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    FS SOLD - AXE FX3 Mark II (EU only)

    3000 eur, all like new, under warranty from G66, first owner, all boxes, invoices... EU only
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    Can we control channels on real amp with FC?

    Friedman BE100 in my case. If not, what is solution for this situation? Thanks!
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    MIDI question

    Can I control amp channel and Eventide H9 in the same time with FX8? With one step on foot switch to change channel on amp and preset on H9.
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    U2 Pride preset?

    Can someone point me to good one? Thanks!
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    Default scene per preset?

    Is it possible and how? Thanks!
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    External tuner connection to AX8?

    Is it possible to connect tuner (TC Polytune) so it can be allways on?
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    Copying just X or Y state of one block?

    Is it possible to copy just X or just Y state of one block in preset and paste in just X or Y state of block in another preset?
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    Hambuster cable as a regular guitar cable?

    So, can I use hambusters as a regular guitar cables?
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    Diezel lil fokker with FX8 (changing chanells)?

    Anybody knows if relay switching works on this amp? From manual: External Switching: Stereo jack to connect the FS2 footswitch. This footswitch switches between Channel 1/2 and Master 1/2.
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    FX8 with Marshall JVM410H JS

    Just received this amp. I know that there was some problem with midi connection between this units so before I start to explore for solution just want to know if problem is resolved? Thanks!
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    How to properly set scene levels from rhythm to solo?

    4CM. So, if I have one scene with compressor, drive pre and delay and reverb post. I just want to raise overall volume for lead. We have output level pre and output level post. Do I need to raise both at same level or just one? Thanks!
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    Friedman BE relays question

    Happy new owner here. First time with relays stuff so maybe a stupid question but... There is 4 possibilities: OFF / TIP to Sleeve / Ring to Sleeve / Tip and Ring to Sleeve. OFF is drive channel on Friedman BE, Ring is drive + boost, Tip is clean and Tip and Ring (Both on FX8 ) is also clean. My...
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    Small problem when Output 2 echoes Output 1

    So, problem is with expression pedal. Working fine when output 1 just feed FOH or monitor for practice. But when I want to OUTPUT 1 feed the FOH and output 2 monitor expression pedal doesn't work. ???
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    Connection to FOH + guitar cab

    First time live with AXE, so I want to connect one output to FOH and another to guitar cab. How to separate one signal with and one without cab simulation? Thanks!
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    Error 16 when updating mfc101 mark3

    Error 16 latest fractal bot, latest firmware on AXE FX2 Last update was fine, but this time no. What to do?
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    Bedroom level: best way?

    AXE FX2 / matrix gt1000fx / road king cab 4x12 So, which is the best way for bedroom practice volume? To put channel level on matrix down or output level on AXE?
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    Arisse - new song

    All guitars AXE FX2 / Carvin CT7C http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3lSiV8wZ4I
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    AXE + Matrix + Mesa 4x12 cab. How to...?

    Just got my new Matrix so I need advice how to connect everything to work properly? I'm new in this stuff so need little help. Do I need to change some parameters on AXE...? Sorry for poor English, I'm not good in technical phrases. Thanks! AXE FX 2, Matrix GT1000fx, Mesa Boogie Roadking...
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