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  1. nikki-k

    Animals As Leaders: Home/Vehicle/Gear theft

    This is from their Facebook page. I imagine they will update with a complete list of what to look for soon. (feel free to delete, of course, if inappropriate to post here) "Hey guys. We've got some pretty terrible news to report. Upon returning home to our house in LA we discovered that we'd...
  2. nikki-k

    Disable preamp in Amp Block?

    I want to use an outboard (guitar/bass) preamp with the Axe as a means to utilize the power amp modeling, the Cab Block, and the features both offer (simulated interactivity). Is this possible? I could go direct with the preamp, or even utilize the Axe (strictly) as a post-preamp effects unit...
  3. nikki-k

    When Canadians get arrested...

    They sing! (yes, he sings the entire song; IMO, a nice distraction while waiting for 6)
  4. nikki-k

    Two more IRs ("Session 4")

    IR number 1 IR number 2 While recording some Legacy and Peavey (Audition Chorus) clips, I thought the mic placement was decent enough to warrant a quick capture before moving it. Then, I wondered if the power amp level would have a noticeable effect, even if only increased ~6dB or so. Both...
  5. nikki-k

    AlbertA: Thank you!

    The thread title says it all. Well, almost... ;) In this thread, I raised the question: If an IR can theoretically provide a (near) identical experience to a cab with a mic on it (same, mic, same exact placement), will this occur in the "real world," and if it did not, why not? IOW, if I were...
  6. nikki-k

    Stagehand TV - Delays

    In keeping with the Alan Parsons theme (yes, I am obviously a big fan)... IMO, this video is well worth the time spent watching. I would also recommend the other Stagehand videos in the series. (link to original site/page) http://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/xo4r01
  7. nikki-k

    Alan Parsons on recording Dark Side Of The Moon

    Three page interview Very cool interview. An interesting thing to note is his take on recording guitars. I have been going on about this for quite some time, and have always preferred using similar methods in studios (though live I typically stick with a good old 57 for various reasons). It is...
  8. nikki-k

    New Pantera!

    ..But we have to wait for the Revolver Golden Gods show :(. Sort of!! Vinnie Paul today announced the release of an unheard song called "Piss" from the "Vulgar Display.." album sessions. It will be a video release during the upcoming Revolver Golden Gods show. Snippet:
  9. nikki-k

    Inputs Question (soft clip, normalize)

    I am looking for information so as to better understand "what is happening" with the inputs on the Axe-Fx II please. I could swear I read somewhere that input 1 (front) has a soft limiter? All inputs? In the wiki, this appears: All inputs are normalized, allowing the Axe-Fx II to operate with...
  10. nikki-k

    Metronomes can be fun!

    Especially if you are Victor Wooten! I love collecting practice ideas, and (IMO) these are some great ones. In addition to what Victor outlines, I would also suggest making your own drum tracks, if you have the time/ability. Simple tracks! Better is being able to bounce out each instrument...
  11. nikki-k

    And this is why I must play an instrument

    It is not about the sex or drugs. It is not about the gear. It is not about fame, nor is it about the money. For me.. and so many others.. it is about the joy. Sharing that joy and fascination. Where success is measured by oneself compared to themselves. Sharing every little nuance.. riff...
  12. nikki-k

    My first FF IRs (EVM12L)

    I will be trying to refine capturing IRs, but for now, I have created these. I am not sure if I like these or not yet. I do know that I actually like them when doing the "stereo cab, pan both center, stack a NF and FF IR" thing (ala Scott P. :D ). I am not sure which FF I like best, but I found...
  13. nikki-k

    Can internal clipping occur?

    Can internal clipping occur? Specifically: A) Is it possible to "overload" a Block? IOW, if the output level of an individual block, either directly, or indirectly via some parameter within the block, is set high enough, can it then *clip the signal* at that point? B) Is it possible for one...
  14. nikki-k

    FF IRs: Capturing, using, blending, etc.

    With the recent discussion of FF vs/plus NF (Far Field versus/plus Near Field) IRs (not limited to Axe usage), I figured it might be a good idea to have a single thread with collected bits of wisdom, plus some objective bits as well. The most vital aspect of any IR is the method of...
  15. nikki-k


    Old news? Dug back through a dozen pages here after doing a search, did not find this guy mentioned. He has more recent stuff up, and has since recorded an album. (I am not fond of the "Ohh!!" and "Yeah!!" bits, but otherwise: :shock )
  16. nikki-k

    A few of mine (EVM12L, Greenback)

    Finally posting a few. For these, I used an Earthworks TC30, and an Audio Technica AT4047 (no rolloff) with an Earthworks LAB102 mic pre. For an amplifier, I used an old, reliable Peavey M2600 (clean amp, qualifies for use as part of an FRFR; supposedly -1dB 20-30kHz). First up, my customized...
  17. nikki-k

    The Guitar (instrument) Pron Thread

    Yes, primarily for guitars, but any instrument porn is, of course, welc.. encouraged! First up.. my UV7PWH. It was initially designated as a Second, but got some special love, a graphic painted by Dan Lawrence! Also, the last seven frets are scalloped. This and my '74 LPC are my primary, goto...
  18. nikki-k

    Frampton gets his "best guitar" back!

