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  1. soheil

    Question about buying the push buttons on AX8

    Hi there guys. I want to know if there is a website that I can buy the push buttons on AX8. I couldn't find them in the Fractal Audio Shop. I bought a standard SPDT switch but the design is different from the ones that's used in AX8 and I couldn't use them. any link for buying the specific...
  2. soheil

    Strange Behavior on one of the 8 buttons on AX8

    I had a gig couple of days ago and in the middle of the show something strange happened. I had one of the buttons on the ax8 to switch from S1 to S2 and it stopped working completely. Other buttons worked fine but the aforementioned one stopped to work completely. I thought it might be a...
  3. soheil

    New Mesa Boogie JP2C Videos

    Hey guys Just wanted to share these new videos from boogie's youtube channel. this one in particular talks about the shred mode of the amp
  4. soheil

    RIP Nick Menza

    Sad day for every megadeth and thrash metal music fan I guess...:( so sad to hear about this. Rest in peace nick. Megadeth's best era was the 90s for sure...
  5. soheil

    Strange behaviour from footswitches! Help needed (Solved By FW Reinstallation)

    Hi guys. Just updated to 3.04. Everything went on smoothly. I just noticed something strange, by pressing footswitches for making a block ON or OFF, the footswitches work in reverse, I mean that when the green light of a switch is on, it should turn on the block, but the block goes off, and when...
  6. soheil

    John Petrucci using FX8

    Just wanted to mention about this for all Fractal audio and FX8 fans. Looks like Petrucci used FX8 in his private class with EBMM Match the master contest winner. It would be great to know more details about this if possible from FAS Staff if possible :)...
  7. soheil

    Dream Theater - Dystopian Overture (Q2.01, ML CP7)

    Hey folks. hope you are doing well. I've recorded a cover from Dream Theater's new record, The astonishing... all guitars are recorded with EBMM Majesty 7 into Fractal Audio Axe FX II into Steinberg Cubase. hope you guys like it.
  8. soheil

    Lamb of God - FW 2.01 - USA Lead amp sim recording + ML CP7

    Folks, I would like to hear about the tone in this new recording of mine, from the band, Lamb of God. I've used USA LEAD amp sim with Cab pack #7 and FW 2.01. hope you guys like it :)
  9. soheil

    New ax8 and other toys day!

    Just got my new ax8 guys and couple of pedals and wanted to share the joy with you. Can't wait to fire it up and see it in all the glory! The best part is tomorrow night I have a jam session with my band and finally I can ditch the old Boss GT10 and try ax8 for all the TOOOOOONE! :D
  10. soheil

    New Dream Theater Single and Interview

    Did you listen to it already? What's your opinion? Personally I really liked it. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/inside-dream-theaters-wildly-ambitious-new-concept-lp-20151203 discuss :)
  11. soheil

    IK Multimedia teams up with Mesa/Boogie

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCgrdSVoV3A What do you think about it guys? :) Discuss!:D
  12. soheil

    Symphony X - The Serpent's Kiss Split Screen Cover

    Hey guys, Couple of months ago, I've shared a split screen video from the song, Wrathchild by Iran Maiden. For the 2nd and last split screen cover before recording our original material, We decided to record a split screen cover from Symphony X's 2007 Paradise lost record song, entitled "The...
  13. soheil

    Lamb of God - Walk With Me in Hell, Reamp project for a friend.

    Wasn't around this part of the forum for a long time I guess, but here I am... this a sample from the song, Walk with me in hell, Played by one of my friends, direct (Who probably is the biggest Lamb of God fan in my country, Iran) and re amped with Fractal Audio Axe FX II FW 18.04 by me. The...
  14. soheil

    Question Regarding USA Lead amps

    I have a Mesa/Boogie Mark IV and I use axe FX II everyday. The thing is, the real amp has lots of controls and settings, I've checked the Wiki, searched the forum, and I couldn't find a direct answer to the question that I have. The wiki says: Based on: Mesa Boogie Mark IV. Tight, focused...
  15. soheil

    Iron Maiden - Wrathchild - Split Screen Cover

    I just uploaded a cover from Iron Maiden's classic album, "Killers", the track entitled "Wrathchild". Hope you guys like it. if you're insterested in our band's music, right now we have a single called "A Key to heaven". which is more in progressive metal AKA Dream Theater and you can listen to...
  16. soheil

    Progressive Metal ala Dream Theater, Axe FX II and Mesa/Boogie Dual Recto

    hi guys :) just wanted to share our band, "The Frame", new track entitled "A Key to Heaven". We are from Iran and big prog metal music fans. this is a new band that I've joined as the guitar player, though we were friends through the years but never worked with each other in a project ever...
  17. soheil

    Noob Question about Power Supply Voltage

    Hi guys. Couple of weeks ago I've ordered Axe II and now I'm waiting to get mine in couple of days. Since I live outside of United States (I live in Iran) I had a question about connecting axe to the correct and proper ac outlet. I've read the manual and it says: "Connect only to a proper AC...
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