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  1. Shaw

    Expressing our appreciation to Cliff...

    Convert the masses... I loaned my spare AxeFX to a buddy to convert him over. ... and yeah, a big thanks to the whole Fractal team!
  2. Shaw

    White Screen of Death

    ... as with all tech (and amps too when you really get down to it), backups are necessary... Sorry mate. Hope you get it sorted quickly.
  3. Shaw

    On the fence...help me jump off :-)

    @OP -- looks like you came to a group of enablers to be enabled. :) Welcome!
  4. Shaw

    Can I use 2 amps with 2 others X/Y slots?

    No, but you can have A/B/C/D Amps within both amp blocks. Someone will eventually say this, so I’ll just rip the bandaid off ... RTFM.
  5. Shaw

    The Bogners in FW 5.05

    I still have my 20th anniversary XTC. Will have to compare them.
  6. Shaw

    What's your favorite dual amp pairings?

    To immediately put a twist on this, one of my favorite tricks is to use two instances of the same amp with slightly different settings — perhaps panned left and right. Slightly different EQs, slightly different drive settings... sag... variac... the possibilities are astounding. And this works...
  7. Shaw

    The Axe-Fx 3 works only at 48Khz

    Helix uses IRs for sure... I’ve imported them into mine.
  8. Shaw

    The Axe-Fx 3 works only at 48Khz

    You don’t have to imagine. Just take a look at the Eventide H9000 — https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/H9000--eventide-h9000-multi-effects-processor
  9. Shaw

    The Axe-Fx 3 works only at 48Khz

    OP, the Axe III is a guitar processor. It is marketed as such, was designed as such, constructed as such... 48k for a guitar processor (given the audio range of guitar tones) is more than adequate. Changing the sample rate to 96k would necessarily cut the number of effects that could that...
  10. Shaw

    Next big firmware update...

    Money would be better spent on a “Great Wall of Axe IIIs”
  11. Shaw

    Using Axe-Fx III with a real amp

    No worries. Enjoy your coffee!
  12. Shaw

    Using Axe-Fx III with a real amp

    X-Load all the way. I love that thing! It is dead silent -- that's a rarity in good load boxes. Couldn't recommend it enough to anyone looking for a load box.
  13. Shaw

    Using Axe-Fx III with a real amp

    Thanks for the responses. I figured this was a "no-brainer", but also thought I would ask in case there were something I needed to consider before proceeding. Awesome! and Thanks!
  14. Shaw

    Using Axe-Fx III with a real amp

    To my ears, the AxeIII amp models sound fantastic. I just have a bit of a sentimental attachment to some amps and still enjoy playing them. I’m wondering if anyone else is doing this. If so, I’m wondering if how you guys are routing things... are you going from the guitar to the amp then to...
  15. Shaw

    Bass Synth Help Needed

    I posted it above
  16. Shaw

    Bass Synth Help Needed

    Let me know if that gets close to working for you. I wasn't really thinking of the electric violin when I made it.
  17. Shaw

    Creating a tape saturation effect like the Strymon Deco

    Just a suggestion.... you might try inserting your "multi-block Strymon Deco emulation" before the cab block, because in reality, your cab is going come after that pedal anyway. And that change would (I think) alter your tone significantly. Just a thought.
  18. Shaw

    Bass Synth Help Needed

    Try This... Just my guitar into the attached preset... a couple synth blocks, a couple of filters, a couple of envelopes, an LFO... lots of low end.
  19. Shaw

    Audio interface that works without PC being on?

    Universal Audio stuff will do what you want without your Mac / PC being on. I have the Apollo 8 and do that all the time.
  20. Shaw

    I use studio monitors all the time

    +1 for the Adam audio stuff. I use the Adam Audio A77X — https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/A77XRight--adam-audio-a77xb-dual-7-inch-3-way-powered-studio-monitor-right-side They sound great and I’ve never had to turn them past 1/2 way up.
  21. Shaw

    I use studio monitors all the time

    Then buy cheap, shitty speakers. When you wear them out, throw them away and replace. Strings eventually corrode too...
  22. Shaw

    I use studio monitors all the time

    Good quality speakers will outlast you. Enjoy them.
  23. Shaw

    Forum User-FAQ section

    He needs the break. He’s been getting hammered recently... :)
  24. Shaw

    Forum User-FAQ section

    Great idea... maybe even arrange the FAQ by topic: - USB - FRFR - Power Amps - Gain Staging Etc., etc., etc.
  25. Shaw

    Memory management in IR's

    I think he wants to know if muting one of the 4 cab slots in the cab block will affect CPU?
  26. Shaw

    Can the Mic be eliminated by sum and difference?

