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    Low volume outputting to studio monitors

    Hi @dschaaf Make sure your output level is set to +4 https://wiki.fractalaudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=Connections_and_levels#Main_output_level Thanks Pauly
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    Difference in Modeling coming from Ares to Cygnus

    Hi @stm113 For me, the difference was wanting to play for 4 hours instead of 1/2 an hour. Cliff sort of 'cracked the code' with Cygnus. All of a sudden, there was no need to tweak advanced parameters to chase a sound. Also, the Axe FX units never did if for me on bass. Although there were bass...
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    Moving a CPU Out of A Control Room/Studio

    Hi @la noise , My pc used to drive me bonkers with its fan noise! I’ve just built a pc with a fanless power supply, a large diameter slooow running cpu fan, and same for the case. Absolutely quiet. Don’t know if you thought of that but worth mentioning. I have it under the table that holds the...
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    FM3 muddy after recording bass for first time

    Hi, Is it possible to play some music through the adams just to check the tweeters are ok? Thanks Pauly
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    Austin Buddys Live Gold - Pack - Opinions, please ;-)

    Simply - yes! Thanks Pauly
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    I'm finally joining the Fractal family!

    One of my favourite movies... 2 behind Evil Roy Slade :)
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    I'm finally joining the Fractal family!

    Welcome aboard! If your experience is anything like mine, the only regret you'll have is not doing it sooner! Looking forward to your first thoughts. Thanks Pauly
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    FAS-FX Reverb 1.5

    Got it, Installed it, Authorised it (without a hitch) Suddenly, ALL my tracks will have a beautiful big, lush, expensive sounding reverb - until I come back to reality. :cool: Good stuff Fractal! Thanks Pauly
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    FAS-FX Reverb 1.5

    Think I’ll grab that next time I’m on the music pc! Thanks Pauly
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    Hi Pete, Did you get it ok? If not, let me know and I’ll dig it up. Thanks Pauly [ QUOTE="PETER NORTHCOTE, post: 2162862, member: 24503"] not for me.....
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    Who else is upgrading to Axe-FX III TURBO? :-)

    I will when we Aussies get stock
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    Is this the forum to post in when...

    We've all done it! :-)
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    Why Are Guitar Players Obsessed With Vintage Gear?

    My opinion is that in some instances with vintage gear, you are purchasing something that the maker cared about, and had pride in. We’ve spent that last 50 years trying to make things cheaper so the shareholders get dividends. Often this has resulted in less quality, but still functional items...
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    Wish Will we ever get more bass amps/effects?

    Hi Gberto Have you looked at @austinbuddy 's bass pack? He somehow gets HEAPs of different bass amp/sounds and its exceptional value. I have it for my Axe FX 3, and I have too many to choose from now. Thansk Pauly
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    Wah help, sweep seems wrong

    Hi @sixstringedmatt As mr feder said - Have a look at the sweep you are getting in the controls panel aslo, have a fiddle with the Control taper in the wah block.. thanks Pauly
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    Maxine Vocals

    I got nearly 1/3 of the wat through it. Surely this is some kind of joke?
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    Maxine Vocals

    Now we need a dislike button…. That is such crap! [ QUOTE="FractalAudio, post: 2160192, member: 7762"] Donald Fagen is a musical genius up there with Mozart. Unfortunately the vast majority of people don't appreciate it and instead think this cr@p is music:
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    Newbie seeks advice on system build

    HI Moondog Wiley, First - Welcome!... It sounds like you're good to go! The sales do pop up from time to time so maybe wait... maybe not? Depends on how keen you are to get started. As far as whether to get the turbo or not - Look around you .. look at the things that cost more than $200 and...
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    My first FullRes IR's

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    Maxine Vocals

    Sounds like the four Freshmen! Thanks Pauly
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    Fender's new models for 2021

    Quick...to the music shop! Thanks Pauly
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    Fender's new models for 2021

    HI @Chewie5150 Yeah I must admit - the Tele is a magical guitar. As an old man I can agree on that hah! Have you played one with the Axe FX yet? Thanks Pauly
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    Is it me or the sound guy?

