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  1. notalemming

    BUG compressor issues with 16.03 & 16.04

    I'm having issues with the compressor block ever since I installed 16.03 & it is continuing with 16.04. What's happening is shown in the video. I have tried reinstalling 16.03 yesterday & now 16.04 today but it's still a problem. Also, it's only on the first scene & doesn't seem to matter which...
  2. notalemming

    SOLD Anderson Hollow Drop Top Classic for sale

    I have a really nice Anderson hollow drop top classic I am looking to sell. It's in great shape other than the ding in the second photo. It's not at all visible form the front & was there when I got it. I'm looking to get $2300+ shipping OBO. Ships from the Los Angeles, CA area. NO TRADES***NO...
  3. notalemming

    Implemented Allow user to set tuner heel down % value to trigger tuner

    Hey Cliff, would it be possible to let the user set the percentage value to trigger the tuner? I have my master volume set on the MFC to go from about 80% to 100%. I park the pedal in about the middle & this way I can make small adjustments to the master volume depending on what is needed...
  4. notalemming

    How do you delete a corrupt preset?

    I have tried writing over it with a back up & deleting it, both using Axe Edit manage presets but the Axe III immediately freezes when I hit save & Axe Edit won't save the changes. How do I get rid of this thing? I tried both the latest beta & the last full release of Axe Edit. The Axe III is on...
  5. notalemming

    PSA: Interesting post on the Atomic Amps CLR Forum NOS CLR NEO Flash Sale $899

  6. notalemming

    FS Frank Hartung Embrace Beautiful Pacific Blue Burst

    2013 Frank Hartung Embrace for sale. Beautiful Pacific Blue Burst. Excellent condition. All case candy, COA, and CD of build photos included. The guitar shows a few signs of normal playing wear - there are a couple very minor dents in the top that are not evident in photos or in person unless...
  7. notalemming

    Wish Separate Auto engage & disengage parameters

    This would be really helpful when using auto engage for the wah block. I like having a fast setting to engage it but that means it's easy to turn it off accidentally if you rock the expression pedal back to far. Could we have a separate setting to disengage so you could set that at a slower...
  8. notalemming


    I have one of the original Atomic CLR neo wedges for sale. It is in perfect working condition & sound amazing. It has a ding on the lower left corner that happened when it was shipped to me. It's only cosmetic. That is the only negative thing I can say about the CLR's is that the finish is...
  9. notalemming

    Wish Option to not have the Layout page default to zoomed in

    I wish I didn't have to zoom out every time I first go to the layout page. Can we have an option to zoom or not to zoom?
  10. notalemming

    How do you program IA's in reveal mode without messing up what you already have in normal mode?

    Pretty much what the title say. I have my MFC set up to use with the III so no Axe FX mode. I have bank size set to 10, switches 11-15 switch scenes, 16 & 17 are volume decrement/increment. In reveal mode I have switches 1-5 set up for the looper. All I need to do is change switch 17 to turn on...
  11. notalemming

    [FIXED] 1.09 beta 2 killed my user cabs

    I have a preset that was using a user cab 256 & the first patch that uses it had no sound. I went to the next patch that uses the same cab & it worked. I went back to the first preset & other user cabs worked. I tried budding a new preset with cab 256 & it didn't work. I tried uploading that one...
  12. notalemming

    [Not a Bug] Multiplexer block no longer seamless in 1.09 beta 1 & 2

    I have a complicated patch that uses the multiplexer to get a seamless change & I noticed a very audible gap since I first loaded 1.09 beta 1. I was hopping beta 2 would fix it but it doesn't. I set up a very simple patch to check it. Input on row 3, Amp 1 on row 2, amp 2 on row 4, multiplexer...
  13. notalemming

    Implemented Looper Overdub cc#

    I wish we could assign a cc# for the looper overdub to get it to work more efficiently with the MFC. This way I could assign a separate button for overdub. The only way I can get it to work now is record the loop, hit record again twice to go in & out of overdub, check the loop (for me, short 2...
  14. notalemming

    Bug? Has anyone been able to get a system backup to actually work?

    I got my III back form Fractal today after sending it back for numerous issues including a loud fan & the unit I got back, a replacement unit, has a fan that is much louder than the one I sent in! I was trying to get my system backup to load so I can see if any of my other issues were resolved &...
  15. notalemming

    How do you get "copy scene to actually work?

