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  1. electronpirate

    RR Hall of Fame.

    Sort of a running commentary. How the F&*((*K did it take so long for Carole King to get there?
  2. electronpirate

    Eric Gale

    Go to 5:30 in the vid. You're welcome. (And oh my gawd...)
  3. electronpirate


    I sure like this band. They have some great live stuff too.
  4. electronpirate

    Default. Looking up old bands.

    So 'Default' would not be considered 'old' as they're in the 20 year range. I always liked this guys voice. I thought their songs were mediocre, and saw them once in Denver. Not a great experience...knew they would not have legs for the distance. But I did look in on Dallas Smith lately...
  5. electronpirate

    Momoa Love

    This guy has a great sense of humor. He always does the right thing. And I love him as an actor. But apparently he has some chops. Obvious drunken 'dude, get on stage for me and play some bass.' And this to raise money for 'Make a Wish' by selling off this guitar:
  6. electronpirate

    AxeFXIII to FM-9 presets.

    Not sure if this has been covered, but how portable will most presets be to the FM-9? Not sure this has been covered by @austinbuddy and certainly it is not something that was expected by him. I will do some experimentation when the 9 hits my shores. R
  7. electronpirate

    SOLD Axe Fx III Mk 1 + FC-12 $2500.00 to Conus.

    Far too much box for my needs, so moving this along for the FM-9. Original boxes. Never left my house. For some reason the forum does not like the images I have, so will post as soon as I work it out. Ron
  8. electronpirate

    A name you have not heard. George Hawkins.

    Randomly I heard a Kenny Loggins track that I've always loved, but never remembered. 'Love has come of age'. Tight song, prog start and end, and CATCHY. One thing that stuck out to me is the absolute brilliance of the rhythm sections. Particularly the bass. Guy is practically soloing AND...
  9. electronpirate

    The 'Complete' Musician.

    Got to thinking. Who has the combination of songwriting, musical chops on multiple instruments (including voice), and decades of longevity. Off the top of my head, I will say: Pete Townsend Prince Add yours.
  10. electronpirate

    This will be odd.

    So, I write. A lot. Thought this might be interesting to our audience: It’s a contest of wills. I am determined to prevail. You have stared at me with a dark eyeball. Taunting, teasing. Trying to convince me that you have infinite patience to wait out the storm I bring. But I continue...
  11. electronpirate

    New Wave of Classic Rock.

    Pretty interesting article about new bands going back over old territory. I'm definitely going to give a few of these a spin (if I can use that anachronism.) https://www.guitarworld.com/features/new-wave-of-classic-rock
  12. electronpirate

    Schon Auction!

  13. electronpirate

    Sport as life.

    Today, I watched Finland vs Denmark in a group round for the EURO tourney. Finland was slated to get ROLLED against a really good team. In real time, I watched star player Christian Erikson collapse on the field in minute 43. He jogged forward, legs slowly giving out, and collapsed...
  14. electronpirate

    Styx new offering.

    After skewering Denis De Young about his final album, saw this just released from what remains of Styx. IMO this is a MUCH better offering. I would have liked a bit of a guitar solo in there, but such is life. And it is a pleasure to watch an amazing drummer go through his paces.
  15. electronpirate

    Oh, the wife knows.

  16. electronpirate

    Dennis De Young.

    The guy is hanging it up. I saw him a couple of years ago opening up for a more modern band. It was good. His wife took most of the high parts. What you expect from a guy living off of past glories. Opening song of his last album. I hate to say it, but it's kind of comical to me. Music...
  17. electronpirate

    What gear do you want these days (non-guitar content)?

