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  1. Mr.RangoTango

    Usb connection kills sound from output

    Hi there.. I want to record through usb but there's no audio coming through. It also takes over the output 2 and kills it. Axe edit works though and I have all the drivers and latest firmwares. Halp!
  2. Mr.RangoTango

    Just bought an Atomic CLR MKII

    Hi there! I just bought this beautiful piece of equipment so now I'm wondering if you guys have any tips n tricks for this speaker? Everything from gainstaging to IR's :-) How do you go about this speaker?
  3. Mr.RangoTango

    Ambient patch makes loud swoosh when selected

    Hey guys currently I'm having trouble with a modified "galaxy" ambient patch I downloaded from here. When I switch to that preset it makes a really loud swoosh sound like all the effects are being triggered immediately. Is there a way to control this? Another thing. I have a boss fv500...
  4. Mr.RangoTango

    Let Mother Earth wash you away; listen to Danish atmospherical black metal

    Long title is long indeed. I've been on this board for many years now and during those years both my playing style, my ears and my tones have changed. I started out chugging away with dimebag but now five years later me and my band Morild (DK) have released our first EP "VI" which is far out in...
  5. Mr.RangoTango

    Creating/editing presets offline?

    Hey guys. I'm sitting here staring at the rain through my window. I don't have my axe fx as it sits in the rehearsal room - needless to say I am extremely bored. Is there a way to create axe fx presets or just edit existing presets and then just plug in the computer and update? This might...
  6. Mr.RangoTango

    How to sync axe tempo with drummer?

    Hi there! I'm looking for a way to sync my axe fx with the drummer's click ? He has a roland spd-sx is it possible to use the metronome of that unit and sync it to my axe? I'm using the looper so this is a must! :)
  7. Mr.RangoTango

    Thinking about adding the looper to my rig

    Hey guys! Do you have any links or comments on this matter? I'm doing all of the ambient riffs and I want to replicate our studio recordings. How should I build the presets together with the mfc? Just looking for recommendations. :)
  8. Mr.RangoTango

    question for Ownhammer! (The Heavy Hitters Collection)

    Hi ! When will this collection be available? Seems like this is the most badass library for metal!
  9. Mr.RangoTango

    Upgrading from mark II to XL for one reason!

    To be able to download GuitarJon's presets! ... maybe Yek's as well ;) Seriously... I need those metallica presets in my life.
  10. Mr.RangoTango

    Ladies and djents! Feel free to check out the final form of "AtomicaCrunch"

    So this tune was developed when I tried out the Atomica amp. Now I have (kinda) finished the form and I really want you guys to hear it! :-) If something is wrong in the mix or anything at all, please don't hesitate to comment! Hope you'll listen
  11. Mr.RangoTango

    Cant update my mark II?

    I attached the pop-up window that Fractal Bot makes! What's going on? I'm on 2.01 beta and want the newest update. EDIT 00:37: It still doesn't work! Axe edit seems to be the program the fucks it up. Fractal bot worked before installing axe edit. Now both of them dont respond :( I'm tracking...
  12. Mr.RangoTango

    Clean competition: Falcon, Parker & Jackson (just for shits n' giggles)

    From left: Falcon Superstrat, Parker Fly Classic, Parker Soloist SL1 with SD humbucker in the neckzzz SO... I just asked facebook which guitar would play the sweetest clean. I'll let you decide.
  13. Mr.RangoTango

    Recording some black metal. What to use?

    Hey guys! I know nothing about black metal tonez, but I am currently in a black metal project. (rather atmospheric actually). I'm playing a Parker Fly Classic in drop B. What kind of amps and cabs would you recommend? Thanks guys!
  14. Mr.RangoTango

    The Bias Head

    I know what your thinking.. This is not that type of head.. Positive Grid - BIAS Head It's a bit more SFW :D What's your thoughts? I think the idea of having those knobs on a modeller is brilliant :-)
  15. Mr.RangoTango

    European "for sale" section?

    Sorry for wrong section but this needs attention :roll It would be so nice to just immediately know whether your able to actually buy x item or not! please !
  16. Mr.RangoTango

    Why isn't axechange integrated in axe-edit?