    I’m sure someone else has already pointed out this irony, but.... OP wants to remove the coloration of the SM57 so he can play the AITR sound through a FRFR speaker... which will COLOR the sound... ... because there’s no such thing as a fully flat speaker.
  27. Shaw

    On waiting list for Axe-Fx III - Need Power Amp Suggestions!

    There’s still an Axe III waitlist?
  28. Shaw

    Can the Mic be eliminated by sum and difference?

    ... and crank that sh*t up! To steal a phrase from the motorcycle world, there’s no replacement for displacement!
  29. Shaw

    How to Choose an IR - My Method

    I used this today... who knew I really like the sound of the Sennheiser MD 421. The trick of using your keyboard arrows is genius. Takes your eyes right out of the decision making process. Thanks!
  30. Shaw

    Portable Stand or Table

    Great suggestion! That looks perfect — especially if you have a rack case with casters.
  31. Shaw

    5 Minute Tones

    Good advice as always, brother!
  32. Shaw

    High Gain Metal Tones Vs. Clean/slightly OD sounds

    You might consider Cooper Carter’s AxeIII master class. The AxeIII excels at edge of breakup tones. But like all other things, it does take some tweaking... https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/the-complete-axe-fx-iii-master-class-with-cooper-carter-available-now.139623/
  33. Shaw

    Question on not using a Cab block at all...

    Yeah... I should have worded that more precisely...
  34. Shaw

    Few questions from a new user

    From his response, A, B and C seem an arbitrary nomenclature -- except that perhaps A was first, B was second, C was third...
  35. Shaw

    Question on not using a Cab block at all...

    I suppose that is another disadvantage: the inability to quickly audition other presets. Thanks!
  36. Shaw

    Question on not using a Cab block at all...

    I got that part. I just meant is there is disadvantage to not even having a cab block present in the preset, as opposed to having a cab block, and turning it off in the global settings. Thanks!
  37. Shaw

    Few questions from a new user

    I understand the premise behind your question -- and it's an intelligent one. But it's also a rabbit hole that will leave you unsatisfied with more questions than answers. I only mentioned the myriad of setting because, since they are "baked in" to the IRs, it sounds like something else you'd...
  38. Shaw

    Question on not using a Cab block at all...

    I want to go from my AxeIII --> GT1600FX --> 2 guitar cabs (in stereo)... can anyone think of a reason why I wouldn't want to just not use a cab block in my presets for this setup? Not using a cab block would free up CPU for other blocks. I realize that this setup won't allow me to send a...
  39. Shaw

    Few questions from a new user

    And which pre-amp? And what were the settings of that preamp? And what was the recording medium? Was it then mastered? By what device (software or hardware)? .....
  40. Shaw

    Stereo Enhancer, is it really needed?

    Experiment. Use your ears. No one hears the tone in your head as clearly as you do.
  41. Shaw

    5 Minute Tones

    As usual, great work. Next time, maybe tackle a lesser known gem in the Amp block... the Cornford?
  42. Shaw

    Power amp recommendations

  43. Shaw

    The infamous "amp in the room" vs FRFR discussion

    .... and crank it up!
  44. Shaw

    Is Axe I/O a trademark violation?

    @Adinfinitum — I practice criminal law, so what I know of TMs is what I remember from law school years ago (i.e not much).... but doesn’t “Axe-FX” fall into the category of descriptive marks which have the weakest protections? (As opposed to arbitrary marks, like “Apple” for computers?)...
  45. Shaw

    Is Axe I/O a trademark violation?

    No, primarily because “Axe” is a common term that’s used to refer to guitars generally.
  46. Shaw

    "modeling technology" and Artists & 75% of the time..lol

    Absolutely, and I hope my comment wasn't taken as me bashing him -- He's an incredible talent and an inspirational player. Honestly, I was most disappointed by the video because when I first saw the YouTube video, I thought "Oh man, Synergy now has a Carvin / Vai-tone module" -- which they...
  47. Shaw

    "modeling technology" and Artists & 75% of the time..lol

    Apparently Mr Vai isn’t too wild on the Synergy stuff either... in the opening, his tone was coming from his signature Carvin pedal...
  48. Shaw

    Drop Axe-Edit before turning off Axe is good practice

    Well, you started with “as usual, I’m just clowning around”... that made your intentions pretty clear to me. I don’t see anything to apologize for.
  49. Shaw

    Three Amp Blocks?

