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  1. DaveP

    Wish Help Button

    Would it be possible to add a "Help" button on the bottom of each parameter page that opens the relative section of the manual that it relates too? Hitting help would open a pop-up to the exact section in the docs that explains what each parameter does. Note: I work in telecom and support the...
  2. DaveP

    Using Full Res IR's

    I'm sure this was answered but rather than read through 50 pages to find it..... How do you use the FR IR's? Do you use them with a regular cab and use the FR in slots 3/4 L/R to create ambience? On their own they don't sound good unless mixed with a regular IR. Am I missing something?
  3. DaveP

    Using FM3 with Kemper

    I just added my Kemper into the FM3. Following this thread, worked great. https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/help-using-kemper-with-axe-fx-iii.147468/ In this example the out 2 and in 2 insert the Kemper for pre and post effect or you could just use In 1>Out 2>In 2>Out 1 to use the KPA on...
  4. DaveP

    FC-12 Toggle back from effects layout back to preset layouy

    I have my FC12 setup to bank up and down on 6 and 12 buttons. 1-5 Presets 7-11 Scenes If I configure switch 1 hold function to the effects layout the mode changes to effects no problem. Is there a way to swich back to the previous layout without rockering the 6/12 buttons and selecting...
  5. DaveP

    Resolved: System settings default during every power up.

    Probably a simple fix, when I turn on the unit it always defaults to preset 000 instead of the last preset it was on before shutting down. Anyway to change that?
  6. DaveP

    Drive Blocks

    When adding a drive block the level is extremely high. The default value is 5 on these. Is this normal? I find I have to turn the level between 1 and 2 depending on the type.
  7. DaveP

    Routing question

    Is it possible to use input 2 and output 2 for mono effects send and return on a tube amp while using Input 1 and out 1 in stereo to studio monitors? I basically want to use the AxeIII as an mono outboard effects in the loop while keeping the first input/output in stereo to monitors.
  8. DaveP

    FX8 with Mark II JP MIDI

    I am trying to wrap my head around using the FX8 as a midi controller for switching channels on the JP-2C. I understand the footswitch assignment part but is it possible to use a pedal board layout using 8 separate effects both pre/post (4CM) and use it to switch channels on the amp? Would...
  9. DaveP

    14.03 Firmware

    I just received my unit and it came with 14.03. What's new in this release?
  10. DaveP

    Make your own iPad stylus

    I recently picked you an new iPad. I was looking at the stylus pens and saw a couple of youtube videos that tell you how to make them. Some more complicated than other and requiring you to find conductive foam etc... I just made on using a chop stick, McDonalds straw, a regular blue household...
  11. DaveP

    iPAD AxeEdit Control Solution

    I downloaded an app yesterday called Desktop Connect. It's about 14.99 but allows you VNC access to your Win or Mac PC. It's a VNC type application that allows you to access you PC through your iPad or iPhone. It has an optional program you download to your PC called Easy Connect which uses...
  12. DaveP

    Ultra Voicings in the AxeII

    I saw a thread here recently about recommended settings in the AxeII to duplicate the Ultra's tone. Does anyone know where that is? I believe Cliff outlined few parameters that he recommended tweaking to get there. I tried searching and couldn't find it. Thanks
  13. DaveP

    Focal Solo6 Ba

    I just picked up a pair of Focal Solo6 Ba. I was hesitant about paying this much for monitors but figured if you spend 2200+ on the AxeFx it makes sense not to cheap out when it comes to the speakers. I have owned a lot of different monitors, BX5, BX8, hs50m, hs80m, BM5a, A7, A7X, A5x, A3x and...
  14. DaveP

    3.04 on support site

    3.04 Fixed bug where presets greater than 131 not being properly received over MIDI. Fractal Audio Systems Support
  15. DaveP

    Guy Selling Coupon Code for 700 Dollars

    Fractal Audio Axe Fx II DISCOUNT COUPON CODE | eBay Are these transferable?
  16. DaveP

    It has begun

    Order placed
  17. DaveP

    11R reveiw. (short)

    I bought the 11R and the expansion pack to try out. I did a direct comparison to an Axe-FX and I can honestly say I don't understand the gushing over this unit other than it's an affordable alternative to the Axe. It had some cool features and knobs to turn blah blah blah but I found the...
  18. DaveP

    4 Cable Method

    Thought I would share just how flexible this method is. I love it. I am currently running the 4CM using a Bogner XTC and it works great. I have a simple MIDIBUDDY controller nothing special. The first 4 patches on the axefx are set up inserting the FXL block after the compressor, phaser, drive...
  19. DaveP

    Thanks for VH patches

  20. DaveP

    Using the power amp of a combo amp question

    This may be a dumb question. I picked up a Mesa Express 5:50. Can I plug the guitar into the input of the axefx and use output 1 into the return to only use the power amp section? I tried and it works but I want to make sure I am not going to damage it. Hooking it up this way totally bypasses...
  21. DaveP

    Uploaded a few patches

    I added a few patches to the axechange, these are ones I use most of the time. If you like them and use them great if not just delete em. I like checking out what others have done as well. If you have some go to patches please share. New patches are always cool to check out. It's very...
  22. DaveP

    Mic Preferences

    I used to leave the MIC option off when using the cab sims but recently discovered how much they add to the feel of the cabinet. The one I have found to be the best overall mic is the R121 COND. My second choice would be the RE16 and the 57. Just wondering what everyone else prefers.
  23. DaveP

    6.00b Global Page Cabinet Bypass

    I noticed when you enter the Global page in the cabinet tab it comes up with 599hz instead of active or bypassed. If you turn the value wheel it displays the the active/bypass like it should. But it doesn't bypass the cabinet. No change when going from active to bypass. Cabs are always on...
  24. DaveP

    Eventide Serial Delays Patch Request

    Does anyone have the settings for this Eventide patch? It came in the DSP4000, H7600 and H8000 (at least the ones I have used). What I am looking for is the settings within this patch. I know it uses 2 stereo delays summed. Also one of the delays has a reverse modulation. not sure if there is...
  25. DaveP

    Rush - Xanadu patch uploaded

    I tried to dial in the intro to Rush's Xanadu in this patch. I got pretty close. Use staccato type playing to get the full effect otherwise the notes will blend more and you loose the volume swell effect. But it sound good either way.
  26. DaveP


    Fuchs patch uploaded to axechange. Set external controller 1 to your expression pedal. It is set to auto engage to a sweet overdrive when pedal is full on. The pedal acts as a volume swell between 50-100%. External 2 is set for a phaser on/off It goes from a beautiful clean to a creamy overdrive.
  27. DaveP

    AxeChange User Bank (124 presets) (Updated, Rev2)

    I have complied a bank or approx. 124 patches from the AxeChange site into one bank. I have tried to normalize the outputs and added the new warmth feature to some of the older presets to bring them up to date. I am using an Ultra in stereo runnng FRFR. Most should work on the Standard and the...
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