    Pretty specific title says it all. I downloaded Positive Grid which have a pretty neat layout regarding patches, comments etc. and I thought of why axe-edit don't offer a seemless access to our uploaded patches? :-) Jakob
  17. Mr.RangoTango

    Axe-edit doesn't work.. again..

    I don't know what it is with that program, but it keeps having trouble connecting to my axe fx mark ii. This time it just tries to communicate with my axe fx but ends up with a window that says "Unknown Device - the version information could not be queried" What now?
  18. Mr.RangoTango

    My five-scenes Engl patch pops when changing scenes

    Axe-Change - Download Preset - Engl Invader Scenes - by Jaksescortum Here's the preset. How can I eliminate this? It's really annoying :D
  19. Mr.RangoTango

    A preset going from clean - dirty - rhythm - lead

    Hey guys! I tweaked Mayalvr's Engl Invader preset and added a 59 bassman and so forth! Check it out: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Engl Invader Scenes - by Jaksescortum I guess it's gonna be my main patch :-)
  20. Mr.RangoTango

    You do not want to click here... Unless you like progressive Danish metal

    Hey lovely friends from all around! My band's new single is out. We have worked so hard getting this shit done so we're really happy to be able to show it to you guys! This forum has special place in my heart :D The song is 7 minutes and really covers a lot of different genres. Listen to it in...
  21. Mr.RangoTango

    how do I translate the 5150 red to IRL 5150?

    As the title says, I'm a bit confused on what is what with this amp. I wanted to try out some of their settings http://www.metalrecording.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/6505-5150-Settings.pdf but I don't know how simulate the resonance and I can't see what the master volume is on :-)
  22. Mr.RangoTango

    I'm building a Patch Panel and thought you'd like to see the process

    So I've made a topic in rigs and routings: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/rigs-routing/98483-new-era-begins-building-patch-panel-ordering-list-parts-included.html There's a lot asking for this and thought I'd post it here to share the info :-) - Jakob
  23. Mr.RangoTango

    A new era begins: Building a patch panel. Ordering list for parts included!

    [Update] A new era begins: Building a patch panel. Ordering list for parts included! Hello there! For a hell of a long time, I have wanted a custom patch panel for my axe rig. And I also thought that while I was at it, I should order a furman power conditioner... But I didn't have them cash...
  24. Mr.RangoTango

    x/y states - switching between them

    Hey guys. I want to know what the easiest way to change the x/y states on different blocks is :-) Say I have a patch with amp-cab-delay and I want to change the x/y state on all of the blocks? thanks :)
  25. Mr.RangoTango

    Muting output when pressing pressing tap tempo (16)

    I just got my first MFC II and set up was easy peasy! Before I upgraded to firmware 3.08 (from 3.05) there was no problem with the tap tempo, but now the IA switch 16 just mutes the output on/off instead of tempo. What do I do? The IA IS set to tempo thanks!
  26. Mr.RangoTango

    Why should I get a MFC 101 mark II

    Hey guys [emoji4] I'm on the verge of buying a mfc 101 to replace my fcb1010. I know this seems obvious, but I would really like to know why I should upgrade. This is of course very subjective, but I can tell you that I'm not happy with my current setup as I feel it's a little annoying that I...
  27. Mr.RangoTango

    I don't tap that often [HBE action]

    ... but here's some progressive HBE tapping. Very colorful I would say: It's my recently adopted go-to HBE preset! Please do tell what you think about the phrasing of the tapping and so forth :-)
  28. Mr.RangoTango

    what's your take on the these headphones?

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1173793437/worlds-first-dsp-enabled-wireless-headphone dsp headphones with frequency correction :-)
  29. Mr.RangoTango

    Digitech the drop. How do they do?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67Jkg92XSUM I mean, this thing is pretty damn spot on! What is it they do that FAS cannot simulate?
  30. Mr.RangoTango

    On-Ear Headphone for music listening at home and on-the-go

    *not on ear - OVER ear is what I meant* What can you guys recommend? This is not for mixing, the purpose is stated in the title. Maybe - if it's possible - I want to use them for my axe fx (just when i'm way too lazy). I found this page The 10 Best Headphones for Every Budget | Digital...
  31. Mr.RangoTango

    Experiencing all the noise in the world

    Hey guys. My bedroom/studio isn't grounded and i'm getting a lot of noise. I'm currently connecting my axe to the audio interface via jack to jack cables. Could I reduce the noise if I use xlr cables and switch on the ground-lift ? thanks
  32. Mr.RangoTango

    The Mic preamp effect just without a cab?