    The ancient Greeks found aesthetic values related to the number 3... photographers still use that principle as a guiding rule for composition in photography — the rule of thirds.
  50. Shaw

    Drop Axe-Edit before turning off Axe is good practice

    Mac user here, no problem at all, and thankfully, my mother-in-law lives on another continent...
  51. Shaw

    FW 2.05 Overview

    Great Video! Thanks @2112
  52. Shaw

    Axe-Edit Tutorial?

    +1 for Cooper’s class. It’s helpful on many levels. You could also follow Leon Todd on YouTube — https://www.youtube.com/user/kingcrimsonscourt He is always posting videos about tweaking sounds on the AxeIII using Axe Edit.
  53. Shaw

    Anyone use Input Dynamics?

    Yes... seems illogical to remove parameters that some people use just for the sake of limiting the confusion of people who don’t even touch them. Maybe make a “Don’t Look at a This if You’re Easily Confused” page in the Amp block pages. ;)
  54. Shaw

    Virtual Capo

    What’s your input you’ve selected? I seem to get better mileage when I select “input 1”. Also, put the pitch block early in your signal chain, before the amp block. Hope this helps.
  55. Shaw

    Was there ever a consideration of different OS's for different types of players?

    You are correct. The Kemper takes a snapshot of the amp (including, of course, gainstaging, and cab / mic combinations) as set when profiled. Turning the gain knob later on the Kemper has no real correlation to turning the drive knob on the amp that was profiled. Everyone in Kemper-land agrees...
  56. Shaw

    The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - Available NOW!

    Really quality work. I’ve only watched the first few so far, but there’s lots of detail in here. Really useful information — even for guys who have been using the Axe FX for quite some time. Well done!
  57. Shaw

    Was there ever a consideration of different OS's for different types of players?

    The Kemper is limited by the available universe of real amps. The Axe III, on the other hand, allows for the creation of “unreal” amps.... for example, a JCM 800 tone stack in a Mesa Mark IV. Nothing is truly unlimited. Both systems are limited in different ways. Both excel at something...
  58. Shaw

    Metallica live tone needed

    Nor would you have the tone you remember from that night... you’d be missing all of the effects from the Board (Multiband compressors and EQs at the very least) and the natural EQ of the room....
  59. Shaw

    Why do I like Drive + Amp more than Amp drive?

    More gain than I would use too.... but if you tame this one, a less hairy tone should be a breeze. Good luck... and post your results if they're pleasing.
  60. Shaw

    Why do I like Drive + Amp more than Amp drive?

    @unix-guy -- in case you want to try to re-create this preset before your computer gets fixed, here's a couple screenshots.
  61. Shaw

    Why do I like Drive + Amp more than Amp drive?

    If you're trying to just use a high gain amp with no drive pedal, you might try a little bit of a notch filter between the amp and cab. Move the Notch around until you find the disturbing frequency. What that frequency is will depend on a lot of stuff, but you might start with frequencies in...
  62. Shaw

    Basic questions.... help please?

    I think you figured it out. But essentially, you copy Scene 1 to Scene 2. Then, for any blocks that you want to edit (delay, chorus, whatever), you will need to change the channel of that block (presumable from Channel A to B, C or D). If you edit channel A in Scene 2, you will also be...
  63. Shaw

    Distortion Question

    A power conditioner may help.
  64. Shaw

    Distortion Question

    Wait.... there’s a such thing as “too much distortion”???? I’m joking, please post a preset for us to try.
  65. Shaw

    FS Matrix GT1600FX + rack SPAIN

    What voltage? 110v or 220v?
  66. Shaw

    Marshall Plexi 1987 - AC-DC 'Back In Black' Cover

    How about an .mp3 for us to listen to?
  67. Shaw

    Stereo Cab block question

    Two sides being slightly out of phase? Is there a noticeable volume difference when you use 2 different IRs panned hard right and left?
  68. Shaw

    NGD Widdling - YJM Strat

    Awesome guitar... I did something similar. I took a YJM model gave it locking tuners, a bone nut, Seymour Duncan pups (Cool, Vintage and Hot Rails), a PRS bridge (mannmadeusa.com), and the middle knob is wired to be a volume for the middle pickup for a wide range of in between tones. ...
  69. Shaw

    So, is the scuttlebutt about the Mezzabarba Amps true?

