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  1. zenaxe

    "Upgrade" from AX8 to Axe-Fx II mkII

    It’s an opinion and yes, I’m sure about it.
  2. zenaxe

    "Upgrade" from AX8 to Axe-Fx II mkII

    The Axe2 sounds significantly better because the Ares FW update for the II was phenomenal. I doubt this is ever coming to the AX8. Plus it can just do so much more. If portability is not the issue and you have the funds to get the II but cannot afford to keep both, it is a no-brainer IMHO.
  3. zenaxe

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    I think Cliff actually said he was planning on adding the Archon. I agree it is a cool amp and pretty unique. I like the other choices here, too. H&K’s are unique and the TC100 seems really cool. Satan is a totally unique amp and we don’t have any Fortins... Some more cool high gainer ideas...
  4. zenaxe

    Electric Mistress Emulation - Axe-Fx III

    This is the kind of deep dialing expertise/knowledge I love to see shared... love this forum! :)
  5. zenaxe

    FracPad III - iOS/Android/Mac/Win Editor for the Axe-Fx II/XL/XL+, AX8/FX8 and Axe-Fx III

    Hey @AlGrenadine , Loving FracPad III... I am using it as my primary editor wirelessly via an iPad Pro 10.5 running latest iOS on my AxeFx II mk2 rig. However, one thing that is *really* glitchy on my iPad is the screen update on the enable/disable block function. The Editor display does...
  6. zenaxe

    Electric Mistress Emulation - Axe-Fx III

    I think so, if I'm reading this correctly: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fractool-the-ultimate-multitool-for-fas-devices.112538/page-144#post-1787130
  7. zenaxe

    Electric Mistress Emulation - Axe-Fx III

    Man, when I see posts like this I realize I really do not know WTF I am doing with the FX on the Axe, parameter overload. :) Thanks for sharing this AB! Would love to see more people doing/sharing custom FX blocks like this. Will have to look at FracTool from @AlGrenadine ; I think it can...
  8. zenaxe

    How well does Tone Match work and how hard is it to get isolated tracks?

    It’s an extremely cool tool IMHO. Not a panacea but glad to have it in the box.
  9. zenaxe

    Ready to purchase III, but knowing my luck, a MK2 would probably show up soon...

    The changes across hardware revs in the same generation of AxeFx have never been regret inducing in scope. IMHO. They have always tracked FW updates within the generation which is the big ticket. The II series Mk1 and 2 even got the final updates when it required major effort to fit them...
  10. zenaxe

    Using a tablet with the Axe-Fx 3 questions

    FracPad III is; and it is awesome. @AlGrenadine
  11. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.03 Firmware Release

    Ironically, the Uber model on the Ultra was killer. I'm not sure I've liked it since. I have no real decent point of reference either, so I just know what I like and what I don't; for all I know this model could be dead bang on the reference amp. Youtube vids are a crap shoot, too, so I...
  12. zenaxe

    Cheap Flat Frequency Response Power Amp

    Rack units for home use? You have a number of used options you could try to track down... Rocktron Velocity 100/300 Marshall 8004 or 8008 Mosvalve MV-982 (1U) ADA Microfet/Microtube series Those are all guitar oriented units and vary in price but most of them are gonna be voiced as clean power...
  13. zenaxe

    Very different sound with headphones vs monitors

    Man, no mention of Blue yet? Those were like the standard response for several years after Cliff raved about them when they first hit the market.
  14. zenaxe

    Ares 1.03 latest release?

    It is also the *last* release as confirmed by Cliff.
  15. zenaxe

    iPad USB Audio/MIDI Driver for Axe-Fx II

    If the AxeFx were a class compliant device on its own it would work (as many dedicated USB audio interfaces are), but since it isn't it never will directly for audio data. Just get a nice interface and the new CCK that can bus power a device.
  16. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.03

    Some people are spoiled by the Axe’s near perfection. :) Thanks @FractalAudio and keep ‘em coming as you see fit! :hearteyes: zenaxe
  17. zenaxe

    Adam TS7V monitors

    I have the T5Vs and love them. So, +1, here. https://www.adam-audio.com/en/news/awards/new-t-series-wins-mipa-2018/
  18. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.00

    Finally: an amp model I can take with me to Hell and back.
  19. zenaxe

    The infamous "amp in the room" vs FRFR discussion

    FWIW, most modelers get a great amp in the room sound with no IR and a real guitar cab.
  20. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.00 Beta