    Read about it here Peter Frampton's favorite guitar, a '54 three pick-up Les Paul, has been returned to him after 31 years. Cool story.. here is a snippet... Peter Frampton has been reunited with the Gibson electric guitar he played on "Frampton Comes Alive," three decades earlier after it was...
  19. nikki-k

    v4: Thank you for the MV tweaks!

    One of my dislikes was the MV with MV amps (sorry, might just be me). On the MV amps I have owned, they have various sweet spots, but, typically, there would be this one area.. spot.. where the MV/gain settings just... sang. On my Legacy, it is MV up around 1-2 o'clock (stops hearts, fries hair...
  20. nikki-k

    Inspiration: Do you hear it?

    This thread currently discusses two examples of incredibly (musically) gifted people, and it prompted a bit of internal consideration. I actually hear complete songs/symphonies in my head. They are (typically) triggered by something; it is almost as if some library of music is there to be...
  21. nikki-k

    Pentode & Triode questions

    Firmware 3.xx added Pentode *modeling*. I am assuming this is completely behind the scenes, and that for amps that typically utilize a Pentode tube based power section will *simply* be coded as such? Will this ever be cited in the documentation (ie, "JCM800, Pentode, ...")? If the previous is...
  22. nikki-k

    Axe-Fx... in your dreams?

    I suppose it is an indicator of my stage in "The Assimilation." Yes, the Axe-Fx II was in one of my dreams last night. Actually, 4 Axes in one dream. I was watching TV in my dream, and was watching a show with a band playing live in a studio, sort of like "Live At Abbey Road." I cannot recall...
  23. nikki-k

    My Library: Shelf #1.. Amps!

    Hi! With all the deep underpinnings available for us to tweak with the Axe-Fx, and especially with the Axe-Fx II (and seemingly more with each new major firmware version), I figured it might be cool to start building a library, and stock it with some books that could/should help provide a bit of...
  24. nikki-k

    Axe-Fx on "That Metal Show"?

    Just finished watching "That Metal Show" (Marilyn Manson and Biff Byford), and Chris Broderick was the guest guitarist. During the cut to commercial before coming back for Biff, there was a decent shot of the rig he was using... including an Axe-Fx. Not sure if it was an Ultra or a II. In the...
  25. nikki-k

    Incredibly long winded, wandering, loquacious, geeky, effluviastic review

    I will preface this review with a warning, and a bit about myself: I am a mid-forties paraplegic Autistic female with past injuries that inhibit my playing ability to various degrees. I meander and misdescribe due to a failure to communicate ideas/observations/etc "properly"/well at times. I...
  26. nikki-k

    Petrucci got his Axe-Fx II

    He posted on his FB page that he just got his. Anyone know him? Would love to hear some of his presets. Even better, clips! Would be even cooler if he shared some presets, and thoughts behind his creations. (or, from his tech, if that who is actually doing the fingerwork)
  27. nikki-k

    Pre-sales question; may I purchase an Axe II?

    Hi! I am in the process of selling a bunch of gear to buy an Axe Fx II. As I was prep'ing some stuff to ship, I realized.. I purchased an Axe Fx Ultra about 2 years ago, but returned it within the first 2 weeks. Am I even *allowed* to purchase an Axe Fx II??? I saw the * bit on the Sales page...
  28. nikki-k

    Bass + comp/limiter + AxeFx II?

    Hi! Hopefully going the Axe II route. I play bass, guitar, and keys, and will likely want to use the Axe for those (and vocals maybe, lol). I can be a bit sloppy at times, and with a digital unit, I am concerned about overs. What are you guys using (if anything) to prevent those stray spikes...
  29. nikki-k

    Axe-FXIRConverter- Unable to use MIDI config

    Hi! Mac, OSX Leopard, 10.5.4 Mbox 2 Pro with MacBook Pro, latest Mandalone, Works (well, mostly) with the Axe FX Editor (Java). (I can only set it for firmware 5.22, have latest- 5.24; retrieve preset, "Bad Checksum" on Axe FX Ultra screen, but preset is retrieved) OK.. I downloaded and...
  30. nikki-k

    A Week Review

    Hi! This is going to be L-O-N-G. Read it, skim it, skip it. I warned you ahead of time. :twisted: I got my Axe FX Ultra today. I was going to either wait to say anything, or simply keep to myself, but after a PM to a member here, I decided to share. I would like to post my experiences each...
  31. nikki-k

    Youtube clip (from TGP; looper, vocoder, more)

    This was posted over at TGP, so I figured why not place it here as well... delete if already somewhere and i missed it... Wild bit! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwcDfQxC-ds (btw- no youtube embedding? or is it DIY?)
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