    I knew it was my mum’s fault! 😁 A nice change from when everything was my fault! Oh - and to the op - be sure you’re right (like don’t take your advice from fans) - and then change or readjust the sound guy. You may get control by turning down etc etc, but the truth of the matter is you could...
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    Help with a Plexi tone

    Hi @Random Hero , Have a look at the new factory preset plexi. It would be a great start. Can’t tell you exactly what it’s called as I’m not with my unit right now. Thanks Pauly
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    Greenfield acoustics

    I’m a fan of Colin hay, and was listening to a few of his recent acoustic recordings in a lounge room. Nice…really nice acoustic guitar …like really reall nice. So… I says to me”self “I better get me one of them”….and the search begins… I researched what guitars Colin plays, and it’s a brand...
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    Updated: Now I am getting the Magic of FullRez IRs... Holy Cow, they are thrilling!

    Yeah it’s all about that subtle quality that you’re unable to emulate. I see it as the resurgence of quality rooms being useful ;-) Thanks Pauly
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    Dad Jokes

    Our drummer recently had twin daughters. I asked “what are their names?” …. He pointed to each… Anna-one, Anna-two….
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    Vendor FullRes Presets ??

    Soon 😜
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    Son's and Daughter's day???? WTF???

    Look at concerts nowadays (from someone who's been locked up for 2 years and hasn't seen live music at all in that time) - Everyone holding their phone up and looking at it instead of the stage....so they can post a video proving they were there on Facebook... Cameras destroy experiences (in my...
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    The music that got you going

    Deep purple's 'Lazy'
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    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    In the town....where I was born.....
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    “Jesus, is there anything you people don’t bitch about”

    Welcome! We'll get along just fine :-) Thanks Pauly
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    Son's and Daughter's day???? WTF???

    Right on, But don’t forget - they choose your nursing home! Thanks Pauly
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    Health Update

    Hi @bishop5150 , Hair is over-rated. God made all heads bald, and then covered the ugly ones with hair!... Well.. it's an old one eh :-) Good news that the treatment is about to start. They have improved radio therapy out of sight in the last 20 years... It's so much better at being directed to...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    Has anyone else noticed a volume drop when using the new IRs? If I (say) have one or two cabs in slots a and b, and add the new ones in slots c and d, the volume drops a little. Muting the 3rd and 4th cab brings the volume back up. Will this be a “thing” with the new irs? Sounds wonderful by...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 17.00

    Amazing & totally unexpected! Thanks. Pauly
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    Axe-Edit III 1.10.00

    You Sir - are a machine! Thanks Pauly
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    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II TURBO

    Gillette hate Males Andrew! :-)
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    Dad Jokes

    Did you know I Used to have an addiction to soap? Its all good though. I'm clean now..
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    Health Update

    Good luck mate….my wife and I are both wishing you the best Pauly
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    Dad Jokes

    What do you call a bunch of men waiting for a hair cut? ... ...a Barberqueue.
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    I Lost my wife last night

    Hi @Xrocker So - it's been a little while - how are things? What's new? Pauly\
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    Dad Jokes

    I bought a cheap wig.... It was a small price toupee
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    New User

    Hi Metalguy, I was going to pitch in with my explanation of scenes and channels, but it appears you now have it in hand - cool! In that case I’ll just say welcome. You will enjoy the fm3. Thanks Pauly
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    Wish A bass player and studio guy’s wishes ...

    If we got a GK 800RB, I think I'd piss my pants in excitement. Thanks Pauly
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    Whats the best place to do a high pass for a bass? And how much?

    HI @MackieFX Cab block is a good place to start. Thanks Pauly
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    What kind of foam can damage or discolor typical guitar finishes?

    Hi @OddManOut I used a big lump of felt... no problems there, and you can get it in almost any colour.. Thanks Pauly
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    User Comments, Recommendations, Pros and Cons

    Hi Troy, Just in case you haven't realised, you do not need to restrict yourself to four channels (at least not for amps and effects that can have more than one block). You can add (say) 2 amp blocks to a preset, and enable one at a time, so (for example) Amp block A could use channels A to D...
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    FM9 -- I'll Miss the Rhino Bars

    Love that middle system! Thanks Pauly
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    Awesome through headphones - unbearable through studio monitors - need guidance/help!