    I've done exactly what the manual says & it does not copy the scene: TO COPY ONE SCENE TO ANOTHER… The Tools page of the Layout menu contains a tool to copy one scene to another. This works within a single preset; you can’t copy a scene from one preset to another. 5. Navigate to the Tools page...
  16. notalemming

    How do you get all presets to always load on scene 1

    That's pretty much the question. For some reason, if you happen to save the preset on any scene but 1, it will always load on that scene. This makes no sense to me to be the default. I ALWAYS want all presets to ALWAYS load on scene 1. It doesn't matter if I access the preset by the front panel...
  17. notalemming

    Implemented Ability to copy channels from within the blocks

    I think it would speed up the work flow a lot if you could copy channels from within the block rather than having to go back out to the layout, page over 2 pages to tools, find copy channels, copy it, page back to the main layout page & then back into the block you are editing. Very cumbersome.
  18. notalemming

    Wish Leveling meters in more blocks

    It would be great to be able to have the meters used to level presets in other places than just the layout page like the Amp block. Also on the main meters page, why not have 0db indicated on the output meters and have knob A available to set the amp block level?
  19. notalemming

    [NOT A BUG] Possible bug in the compressor

    Has anyone else noticed that the make up gain in the studio compressor doesn't seem to do anything? It made a big difference in level on the II but I can't tell any difference when it's on or off in the III.
  20. notalemming


    How do you get the mini utility to load user IRs? I keep getting a time out message immediately after hitting send. It says "1 of 4 message timed out. It shows it's connected & it's the same USB cable I just used to back up my XL AND the III. Axe FX III, v 1.05 Macbook Pro OS 10.12.6
  21. notalemming

    Bug? The dreaded Name Timeout issue v7

    Well, the dreaded Name Timeout issue is back for me!! Anyone else having this problem? I re-downloaded the firmware & reinstalled but still have the same problem. Changing banks on the MFC eventually triggers it every time!! The 3rd time I tried it happened with in 2 minutes. No computer even...
  22. notalemming

    Bug? Name timeout issue on the MFC Q2.04

    The name timeout issue on the MFC after scrolling through banks is back with Q2.04. I never loaded 2.03 but 2.02 beta zwei & the final release of 2.02 were fine. What happens is if I go from say bank 10 to bank 1, the name drops off the MFC display so there is only the number, then the Axe...
  23. notalemming

    v16.04 pedal comp bug [NOT A BUG]

    Both of the pedal comps now have a weird clicking & glitchy volume issue when you adjust the sustain while playing.
  24. notalemming

    Bug? 16.03 Reverb bug 2 [FIXED]

    If you had the reverb input gain connected to an external modifier, now the pre delay also has the same modifier connected to it. If you take it off, it also takes the modifier off of the input gain.
  25. notalemming

    v 16b1 Noise or thump when changing presets [FIXED]

    I have been hearing a thumping noise when changing presets that wasn't there before v16. Not a big deal at low volume but might be a real problem at gig volume.
  26. notalemming

    Import multiple presets at at time

    How do you import multiple presets from an Axe II to an XL? As is looks now, you have to import them one at a time which is incredibly time consuming & cumbersome with 100+ presets I need to move! I don't want to import a whole bank if possible but that is better than doing it 1 at a time.
  27. notalemming

    Update amps defaults for the current preset not working v15.02

    The update current amp defaults command is still not working right here. Even on the same amp, same settings, the Y version is much louder & bassier than the X version. I'm not going to try the update all presets as I don't feel like trashing 100+ presets.
  28. notalemming

    Preset mode weirdness

    I just got the MFC so bear with me. I will probably have several stupid questions. 1. I am in preset mode with bank size set to 10, no offsets at all. I can't access preset 00 at all, when I select preset 1, the Axe & MFC both indicate preset 1 in the display windows but the indicator light...
  29. notalemming

    Axe Mark I connection to MFC Mark II

    I have an older Axe Fx II & am looking at getting a new MFC. WIll I need any kind of adapter to connect the MFC via ethernet cable due to the different connectors on the new MFCs? Thanks!
  30. notalemming

    v 10 Triode hardness

    Cliff, in the release notes you mention that the triode hardness has been changed but not how it has changed or how the different settings affect the sound. In v9 I used to leave it at 0.00 most of the time & set it to .10 on clean amps to add a nice bit of sparkle to the sound. Now most of the...
  31. notalemming

    v10 Amp X Y copy issue

    When I am on the X amp & double click the Y button to copy it over, the display brings me to the Y amp to edit which is normal. When I am on the Y amp & double click the X button to copy Y to X, the display stays on the Y amp. I don't think this is the way it was in prior versions. This is all...
  32. notalemming

    V6 Fender sims won't clean up

    I haven't had much luck with the v6 Fender sims. I have some really nice clean settings using the double verb, both bassguys & deluxe but now I can't seem to get them to clean up. I've tried re-setting the amp & dropping the drive to next to nothing & it still won't totally clean up. Any ideas...
  33. notalemming

    Frozen Axe II after trying to update to 5.01

    I tried to update to v 5.01 but the firmware wouldn't load using Axe Edit so I rebooted the Axe, tried with Snoize which has always worked in the past, still never would change from the "awaiting file" screen on the Axe. Rebooted the Axe again & now all I get is a scrambled screen & all the LEDs...
  34. notalemming

    V5 overwhelming low mids on higher gain amps

    I am having no luck getting a decent sound on most of my higher gain patches so before I revert back to V4.01, I thought I would see if anyone else was having these issues or ideas how to fix it. The only amps that don't sound bad are the plexi type amps but everything else is wallowing in...
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