    So now that after a million years, I have the guitars that scratch every itch. I sort of want a hollow body, but after looking for years for the strings I have now, I really am not in the mood to go fishing... Mostly I know that working the lower end guitars (sub $2000ish) never works for...
  18. electronpirate

    Wish Marshall Major

    Before I ask for this. There is something about a Marshall Major that has a cleanish girth to it that I still struggle with. Is there a mod that will get this? Or can it be added at some point in time? Ron
  19. electronpirate

    The SG Custom I could actually buy.

    https://www.guitarworld.com/news/gibson-launches-breathtaking-triple-humbucker-signature-sg-for-the-roots-captain-kirk-douglas Talk about a widget guitar. The PUP options for coil, blend are crazy. I've always wanted a Custom, but came up empty on most Gibby things. Discuss.
  20. electronpirate


    Stumbled upon this. I REALLY like it. Punk/garage feel.
  21. electronpirate

    Oh...the Gretsch

    So. I listened to this, and there is a wistful sigh throughout. I love the lyrics, the guitar work, the rawness. Now watching the guitar playing, he is emulating 2 guitars with the way he picks in between close to the bridge for emphasis, and fill close to the fretboard. Really excellent work.
  22. electronpirate


    So, it turns out that brilliant Bill could not do crap without the GOAT. It's always been my argument that Bill B was a losing coach until he was forced to start Tom Brady when Drew Bledsoe got hurt. After 2 games he was 'legendary' for drafting a 6th round QB. Sometimes you get lucky. I do...
  23. electronpirate

    My Niece.

    This young lady has been singing and writing songs in her head since she was 7. She ALWAYS knew what she wanted to do, and has played more gigs in a year than I have in my life (she will literally sing ANYWHERE.) She's 18 and in her first year at Cal Arts. I'm biased of course, but I think...
  24. electronpirate

    Guitar quest continues

    I now have 2 guitars that I love. Both PRS. And Edwards LP that I like. I do want a beefy LP type thing still. I've looked at the PRS 594's, but I'm not willing to throw the 4k down on that. I thought for a bit trying Gibby Goldtop again, but I guess I'm jaded on them...so tired of 'just...
  25. electronpirate

    RIP Hal Ketchum.

    Many will not know this man. Born in NY. Country and Bluegrass roots. A velvet voice. One of the best stand ins on background vocals I've ever heard. Soaring, operatic.
  26. electronpirate

    Knaggs Guitars.

    Anyone played one of these? A friend spoke highly about them. It seems this guy was one of the original designers at PRS. They sure do look nice: https://www.knaggsguitars.com/
  27. electronpirate

    FM3 Review.

  28. electronpirate

    I have a guitar problem.

    I have discovered that the likelihood I will have another guitar is directly proportional to the amount of good Tequila that is left in the bottle. I saw this last night, and it's already on the way: No buyers regret...yet.
  29. electronpirate

    Anyone heard of 'FireFly' guitars?

    There's been some buzz about these guitars. At first I thought it was the typical <that country> flooding the interwebz with good reviews. But then I've seen a few YT vids where they don't sound half bad....and look great. The price is ridiculously cheap, so I'm going to take a flyer on one...
  30. electronpirate


    She's very good, but clearly edited this so she got everything right. The wardrobe is clearly for subscribers...she could play in a potato sack and still be great.
  31. electronpirate

    Anyone heard of Joe Robinson?

    Me neither. But he sure can play:
  32. electronpirate

    Another one I would not have expected (Lamb of God Content.)

    Found this girl playing 'Painkiller' years ago, now she has a channel, and boy...did I not expect this. (I hate that she looks bored...too easy.)
  33. electronpirate

    Diana Rigg RIP

    Anyone old enough will remember the costumes and the smirky grin in the original 'The Avengers'. It was fantastic to see her turn in 'Game of Thrones' as the savvy political operator who dispatched...well, no spoilers. I'm glad she was able to show her chops late in life...ably. RIP.
  34. electronpirate

    Chadwick Boseman.

    https://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/black-panther-star-chadwick-boseman-dies-of-cancer-at-43/ I had no idea he was sick. This year SUCKS. RIP.
  35. electronpirate

    Go faster! I hear Banjos!

  36. electronpirate

    Fun Duo

    (Love the SpongeBob and Mickey Uke's.) And of course Dire Straits.
  37. electronpirate

    Binge review - Designated Survivor.

    So, over the last week, I've gone through the 3 seasons. I will not to try to explain, or spoil those who will watch by a synopsis of where this all ends up. I was REALLY caught up in the 1st season. Good premise, a neophyte thrown into the most powerful seat on the planet from an attack...
  38. electronpirate

    Little lady killing it.