    Hi Nicklaus, It may be impractical in your situation, but you need to create a preset using just the monitors. Try creating and tweaking one from scratch using just the monitors. Thanks Pauly
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    I Lost my wife last night

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    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

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    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    It’s to the left of the pedal jack.
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    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Hi @Admin M@ and @FractalAudio That, my friends, is a truly beautiful piece of engineering and the product (other) people have been screaming for. Congratulations on such a stunning release. …to think that I thought you were “taking a breath” ha! You inspiring buggers. Thanks Pauly
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    Multiple channels of one amp in one preset

    HI Roger, Sorry - not at my unit so cannot share a preset - But you could do it by using different channels in scenes. For example, in Scene 1 you could have your amp block set to Channel A, with whatever settings you desire (hell you could even change amp models)... In Scene 2, choose Channel...
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    Food for Thought -- Why Fractal Is Better

    4/ Quality 5/ Enthusiasm 6/ Quality (they are big on quality!) Thanks Pauly
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    Talk me into purchase

    Are we there yet, are we there yet? Pauly
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    Routing fun - Setting up for YT demos

    What a great name for a pedal! Glad I’m not the only one going a bit lockdown crazy. Thanks Pauly
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    Dead spot compensation using multiband comp block

    Hi @vector You could try to use the multi band comp by increasing the volume of the fundamental frequency of the dead note, over a narrow range. Heaps of problems with that approach but it may work. Another possibility is a parametric or even graphic eq, but, again you’ll be messing with other...
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    Almost 2 months with no FW update...

    Jesus just left Chicago!
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    Is there a "best IEM" for Fractal?

    Hi @scottp I bought some based on your comments - think I'll get another 5 sets for the studio! They are not as good as (for example) the Shure SE846 (which Ive been using for a few years), but they are close....and one 8th the price! Thanks for the tip. Now the cheap bastards that visit can...
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    Almost 2 months with no FW update...

    Maybe we're just takin' a breath. Thanks Pauly
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    How to record this AxeFx 2 rig

    Hi @Billbill Definitely get at least one mic on both cabs. Direct recording will be no good unless you use a cab block, and route to another output. You may want to look at trying this. Close mic the best sounding speaker in each cab. I like to start just off the side of the dust cap, on the...
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    Odd Noise / Hum on Preset Thru FOH

    ..or the noise gate fading out...
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    Help Playing through Studio Monitors

    Hi again, Well that sounds fine then - are you able to grab a mattress and stand it up against tha wall behind your speakers? That may help identify if reflections are an issue. (I know these techniques are from the gutter, but that’s where I belong ;-)) Thanks Pauly
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    Help Playing through Studio Monitors

    Hi @zerolight Have you analysed the positioning of your monitors, in relation to your head? Little monitors like that should be pretty close. Try setting them up so they are (say) 4 feet apart, a t the same height as your ears, and about 4 to 5 feet away from you. Thanks Pauly
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    Cygnus Question .......

    Hi @playingitloud I’m from axe fx 3 so experience may not be relevant, but when I changed to Cygnus, there was a big difference, particularly with the new factory presets! The new factory presets were developed using Cygnus so there’s nothing to change there. I’d do it again, just in case the...
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    2 questions, mic hook up, and latency

    Hi Brian, Regarding the latency - Is it possible this is related to the preset you are using to test for it? - make sure any delay, plexiglass delay, or reverb blocks are disabled in the preset just in case. Thanks Pauly.
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    Axe-change problem

    Hi SubKrypt, Double check the version of the Preset you are downloading compared to the firmware version you are running. I know there was some issue with firmware incompatibilities between versions. Perhaps try using Fractool to convert the preset and have a look at it then. Thanks Pauly
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    Is little to no feedback just the way it is with modelers?

    Hi again, I just changed the strings on a LP, plugged in, tuned up ....and as soon as I got rid of the tuner, it started feeding back at pretty low volume... Lovely controllable one string vibrating in sympathy with the devil type of feedback .. So of course I thought of you! Try changing your...
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    Yehaaa! (Country bass solo)

    I don't normally like bass solos. thanks Pauly
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    Is little to no feedback just the way it is with modelers?

    Hi Controlled feedback is achieved by volume causing the guitar, strings, etc to resonate and react. Often, when using modellers, we are not playing at volumes suitable to get that feedback. Also, using modellers and in-ears or headphones leaves nothing for the guitar to react to. Try turning...
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    Scary Pockets - "Karma Police"

    Here’s my favorite of theirs at the moment And this And this Thanks Pauly
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    Wish Galilean Kruger 800RB amp

    HI @jimfist 1/ - No idea - you'd hace to ask Cliff that one. 2/ - The bi-amp capability of the amp is part of the amp. If we just wanted the preamp, then I guess the preamp only would have to be modelled. Personally, I'd like to see the whole unit modelled. Thanks Pauly
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    Wish Dynamic EQ

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    Wish Galilean Kruger 800RB amp

    Hi again @Flashback You dont have to have GKs tweeter equipped cab to use the bi-amping... you could use a couple of tens and a couple of 15s (H/L respectively), or whatever you conjured up - As long as the impedance is within specs, and the drivers can handle the frequency range you're pushing...
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    Wish Galilean Kruger 800RB amp

    Hi @jimfist, Maybe, but could be anything. Firstly - it's a bass amp ...and not even one of those bass amps that's renowned for use by guitarists as well (like say a bassman, or SVT) which I guess would reduce it's appeal a bit. Also, it's bi-amp capable. That means new functionality that's...
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    How do I backup my Axe Fx II XL+?