    I have the MZero OD. It's an amazing sounding amp. Would love to see it modeled, but the AxeIII is amazing as is.
  70. Shaw

    Coming soon...

    Money for Nothing....
  71. Shaw

    Timing on availability of exact specs/photos of FC-6/12

    Ha, great response! I feel your pain, seriously... and I was just joking with your “time travel”. :D
  72. Shaw

    Timing on availability of exact specs/photos of FC-6/12

    I don’t know if you’re reasonable, but I’m pretty sure you either a) need a new calendar, or b) haven’t consulted one. Today is September 27th.
  73. Shaw

    What's your FC pedal waitlist signup date/time?

    Thanks. I wish they’d have put that on their website. That was the first place I looked. :)
  74. Shaw

    What's your FC pedal waitlist signup date/time?

    Uhm... do we have a confirmed price on these things yet?
  75. Shaw

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    LEDs? Where do you get them? are they difficult to set up?
  76. Shaw

    Only 2 reverbs in a preset?

    Perhaps they have left themselves "room for growth" in the midi spec. That would make sense. For example, there is talk of a third amp block, so who knows? Hopefully, you'll get what your after eventually.
  77. Shaw

    Only 2 reverbs in a preset?

    it's been fairly clearly stated from day one that there are 2 Reverbs per preset. This information (see attached) has been available on the website since before the first product was ever shipped...
  78. Shaw

    Only 2 reverbs in a preset?

    please define "defined".... (?)
  79. Shaw

    Just Ordered!

    Welcome! And Enjoy!
  80. Shaw

    Channels E & F

    No doubt. Thanks for the input!
  81. Shaw

    Channels E & F

    Can someone tell me what channels E & F are for? I'm thinking that we might might eventually get 6 channels, but that's only because I can't think of what else it may be? ... and as always, I'm sure this is likely a dumb question and I've over-looked the obvious. Please be kind...
  82. Shaw

    Powering down?

    Sometimes, if it weren't for half truths, we'd have no truths at all. :)
  83. Shaw

    AustinBuddy's new 1000+ Naked Amps TonePack for the Axe-Fx III is now available

    Like everyone before me said... absolutely worth the purchase. Thanks @austinbuddy for a quality job indeed!
  84. Shaw

    Axe-Fx III users: still use outboard effects?

    I had thought the same as you... throw an Eventide Eclipse in one of the effects loops of the AxeIII. Then I had an epiphany... I ended up getting a second AxeIII. Think about those possibilities....
  85. Shaw

    Axe 3 newbie

    Guilty as charged on that one... :D
  86. Shaw

    Is there a way to try a III out in person? If not, I have an idea

    Sell your AxeII on Reverb, even if you price it to sell quickly you'll clear $1600 after shipping and selling fees. That leaves you needing less than $1,000 on the upgrade.
  87. Shaw

    Wish Table view

  88. Shaw

    Dialling in the USA IIC++

    THAT was one good video! Thanks for sharing!
  89. Shaw

    Anyone know how to change the microphones on Axe-Fx III?

    YouTube is your friend....
  90. Shaw

    Poll: Next amps coming to Axe-Fx 3?

    Mezzabarba Mzero Overdrive. Sounds Amazing!
  91. Shaw

    Synth through the Axe-Fx III

    Yeah... tried this out last night with my Prophet 12 -- sounded glorious. It took just a second to get the levels adjusted, but after that, it was all good. I think the AxeIII is underrated as an FX unit (aside from it's amp modeling and cab IR abilities). ... more to come in this arena for sure.
  92. Shaw

    Axe-Edit + 2 Axe-Fx IIIs

    A. THANK YOU for the lightening fast response! B. How??? So I would need to run two instances of the program, and if so how? Do I duplicate the app -- meaning I would need to rename the copy? Or will one instance of the program connect to both machines? C. Again, THANK YOU!!!!
  93. Shaw

    Axe-Edit + 2 Axe-Fx IIIs

    so... if I had 2 Axe3s and one computer, could I run 2 instances of AxeEdit so I can edit both Axe3s at the same time???
  94. Shaw

    Synth through the Axe-Fx III

    I suspected that was the case... I’ll try it today and report back. Thanks!
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