    She brings 'stink face' to a whole new level. And what is up with those freakishly long drumsticks?
  39. electronpirate

    Drummers respond!

    So...I'm bored to tears. Just received a Mandolin. Actually having fun with it (I have no desire to be a virtuoso on it, but I'll study up on a bunch of chords so it's something I can pull out as an option.) A few video lessons and it doesn't sound half bad. Struggling with those small...
  40. electronpirate

    Another Surprise. Kansas Content.

    For a pile of old guys who only have 2 original members, this is a pretty damn good offering. My favorite is the vocal breakdown at 5:10, but this is reminiscent of old school Kansas prog. Nicely perky. And I'm sure these are FAS tones per Rich.
  41. electronpirate

    Folding At Home.

    By request for how we're doing on folding those proteins. Download this client and help out the world. https://foldingathome.org/ Fractal team ID is 236174. Statistics are here for us: https://stats.foldingathome.org/team/236174
  42. electronpirate

    So this is interesting spam.

    This morning this jumped into my inbox. They actually had some old password that I haven't used in maybe a decade. Some site from long ago got hacked. I did get a good chuckle. Especially the part about the 'been to grownup sites' and my 'unusual preference'. 2 grand in bitcoin and my...
  43. electronpirate

    RIP John Prine.

    https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-country/john-prine-obit-253684/ Hard.
  44. electronpirate

    Bacon, Sedgwick, Prine.

    Nuff said.
  45. electronpirate

    The Outfield.

    For tonight’s delve into ‘lost’ bands. I present the ‘Outfield’. I have an undying love for power pop, and this one hit my sweet tooth nicely. A unique sound, a ‘high wire’ vocalist, and ear worm songs. This was the brainchild of guitarist John Spinks, and ably interpreted by Tony Lewis...
  46. electronpirate

    The Weight. Time for a smile.

    Check this out. All world. I could not stop grinning throughout this whole vid. (We sure need some love in the room too...)
  47. electronpirate

    Lighten up the tone. Head East content.

    The kids bringing 1975 into the new age. (Love the guy on cowbell...)
  48. electronpirate

    New Joe

    https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/guitar-icon-joe-bonamassa-announces-new-project-the-sleep-eazys/ Looks like fun!
  49. electronpirate

    Going Crypto

    In a 'oh, what the hell, give it a try' mood, I picked up a grand of cryptocurrency. I may regret it, but at this point, it might be the safest place to hold a bit of cash. R
  50. electronpirate

    Super Bowl. Who ya got?

    I'm torn here. I live in Denver, so cheering for the Chefs feels...wrong (same division for those not in the know.) Yet, I was born in San Francisco, but I'm a Rams fan (same division.) Not sure I really care one way or another. I just would like to see a game that comes down to the wire...
  51. electronpirate

    Surprised! New Who content.

    While not ground breaking...I'm really liking the new Who album. Pleasantly caffeinated, catchy, and it feels like they made sure they caught Daltrey on a good day. Age appropriate lyrics without sounding acidic or 'waiting to die'. Check it out. R
  52. electronpirate

    My children know me.

    Today is my Birthday. Girls picked up this lovely for key-keeping:
  53. electronpirate

    Little Mermaid...semi-Live

    I watched this with my girls. We had high hopes here. I should set this up for those who are not in the US, and wouldn't be caught dead watching this. It was a combination of the movie, and live stage sequences with various folks in key roles. Boy what a flat performance. Auliʻi Cravalho...
  54. electronpirate

    Have you ever been embarrassed for an artist?

    I just had a runback of a AUDHD (US thing) that showed a Dickie Betts Band concert. A return after a 5 year hiatus for them. I gave up after 10 minutes. He can't solo...his son Duane did most of the work (will have to look him up...he had skills.) When Dickie played, it was below most cheap...
  55. electronpirate

    NGD! 2004 (I think) LP Classic

    Since I purchased my Silver Sky, the Tele was just not getting any love. Put it out there on Reverb, and a guy locally asked if I wanted to do a trade. He had a couple guitars, a Gretsch, a NICE Gibby 347 (I would have had to shell out a bit more to make that trade,) and a 2004 LP Classic. He...
  56. electronpirate

    Fun! Bruno, Stapleton, Sheeran content.

