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  1. J

    Sim One XT1 pedal

    Hi Somebody has tested this pedal?
  2. J

    Chnage scene with external pedal

    Change scene with external pedal Hi everybody! I want to change scenes with my Mission spring pedal. Is it possible? I don´t know how! Thanks
  3. J

    Wah problem with Mission EP-1 Spring

    I recently have purchased a EP-1 Spring load pedal (G66 orange model). I choose External 3 and it's OK, but when I press the pedal wah block takes time to turn on. I think calibration is OK. I don´t know what I'm doing wrong
  4. J

    Adjusting SP-1 Mission pedal

    Hi again. I have an SP-1 red Mission pedal, but it can't maintain the heel position. It's natural position is on toe position. I use this SP-1 like volume pedal and for this reason is a problem for me. How can I adjust that heel pedal position? Thanks
  5. J

    Axe-Fx II doesn't work good with MFC-101

    Hi. My Axe II works good, but when I connect the MFC the presets don't change quickly or don't change directly. I reset the MFC and the result is the same. Sorry my bad english level. Thanks for read it and try to help me! Edit. I made a mistake in the thread name!!!!
  6. J

    Problem Axe Edit - Axe II - MFC 1

    I import a custom preset with AE 3.00.03. I can see it in axe's display but not in my MFC. Why?
  7. J

    Ibanez Wah Weeping Demon Pedal

    Hi. I have this wah pedal long time ago, and i would like to know how use it with my Axe Fx II Thanks
  8. J

    Spanish letter

    Hi! I wish to write my own presets with spanish letters, like "ñ" or spanish accent ("olé"). Will it be possible in the future? I think other letters from other languages can be very useful for many users Thanks
  9. J

    Problem with Edit switch

    Hi! My MFC is working strange. I reset it to factory default settings and Edit switch doesn't work. What can I do? Thanks
  10. J

    Axe Fx II inputs

    Hi. I connect two guitars at once, one at the input front entrance and the other at the L/mono input 1 back? I hear only one of the two. I can choose in I/O menu RARE or FRONT, but how can I select both simultaneously? Thanks
  11. J

    Behringer FCB1010 and Axe Fx II w/UnO chip

    First of all: Sorry my poor english. I read this web http://www.voes.be/fcb1010/pdf/fcb1010%20programming%20without%20software.pdf but it's impossible to me that FCB1010 works really good with my Ae Fx II. Anyone has seen a Youtube Video or other web explain this connection? Thanks
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