    Hi fractal. I wanted to use the sweet mic preamp effect on a friends acoustic guitar but I quickly discovered that the effect wasn't available unless I chose a cab? What can I/we do here?
  33. Mr.RangoTango

    1959 with MODERN amp voicing!

    Tweaked the 1959 a bit more and found this more modern'ish sound. Sloppy playing, I know, but I just wanted to show you guys the sound real quick :) PATCH: Axe-Change - Download Preset - 1959 SAWEET - by Jaksescortum :mrgreen:mrgreen
  34. Mr.RangoTango

    Trying out the 1959 !!! Reverb, Dimension D and Doom

    This kinda feel is completely different territory than what I'm used to. It's just freaking cold outside and the sun sets at 3:30 pm here in Denmark. I really dig this amp. This sound is of course a defenseless victim to the mad dimension d chorus. I can actually see myself use the 1959 as...
  35. Mr.RangoTango

    Updated my Axe but AE shows "incompatible FW version"

    I don't know what it is with my axe and the fw updates .. but now Axe Edit tells me that I have an incompatible firmware version even though I already have updated my axe to firmware 16.04.1 :( thanks
  36. Mr.RangoTango

    Mesa boogie Mark V:25

    Hey guys! Just saw Mesa Boogie Mark Five 25 <- this bad boy. I really like the mark amps so this mini version just FLASHES in my light-wight-easy-going biased head. Another thing, Cab Clone is build into the amp head :) Seems like a really funky piece of toy!
  37. Mr.RangoTango

    Recorded this for my band. Heavy and silly

    Recorded this for my band. Heavy and wicked :encouragement: Im NOT good at drum-editing, so that's the part I always tend to kinda jump over :b .. Anyways the drumming is the drummer's part, this was just an idea to a new song :)
  38. Mr.RangoTango

    Why does AE say this after I switched to SSD.

    I recently switched my hdd to a ssd and now AE says this when i open the program: "Unable to create default directory: /users........" thanks
  39. Mr.RangoTango

    Should I Trade my hs80m (+$) for dynaudio bm6a mark I

    As the titel says! I need som thoughts on this. I don't really like my hs80m that much i Think they're distorded. I compared my hs80m with Adam a7x and really fell In love with the Adan's. Sadly their're not on any of the used-item-markets but my friend wants to trade his dynaudio bm6a mark I...
  40. Mr.RangoTango

    Going to Amsterdam with 3 buddies

    Hey Fellow Axe Men! Do we have anyone from Amsterdam? :) we take the night train from Berlin to Amsterdam the 3rd of August and we haven't really booked any hostel/hotel/anything. Can you guys help us out where to we should stay? And .. Of course we're some cheap ass broke boys, so money is a...
  41. Mr.RangoTango

    Mesa boogie cabclone

    Mesa/Boogie Releases the CabClone Cabinet Simulator DI | 2014-07-11 | Premier Guitar So is this a competitor to torpedo's Two Note? I always love to see new products from Mesa - when they good.
  42. Mr.RangoTango

    ServoBender Guitar! Check it out!

    This sounds waaaay to cool! ServoBender Hybrid Replicates Sound of Pedal Steel Guitar
  43. Mr.RangoTango

    Question regarding cab lab and UR's

    Hi! Am I hallucinating or can't I mix UR's together? I thought that was the idea of cab lab? :) I've tried to mix Clark Kent's UR's with some OH's, but I CANT! :( Why is it only IR's we are able to mix together and not UR IR's? please enlighten me. :/ I just wanted clarks gift and my...
  44. Mr.RangoTango

    Haven't really uploaded much but I need to share my Herbie 3

    Hey guys! After firmware 15 was released, I have almost only played the Herbie 3! It's so gritty and the saturation (authentic) switch does wonders! Not showing any brootal guitar-riffing here, just the sound of the herbert :) Enjoy
  45. Mr.RangoTango

    MFC 101, how would this work with two guitarists?