    I would have never thought to put these guys together, but damn, this moved the dial for me.
  57. electronpirate

    PRS New Technology. Nerd Content.

    https://www.guitarworld.com/news/paul-reed-smith-has-been-quietly-developing-spy-technology-alongside-prs-guitars I would love to hear the opinions of the larger brains here.
  58. electronpirate

    Austin Buddy Presets...a Review.

    I purchased Austin Buddy’s presets. For several reasons. One: I’m a bit committed to making sure that shared presets do not infringe upon purchased presets...can only get that look if I have those presets. Two: I’ve always felt that the presets that come with the Axe are somewhat functional...
  59. electronpirate

    Duane's Guitar - SOLD.

    https://ultimateclassicrock.com/duane-allman-layla-guitar/ Whew. That's alot of cabbage.
  60. electronpirate

    Safe To Tell

    So this may be odd. My Ex Wife (Essi) is director of a program called 'Safe to Tell' here in Colorado (check https://safe2tell.org/, a good program to help teens/tweens both report and prevent dangerous school events). My twin girls have been fodder for this in a promotional capacity for a...
  61. electronpirate

    Who's got your funk and soul.

    She might have a future in music.
  62. electronpirate

    The Fender Deluxe you've always wanted.

    Queue up folks. Only 5 of these: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FrontRow57Dlx--fender-custom-shop-front-row-57-custom-deluxe-12-watt-1x12-inch-tube-combo-amp
  63. electronpirate

    Do you ever notice oddities?

    So, I have an enduring love for power pop. One of my 'one off' favorites is a band called 'Tinted Windows'. A Hanson singer, a Smashing Pumpkins guitarist, a Fountains of Wayne (yeah!) bassist, and on a flyer they found Bun E Carlos who actually agreed to play. Love this band. So looked at...
  64. electronpirate

    Love me some funk.

    It's loose, it's tight, it's odd, it's right. And the diverse class of musicians is a testament to 'can you bring it?'...regardless of creed, color, look. Awesome.
  65. electronpirate

    Stratocaster - Try again? Or punt...

    I hesitate to even post this... Not sure why, but there is that damn'd voice in my head keeps saying 'You need a Strat...you need a Strat'. The Tele I have is outstanding, and thought that would keep my single coil itch in check...but...it just seems like there's a hole in my stable when I'm...
  66. electronpirate

    New GOT Fenders!

    Who's in???!!!! https://www.guitarworld.com/news/fender-announces-elaborate-game-of-thrones-inspired-guitars
  67. electronpirate

    Prodigy...and Luke Perry?

    Yeah, so we lost the lead singer for Prodigy. That song is still on every workout songlist that I have. Again, I am angry about the way it happened. Again. For an odd reason, I was just as bummed that Luke Perry died. I've liked him since he did a movie called '8 Seconds'. From a guy with...
  68. electronpirate

    Some days...I love YouTube.

    While I love seeing the wild various things on YouTube...I've of late been hugely put off by the extreme vitriol that the venue can be used by hateful folks. Sigh. But recently, I was informed that my rear tail light was out. Glad to hear it...since I don't want to have a pint out and get...
  69. electronpirate

    Is this embarrassing? EVH Content.

    https://www.guitarworld.com/news/eddie-van-halen-introduces-1978-high-top-sneakers I'm...cringing here.
  70. electronpirate

    New Acoustic Guitar with FX.