    Holy sh*t... I just loaded 3.02. FAS is on fire this year!!
  21. zenaxe

    Forum User-FAQ section

    That was my point, seemed to blow by everyone though. A FAQ would be redundant, IMHO. The Wiki is well maintained and new info keeps getting added all the time and as Yek states people are still going to post. Speaking of which, anyone got any recommendations for headphones?
  22. zenaxe

    Authentic amp controls - amazing

    Yes, been using Fractal since 2010, I’m kind if aware of how it is setup. I am just saying a pedalish interface for some effects would be sweet. I know there are block settings that are similar to specific classics, etc, too, but I think the Axe effects are harder to dial on the Axe than other...
  23. zenaxe

    Authentic amp controls - amazing

    Wish we could get pedal like FX pages too. :cool: I like that the deep options are still there, since I do use them... it is really nice starting with the simple view. This is such a great FW update, with drives and UI updates... incredible stuff... Best of both worlds.
  24. zenaxe

    Forum User-FAQ section

    We should make it a wiki, too, that would probably be really useful.
  25. zenaxe

    Favourite Plexi?

    1959SLP but the 50 watter is very close second.
  26. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

    Nothing got taken away, FWIW. So the analogy is a bit off, IMHO. This is brilliant, I think. A lot of people will find it easier to use. Cliff could rearrange the pages if people find it more intuitive
  27. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta #2

    FWIW, I’m stoked.
  28. zenaxe

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    I would ADA to this list. Also: an ADA or two.
  29. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta

    Crushing. Will see if this preset translates to my rig; thanks for sharing it!
  30. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III: integrating outboard gear (story, pics)

    Outboard gear? What's that? :D Like a footswitch and a guitar? o_O
  31. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.02 Public Beta

    Sounds like a really cool update! I really like these two features of this one, allows you to go even deeper into mods/customization if you see fit, but the starting point is actually easier/simpler/authentic.
  32. zenaxe

    If I use an amp with no cab....

    Yes, you are probably confusing pedals or an instrument preamp straight to the desk with an amp.
  33. zenaxe

    Recommend A Tiny Full-Range powered speaker for Axe-Fx 3

    Satisfied iLoud user checking in here. Fantastic product.
  34. zenaxe

    Drop Axe-Edit before turning off Axe is good practice

    You are twice blessed.
  35. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 3.01

    Yeah, I agree, I normally do not gush over FW, but for me, this one is pretty out of control excellent.
  36. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    Have a III and a II mk2, LOVING this update for the II. This is a great send off for the II and it will provide a nice stable base to enjoy tones on this device for years to come... great tone is great tone. Thanks @FractalAudio this is really an unexpected pleasure and sounds just great.
  37. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    OT: I am fairly sure this is the name of Steel Panther's next album.
  38. zenaxe

    Love 3.0 , but....

    Yes... Was going to suggest surgical use of the MBC for the presets where you feel like you want the different low end compression response rather than reverting it and losing all the 3.0 goodness.
  39. zenaxe

    [SOLVED] How can i get a more dynamic feel?

    I haven't read the thread nor do I intend to in its entirety, but just as a sort of 'out there' tip: one thing I do occasionally is turn off the noise gate to improve the 'authenticity' of the amp modeling experience. It is very easy with a digital unit to gate a signal too hard and not accept...
  40. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.05

    LOL. Added to my 'list of things to try'. I have this list that is like 50 or so things I've read here where I think "I gotta try that" and then when I fire up the AxeFx I end up playing for hours and using up all my preset experimentation time on just surfing all the tones I already have at my...
  41. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.05

    Oh God, yes, please let this happen.
  42. zenaxe

    USA IIC+

    Mesa Marks are hard to dial, IRL. IMHO. So in that sense the model is accurate. Always found them non-intuitive... During one of the Quantum firmware updates on the II that focused on those amps, everyone was raving, I remember getting frustrated and going to Youtube and looking up tutorials on...
  43. zenaxe

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    FAS Doom (or Stoner, Sludge, whatever) is one I have lobbied for in the past to no avail. Or a classic Orange OR120 or Green amp. They are different than the modern Oranges in the Axe but probably a little similar to the Hiwatt. I do think a case can be made that the current selection here is...
  44. zenaxe

    Anyone use Input Dynamics?

    He's a genius with code AND words, who knew? :hearteyes: There is a computer app for the II and AX8: http://www.roxxxtar.com/axelive It is pretty sweet. Would be cool if there were a III version. Chainsaw.
  45. zenaxe

    Anyone use Input Dynamics?