    Good evening! - well it's evening here in Denmark ;) Currently we are two guitarist going through my axe fx. We have 5 presets with scenes where I control scenes (because my UnO chip allows me to) + presets and the other guitarist can also change presets with his midi-board. If I were to...
  46. Mr.RangoTango

    Can any of you guys tell me why this one hasn't been brought up?

    the t.amp D4-500 - Thomann UK It's a lightweight ss stereo Amp with fine reviews! And for that price too! What do you guys think??:)
  47. Mr.RangoTango

    Once again I am dying of frustration [NOT A BUG]

    Hi! The axe edit window is bugging me big time. I use a second pc-monitor and that's where I opened the axe-edit window. Now the problem is that the window is kinda out of my screen and therefor IMPOSSIBLE to drag down! I have reinstalled axe edit but the program reboots in the same f'in...
  48. Mr.RangoTango

    Can I buy a MFC somewhere in New York?

    I am going to NY on the 11th of April and it hit me that if I should buy an mfc I should definitely do it on my forthcoming NY trip. It's MUCH cheaper to buy FAS stuff with the US dollar. Is it possible? And if it is, I would need the mission pedals too. Where should I buy the mission exp...
  49. Mr.RangoTango

    Currently I am running 2 guitars to out1L + R. Is it possible to...

    Hi guys! I am currently running mo own guitar and the second guitarist in to my axe. We've splitted the signal so that I am going left and he is going right out of out1. Now.. that's for band rehearsal and small stages where we need need volume from our own cabs. On top of that, we would very...
  50. Mr.RangoTango

    Furman or a T.Track power conditioner?

    Hi I'm looking for a power conditioner, I'd rather see not to spend anymore than 100-200 bucks. Many of you guys are using the furman power conditioner, but as I can see on Thomann.de there is a T.track available at VERY reasonthe t.racks VM-100 Voltage Meter - Thomann Danmark If this IS NOT...
  51. Mr.RangoTango

    Going to record with band today US IR vs. Normal IR

    Should I (with very little experience) just use the UltraRes ir's? I mean I use the NL212 normally so I don't really use IR's at all. I would really love if you could link to the best UR ir's currently available (not the fractalpack. donøt have 99$ for that atm) :):)
  52. Mr.RangoTango

    Which Parker is this??

    Hi guys! I'm going to buy this Parker Fly (classic/deluxe??) Elguitar, Parker Parker Fly &ndash; dba.dk &ndash; Køb og Salg af Nyt og Brugt but I am confused regarding the serial number that the seller has provided me: 3380705 BMH USA. As you can see this Fly has a trem wheel but according...
  53. Mr.RangoTango

    I cannot comprehend all this new stuff

    I am leaving Denmark within the next 10 hour and I've just come home from a gig and now I see that AE 3.0.4 and firmware 13 is fucking up!! I am dying.. Literally :O ooooohhhh
  54. Mr.RangoTango

    About the Parker Fly Classic - I AM GASSING

    ... And there's one a few 100 kilometers away! Whats your thoughts on the parker fly classic guitar? A guy from another forum is selling this guitar S: Parker Fly Classic 1998 - Elektrisk guitar - Brugtsalg - 4Sound.dk I think it seems like it's in great condition. I sent me some other photos...
  55. Mr.RangoTango

    Hey you nice guys out there! I'm going to New York

    :eagerness: And I know that you guys are top notch and mostly deep grounded to that American soil over there! I'm going with my brother, mom and dad and neither of us have ever been to the New Yorkz. We are going to rent an apartment for max flexibility. My mom was suggested to look at the...
  56. Mr.RangoTango

    I use vol block for all patches but the volume is always set to 0 at start

    So I've got no sound coming out of my presets unless 1 change it manually in Axe edit or 2 connect my midi controller and turn up the volume. How do i set to max volume always and then when the expression pedal (midi) is plugged in it react to the pedal? thanks!
  57. Mr.RangoTango

    The NL212 is insane

    Okay I can now say that my NL212: 1. Sounds better 2. Feels better 3. weighs less 4. is insanely more tight -than my 4x12 marshall loaded with eminence. I mean come on guys this cab is rediculously good :O A more serious update will follow. I just need some more time on my hands
  58. Mr.RangoTango

    I am dying! Give me your cents ASAP

    Okay I trying to run two guitars through my axe and my lead patch is killing my. When I adjust the blocks on the OUT2 guitar it affects the sound of my OUT1 guitar.. Can you guys help me?
  59. Mr.RangoTango

