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  1. mr_fender

    Wish Add FullRes option for importing .wav and .ir files into AxeEdit

    We currently only have the options for NormalRes and UltraRes for importing .wav and .ir files in AxeEdit. Can we get a FullRes option as well. I've got a bunch of convolution reverb .wav impulses I'd love to be able to use in the Scratchpad slots of my MK1.
  2. mr_fender

    Poll: MK1 owners, 1024 User 2 cab slots or 32 FullRes cab slots?

    Just a quick informal poll to test the waters if most MK1 owners would rather replace the existing 1024 User 2 cab slots with 32 FullRes slots for FW 17.0 and up or to keep the User 2 bank the way it is in leu of FullRes support. This is of course IF Cliff decides that is ultimately an option...
  3. mr_fender

    Bug or manual discrepancy in the Enhancer block.

    I noticed a while back that when using the Enhancer block in Classic mode, the left channel is the one getting delayed, not the right channel as is mentioned in the Block Guide. This is not new to FW 16+ as I recall stumbling across this some time ago. I can't remember if I ever created a...
  4. mr_fender

    Dark Mode for the Forum?

    Are there any options for a dark mode theme for this version of the forum? I did some digging in my account preferences but didn't see anything there. I'm one of the few who still prefers to surf the web on a desktop browser. A dark mode theme with light text on a dark background would be a...
  5. mr_fender

    Wish Add Channel Copy functions to Block menu and right-click menu

    It's easy to miss that the little triangle next to CHANNEL on the left side is actually a menu. Adding those copy options to the Block menu as well as the right click menu for blocks might make them easier to find for beginners. Most of the Block Library menu options are already in the Block...
  6. mr_fender

    Wish Chorus Block LFO options

    It would be great to have the same LFO options in the Chorus Block as there are in the Flanger Block, namely the LFO High Cut and VCO Response parameters. I've been trying to dial in the same swirl of my EH Small Clone Chorus pedal and I can't quite get the LFO shape there. It's really close...
  7. mr_fender

    Wish: Use switch LED color to show current channel of a block.

    I typically have my effects switches set up with bypass for tap and channel +1 for hold. It works great, but it would be nice to see at a glance which channel a given block was on. Would it be possible to have the switch LED color reflect the current channel? Something like: Red = Channel A...
  8. mr_fender

    RIP Grant Imahara

    Any Mythbusters fans around here will be sad to hear that Grant Imahara died yesterday at 49 of an apparent brain aneurysm. That was one of my favorite shows for many years. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/14/arts/television/grant-imahara-dead.html
  9. mr_fender

    New Modern Double Cut from Gibson

    Interesting new design from Gibson. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2017/Custom/Modern-Double-Cut-Standard.aspx 24 frets, better heel design for high fret access, reinforced neck volute to help avoid headstock breaks, tummy cut on the back. Seems like some solid improvements...
  10. mr_fender

    RIP Charlie Murphy

    Lost his battle with Leukemia at only 57. http://www.nbcnews.com/pop-culture/tv/charlie-murphy-chappelle-s-show-star-eddie-murphy-s-brother-n745686 His appearances on Chappelle's Show were absolutely hilarious. Thanks for the laughs. RIP.
  11. mr_fender

    RIP Paul O’Neill of TSO

  12. mr_fender

    Quad Chorus Question

    Last night I was messing around with the Quad Chorus block a bit and came across something that puzzled me a bit. LFO 4 is a separate LFO that can be added on top of the other three LFO's to create even more complex wave shapes. It has a phase adjustment that ranges from 0 to 180 degrees...
  13. mr_fender

    Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone

  14. mr_fender

    Green Screen Spotted... Dweezil Zappa on Jimmy Kimmel

    Caught a bit of Jimmy Kimmel a couple of nights ago and saw that familiar green glow... Dweezil Zappa was sitting in with the band and dual Axe II's behind him! Too bad it's only bits for the commercial breaks. Sounded great.
  15. mr_fender

    ML Cab Packs Question

    I've been using factory cabs almost exclusively for quite a while now and would like to start getting more into user cabs. The ML factory cabs have become many of my go to cabs. What mic configurations are generally included in the ML cab packs? I see from the descriptions on the Fractal site...
  16. mr_fender

    10k vs 100k expression pot for Axe II or MFC

    Is there any benefit in choosing a higher pot value to work with the Axe II or MFC as an expression pedal? I noticed the EV-1 has a 100k pot for expression while most others are 10k. I know any value linear pot between the two works ok, but was the higher value chosen for any particular...
  17. mr_fender

    Cab Pack Suggestions?