    Hope we are not already significantly resource constrained. :-/ I assumed it is addressing people’s complaints, re complexity. The parameters would still exist under the hood, I would think, so I am not sure if eliminating the user control helps anything other than maybe preset size/format and...
  46. zenaxe

    Non-Minimum Phase IRs

    Speaking of conversion, etc: If I drop a wav on the AE cab manage tool to load it, is it MPT or raw?
  47. zenaxe

    Blue Headphone Fans: High Freq Notch needed?

    I know in the last Headphone thread we had a lot of Blue headphone fans. I spend a lot of time using HPs and I have been using the Lola's of late which are the unpowered version of the Mix-Fi. I know cans are crazy quirky and even less perfect than studio monitors, which is why I DO have a...
  48. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III vs AX8

    Based on the added info: With money not an issue and for home use only where portability is not a major feature, I'd go ahead and strongly recommend the III. It is a blast and can do anything, tone wise. It is actually even easier to use in some ways, too, in spite of the added power.
  49. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III vs AX8

    Both sound great, IMHO. They are two different beasts. I doubt the AX8 will receive tons of updates ala the flagship so consider it a mature floor solution that sounds great. The III is the big much more expensive cutting edge rack unit with all the features, bells and whistles and will likely...
  50. zenaxe

    Do you all pretty much leave stock settings on amp for live?

    A lot of the speaker related parameters are borderline necessary depending on your rig. That is part of the power of FAS’s modeling, other platforms don’t even expose that and it is directly related to the authenticity of your results as an emulation. So, I guess that is one area I think deep...
  51. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx 3 preamp vs Synergy amp quality question

    I would expect many of the synergy preamps to be inferior to their AxeFx counterparts. They are replicating preamps that often have 3+ preamp tubes and multiple channels with cramped 2 tube PCB ckt. Some may sound good since many are done in partnership with OEMs etc but the physical...
  52. zenaxe

    Wireless Headphones?

    Argument from authority, ignored, doc. BT has too much latency for anyone who is not weird, sorry. Advising someone to go down that path is just setting them up for frustration and wasted $$ and time. OP is much better off going wired studio phones.
  53. zenaxe

    Wireless Headphones?

    If you cannot hear the latency introduced by bluetooth: get your nervous system and hearing checked. BT is completely unacceptable for guitar monitoring.
  54. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 2.03

    Cool a new pedal! Call me superficial, but any time a new model gets added, I get all wound up like a kid at Christmas. :D
  55. zenaxe

    Amp simulator vs “the real thing” argument

    I can understand why some people may not be willing to bear the associated costs but you haven't lived until you have experienced the warmth and feel that tube computations provide. On the downside, a tube went out at tax time last year and I overpaid the IRS by $1000.
  56. zenaxe

    Amp simulator vs “the real thing” argument

    Awesome post. The fact that we tie our own identity and self-worth up in the things we own and use is the Elephant in the Room no one wants to talk about with regard to gear (and so many other areas in a consumer culture). Most people *want* to be able to hear the difference between some vintage...
  57. zenaxe

    Wish Axe-Fx III 1U lite edition

    I like your thinking.... AxeFx III phone App or GTFO.
  58. zenaxe

    Post Axe-Fx III Launch.....Amp Model Requests

    I feel you dawg. Do not listen to the fun killers. 300 amp models or bust. Another one for the list: Archon! Some other units have modeled it would love to hear Fractal's take. I'd even take a new clean amp in a pinch.
  59. zenaxe

    Post Axe-Fx III Launch.....Amp Model Requests

    You create the OP in the Wish List and I will hit the 'Like' button, my man. If the pot tapers do not match exactly then GTFO, because you are killing the fun. Be part of the solution not the problem, Rex.
  60. zenaxe

    Post Axe-Fx III Launch.....Amp Model Requests

    Hot Rodded Marshalls are like Snowflakes. Each one is special, unique, and deserves its very own Fractal model. But thanks for the input fun-killer committee chairman.
  61. zenaxe

    Post Axe-Fx III Launch.....Amp Model Requests

    Agreed. It is awesome and I look forward to playing the models.
  62. zenaxe

    Post Axe-Fx III Launch.....Amp Model Requests

    The MP-1 is really unique, IMHO, as someone who used to run one as a daily driver. Leon Todd's tone match was cool, but I still jones for a legit Fractal magic model of that piece. The tone stack was really different for example. The SS clean was in the same ball park as a JC-120 and the tube...
  63. zenaxe

    Connecting the Axe-Fx III to an A/V Receiver

    FWIW I used a home stereo as my practice rig power amp for years as a kid without incident. I did not have the money for a dedicated practice rig. Because I was not trying to rock gig volumes the amp/speakers etc nothing had any issues. Just don’t torque it. Sheesh.
  64. zenaxe

    Black friday - Are all guitarists equal ?