    I need my fellow axe mates on this! My friends' band EMBRACING SICKNESS

    Hi guys! My friends from the Danish band Embracing Sickness have just released their debut-EP: SMILE! All guitars except one part in one their songs is my axe fx 2. I had had the axe for like month at that time. Well give it a go! And share the word! My favorite...
  60. Mr.RangoTango

    This is for the nerds: Need some help with the "physical" part of my paper

    Hi! I am writing a pretty comprehensive paper regards the use of multiband recorders, sampling and auto-tune. I've picked the most essential inventions was used in the 60's 80's and 1998 (auto-tune) Do any of you guys have some great links or material that defines the physics behind any...
  61. Mr.RangoTango

    The whole setup with foh + cab

    I have a frayed and vague idea on how to do this the easiest way.. How do you guys set this up for all your patches? Is it like a global block or what? For instans: I am running with Speaker Simulation off and now I want to use my stereo cab configuration out of the pa - with all my patches...
  62. Mr.RangoTango

    booting time increased from 11.05 to 12.xx

    Hi I've noticed that the boot time has increased since the update. The screen is straight green and all is flashing for at 3-4 seconds before it does its usual start-up. whats the case?
  63. Mr.RangoTango

    ... So the mackie/qsc solution is outdated now, or what?

    Is anyone still using that setup or has everybody turned over to matrix frfr/neolight or atomic?:) I'm asking because that setup was the initial goal and max GAS. But everything has changed?:ugeek:)
  64. Mr.RangoTango

    I REALLY need some clarification on this topic, therefore the double-post

    The other guitarist in my bands is going to run through my axe too, just to keep everything simple, and I'm not gonna be stepping on the board to control his patches So we're gonna create like 5 patches with different scenes: patch1: guitar 1 HG guitar 2 HG, patch 2: guitar 1 HG guitar 2...
  65. Mr.RangoTango

    Something new: controlling the axe w. 2 midi boards

    As the title says.. Is that possible? The other guitarist in my bands is going to run through my axe too, just to keep everything simple, and I'm not gonna be stepping on the board to control his patches ;) So we're gonna create like 5 patches with different scenes: patch1: guitar 1 HG guitar 2...
  66. Mr.RangoTango

    Is this possible in Logic??

    Andrew Wade: How to Speed Up Guitar Tracks in Pro Tools - YouTube this could be an awesome feaure in to have!
  67. Mr.RangoTango

    Upgrading macbook pro 13" with new ssd

    Hi! For a long time, I've wanted to upgrade my macbook pro 13" with a new ssd instead of the noisy and slow hdd. I'm thinking about replacing the dvd slot (optical drive??) with my current hdd as extra space and then a medium size ssd as primary memory. Is this the right way to do it? And...
  68. Mr.RangoTango

    My band SCORTUM is about to the bass guitar

    I would like to get the touch of the bass patches and which one to use. We really like the bass sound on tool's- and cynic's album He is fingerpicking so there is no natural "grid" in the bass sound. I don't know if that makes sense. Thanks guys!
  69. Mr.RangoTango

    PA speaker DB opera 210d

    It's about this DB opera 210d active pa speaker. Do you know how this thing sounds? I can get it for like 300 dollars posted it here 'cause no answers in amps & cabs section
  70. Mr.RangoTango

    Hey guys help me out with this one

    It's about this DB opera 210d active pa speaker. Do you know how this thing sounds? I can get it for like 300 dollars :))
  71. Mr.RangoTango

    I have just about enough money..

    To upgrade from the FCB 1010 board to the mfc101. Couldn't you guys sum up what the biggest and greatest improvements would be?:) Right now I don't really feel like I have the time to set up the fcb and constantly step dancing. I want it simple, but is it worth it? The FCB cost about 70...
  72. Mr.RangoTango

    you gotta help me choose the next guitar PRS/SKERVESEN

    I've been longing after anew guitar hence i've stopped using floyd rose (I have a jackson soloist sl1 usa select). I've been looking on this guitar Elguitar, PRS Custom 22 20th &ndash; dba.dk &ndash; Køb og Salg af Nyt og Brugt A PRS 22 20th anni. And i've been looking on a SKERVESEN custom...
  73. Mr.RangoTango

    Increasing volume on fcb1010 causes a

    chopping sound What can that be?
  74. Mr.RangoTango

    Some SWART MKII (nuclear) jam .. mmhh

    Hey guys - check out my jam. I was mainly focusing on the Swart amp (which is the rythm track). There is some ambient stuff in the background and some lead. Hope you enjoy it. No bass as I didn't have any batteries. ah well.. who needs bass. //no-shred
  75. Mr.RangoTango

    Effects on and dwell! some Chef patches!