    I dismissed this as a gimmick at first (like the guitar with the tube installed...) but when I watched this, it's actually pretty cool. I would guess that in a few years, all Acoustic/Electric's will have some form of this.
  71. electronpirate

    FC12 Getting started (opinion)

    Arrived a few days ago. Life did not allow me to set it up until 2 nights ago. Yep, it's a tank. Will serve well as a shield or weapon in bar fights. The quick set up guide was great. Up and running in no time at all. I was on the most recent FW, so that was done at factory. Selected FC12...
  72. electronpirate

    Worst Produced...Most interesting...Bettencourt Content

    Not sure what to say here. In need of a video editor? Highly medicated artist? Jeez get a fookin noise gate? Better a bit further in the video. Shows just how good he is...but damn...he can't slow it down...or contain crazy. Strange, strange vid. R
  73. electronpirate

    EVH Cool Interview

    It's an hour slog, but it kind of drew me in. Been awhile since I've seen him in an interview. Nice to see him looking very sober, coherent, and candid. The brief playing he doesn't look like he's lost many steps. Very interesting to hear about his childhood (musical and otherwise), his...
  74. electronpirate

    Nuno and Brian May content.

    Fun! Brian 'gets it' and shows his appreciation of just how good this solo is. It has always been going away my favorite Extreme tune, and the tail end is a live rendition.
  75. electronpirate

    RIP Roy Clark

    https://www.wctv.tv/content/news/Country-star-Roy-Clark-passed-away-at-85-500605851.html Never saw a guy who looked so happy to be playing.
  76. electronpirate

    Oh Reverb...sometimes.

    I'm unloading my LP. I spend more time with my Telecaster these days, and while I have deep like for it, it's not love. Takes awhile I guess to get to that point. It sounds great, it plays great, but there is still some symbiotic thing when you truly bond with a guitar...and we just don't...
  77. electronpirate

    AMA. Bravest tribute ever.

    There were some good moments in the AMA's tonight. Music has clearly passed me by, but I took to some of the Post Malone stuff...liked his take on things. I like that Camila...she has a hot pepper thing that fires me up. Most of the others...meh. My point here is the tribute to Aretha. So...
  78. electronpirate

    Florence is a Machine.

    Sending the best to all Fractal community (hell, everyone) out there on the US East Coast in the path of Flo. Be safe!
  79. electronpirate

    Wild Weird Jam Nancy Wilson Nuno

    It's uneven, it's a mess, it's fun. No idea what the date on this is, but it's a strange joyous celebration (and will mirror Nuno's sentiment that Nancy was a 'yum' moment for me in my youth.) I had felt like it was a bit spontaneous, but the harmony solo on 'Crazy' maybe convinced me a bit...
  80. electronpirate

    The hardest things to do...

    So...last night, a dog who I had picked up at a rescue center 6 years ago, had to flirt relentlessly with his foster mother at the time (and she was not...well, you know.) Suddenly he starts puking. Blood, mucus, the whole deal. This is an EXCELLENT dog. Happy, kind, and ridiculously...
  81. electronpirate

    It's quiet...TOO quiet.

    Very light traffic on the forum lately. In my experience, this is about the time that something big drops. (I have no insider knowledge...but my spidey sense is tingling.)
  82. electronpirate

    RIP Aretha.

    Go get 'em up there darlin'. I loved your music beforehand, but took more notice on your excellent turn in 'Blues Brothers'. And you amazed me when you stood in singing Opera...wow moment. Missed.
  83. electronpirate

    Let's hear it for (unsung) Songwriters

    Let's face it. Many artists rely on nameless songwriters to come up with gold. One I found is a very talented lady named Matraca Berg (being an 80's/90's Country kind of guy...many of these songs resonated:) Co-Writer on many, but there is quite a bit here...
  84. electronpirate

    Mraz...Vocal talent

    Um...the middle section where he changes his voice...no spoilers. (And that IEM must have drove him nuts...) But truly amazing.
  85. electronpirate

    Help me with remorse. MacBook Pro Content

    I just bought a new MacBook Pro. Picking it up tomorrow. I've been living with my old '17 inch which I love...but it just doesn't get it done anymore on certain things like Logic and CPU intensive tasks on the newer OS. I've had the damn'd thing for 7 years. But they sure do get you on...
  86. electronpirate

    New MacBook Pro update

    Upgraded yesterday to the new update on the MacBook Pro. Took it off cable to play music downstairs, and my power levels dropped like crazy. It went to 61% after 10 minutes, then 20 minutes later, down to 15% in a flash. I'm used to getting at least 3 hours out of this old box (and did so...
  87. electronpirate

