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  1. jefferski

    New Powerstage 200

    Apparently an update to the PS 170, being released at NAMM. Adds a headphone jack, Presence control, EQ on/off, and Cab sim. (Doesn't look like you can load IRs, just has a speaker sim for running direct). For someone who's considering the 170, this may be worth looking at - although it's...
  2. jefferski

    There is no spoon...

    But there is a new Matrix! https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/08/matrix-4-keanu-reeves-and-carrie-anne-moss-to-star-in-new-film-from-lana-wachowski/
  3. jefferski

    Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Interesting article about what it takes to produce the halftime show. Link through to the whole article for the whole interview. https://bobbyowsinskiblog.com/2019/02/06/super-bowl-halftime-show/
  4. jefferski

    Alto TS310 review

    Just picked up one of these about 10 days ago and have used it for two practices and a jam session at a local bar. I've been running an Atomic Reactor (their older model, not a CLR) powered by a Matrix GT800 which has done me well for a few years now, but I was looking to downsize from a 4U...
  5. jefferski

    HX Stomp - interesting (?)

    It's apparently the Helix in a stomp-sized package... could make for a good fly rig. It can only run 6 total fx at a time including amp and cab, so it's not gonna replace your full rig (not even a Helix), but in a pinch I could see it serving a need. Not that it's going to replace my AX8, but...
  6. jefferski

    FS Matrix FR10

    Posting for a buddy. He used it in our last band together, sounded great! (even though he uses a Helix ;-) https://reverb.com/item/13454102-matrix-fr10-2016-frfr-powered-300-watt-guitar-cab-usa-made
  7. jefferski

    Looking for a good humidifier...

    I'm looking for a small, hopefully not expensive unit that I can put w/ my guitars in a closet, that *doesn't leave white powder residue on everything* ... the one I have has a hygrometer so I can stay around 40% (I'm sure it's not that accurate, but better than desert or winter air ;-). But...
  8. jefferski

    Guitars in Moving truck?

    I'm about to move from the Salt Lake area to Denver. The movers will pick up on one day, drive the next, and deliver to our new house on the 3rd day. The last time I did a long-distance move I only owned a couple of guitars and brought them in my car. Much GAS in the last 8 years! I'll take...
  9. jefferski

    Floating Bridges?

    Anybody have much experience with them? I'm looking at a potential new guitar w/ a floating bridge, the kind that doesn't attach to the body. I guess it won't move around when strung (even though I often rest my palm on the edge of the bridge), but I'm concerned it might slip just the...
  10. jefferski

    Rick Nielsen step aside...

    Oh. You only have 5?
  11. jefferski

    Wish Prevent VOL INCR from saving other scenes

    I use a Boss FS-6 to have the ability to boost or cut my levels when needed, using CC#35 & 36. Great function for quick on-the-fly tweaking. The issue is when you hit footswitches in one scene, then switch to another scene, and then use INCR/DECR on that second scene, it will also save the IA...
  12. jefferski

    Soundcloud survives

    https://techcrunch.com/2017/08/11/soundcloud-saved/ I know there are lots of SC users on here. Thoughts?
  13. jefferski

    Gibson w/ built-in OD... <sigh>

    Maybe Gibby will take notice when the first 5 comments on their own website are negative... https://reverb.com/news/gibson-announces-custom-shop-les-paul-with-built-in-overdrive
  14. jefferski

    Saw Robben Ford last night...

    No AFX content. No Dumble content either. Just a pair of Tele's, a Twin, and what looked like a Hot Rod of some sort. Rippin' 3-piece blues show.
  15. jefferski

    RIP Greg Lake

    What a lucky man he was.
  16. jefferski

    Bug? RESOLVED - Tap/Tempo turns off Control Switches

    RESOLVED Any time one of the Control Switches is engaged, hitting Tap/Tempo will disengage it. See attached preset for an example. It seems to be related to the CS Controllers Page where you set the state for the CS for each Scene... the Tap Tempo is "resetting" the scene, but only for the...
  17. jefferski

    Wish Fat and Cut switch modifiers

    I'd love to be able to control these from an External, or from the new Controller Switches - for example, to use one switch to simultaneously turn on Boost, Cut the bass, and add some bite with Fat. I like to use this especially on low-mid gain amps to go from fairly clean to more drive for...
  18. jefferski

    Bank 16

    Would someone be willing to export and send me Bank 16? I lost a few of the presets in it due to the Vol Incr/Decr bug. Thanks, and thanks again to Joe and everyone for fixing the issue in the new FW.
  19. jefferski