    Hi I made this track with Chef's pull me under and Kee lead patches. well, as it isn't my own patches I cannot really say anything else than that Kee lead's amp was changed to my mark iv setting and with OH IR's :)
  76. Mr.RangoTango

    Still having mad usb-onnection problems

    Hi I'm recording through usb to my macbook pro 2012 13". I'm using firmware 11.03. I'm having latency problems, almost one 1 second delay time, and i have downloadet all the new firmwares. I tried garage band to minimize cpu usage, but I had the same latency problems. Another thing, do...
  77. Mr.RangoTango

    How much heat can the axe fc II take?

    Hi, im running a ss poweramp which is acutally getting "egg-frying-hot" on the front panel. I don't know if its this hot all the way through the unit though. There is no space between the the axe and the ss. Another question is the axe more exposed on the bottom of the unit rather than on...
  78. Mr.RangoTango

    I dig dis toahn! Do u?

    Swart AST MKII head with Tele and Les Paul - YouTube Really! how do u get this swart tone? it's crunch is un freakin believable!!
  79. Mr.RangoTango

    Which effects should be placed where?

    Hi, i was wondering why The reverb and all The other effects are put after both cabinet and amp. Wouldn't we want to only put effect on the amp an into the cabinet?
  80. Mr.RangoTango

    Having massive logic problems! midi-drums

    Okay ! When trying to record, let's say, the snare in one take and the hi-hat in another; the given outcome should be in one midi-track, right?? Logic keeps layering every recording in the same track and it's F"#U%€ me up :( I need one track with all the midi-notes/drum-notes and not...
  81. Mr.RangoTango

    going live tomorrow and have some questions !

    Hi i'm going live tomorrow with my axe fx rig, I have: axe fx 2 10.11 artcoustica ss power amp marshall 4x12 cabinet loaded with 4 eminence speakers; 2 x governor 2 x the wizard. now when I play without cabinet modeling on the speakers sound hizzy, overgained and uncontrolled. WITH...
  82. Mr.RangoTango

    Is it possible to engage tuner like this?

    Is it possible to engage the tuner when the expression pedal B (volume) on my fcb1010 is down - cutting the volume ? and if so how do i set it up?
  83. Mr.RangoTango

    Some Fcb1010 guidance needed

    Hi I've just bought the fcb1010 and im having some troubles. Okay I want to be able to switch scenes within the presets I have made. How do I setup the fcb1010 to do that? If it cannot be setup to do that how do I then copy my scene 2 to another preset? :-) Another thing, I think I have...
  84. Mr.RangoTango

    problem with fcb 1010 when setting it up for volume

    Hi, this is what i did: I/O input volume hit enter moved my external pedal and got the number 14 on the display. When i move my pedal the axe clips the sound. It's not optimal at all. can you guys help me?
  85. Mr.RangoTango

    Could this be an okay SS power amp?

    Hi I'm searching the marked for a power amp (of course for my axe II), and i came across this piece Effektforstærker, Artcoustic &ndash; dba.dk &ndash; Køb og Salg af Nyt og Brugt Could an artcoustica pa-300 do it? what should I be looking for according to ss power amps? which specific...
  86. Mr.RangoTango

    Just got the axe and I'm having some troubs..

    Okay so i've been dialing and fooling around with the axe and im having some troubles: 1. MASSIVE hum and noise from almost every patch, don't know if it's my monitors though. I have checked my instrument cables and their fine. 2. my axe won't connect properly to axe-edit. It seems like...
  87. Mr.RangoTango

    .. Was about to order the axe II when

    A guy from facebook said that he had an ultra for 1388 dollars. The II is around 3000 dollars here in Denmark. Okay why should I buy the II instead of the ultra? I mean its ALOT of money to spend an upgrade. Please post your inputs. Thanks Jakob Denmark
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