    Oh...Rock Star

    I had the opportunity tonight to watch that ode to 80's excess 'Rock Star'. After MANY years since I saw it, I was surprised that this was an excellent movie. It had all the sillyness of the lifestyle that Metal Heads in that day took it...it was going to last forever. I'd forgotten the...
  88. electronpirate

    Sigh...new computer time (I think)

    So, last night playing along happily with my 17'' MacBook Pro (circa 2011) plugged into the Axe III, jamming to Gavin Degraw 'We belong together' (the JCM800 sounds great with this.) Computer screen goes blank, sound drops. It's an old computer, so I'm thinking the battery just misread that I...
  89. electronpirate

    Most unusual artist.

    This one's a monster. It's like alchemy. I'm sure there's a REALLY interesting story behind her/him (woman one video, man in another.) Artists! Goes to show that talent is out there if you look for it. This one is cool too:
  90. electronpirate

    RIP Avicii.

    I really thought he was a damn good pop writer. My girls listen to him all the time. I found many of his songs stuck in my head and thought 'this guy's got something'. Too young...too young. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/dance/8358389/avicii-dead-tim-bergling My favorite one...
  91. electronpirate

    Read the Manual!

    I received my Axe III yesterday. Still in the setup phase, but have done enough to hook it up and run through the Presets. There is some learning curve there for the UI, but have managed so far. No review here, but I spent the 1st 2 hours just working through the cleans (and my snazzy new...
  92. electronpirate

    The problem with low wattage tube amps.

    Headroom, headroom, headroom. They for the most part seem like they're okay, but it's hard to find one that doesn't rawk hard after Vol 3. I never would have thought it, but the peavey classic 30 seems to be the best option. I like the Badger as it seems to be Marshall based, but even the 18...
  93. electronpirate

    Ah, the bittersweet moment.

    I have sold my Axe II and MFC to a forum member. I had an internal debate on whether to wait for the III to show or sell them, and I decided that moving it was the best choice I still have probably a few more weeks before my name comes up for a III, so I will be without my 'crutch' It's a...
  94. electronpirate

    Sometimes life goes your way.

    So it's been a tough time. One of my twin girls had a serious medical issue, my car went belly up (full engine rebuild on that one,) and in succession I lost a heater/AC fan which cost WAY more than I thought was reasonable. All in the space of roughly a month. Suffice it to say, any...
  95. electronpirate

    New odd Gem: Ambrosia.

    Only vaguely familiar with these guys as one of the pack of 70's soft rock for the most part. But I heard 'Holding on to Yesterday' on the radio, and thought, 'holy schnikey, there are some MUSICIANS there'. So I dig a little deeper, and they are really at heart prog rockers, who adopted the...
  96. electronpirate

    Gibby blows off NAMM.

    https://www.gearnews.com/gibson-snubbing-namm-show-2018-strategic-choice-financial-one/ IMO this is the one place they SHOULD spend money. Millions in free advertising.
  97. electronpirate

    Keith Urban Tribute. Wow.

    Liking this guy more and more. A monster guitarist. A tribute to lost artists in 2017. The family is there. Wow. Cold out there!
  98. electronpirate

    YouTube Madness.

    So I love poring through YouTube while the kids are sleeping to find obscure crap. This first one...don't know exactly what to say. To me they clearly 'fixed' a few things in post production, but damn, this is a pretty nice rendition of a classic song (check out their other video's...they have...
  99. electronpirate

    My Piano Adventure.

    So... I've been spending a lot of time playing Piano as well as guitar (Let me slide in a NGD with an excellent Guild 12 string on the way...) So, to the point. I picked up a Korg Krome about a year ago. I run it through a couple of Yamaha HS8's, and it sounded great. After a month or so...
  100. electronpirate

    Thanks to all Veterans.

    This goes to all that have served for their countries. It just happens that today is USA's day. I went through a few of the most stirring American anthem's, and 2 stuck out to me. Whitney Houston after 9/11. (On a personal note, I was in a salt flat south of Iraq at the time, and listening...
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