I do not feel it creates any problem though. I am happy with my sounds but obviously it is difficult to be certain that I am not missing some "plus" I...
  92. Kingfloyd

    Wah Block Activates By Itself

    Same situation here. So far I did not find any global solution that would fix all the presets. I,deal,with the issue preset per preset .
  93. Kingfloyd

    It really is different now. A lot.

    Coming back from vacations, I upgraded to V7. I was expecting something big after all these more than positive feedbacks posted on the forum. I have not been disapointed ... This is really a giant step ahead ! I intended to give it a quick test and ended up with bleeding fingers several hours...
  94. Kingfloyd

    Yek's Preset Collection (v9.02)

    Thanks Yek !
  95. Kingfloyd

    Just Finished Matchbox 20's AxeFx2 Rig pics

    Impressive ! Congratulations.
  96. Kingfloyd

    Tuner Accuracy

    Same experience here. Much easier from the axe display than with the Mfc.
  97. Kingfloyd

    Heavy Rock with melody

    +1. Very nice.
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