    Hey all, I was lucky enough to get a little bit of Christmas cash and am looking to pickup some cab packs and cab lab. I'm looking for a very versatile collection that will work well with lots of amps and tones. There's quite a few to pick from, so I'm not quite sure where to start. I like...
  18. mr_fender

    SV Bass model questions

    I was wondering what settings are modeled on the SV Bass model. I know it's based on the SVT Classic head, but what about the Ultra Hi and Lo buttons and the Mid Frequency select knob? What settings of these controls are the model based on?
  19. mr_fender

    Triangle and 80's Chorus Not Working

    The Triangle and 80's Chorus modes are not working in the chorus block in FW 17. Mix, Rate, Depth, etc. have no effect. Other modes sound great, I just noticed these two have no swirl. Dry as a bone.
  20. mr_fender

    XL rack ears too wide???

    Not really a bug per se, but I recently bought an SKB standard 3 space rack and when I went to rack up the Axe, I noticed that it did not completely fit between the outer lip edges of the rack. I though maybe my rack was damaged in shipment or something, so I busted out the old tape measure and...
  21. mr_fender

    FW 15.05 Mark EQ type shows wrong frequencies [FIXED]

    After updating to 15.05 tonight, I noticed while tweaking a Mark IIc+ patch that the EQ page shows the wrong frequencies for the 5 band "Mark" EQ on the front panel. It shows 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200. Supposed to be 80, 240, 750, 2200, and 6600. I could have sworn it was correct before, so...
  22. mr_fender

    Got my active CLR cab today!

    Got my active CLR cab in today. So far I like it a lot. It's very clear and detailed sounding like my studio headphones. Haven't had too much time to really crank it, but it screams. I'll probably have to tweak my presets a bit. I threw most of them together using my mediocre creative 2.1...
  23. mr_fender

    Active CLR cab is in my future.

    Just got on the list for an Active CLR cab. Anyone know how long the wait typically is? I know Tom recently had a kid and lost his father, so he's got his hands full right now.
  24. mr_fender

    UR indication in Axe Edit?

    How can you tell if a cab is ultra res in Axe Edit? The front panel shows res: UltraRes, but Axe edit just shows the cab block mode as high/ultra. I don't see where it says if it is ultra res or not in AE.
  25. mr_fender

    Double Click parameter reset value?

    I have a quick question about Axe Edit. When you double click a knob in AE what value is recalled for the parameter. The Quickstart Guide says it resets to a "generic" value and not the "default" one, but what exactly does that mean? Is there any way, for example, to reset a single amp...
  26. mr_fender

    Got my XL yesterday!

    One word... Awesome! So far I've only played through the factory presets using my Audio Technica ATH-M50's (nice cans for the money), but I can definitely hear the potential in this magic box. Spent a good two hours noodling on a quick JCM800 patch I threw together with a 4x12 ultra res cab...
  27. mr_fender

    FCB1010 mod chip questions

    Anyone with the Uno or Eureka mod know if either of those chips will allow the FCB to receive and display the current bypass status for the stompbox buttons when changing presets? The stock firmware simply alternates between sending 127 and 0 on the selected CC#, so if a block is already on, it...
  28. mr_fender

    Axe II XL vs Mark II

    Hey all, I can't decide which one I should get. I'm currently on the wait list for both the XL and Mark II as a result. Do you guys have any suggestions or pros and cons of one over the other. I'm leaning towards the XL because of the lower noise floor, optical encoder value wheel, and...
  29. mr_fender

    I'm on the fence. Convince me...

    Hey all. First post here. I've been eyeing the Axe FX II for some time now and I'm close to pulling the trigger. My biggest hesitation is there is nowhere around here to try one out in person. I'm in Austin, so no stores around carry them. I've listened to a million demo clips and youtube...
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