    Have you lived in America recently?
  65. zenaxe

    Black friday - Are all guitarists equal ?

    Black Friday is an American holiday. Rest of the world: take what you can get.
  66. zenaxe

    Wish Axe-Fx III 1U lite edition

    Based on the number of AxeFxen I am seeing in major pro rig rundowns I am guessing the 3U size is a win based on all the sh*t a 3U Axe Replaces for most people already running racks. If you want a smaller FAS H/W unit wait for AX8III that it is the form factor for folks who want a one trip load...
  67. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 1.19 Public Beta

    Not too shabby at all! I tend to be pretty sensitive to latency and PS warblage but that is sounding extremely promising, especially considering it is 5 steps. I'm officially psyched for the official release (not planning on loading the beta; for stability). Did that require any tweaking?
  68. zenaxe

    Wish Axe-Fx III 1U lite edition

    I want an Axe 3 VST. Will never happen but it would be the bomb.
  69. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware 1.19 Public Beta

    Nice to see the pitch shifter getting some focus, I think a lot of customers will appreciate it! Personally hoping I can take 'the Drop' pedal off my Christmas wish list if this goes well, I really don't want any outboard gear other than a foot controller if possible. Thanks FAS!
  70. zenaxe

    Ultra compact midi-FC?

    Cool tip. Forgot the Axe Could do that. It can do so much! ;)
  71. zenaxe

    Ultra compact midi-FC?

    As you note MIDI mouse can only send MIDI PC commands, so it cannot do scene changes. It is a nice little pedal, though.
  72. zenaxe

    Audio Interface

    There are some applications where I use the Axe's built-in interface for Audio but most of the time I use a dedicated stand alone interface. I suppose if you have the unit always connected and always on it is more viable to use it as if it were a dedicated interface.
  73. zenaxe

    Cab-Lab 3 Compatible with Axe-Fx III?

    Great news. Love Cablab.
  74. zenaxe

    Dialling in the Marshalls

    The Marshall legacy is long and distinguished. :D
  75. zenaxe

    Dialling in the Marshalls

    Upload the preset on the II board and ask for help. I'm sure some folks can help you out. @2112 All killer; no filler. As usual, LT. Your III videos are inspiring and educational.
  76. zenaxe

    Morningstar MC6 to Mac to Axe3, is this possible?

    Yes. Get the program 'midipipe' it is trivial to connect two arbitrary MIDI ports with it. It is an amazing tool. I do stuff like this all the time. I actually control my Axe wirelessly via Bluetooth when I have it connected to the computer at home. :D...
  77. zenaxe

    After 11 years I'm finally becoming an Axe-Fx owner!

    I think you'll find it well worth the wait!
  78. zenaxe

    Don't take the Axe-Fx III for granted! (Tried Line6 Helix)

    AxeFx III is in class by itself. I have direct access to all the competing hardware and it is not even close. The II is the next best in fact. IMHO :cool:
  79. zenaxe

    Why I am a Big Fan of Fractal Audio ...

    Last time I took my *car* in for a regular maintenance, they updated its firmware. I'm dead serious. In fact it has at least three FWs I know of : the ECU, the Navi, the console/UI. B*tching about things getting improved, either via fixes or new features is stunningly dumb. If something is...
  80. zenaxe

    ADA MP-1

    Then you have no excuse. :D @2112 Awesome work, Leon. Thanks for all you do for the FAS user community, I really enjoy your vids and presets. This is the closest yet I have heard to my old MP1. I always loved the SS clean, so thanks for going for it there too.
  81. zenaxe

    So, is the scuttlebutt about the Mezzabarba Amps true?

    Honestly, I can think of quite a few areas/choices I'd like to see shored up in the amp collection.
  82. zenaxe

    Anyone makes Effects Packs?