    Hi @Rocketsurgeongeneral Not sure but maybe grab the latest usb driver from fractals site and install it. Perhaps an older version? Keep us posted Thanks Pauly
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    SOLVED: USB Driver, or some other conflict keeps screwing with Win 10 sound.

    Found it! Passing it on in case it may help others - This has been a frustrating pig of a thing for a long time... I implemented the following fix 3 days ago, and waited to be sure.... Gone! Open your Device manager, and look for the 'Standard SATA AHCI Controller' group. If you have this...
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    Dusty Hill, R.I.P

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    Wish Galilean Kruger 800RB amp

    HI Flashback, Biamping could be very usable in an Axe FX model. I can imagine a number of ways it could be implemented. I have a number of IRs that could be used for the Sub, and the high range. It would also be a feature that is new and not yet available in the Axe FX... There's not many of...
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    Axe FX III DI vs. Dedicated DI Box (e.g. Countryman Type 85)?

    IHi Jono, If you want a great DI sound - Get the Neve RNDI - I got one and it's got whatever magic is needed to make it the best I've owned. Thanks Pauly
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    Wish Galilean Kruger 800RB amp

    Now Cygnus has landed, I feel the Axe FX now can do Bass very very well. I wish I wish for a Gallien Kruger 800RB amplifier (yes a double wish) - this would be a challenge I assume as it can bi-amp, but what a sensational beast to have in the unit! I would so love to create the Bass sound I...
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    New Fractal User - Troubleshooting No Sound on Downloaded Presets

    Hi @mmcabee What happens if you click the solo button in the cab? Thanks Pauly
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    Pro Tools or Cubase

    No matter what you choose - you'll have a ball!
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    I Can't Get Past Enjoying How Great The Axe Fx III Sounds To Go Any Further Learning More About It!

    I'm with you, I'm sort of hoping that Firmware updates (for a while at least) are all around things other than amp modelling as it's now so damn good! Cygnus has made the sounds I was chasing (for both guitar and bass) possible and doable. Before, I was struggling to get a good bass sound -...
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    Pro Tools or Cubase

    HI again Popper, I might add, that right now, the difference between a few dollars and a few hundred dollars may seem steep, but I think most of us old farts can agree that the right decision here may save you a bunch of bullshit later on!. In your position, I'd certainly be considering the $$...
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    Bass guys with UAD... Which do you use?

    HI Elan, I cannot comment on the UAD, however I certainly can on the Axe FX 3 for bass. With the release of Cygnus firmware, the Axe FX 'came of age' for bass. Until then, I struggled to get a great (could always get an 'ok') bass tone. With Cygnus, whatever undefinable attributes that may...
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    Pro Tools or Cubase

    Cubase - I'm not a fan of Avid, although I'm sure there will be other opinions and suggestions :-) Thanks Pauly
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    Hot guitar output to warm up the cold digital sound

    Hi Alexander, I don’t suffer from the cold digital sound you are describing. Are you sure your monitoring setup is all it could be? Thanks Pauly
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    Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase The Blues Away

    Now I’ve seen the trailer, I really want to see the whole thing dangnabbit! Pauly
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    Recording Bass through FM3

    @austinbuddy Bass presets. Buy them, thanks me later! Thanks Pauly
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    What am I doing wrong?

    I’ve heard that squeal myself in the past. It was all pervasive, and even at low volumes was a problem. I was trying to emulate an amp at unreal settings - ie, if it was a real amp, it would have been squealing too! I lowered the gain which got rid of the squeal. Another thing that helped was...
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    What was the trick for faster boot up?

    If there was 3000 people waiting for a boot up at a gig, it’d be a little painful! Thanks Pauly
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    Presets for bass.

    Hi, I’ll second @ChristThePhone - @austinbuddy bass presets are fantastic. Thanks Pauly
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    Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase The Blues Away

    It’s on YouTube? Thanks! Pauly
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    Dusty Hill, R.I.P

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    Buddy Guy: The Blues Chase The Blues Away

    I love being an Aussie - MOST of the time.. Not when great videos are blocked to me! I look forward to it being available to us down here :-) Thanks Pauly
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