    Error 106 - Problem Erasing Preset

    I've been getting this error for the last couple of days every time I startup the AX8. It happens no matter what preset the AX8 is on; so it's not just one corrupted preset. And it happens whether I'm on one of my user presets, or any of the factory ones. After I hit 'enter' it loads the...
  20. jefferski

    Setting up Vol Incr/Decr

    This was easy to set up on the AFX/MFC with Ext pedals... on the AX8 I'm stumped. In the I/O menu, I set Vol Incr/Decr to Pedal3 and Pedal4, and set Ext 3 & 4 to None (those were set as the defaults for the pedals). I have Boss FS-5U connected to both Pedal inputs, and they're set to...
  21. jefferski

    RIP Chris Squire

    Such a huge influence on the world of bass playing... both in and out of progressive rock. You will be missed!
  22. jefferski

    Dweezil Masterclass tonight?

    I have the chance to go to his one-hour masterclass tonight before the ZPZ show. Has anyone been to this? I'm sure it's worth it, but any thoughts? I'm always open to learning new techniques and thought processes, although I don't play his style of music...
  23. jefferski

    Using an additional Midi pedal?

    I have a 5-button midi pedal that came w/ one of my amps. Is there any way to be able to use it to control extra fx blocks or functions, either by plugging into the Midi In port on the MFC, or into the AFX? The pedal isn't programmable in any way I can see - in other words, it's a dedicated...
  24. jefferski

    Cold Weather Gig - advice needed

    I have an outdoor gig this weekend for opening day at Alta Ski Resort. Highs are expected in the 20's (oF), with snow likely. Hopefully they'll just move us indoors, but skiers don't always think that way... they'd like us to be on the deck where the skiers can hear us. Not that people at...
  25. jefferski

    Fishman Triple Play impressions

    Anyone else here use one of these? My impressions: very mixed. I got it primarily for recording; so I could play more complex parts than I can play on a keyboard. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to track very well, especially on faster runs and patches that have a sharp attack. Slow parts...
  26. jefferski

    Umphrey's McGee - AFX content

    From an interview in MusicRadar. The Axe content is below... the rest of the article is pretty interesting. Umphrey's McGee guitarists talk Similar Skin, Frank Zappa, live improvisation Don't know whether "it" refers to the Axe or not... the last time I saw them, Jake was playing an...
  27. jefferski

    Frank Zappa's TV Debut...

    From 1963. Some of you may have seen this but it was new to me. And no, he doesn't play guitar. Flashback | Frank Zappa Makes TV Debut On Steve Allen Show on JamBase
  28. jefferski

    Roland G5 Strat?

    The recent Variax thread got me thinking about the G5 Strat. Does anyone here have experience with them? They don't have as many guitar models or tuning options as a JTV, and it doesn't appear to be customizable... but it IS a Strat. (if only they would make a guitar that had both the G5...
  29. jefferski

    Bug? Modifiers: Can't click in the first two fields

    I've checked this on a number of presets, both from the FAS banks and some of my own. When I go to Edit Modifier, I'm not able to click in the Min/Max fields. All others work fine (Start, Mid, End, etc) but the first two can only be changed by spinning the dial (both mouse and up/down arrows...
  30. jefferski

    Killer Easter Egg !!!!!

    1. In AE, right-click over the 1-8 Scene Select buttons. 2. Note what pops up. 3. SWEEEEET !!!!!
  31. jefferski

    FX Loop help?

    I've been trying to add an outboard effect unit (Morpheus Capo) to use the 12-string effect in one of my presets and no matter how I connect it I can't seem to get the FX loop to work. What am I missing? My connection looks like this: Guitar > Input 1 > (whatever blocks in AFX layout) > FX...
  32. jefferski

    Mission Exp pedals don't calibrate correctly?

    Hi, I was calibrating my new Mission EP-1 pedals last night and noticed that they each only go from 0-116, instead of 127. How do I fix this? I saw in one of Yek's wiki pages that not all pedals calibrate to 127 and it's still workable, but my dilemma is that if I'm using the pedal for...
  33. jefferski

    EVM-12L speaker cab?

    Anyone have experience with these? I'm thinking of replacing my C90 1x12 cab with one of these in a 1x12 Mesa cab. A search of the net hasn't really found the answers I'm looking for. Of course I need to hear it for myself but before I drive to see it thought I'd ask here... How do these...
  34. jefferski

    Controlling fx/parameters w/ multiple footswitches

    Hi everybody, I haven't worked with midi controllers before so sorry if this is a dumb newb question ;-) Tried to find something similar already posted but no luck, and the Modifiers section of the manual doesn't really address it (or I don't know enough about midi to understand yet). My...
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