    Yes, I do this all the time too and with axechange presets too. Key is remembering to do it.
  83. zenaxe

    Replaced by a Pod 2.0 Bean

    The POD 2 bean was my first modeler but it was not my main rig.... Had other rack gear prior so I was into preamps/multiFX/programmable/MIDI stuff (child of the 80s) so I was primed to be open to modeling tech. Have owned/own bunches of them. Nearly all of them in fact,. :) Fractal is in a...
  84. zenaxe

    So, is the scuttlebutt about the Mezzabarba Amps true?

    Is there an effect we don't have? o_O My needs have been covered there forever.
  85. zenaxe

    What does "FC" stand for in the FC6 and FC12 controller name?

    Nope. F'n is his middle name. I am serious.
  86. zenaxe

    Do you use your AX3 as a usb interface?

    I'm guessing all the things a sound card can do: playing/streaming music, audio for video/streaming, gaming, notifications, skype, whatever. FWIW, I have an audio interface dedicated to my main computer and connect the Axe to it via SPDIF. I use a Mac, not sure how it works on PC... been a...
  87. zenaxe

    Will the Axe FX II XL+ have updates now?

    Yeah if constant updates are a big deal to you; you totally bought the wrong model at the wrong time, you probably should have researched it if it is going to affect your experience. FWIW, at the peak, the II was getting updates so fast, I considered switching platforms, it was genuinely...
  88. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.16 Beta

    The new output mode sounds like an incredibly cool feature. Can’t wait to try it.
  89. zenaxe

    Down tuning with Pitch block, III vs. II

    I've been doing it by adding an envelope controller to mix on the pitch block with modified start/stop/scale... Similar thing: initially use the original signal and then very quickly mix in the dropped signal which ramps rapidly to 100%. I picked up the idea from a thread on the II forum...
  90. zenaxe

    Multiband Comp on Heavy Guitars

    Nice try, Leon but we know all the real toanz/mojo are coming from the 'LT' shunts.
  91. zenaxe

    Best/Worst monitors for use with Axe FX

    Now if we just had any idea what 'best' means... :D
  92. zenaxe

    Wish Friedman Naked & ADA MP-1 Model

    That is pretty cool. The power amp is the Bipolar/SS power amp rather than the T100 EL-34 tube power amp ADA made; but it looks like a great value assuming it is all in working order.
  93. zenaxe

    Wish Friedman Naked & ADA MP-1 Model

    The MP-1 is amazeballs; anyone who denies it has no taste. Unfortunately this is not an opinion... there are some things that appear qualitative but are actual objective reality. This is one of those things. Anyone who can hear a properly dialed in MP1 into an EL-34 rack power amp and not be...
  94. zenaxe

    Amp Model Updates

    If Cliff has any sense as a software designer, and I'll bet he has TONS: one would expect nearly every time one of the core algorithms gets updated it automatically back fills any past amp models. All of the models are constantly evolving as long as the FW continue to update the core...
  95. zenaxe

    512 Presets?

    wasteful :rolleyes: I'm the same way as @Terry Kack . I Like having a substantial reference library of presets on the device.... and then I will modify those in place until they suit my needs and save them to the 'open' area. In fact the first thing I did with my presets was use Fractalbot to...
  96. zenaxe

    Recto Rev G vs Axe-III

    This. You should announce it reversed. Then do a followup with a third one saying 'Oh wait, my bad I meant it the other way around' a couple days later. The bizarre rationalizations and confirmation bias spinning/reversals would be pure entertainment. The sad irony here is that there is a 50%...
  97. zenaxe

    Fremen Presets

    I migrated a fair number of them with FracTool... I was pretty happy with the results... FX settings transfer 100% and many of tha amps sound solid either as is or after a block reset. I consider them starting points like factory presets or my personal presets from the II.
  98. zenaxe

    Tone Matching

    Nice. Man, I'm seriously confused by some of the people in the YT vid claiming they are hearing big differences between the two. Some major group think/hearing with your eyes going on IMHO. LT was playing and he says they sound spot on. :) People in YT gear video comment sections are just...
  99. zenaxe

    I am addicted to cab Air

    I do not use it 100% of the time but I do use it to taste as needed, it really brings some dark cabs to life. Honestly, the cab block is probably the one block I really 'tweak' the most on the II and III. On the Ultra I used to touch a lot of params in the amp block, by the time we got to...
  100. zenaxe

    Axe-Fx III EQ Suggestions

    One thing I do with amps in the AxeFx is watch a youtube demo/instruction on the specific amp model for tips. One of my fave AxeFx IIC+ settings was lifted directly from a YT demo I watched back when I found the Marks to be seriously befuddling. The AFX models are generally accurate enough...
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